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Also, how can you recommend DR based on the

Posted By: MT/ME on 2006-03-06
In Reply to: any companies like the old MQ - - miss the good old days

original poster's request? SE status and not strict schedule? DR offers none of the above! Sheesh! What a waste of board space! Must be a DR supe or recruiter.

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I used them and would not recommend them
to anyone. Heaven forbid you should refuse a job from them. Extremely nasty company
I'd recommend them!
I've been with DRC a few years and the best thing I ever did was sign on with them. I make more than MTs in my area working at the local hospital; can't speak for other DRCer's though. I have a lot of experience and have a couple accounts I work on. I enjoy all the work and feel like I get a good variety. The company is great, the staff is great. Usually tons of work, and where there are lows they don't last long, flexible with schedules. I really like their operating system too, very easy to work for them.
I am there, and I would NOT recommend them to anyone. no msg
i used to recommend MQ
but for the last 1-2 yr have had too much trouble with working too many accounts to have work. In fact, even with plenty of work in my primary, they often bounce me around to other accounts. Keeping all the different account specific info straight takes too much time and costs me too many lines. Besides, they have stated to us in the newsletter that much of the work is going overseas to the international labor partners. So unless you would prefer to edit or do the voice technology editing, you may want to go with someone else.
I would not recommend them either sm
I was there for 1 year 5 months, and I was jerked around the whole time.

I started off at a low pay, then I was bumped up to a higher pay, then my pay was cut, then they stopped paying for spaces.

I couldn't take it and quit.
same here, would not recommend them
same here, they start you at 6.5 cpl, I was moved up to 7.5, then bumped back down and the insurance after they changed it has a 250 dollar emergency room deductible.  What is great about that I don't know.  Several part-timers left last year because the few benefits they had were taken away, so no I wouldn't recommend Spheris either
Could anyone out there recommend...
a recruiter that they have worked with?  I have never gone through a recruiter, but I think I might just sign up with one.  Anyone have any recommendations. 
Would not recommend

If you don't mind not having any benefits or any hopes of receiving a raise then thehy would be okay.

Is there anybody else you would recommend instead?

My main two concerns are a decent platform to work in and a decent medical insurance plan.  But, you're right--there's obviously some other things that I need to consider too.

I know that every company will have it's advantages and disadvantages, but does anyone know of any companies where the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

I recommend MDI, too
Very honest, decent people to work for. Great pay. Competence in all departments from payroll to tech. Superb liaison. MDI is very picky about whom they select and about work quality, which is fine with me. I have been in this biz a good long time and have never liked any company so much.
Would not recommend

I currently work on Cornerstone doing mostly letters and the occasional op and ER notes. By far, I spend more time looking up addresses, time I am not paid for. I would not mind it if the pay was fair but it is not. So, I plan to look at other companies because I can no longer afford working for them.

In the beginning I had a somewhat decent account where I could meet the line count but on my new account with more than half my work being letters I waste a lot of time having to look up information and then inserting it into the document.

Another thing is the number of upgrades, and I use that term loosely, have caused my computer to crash. So I end up wasting more time.

Also, raises are as rare as hens teeth. And, if you do get a raise they end up putting you on an account where you cannot make any lines, so you cannot really call it a raise.

This week I plan to dust off my resume and start sending it out. If nothing else I can get something PT and then work into FT and then get away from Spheris.

Sorry for rambling, but I would not recommend Spheris even to newbies and especially not to the seasoned MT.

To put it bluntly, their platform SUCKS ASS.   

I would recommend against it (sm)
I've been in this field since 1966.  I'm just holding on by my fingernails waiting for retirement age.  It's way too late for me to start a NEW career.  I was single mom for most of the years my girls wer growing up.  I supported them and supported them well in this profession.  Now I make less than I did in 1996.  When people asking me what I do, and express an interest in going into the field, I actively discourage them.  It's definitely NOT what it used to be.
Yes, I recommend it.

I just tell people that expect to make absolutely nothing for the first 10 years.  LOL

My pay has doubled since I left my hourly job; or should I say I was pushed out of my hourly job with outsourcing hanging over my head.  I was to train my replacement as so-called just for back-up but I saw the writing on the wall, so I left.  I was only making 13 dollars an hour and that was 3 years ago.  I started at 7 dollars an hour 17 years ago.  I'm making a lot more now and have a lot less stress for sure than working on-site and having to do everyone else's job with no one to do mine.

