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A friend of mine is a male and owns a transcription company. sm

Posted By: Beg to differ. on 2005-10-29
In Reply to: It's harder to get your own accounts - when you're a male

He has no problem getting accounts and is quite wealthy from it. So, do not let your gender deter you!

His company is RX Transcription in Newtown Square, PA. Give him a call and maybe he can help you.

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Full Circle Transcription in Acworth, GA. Does anyone know who owns this company? SM
Please email me if you do.  I may like to contact them and would just like to know ahead of time whom I'll be emailing. 
That's not true, my friend owns a payday business
and if you borrow $300.00 you pay $45.00 for that loan ending up paying back a total of $345.00.  Maybe that was just a very unfortunate situation of your friend. 
I am asking actually for a friend of mine
who has also received responses, tested, and the sound file was horrible.  I certainly remember testing myself personally and the sound file was horrible, but she's asking my friend to spend money on different programs, which I think is wrong.  I only saw one old post from 2007 where she did not pay after a few weeks of this MT performing services.  I personally felt she was sending me too many different e-mails to respond to as she is doing to my friend right now.  I just don't want people to be taken advantage of, as her last company name she was going under was called Digital Transcription Services, so why would she change her name, if not to hide from the ones she has not paid.  Just be very careful!
According to a friend of mine in management - sm
A potential employer can ask questions, such as - Would you hire this person back?

This happened to a friend of mine -
She still does not know the reason 3 years later. I think it is way too easy to dismiss someone these days with an e-mail and not return their calls because you have caller ID and see they are calling rather than just tell them the real reason. If it is because they do poor quality work or whatever I think at least being told that is better than nothing at all. Just plain rude to leave someone hanging if you ask me!
A friend of mine works there...(sm)

the pay rate sounded a little on the low side to me (I'm thinking around 7 cents, 65 cpl), but she really didn't have a whole lot of experience when she started, either.  (We had worked together for about a year and I trained her as a new graduate before we both quit the company we were with.)  She really likes working for them; it seems like their trainers/QA people are really decent folks who give pretty good and fair feedback, which is something she really likes.

I do know they have benefits for both FT and PT people, which is pretty rare these days.

A good friend of mine
who has been an MT for 30+ years had to quit Trans Tech because she was not making enough to pay her mortgage.
A friend of mine worked there

One of the accounts they have came from a hospital I worked for here in Ohio.  A good friend of mine went to work there when they outsourced the radiology side.  She got an e-mail out of blue with them stating they no longer needed her services. They did this to ALL of the 2nd and 3rd shift MTs.  The reason she wants YOUR line rates is so she can the very least she has to pay.  If she has this information up front, then she will not contact the MTs with higher line rates.  They used to only pay 9 cents per line radiology and 8 cents per line acute care.  They have also changed the way they post jobs as they used to post the amount of line rates for each specialty.  Horrible Company!!

A friend of mine works for them
She's on a radiology account and the last I heard she loves it. Always plenty of work, pay always on time and accurate, and nice people.

Hope that helps.
Thanks ... I was thinking of a friend of mine who is unhappy sm

with her current job, doing radiology transcription at a local hospital.  I was going to suggest she send her resumes to some of the national companies, but did not know which companies out there had radiology accounts.  If Keystrokes is the best, then I'll suggest that to her.  Thanks for the tip.  :-)

As for me, I've been doing acute care since Moses was a baby, but doubt I could pass any kind of radiology test. 

A friend of mine worked there over 9 years
She loved it, but lost her benefits for some reason and is moving on to a different profession completely. She wants to get out of the house, after 17 years of transcribing. She did go to NJ to train, but that was way back then. They treated her like royalty while she was there though.
Friend of mine applied and she has not heard yet either - sm
It is legit as far as i know. It is an SBC global job, and they are known for hiring at-home people.
I work there, and a friend of mine just started. It took RO
about a week for her to hear back. Good luck! :-)
Two years ago, a friend of mine signed on with them.

Her big complaint was that there were so many ESLs that it was hard to make any money.  Another friend signed on with them  as well part-time and he had no complaints.  There is plenty of work.  They are very flexible.  I think they use a Dictaphone platform.  I did talk to the owner a couple of years ago and they offered me 8 cpl with a bonus weekend every month where I make 10 cpl, more depending on how much I produce.  Again, this was 2 years ago. 

