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Agree with this. Some lucky ones have great accts. Mine were awful, so I left. nm

Posted By: been there on 2005-11-30
In Reply to: Feedback - Transtech


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I wasn't able to switch from awful accts, either, so I didn't
Most people get lucky and get good accts. I was also one put on an acct that had me leaving para
I'm lucky...mine are all due on the 1st and 16th..
and I keep all of the samples, invoices, work done, etc., in very separated files.  Actually, a couple of times I have sent a file to the wrong one, but luckily they use different encryption programs.
You're lucky. Mine are usually way behind. It's
Can you say where you work if you get assigned docs/accts.? I'm tired of this pool garbage/left
Great people..AWFUL platform!!!nm
Me, too. Those of you that got great accts. be glad. nm
A great company You'll be lucky to get in though,
Work is slow right now like it always is near the holidays. They have extremely affordable benefits, and once you are established there, they seem like they are willing to work with you if you need to change your schedule.
1 poster from last year said it was okay, not great, not awful. BUT it only counts the black
I do not have your e-mail addy, but I left mine. sm

Please e-mail me so we can talk.

I guess I have been lucky to have worked for 3 great companies. The only problem with the 2 before
is that they both were sold to companies that were not U.S. only and I refuse to work for any company the sends work offshore.

I am happy at Keystrokes and know that others are too. I have gotten everything promised to me, even though I must admit that I do not ask for much. I just want to do my work and leave my desk when done and then get paid for what I did.

I hope you find a great company that fits your needs. It must be horrible to be burnt enough times that you have to doubt everyone. I feel like that in my love life (divorced 3 times).
Agree VR is awful, so why half the pay for this nonsense?
Mine is great
My company, which is All Type, has the best communication I have seen anywhere!  My account manager sends out drug updates and anything else helpful she might find AND answers emails nearly around the clock.  She also stays on IM for instant answers to questions and posts her phone number in her emails!!  I'm never left in a lurch not knowing what to do because I can either IM, email, or pick up the phone.  We all get nearly instant feedback and it's not just a nasty email saying you made a mistake, it's a copy of the mistake and a note explaining why it is a mistake.  I just couldn't be happier!
I agree platform awful and they deduct for mistakes, to the tune of $10 per report.
When did this happen to you? And what are the initials of your TL? Mine is great as well and wonder
I left MQ too...got a great job at a new company. nm
support/technical dept is great. i use mine so i think that is just a personal choice and don't
Yes it is! I got mine today -- think it is great. I'm happy to be part of such an amazing compa

I feel like I have FINALLY found my home.  :-)

Yes, some really great, talented people have left, and that's
always a danger sign to me. If upper management keeps being mentioned as a reason these good people are leaving, somebody should take notice. This company seems to be hemorrhaging talent and keeping an incompetent, power-hungry suit. It's hard to know whether to leave or stay. I would not recommend them to anyone right now.
That is your opinion,not mine. So we will have to agree to disagree.
I agree - mine used to be on Yahoo IM all the time (sm)
my supervisor AND team lead, plus a couple QA people....now, NONE of them are on or at least they are not showing....guess they are hiding from all the questions.
Bravo! Great post. I left TT but I will always speak very highly of them.
Guess we all can't be put on good accts. Gotta be there at the right time. Both of my accts.
Don't have mine yet either...agree with above post about company going downhill..sm
A constant lack of work since November.  One day we are working and then the next day we are told to sign off because of no work and to not sign in until they tell us. In total since November I have missed 17 days due to no work.  That is a lot of money for me.  Hard to get another job because I need my insurance.
I left, but I agree with you.
I was at Spheris for 3 years and watched things go downhill. I stayed until my account was ready to make the switch to the new platform and SR. I knew that was my time to bail, as my income would without a doubt go down. I wanted none of that. I quit about a month ago and am with a small company that has been great. Such a good change. No SR,no overseas outsourcing. And they communicate with their MTs! It works for me.
I agree. I left after 3 months. nm
I agree with you!!! I also left a big company for this one and
it's been just a few months and I love it. I don't dread work anymore!!!! No regrets.
Lucky You ... I was not so lucky to work with that platform
Meditech - it was awful. I kept getting promised that my account was going to ChartMatrix, but it never happened and the Meditech system was SO slow. I loved TH, the people, etc. - so if you can get an account that is on ChartMatrix - hop on it. But, avoid the accounts that are on Meditech because I don't think they are EVER going to convert (and I waited quite awhile - couldn't take it any more).
I agree ... I loved YOG ... left the minut the squid bought it. nm
I agree, FN is great!
I agree, FutureNet is a great place to work.  I've been there a little better than 7 months.  I started out as an IC and then changed to an SE so that I could have direct deposit.  No complaints from me!
I agree about the great MTs only. nm
agree great company
Agree. Great Company.
Very flexible in scheduling as long as you get your lines in. Pay is always on time. Owner is extremely nice. Good pay. Easy software.
I so agree w/you - Great post....but....n/m

we can only lead a horse to water, we cannot make them drink it....if they choose to be intolerant, it's their choice as sick as it seems.  I choose to go through the life as a loving, compassionate person.  Others choose not to go this route.

Yes, racism and neonazism is, unfortunately, alive and well, in the USA and all over the world.  So, if we raise our children with our awareness and our love and compassion, hopefully the future generation (our kids) will Do The Right Thing!! 