I'm happy MT'ing.  I do not recommend it to others though as I tell them it takes years to get acquainted with the terminology. 

As far as telling people to come to this board, they have no clue what all of these abbreviates mean especially the company names.  It's too confusing for someone who doesn't know our world to come in this message board and make anything out of it.

No, no, no - used to recommend MT but no more..
Cannot recommend this office at all!
I have been there for a long time, and it just gets worse. They have lost so many accounts that I seem to constantly be learning something new, and I do acute care, any specialty. No money to be made this way. In addition, the office personnel have changed so much that I don't even know who to call with certain matters. It is beyond frustrating!

The only high point has been the excellent computer room staff, but I figure they will probably all be let go in favor of calling 1-800-DICTATE or whatever.

If you have other options, I suggest exercising them! I can E-mail you if you need more info.
I would recommend staying away from
That is all they do, lie and run out of work! Have you tried Keystrokes? I think they might be hiring. I do not know much about them but it might be something to consider.
I recommend Keystrokes.
I have worked for Keystrokes for three months, and they have been very easy to work with.  I don't know about all their accounts/platforms, only the one I am on.  It is an internet-based Word document using Express Scribe--very easy to use.  I am assigned certain doctors and then have 48 hours (yes, 48!) for turnaround.  Pay is based on a standard 65-character line.  Hope this helps!
Well, I wouldn't recommend them.

They have some weird system for line counting and you never can quite figure it out.  Lines are VERY hard to get and pay isn't great.  Many have left because they just can't make any money.  They are also training people in Trinidad (I think) how to do transcription, so guess where they jobs are going to go eventually.   They haven't been allowed to post on this board for that reason, but since MTStars is allow U.S. based offshoring companies to post, they show up.


I recommend Keystrokes...
Never have worked for them but have heard really good things - the other three companies U mentioned have horrible reputations (especially Softscript). Don't know about them personally, just their awful reps. Good luck!
No place I could recommend!!!!!!
Can anyone recommend a hospital?
I have acute care experience doing everything (25+ years), great education, excellent references and top-notch work ethic.  Just found out current 1000+ bed hospital account going to Spheris and they made an offer of 7.5 cpl and recruiter came across as if they had no interest in me (yet I see their ads everywhere and they are to the point of paying sign on bonuses-go figure!).  I would probably be a better match working direct in a situation similar to this account I had for about 20 years (did about 10,000 to 15,000 lines per week with consistently top QA scores). Any leads/direction would be sincerely appreciated.  Thank you. 
TRS I would not recommend a company
simply on the basis of having talked to a recruiter or testing with them without having worked there myself. I myself, did work for them and my experience was a less than pleasant one. Some of their equipment is outdated, dial in systems with so many different numbers that you have a hard time getting on because others have been given the same number, lots of confusion, very little communication and a great deal of turnover. Notice, they always have an ad out and always have openings. The good companies are hard to get on with. The horrible companies like this one are easy. They sing a very sweet tune so beware!
Totally would not recommend them.
Very soon after I started I ran out of work, was switched to a much more difficult account with many different rules to follow and never the same dictator.  Very hard to get a decent line count because you are not paid for spaces.  I am looking for another company. 
Can't recommend Medquist
I worked form Medquist from 1995 until June of this year. You only need to go to their board to read about problems that lots of MTs are having there. I had all the same complaints and finally left after finding a MUCH better company to work for.

I've never worked for MedWare.
Would recommend MedScribe
I have heard good things about MedScribe(FL). However, I would stay away from Northeastern Transcription. They pay for a 70-character line and the pay is not that great. The recruiter had an odd manner.
would NOT recommend spheris
don't know about the other one but you won't be happy with spheris
I do and would highly recommend
Always plenty of work, awesome communication, just an overall wonderful company.  I'm going on 2 years with them and have never been happier!  Good luck!
would not recommend spheris
Keystrokes MTs - Do you recommend...
Just wondering which have the best, user-friendly platforms to use.  Interested in line count potentials for both.  Thank you.
would not recommend spheris
Anybody recommend Eight Crossings
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your help.
Can someone recommend a company that
of recent experience?  I was looking at Transtech but apparently they hire only the best MT's (like Axolotl) and with a lot of current experience.  I have 3 years of recent experience after raising my family but 11 years of experience back in the 1990s.  Please recommend another company that I could apply to besides Transtech that is not so strict with hiring requirements.  No way would I feel comfortable being released from QA after 1 day - I'm not that good and also being allowed to type unlimited reports when they have no idea what I'm putting out.  That definitely would not be a good fit for me.  I need a company that will work with me and understand that my experience is not all recent.  TIA 
MQ does - but I wouldn't recommend them
I recommend eTransPlus - nm
I highly recommend . . .

