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Posted By: need info on 2009-07-15
In Reply to:

I would like to speak with MTs who have worked for her in the past. 

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It worked! Latest suggestion from DJ's email worked. nm
If anybody has worked there previously can you please email me? sm
This would fit me well, but I have read a few negative remarks. 
I worked under her too and she sent an email that she stepped down from management, which I think sm
means that she was demoted. Thank goodness. Those emails and calls were way too much. Now I am on the same account and do not get bothered, and it seems as though it is running better. We are definitely in better TAT time. There was a request last week for weekend help but with holiday pay as incentive (since it is 1-1/2 times our normal rates, it is the same as overtime pay) so I was happy to help. I could not on Sunday, but was not hassled.

If it was the same lead, she is no longer lead. WOO HOO!!
I could email them, but I would rather talk to someone that is working for them or has worked for th
Of course, they are going to tell you all the positives. I would like to hear from someone that can give me their opinion, good or bad.

If you do not want to post on this board, you can email me.

I have never worked a weekend day. Please email with specific questions.
Worked for them for years. First time not even a card, email, gift certificate, acknowledgment of s
any kind.  The new management is so cheap.  Hope they aren't counting on the accolades of employee of the year this year.  They certainly are not that, and not even in the top ratings.  Everything changed this year.  And not for the better.
The Transcription Doctors?? I received an email about a job. Anyone know who they are?
Just checking them out.
Has anybody applied with p.r.n. transcription service? Please email nm
Does anyone work for Landmark Transcription by any change. Can you email me your opinion of them.
Thank you.
Hepworth Transcription. Any infor or work experience? You can email if you if you want to


I worked for US Transcription for
a little less than a year. It was overall a positive experience, although at the time, I was sufficiently desperate for work that I signed up for full-time work, and after 20+ years of doing MT work, found I just couldn't keep up, and they didn't have any part-time work available. (That was about four years ago, and I'm now working part-time and in the process of applying for disability.) I'd say they're great; just make sure that if you sign up for full-time, you can meet the quota. They do seem to be hiring fairly often.
Has anybody worked for TSI Transcription South Inc?
Absolute Transcription - has anyone ever worked with them?
Peachtree Transcription, LLD - anyone ever worked there?

Just wondered how it is working there?  Is it a fair place?

I have a friend looking to work from home, and she's new at this.

I'm telling her to really do her homework and not be afraid to ask around how it has been to work for the different companies before she invests a whole lot of $$$.

One co I went with drove me into bankrupcy before I could get out.  OUCH>

Has anyone worked at Burrows Transcription? E-mail me. nm
I also worked for IR. They changed their name to Professional Transcription or
Has anyone worked/heard of Saince Transcription Company
This company is supposedly located in Alpharetta, GA as well as NJ...let me know if you have heard anything on them. 
Anyone working for or worked for Hoffman Transcription? Looking for feedback
Has anyone worked for Landmark Transcription? Will you share pros and cons please?
Anyone work for Transcription Connection in Ohio? I worked there previously & am wondering
MedWrite Transcription... anyone work/worked for this company can give me any info?

Hey OrthoMT.. tried to email you back but the email was returned as undeliverable..
Basically, this is what I'd like to know.. You can email me the information if you like..First off, are they hiring for ortho? and what is their scheduling like, FT or PT, IC status or employee etc. I would like to find a company that is pretty flexible. Also, what platform do they use? I have worked at some like you were saying, took forever to get the line count and I want to work 8 hours and be done. Oh, do you have benefits, and what are they like if you have them? Thanks for any information you can give..

No, but I will email the Moderators as soon as I find the email. You know it's the truth, Becky.
Administrator- could you email me. I never posted that message about Netmed, yet it came to my email
address and I figured it out when someone from Netmed contacted me about my post. Is it possible for someone to steal and use your email address to post things. I thought there was some validation in place.
I am reposting email address, not sure why you cannot email me. nm
They email everyone a copy of the newsletter. Email and ask
and they will email you one if you haven't been receiving it.
I worked for a temp agency for 3 years..LOVED it. Just worked. No counts, no hassels, GREAT pay..
No benefits at the time.  I even learned pathology while temping (8 months on that assigment).  I loved the variety, the ability to say I'm not available such and such time.  I'd do it again in a heartbeat if I didn't need benefits.
A company is ONLY supposed to verify that someone worked there, what dates they worked, whether PT o
and last date worked. It opens everyone up to a lawsuit if more is given, so most companies are told by their attorneys and business advisors to verify only.