I agree -- great post.

I started in a clinic but quickly moved to a large teaching hospital, and the mentorship and listening parties was very valuable.  Another thing that works that I particularly like is to walk away, go have a cookie, then come back.  Sometimes then you can hear what the doc is saying!  At least as bad as ESL are the docs who have a 15-minute report but by the time they're done uhh-ing and ahh-ing and emm-ing through the report you have about 40 lines. 

I don't agree -- some of the smaller great sm

companies find you from your resume.  I recently had an offer and accepted a postion with a very small MTSO who saw my resume.  If she posted an ad, she'd probably be inundated with tons of resumes, if you can believe what everyone says here on the boards about the amount of responses.  Instead, she looks at the qualifications and contacts those who meet her requirements.   I suppose if you are currently in a position and afraid to have your employer know you are looking, it could be a sticky situation, but ...... use a different email addy and/or a different ID of some type until you find out.  

Bottom line ..... I never say never :-)   I feel very fortunate to have fallen into the situation I am in -- a great small MTSO with great accounts,  who cares about helping you achieve whatever you want to achieve. 


I have to agree -- great post. Plus, when you take the job, sm

you are told upfront what the benefits are and what the requirements are, so if they are not to your liking, why take the position?   I am quite happy here at TT, and am thrilled at the news about the 401k.  Of course, I've been doing transcription for over 30 years now, so I guess that puts me in the age bracket where thinking about retirement is a little bit higher on my list than maybe someone 20-something, although I wish I had been smart when I was 20 and started putting away.  Oh well .......

Again, great post ... thanks for sharing. 

great post...and I agree...
Agree - Everyone I have had contact with is great (sm)
very friendly and informative. However, I don't need to know everything they are doing, just that they provide me work, pay me and then an added bonus, I get benefits. My name is not on the company letterhead, I/we are simply parts of the whole process.

I ran out of work a couple of times, and a couple of times I have been unable to work due to construction issues going on at my home. Not their fault and they certainly didn't chastise me over it.

I am more than glad to bend and flex with the company just as they seem to do with us.

I hope they don't allow people to speak out at the meeting today. A few disgruntled ones will monopolize all the time and won't allow the company designated speakers to keep us apprised of any upcoming news or changes they might want to share.

Like I said, I am relatively new, but so far very very happy and would suggest to those who are so very disgruntled that they go out and there try MQ or some of these other companies on for size. It will certainly make you appreciate what you have.

That's a great suggestion, and I agree.
I have been in this a long time, but I would be interested in training for ultrasound tech... I wonder how much that would bring in salary? Does anyone know? We can always transcribe on the side for extra money... even with VR the extra money would be pocket money which is always welcome. If I were younger, I would go into nursing, just can't now... Thanks for your great and positive idea... I hope that other people can add to this.
According to a friend, awful, awful,
Low pay, bad accounts etc..
I used Emdat for 9 months and do not agree that it is that great.

It is great for the company and the doctor.  Generally the doctors are not expected to supply the information or even use their designated recorder which causes the Transcriptionist to change and fix the demographics.  The spell checker is the worst and I ALWAYS copied my finished document into MS Word to check for errors.  You CANNOT copy back into Emdat from Word. 

It is slow and boggy.  The F1 function is way over rated.  There are good points if the doctor actually does his part at his end.  Just my opinion.......

I have to agree -- truly a great place to work. sm

There is always a learning curve anywhere, of course, but wiithin just a short time, my production was the same with TT as anywhere else.  The benefits are pretty good, insurance affordable, and as an added bonus, the people there truly care about their employees.   After 30+ years of transcribing, I feel like I finally found my home.

I agree, it's a great company! I have worked
at many places, but Transcend is the best. No company is perfect, but I have been very happy here.
The same here! I agree. They are a great company but the lack of work drove me away.

I agree. The TTer's should have own board. Tired of reading about TT, about how great they are, e
Gotta agree -- YOG was the best! Great pay, good benefits. I quit sm
the moment I heard she had sold to MQ .. ugh. 
I totally agree, your story is mine and lots, and lots of others, please
believe me when I say Keystrokes has been honest like we used to have in this profession. If I can help one Transcriptionist avoid what we have, this will all be worth it. I worked parttime for Keystrokes at the time I was fulltime with ____ and quit, 2 years later I begged them to take me back after once again my paycheck was cut in half, and they did with open arms. I don't mean to run down anyone but a lot of these transcription companies are getting obscenely rich while paying below minimum wage to transcriptionists, playing with dictation and after working for a couple of them you know who is honest and who is not. Sorry I came down so hard but the reality is there are single mothers out there that I bet cry themselves to sleep not able to give their children a decent life because it is easier to steal from us. When companies have millions of dollar to pay for other transcription companies, open transcription schools in other countries, ect., ect., you know there is a lot of money in it. That is all I am saying.
agree, IMEs are great $$, easy reports, miss them, would love to find them
Webmedx fits that bill, great company, great benefits, great pay and always on time. NM
I bet you 1 million $$ you won't find one on mine. Mine is
2 years old and it does not have a 9-pin serial port, nor does it have a game port.   I have used both ports on other computers so I know what both ports look like.  I also have a company provided computer and it does have the ports on it.