A friend of mine worked for Spheris
and she said they really sc***ed her.
Friend of mine cleared out pool for incentive - never got it
and now theyve bounced her fourth or fifth check. She's been gone for months and they're STILL messing with her
friend of mine worked in their office in Annapolis - sm
Two of her checks bounced. Owner flies off to India every other week to check on offices in India. His sales force is US, but 90% of work goes to India. Apparently the owner takes care of the India people and sales force first and foremost before he takes care of the US MTs and editors. This was a year ago - I don't know if things have changed/
A friend of mine has satellite and went to Precyse recently
Same happened to friend of mine. Carol had pets.
A friend of mine very recently started working for them
I'll try to get ahold of her and see how it's going so far. She just started about a week or so ago.

If I hear anything, I'll let you know :-)
Okay, here is how a recruiter who is a friend of mine explained verbal tests to me.

Verbal tests are to give the recruiter a feel of what that MT knows off the top of their head.  Not all people get nervous at verbal tests but a good recruiter has the insight to know if a wrong answer or lack of an answer is from not knowing or is from just being nervous.  A verbal test is done just to get a feel for the the off the top knowledge of an MT plus you know that MT is taking it.  This recruiter is also an MT and having gone through so many tests the long hard way decided this was the lesser of the evils.  She did tell me though if she felt that MT knew their stuff and just could not respond because of nervousness that she noted that and just by a general conversation based on experience would not flunk someone like that.  Lenghty tests prove very little except that an MT has been working for companies that all have different ways of style and that she felt that was not right to an MT; as well having to take tests that are hours long after an MT has been working long hours is also not fair to the MT.  And my friend told me that in many cases there are MTs that literally have other MTs take their testing for them and you would not know it until that person starts the job.  It depends on the recruiter and their knowledge of the industry.  Each recruiter or company has their own way and usually they find the way that works best for them.  I personally find that many recruiters just have no knowledge of the industry (inside knowledge) and it annoys me that someone like that is allowed to even have the opportunity to interview and test me.  I can remember one with a company up north and their idea of punctuation was way too much.  It should not have been an issue unless it changed the meaning of the report but had they gone by the Book of Style they would not have added those 20 or so commas throughout the 4 reports that they had me transcribe.  I passed but when you have been in this industry for over 15 years and are being judged by someone that has not and who has not been in your MT dancing shoes then something about that just does not seem right.  Anyway I doubt there really is a best way to do anything, but if I had my choice, I would prefer the way that is the shortest. Time is precious and for the rates they pay nowadays those tests are just too lengthy to go through that for a whopping 7 cents a line.  No thank you.  I'll chance my nerves over all that. 

It has been a couple of years but I tried to work there and lasted 1 day and so did a friend of mine
The ESL were AWFUL.. It was all I got and I could not understand anything they said. They were out of California so had a real mixed bag of ESL but none of it was doable.  Things could have changed, who knows.
A friend of mine works for a hospital that has hired a director from one of the hospitals in
Pittsburgh and she wondered if he outsourced a lot of work or what he did when he goes into a new hospital.  They have all at home employees now.  I believe it was Allegheny Hospital.
Manor Care, who owns Heartland, getting out of transcription business. sm
Manor Care Inc.
333 N Summit Street
Toledo, OH 43604-2617
Phone: 419-252-5500
Fax: 419-252-5500
Web Site: http://www.hcr-manorcare.com


Index Membership: S&P 500
S&P 1500 Super Comp
Sector: Healthcare
Industry: Long-Term Care Facilities
Full Time Employees: 58,000


Manor Care, Inc. provides health care services in the United States. The company, through its nursing centers, offers physical, speech, respiratory, and occupational therapy for patients recovering from strokes, heart attacks, orthopedic conditions, illnesses, and injuries or disabilities. These centers also provide nutrition services, social services, activities, housekeeping, and laundry services. The company’s assisted living centers offer dressing, bathing, meal preparation, and medication management services. It provides medical and rehabilitation programs for patients recovering from major surgery; severe injury; or cardiovascular, respiratory, infectious, endocrine, or neurological illnesses. The company also offers home health care service, as well as services and facilities for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease; hospice services that focus on the physical, spiritual, and psychosocial needs; services related to wound care and dressing changes; infusion therapy; cardiac rehabilitation; and physical, occupational, and speech therapies, as well as assists with daily activities, such as personal hygiene, assistance with walking and getting in and out of bed, medication management, and light housekeeping. In addition, it provides rehabilitation therapy in outpatient therapy clinics, as well as at work sites, schools, hospitals, and other health care settings. Further, Manor Care owns a medical transcription company that converts medical dictation into electronically formatted patient records. The company operates primarily under the Heartland, ManorCare, and Arden Courts names. As of December 31, 2005, it operated 276 nursing facilities and 65 assisted living facilities in 30 states, primarily in Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. As of the same date, the company operated 91 outpatient therapy clinics located in Midwestern and Mid-Atlantic states, Texas, and Florida. Manor Care was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Toledo, Ohio.