No one has a right to a reference, only verification of employment.
If I worked a longer day, I just put my regular shift, 3p-11p, or whatever. If I worked sm
an extra day, then I was told to fudge the hours around on the other days so it all came out to 40.  I didn't really mind -- have learned not to expect overtime in this profession -- and I was happy to be able to work whenever I needed to get the lines I needed.  However, them telling me directly to fudge on my time sheet would seem to be a violation of the wage and hour laws.  I suppose it doesn't matter now if they do not even have enough work to make the minimum line count necessary.  Several of the companies I thought were golden seem to have gotten a bit tarnished lately sad. 
tried to email you but your email is invalid
Is there an email address I can email them at. nm
Why email me? You want people to email you. NM
I tried to email you but it said your email is invalid. Can

you email me please.

Glad it worked for you. I have worked for companies
that were more reliable and paid without the delay I had. Maybe you started before they started doing that but it makes no difference. I TOO am a single parent.

You are not trying to argue? Sounds like you not only are trying to argue but you are just waiting for anyone to post anything about the co on here so you can just get out there and respond, which seems to be the way I have always noticed it. It's like all the MTs or whoever that work there are just waiting to respond.

This board is about the good points and bad points about companies. I am telling my experience.

The people were nice people though, but my experience was not a good one and I will not say it was.

I can go a week after the end of payday and even 10days later but that's it. Kids would starve.
The email said the owner as she is the owner of the email software package. sm
We got the list from AHDI. If someone does not wish to be on our email list, there is a link to click on at the bottom of those for opting out. We immediately remove those that click the link.

We also have a few mailling going out. Same thing - if you opt out of the email program, we will remove you from all contact.

We need transcriptionists for many new accounts and have ads on here and other sites, as well as several magazines. We are going to need over 100 MTs in the next 3 months due to new accounts and more work on existing accounts!
Webinar -Evolving Medical Transcription: Technology's impact on traditional transcription process

Hey everyone, check out this link. This is what we are up against. Be sure and note how 3M or whoever is the sponsor of this webinar throws in that dictation and transcription is time-consuming.  Nevermind that EMR and VR take more time and money to be successful and it only takes 38 seconds to dictate a returning patient and 2 minutes to dictate a new patient versus 500 clicks on a point and click EMR or the mess VR makes and having to have an Editor come in and clean up the mess. Propaganda that we should know about.



TransTech / Transcription, Technology, and Support / The Transcription Doctors nm
Best company I have ever worked for, and I have worked for a lot!
I can't believe some of the things these people say here, and have to wonder if it just the same person or two bashing. I have been at MDI for four years and I do not have a low workload and I get treated very, very well.
They one I am not sure of. I have always worked FT for them. I have worked both IC and employee
and I always did way over 12,000 a pay peroid. I am sure they are pretty comparative to other companies. You definitely could contact a recruiter by applying if they would answer all of your questions up front. Good luck.
Trying to get info on Transcription-Express(not X-press Transcription)....

Got a call and am scheduled to be hooked on later this week.  Does someone need to stop me?  TIA 

Anyone work for Oak Transcription or Nicholas Transcription- please e-mail me nm
Need pros and cons of Soap Transcription and US Transcription

I am looking for a new home and have applied and accepted by one of these companies.  Hoping to hear from the other very soon.  Can anyone tell me the good/bad of these 2 companies.  Soap is out of Michigan and US Transcription is out of Iowa. 

Thanks in adance for your help/support. 

Do you mean TMT Transcription or Tidewater Medical Transcription sm
known as TMT. Their tactics are to look for you so it sounds like them.
TRS Transcription (Transcription Relief Services)

Please let me know if you work for this company and what you think of them. I am testing right now and hope they are a good company! :)

Thanks :)

Email me....

I work there currently and can probably answer most of your questions.
The MQ email

Mine always come to me from corporate, listed as QNews...it was the reason the email system was crashing in the beginning because they were so big. 

Not sure why some are getting them while others are not?  I'd call corporate or maybe send an inquiry from the MQ website?

Could you email me please, sm
I would like to speak to you about the CMC account! Thanks!
Hi there! I sent you an email. nm
sorry - I am new to this board, how do I securely give it to you?
Try again, sm, I got emails saying I had messages on the company board; thanks
sure, but would rather do it by email.
if you give me yours, I'll give you mine....:) T4D..