You may have heard that they outsource, but what they actually do is hire people in other countries to do work in those countries.

From numerous conference calls of over 50 people just on my one team, I detected no non-US accents.

(I'm in NC, work out of the Richmond, VA office, and work for agencies in 10 different states.)

Anyway, I don't know what their experience requirement is (and I'm one of those ancient veterans with over 20 years' experience), and I can't seem to find out on their website, though the fact that it does NOT mention a specific experience requirement and the fact that the testing site mentions new grads, it would seem they're more interested in what you know than for how long you've known it.

I'd be surprised if the requirement is all that much because most of the work is disability, mostly psychiatric, some orthopedic, and therefore not so technically dense, if you will.

They even seem like if they do have a policy, they might make an exception if you test well.

Anyway, it's worth checking it out--you can test right on the website.

(Never out of work, very clear dictators, allow use of former reports as templates; full employee status, part-time and full-time, including great benefits--even a few, like 401k, for part-timers, like me; only hire actual MTs as managers, etc.)

Sorry to gush; I really am an MT and not a recruiter, but I've worked for so many lousy companies that it's good finally (again, after 20 years) to be able to highly recommend one.

(And now, in fact, I do need to get back to work--yes, at 1 a.m.--flexible schedules too.)

Check it out:


Good luck, Dawn,


recommend company
If you get an answer, please pass it on!!!
Would not recommend Amphion
unless you want to be nitpicked to death by the one QA person.
I would highly recommend
them.  Pay always on time and direct deposited.  Work easy and also as long as you do your work in the required TAT, they basically leave you alone.  I would say accept the position, as they are really good to work for.   R
I do not recommend AllType!!!
They have an operations manager who has never been an MT, who has the poorest management skills possible. Now, apparently, they have hired a recruiter with a shady reputation. They do not stick to their word and will change the terms of your contract, schedule, and pay at their will! Run for the hills! Email me if you would like some information on a great company!
I would recommend one of the first 3 companies
stay away from Focus.
I would recommend it to newbies. Just not for us
I too recommend Shorthand...
... it's got an easier learning curve (works a lot like MS Word's autocorrect feature), plus you can download a 30-day free trial to see if you like it. Instant Text offers no free trial.
I recommend shorthand too
as other poster said, works a lot like autocorrect. You don't have a whole list of *options* popping up, and you don't have to choose an option by a number, like you do with IT, and does not slow down system. I love it!!!
I would gladly recommend.....
someone to be an MT.  I do make a little less than 10 years ago, but not substantially less.  I have been fortunate to work for great companies and I make a great living.  It CAN be done!
I wouldn't recommend MQ to
anyone other than Indians right now because they're the ones getting the work.

MQ also does VR and is pushing for everyone to do it.

Amphion - I wouldn't recommend anywhere else

They also recommend ShortCut for Windows. nm
Nothing wrong with that but many recommend to their employer
privately so nothing gets posted just to weed out those that might not be qualified...understand...protecting a good employer from having to wade through resumes and resumes of nonqualified applicants. Referral by word of mouth is very much accepted without having to post publicly but rather privately to those MTs that are known to be good and this has been happening since the internet
I worked for them in the past. I would not recommend
them to anyone. It was my worst experience ever in my long career in the MT field. Yes, they've relocated to TN.
Used to work for them, would never again and definitely wouldn't recommend it to anyone
I really wouldn't recommend it. They represent

the same companies that post jobs here anyway.  It would just be one more interview to take, one more test to take.   They usually only represent a couple of companies and of course they get paid for everyone that is hired through them so I don't feel they have my best interests in mind.  They are going to try to sell me on whatever company they represent.

Post your resume on the job boards.   I have been offered several jobs with companies who do not post help wanted ads.  Most of them were small MTSO who didn't pay worth a flip, but I have also had some very good offers, at least good in comparison to what a lot of companies pay now.