Mike, can you tell me who owns this company?
Just curious. I used to work for a lady who owned a company in Louisiana many years ago and she had a bad rep re: paying. Last I heard she moved to Arizona.
Wonder if the same MTSO still owns that company.....nm
Medscribe owns another company too

I think it may be Southscribe.  Does anyone know?  I cannot recall the name of the other transcription company they own, but it is definitely in Georgia.



MT friend looking for a company...sm
that she could work just a couple hours a day, do about 300 lines/day or so (sometimes more).  Is it possible?  She is just unable to work much more than that b/c of a family situation and most places want a certain schedule or 2500 lines/week part time and she is unable to do either at this point.  Anyone know of a company that she could check into?  A decent company.  Thanks.
Another reason is if you have friend at new company to
Not accurate. Must be another company your friend is thinking of.
I have a friend working in a hospital and she is looking for a company from home as an employee.
Would anyone care to recommend a good company?
I got mine already from my company.
Here's keeping fingers crossed for everyone else.
If I am not contacted, it's the company's loss, not mine
I know my worth, have great experiences and I write a resume that gets attention. I sometimes think people just slap something on a resume and expect to be the ONE the MTSO just can't live without. I can be picky but I don't think everyone can say that. I agree with you...it isn't about courtesy or anything else. It's just the way the world goes round.

I saw an MT say recently they got 3 response from sending out more than 50 resumes. I think something is wrong with that resume or the MT's abilities and I advised him/her to look for a different career. That post got deleted.
I got mine yesterday. what a bassackward company.
Don't have mine yet either...agree with above post about company going downhill..sm
A constant lack of work since November.  One day we are working and then the next day we are told to sign off because of no work and to not sign in until they tell us. In total since November I have missed 17 days due to no work.  That is a lot of money for me.  Hard to get another job because I need my insurance.
The other poster is correct - your gender is not going to deter you. As a matter of fact, I've been in this business 28 years and I have had male supervisors and managers who have had a lot less experience, less education and less expertise than me, but somehow they manage to glam onto the management jobs - just like in nursing!!! MT and nursing are both female dominated jobs, but the management is top heavy with males.

They *do* have male MTs (well, at least one, me, that I know of)....
...I had heard from a couple of the women I work with that they had received earrings, so I was wondering if I was going to receive them, too. :-) I got a stadium blanket (I think that's what they're called ... a fleecy small blankety thingie, with the ProScript logo on it), which I can actually use, as we've already had wind chills of 45 below zero here this year (and that was before winter officially began).

I agree that the earrings are perhaps an odd choice in that not everyone has pierced ears, but my understanding is that they were handmade by the mother of one of the staff, so it's very nice and thoughtful in that regard, IMO.
Mine listed Thurs. and Fri. as official company "holiday" but then said we have to work Fri un
Are you male or female?
Wonder how many males there with 15 years experience and 98%+ accuracy are making 10 cpl.
RE: Are you male or female?
I am.
It was 1 Male to 11.3 Females.
As of December 1, 2005, This is non government unofficial survey.
Is JC male or female? nm
OP said recruiter was male.

MTSOs most likely realized they can't manipulate and exploit most male workers as they have been able to do with women.  (Remember the sweat shops?)  Haven't encountered 1 male employee on these boards.. and my MTSO starts her e-mail with, Hello, ladies!   
Good Company, but yes very strict supervisor or mine was anyway! As long as you meet the deadline
you are safe!  They were strict when I was with them though
They do have a male recruiter. I thought he was sm

recruiting for both sides of the company and placing people on whatever side needed the positions filled at the time.


Anyway what was the result on the Female MT and Male MT survey?
Oh yeah, Cant find the tread and the results.
Never, ever seen a negative post about the 1 male supr there. only 1, and he is THE BEST
SPI owns OSI now?
Again, lonely women in need of male attention, whether the guy's into females or not
but that's just me. THat goes for the so junior high comment below. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't make them immature. You have your opinion, I have mine. Deal with it.
Are the office staff male or female? The reason I ask is

that in India women are generally second class citizens.   I'm sure they are becoming westernized, but when people marry in India the wife becomes a possession.

I wondered if the office staff were male and the reason for their lack of social graces is more because of culture than anything.  Regardless not pleasant and doesn't matter why.