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Accentus? Did a search, no info

Posted By: Sandy54 on 2006-06-30
In Reply to:

and went to their website, not much there. It says they do hire for part-time, which is what I am looking for.  Also wondering how they are to work for, what platform they use (I prefer Word), plus any other info anyone with experience with them can offer.  Thanks

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Any new info on Amphion? Archive search doesn't provide new info (sm)
Looking for a part-time position with decent pay and decent workflow. There's nothing new in the archives.
Accentus sm.
They are from Ontario.  They were a good place to work for.  Paid by the line.  I had to leave due to being on dial-up as it was too slow.  They use a number of different platforms.  I was using Meditech (Word as well) at the time and hated it.  Too slow.  Best of luck.
Accentus--anyone work for them? or heard of?

Can anyone tell me if this company hires part-time with employee status or IC status only. Do they provide equipment? How many hours do they require for p.t.???

Thanks if you know

Any info on MD-IT? Nothing by doing a search.sm
I wondering if anyone has any information about MD-IT.  Do they offshore? (they say they don't), platform, pay.  Any info would be good.  Also, anyone know if QA position is hourly or production?  I don't even want to waste my time if production or very low hourly.  I hate wasting my time testing, only to find out it is really crappy pay.  TIA
How do I search for info that is not archived? Do I do
If you do a Google search in above box, there is info

Do a search for them. There is some good info.
Lousy insurance plans, bad platform, etc.
I like them. Do a search of archives...plenty of info.
Search the archives, lots of info on them.
search archives for more detailed info (sm)
I've had a great experience with WebMedX - lots of work, great pay, cool people, nothing to complain about at all.

Go to the bottom of this page and search the archives, hit Control-F for Find and type in WebMedX and you'll find a lot more information and opinions.
Any info on AllType? Search archives, but no
I see they have several ads posted, but I've not seen any info pro or con on them. 
MD-IT info? Search function not working...sm
I am wondering MD-IT ... specifically, do they hire IC, and are they only acute care or do they have clinic work?  Their website doesn't give much in the way of specifics for employment, but directs to testing. If anyone has any information they want to share, would love to hear it!   TIA. 
Do a search for transtech in the box above and there is plenty of info nm
Did search, but found nothing. Any info on NJPR???
Thanks in advance!
Have you done a recent search on MTstars? Please do...lots of info
Depending on your qualifications, you can do better...
Nevermind, I did an archive search and found info..


Any info on WriteNow Transcription? Did a search, but no results.
Thanks so much.
Search with Google box on this page. Much, much negative info
search the achives, pretty negative but not sure how old the info. NM
Search the board...Lots of info, not too good..nm
There's tons of info here if you do a board search. They get discussed all the time. :) nm
Lots of recent info here, and definitely not all good. Search the boards. nm
Softscript has a very poor reputation. Search the archives and you will see negative info going way
I need info on Oracle Transcription. I did an archive search and found nothing. Thanks in advance.nm
Indian company. If you'll search the archives lots of info
on them.
Did search on Futurenet and got mostly 2004 and 2005 stuff. Anybody with newer info? nm
Company Board, MTStar Search Box, (located below Google Search Box)
Use the Google search box for MTStars.com, not the Search box at top of page. Lots of
Company Board Search For box (not Google search box)
search on Company Board Search For box (not Google).
Is this a Google search or MT Stars search?
dont search in Google box, use the Search Box below that
dont search in Google box, use the Search Box below that
It is as recent as a week ago, you need to search in the Search For box,
search mtstarts box, below Google search box, ....
use mtstars Search box, (below Google Search)
search in Search Box (not Google box)
search in Search For box below Google box
RE: How do I search?
I did a search and this is what I came up with:

Search Results
Your search for Focus, Infomatics found the following documents (of 73654 documents searched):
Displaying documents 1-50 of 387, with best matches first:

At the top of any page on the web site, there is information of search archives,etc.
How do I search?
Hi.  I tried to do a search, but can't find anything.  Must be doing it wrong, as I am new to the board - can you tell me how to do this?  Thanks!
You might want to do a more thorough search
Search the archives here under Rapid Transcript and you will see there are payment problems.
Search for OTI
how did you search
I tried alltype and all type and got nothing.
I did a search first. Does anyone know about

Thank you!

If you do a search, you should be able
to find the recent discussion about TRS.
I have tried to do a search and only get the archived job listings or how many kestrokes type information. I looked through the last week of pages and only found 1 reference to them that they are okay. I would appreciate a little more information before I make my decision. Any help is appreciated:)
have you done a search on
MT Stars for Medware?  Not to long ago someone from the VR side of Medware posted that Medware opened a 401K for her, deducted her contributions from her paycheck and then didn't bother to put the money in her 401K EVER.  They wouldn't tell her what happened and they wouldn't apologize and they wouldn't compensate her for the lost interest.  I seriously recommend you do a thorough search on MT Stars and learn all you can about this company before you take a job with them.
would tell you to search but

for some reason their archives do not show up - probably because of the initials.  My understanding is it is not a new account but one they took on and were not ready for - no problems there, just means the work will be there, probably a backlog.  I applied and worked there for a short time, but left - too much bureaucracy even after a short time.  One staff member gets too rigid for lack of a better word, and I can get snippy from my kids, don't need it from work - I am an IC not a welcome mat.

They want you on and working during your 8-12 hour shift - not something I care to do wroking from home.  I work 12-16 hours, but like to stretch my legs if you know what I mean.  

Past posts worry about pay, and if I am avaialble 12 hours without fail, I want my money - I am taking no chances.

Do a search here
I think there was a whole thread about them in November or December 2006.
did you do a search?
do a search...

The best advice is always to do a search in the archives and get yourself an idea of all the different experiences people have had with Alltype.  Some will be good and some will be bad.  That is true of most companies.  Myself, I am always suspicious if  comments are all good or all bad.  Lots of people plant things on this board to make their companies look good.  Lots of others plant things to make a company look bad.  Search it out yourself.  Good luck!!!