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Amphion pay rate

Posted By: curious MT on 2005-12-05
In Reply to: Amphion- no weekends? - Is this true?

What is the rate of pay at Amphion?

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Can anyone tell me Amphion's line rate for full time?

I looked through the archives but could only find 6000 for part time.



Current Amphion employee...I'm very happy. The part of Amphion I work with has no faxes, lists,s
minor demographic work..superb QA and feedback.  Fellow MTs on same account are more than willing to help and now they also have mentor program.  My pay is what they said.  They do have different pay for different levels. 
for MQ STAT employees tier rate applies to ME rate as well and how calcluated?
for a STAT MQ employee:  Does anyone know if the tier rate is going to be applied to the ME rate as well or are they going to go with the 80% of the MT rate for each tier level?  If the tier rate doesn't apply as well to the ME rate then going by the 80% of the MT rate is less than if the tier rate would be applied.  I'm sure that MQ is going to go by whatever keeps money in their pockets.  Guess this is a question for the supervisor tomorrow.
Their line rate was less than my current nat'l rate, even with mucho experience. nm
no msg
VR rate is 1/2 rate of traditional typing,I believe it is 4 cents line.

I took that to mean you can get to that rate after 1600 lines and that is not the starting rate.
Webmedx ASR rate is 70% of your regular line rate. sm
So if you are on a 9 cpl account, you get 6.3 CPL plus any bonus / incentives / shift differential.
From the current editing rate not typing rate
is the VR line rate 60% of the regular typing line rate?
Is the ASR line rate 1/2 of transcription line rate? sm
Reason I ask is that I assume if they have ASR now that eventually all will be ASR except of course for the awful dictators as this seems to be the norm.

Do you know if Amphion is hiring for radiology now?  I tried to find their website but was unsuccessful.  Anyone know their toll-free number? 

Do you know how they pay for radiology -- by the character, line, or report?  Range of pay? 

Amphion does

Amphion uses this for their platform!

?? about Amphion please
Their website says they check references which could hurt you at your present job.  How do they handle that?  Also do they pay more if you do work nights and weekends?  Thank you.
Amphion pay
8.5 cents but good luck getting there, you need 4 quarters of 100% QA. 
and how do you get hired?
No, they only hire as employee status. Good company though. Lots of work.
I work for Amphion now.. GREAT company... Their pay scale differs on what level you are but where I am is 0.78 line to 0.81 line depending upon quality. That is for multispeciality. Acute care I believe is more...
They use ESP word Expander for Microsoft Word and they do count spaces. I work there and think they are absolutely wonderful people to work for... No doubt..
Amphion pay?
Would anyone who works for Amphion mind sharing what their average pay per hour works out to? Considering them, but also worried the money might not be there.
Amphion seems like a good company, but I wonder if the money is there. Their pay structure seems vague.
Ditto! Nice staff, but questioning if it will be possible to ever make a living working for this company.
No Radiology Accounts
Try Amphion. I start with them tomorrow and so far I have been treated like a queen!!!!!
I actually just tested for them today. I haven't heard anything back though. How long did it take them to conctact you after you completed the test?

Aren't they great! I work for them also.

At Amphion PT you could do 800 per day. nm
Amphion is great!
Anyone heard of this company?  Hoped I spelled it correctly.  I'm wanting to find out a little about them before testing.  Thanks.
If you have high speed internet go for it. I know some quality people who work there and I think they are reputable.
Amphion is
They are needing a lot of help for bigger accounts coming on live.  Training people everyday.  If you know what's out there, come on for a place to work that's great.  They were a small company, sold out, then bought themselves back again.  Wow! 
Does anyone know what  Amphion's guidelines are for part time status, i.e. do you have to work a certain number of hours or produce so many lines?  TIA  
Is anyone from Amphion having
We are supposed to do 1200 lines a day and it's very hard to do with this company.  Does anyone else have trouble and can they give hints to help me and another friend pick up production?

Can anyone tell me anything about Amphion (good, bad or indifferent)?  Do they have health benefits?  How is the platform?  How flexible are they?  Do they have an incentive/bonus structure? 

Thanks for opinions.

I do a Tuesday through Saturday schedule with Amphion because I like to have Sunday and Monday off.

Can someone tell me how Amphion distributes work?  Do you have to pick up one job at a time, or do they dump work to your computer?  TIA.

Amphion again
Just wondering some specifics as to why you are having a bad experience.
Very nice people but the account they seem to continually be hiring for is a nightmare as far as extra clerical stuff the MT is required to take care which you do not get paid for. Generally these are issues with entering demographics, along with carbon copies. I could easily spend 10 minutes on that and not even typed one line. With very easy dictators I went from an average of 200+ lines an hour to 75-100 max, and I am very familiar with ExText so it was definitely not a learning curve for the platform. They also gave me the impression I should be thrilled they were paying me $10/hr during the training period. That seemed like a red flag that maybe a lot of their MTs didn't make much money. I also did not think to ask in advance but only like 3 or 4? of their MTs actually make the top of the scale that they quote. It is based on quality and I wasn't worried about it until I heard how few MTs actually get that top salary, so that is another thing to check out before accepting a position. My feeling is if you don't have a lot of experience it is probably a good company to get your feet wet at, but not the place for an experienced MT.
Thanks for all the info. Really useful. I have just posted a separate question on another company, OSI, above. Any thoughts?
I AM NOT MANAGEMENT. I am a fairly new employee who happens to like this company after working for several other nationals. Why can't anyone be happy anymore?

I rarely come to this board and just to take a peek at what is going on every once in a blue moon because I have other things that are far more important.  However, I also work for Amphion and have been extremely happy with the way I'm treated by my supervisor, manager and on up the ladder.  When you are low on work, it is partly your responsibility to ask your supervisor for a backup account instead of whining on these boards.  Amphion and other transcription companies are vendors.  Some accounts are solely done by the vendor and other accounts get the back log from hospitals, clinics, etc.  The supervisors are always available to answer questions (though some days are definitely worse than others if there are many emails to go through from everyone or phone calls from the accounts).  I always get my questions answered in a very timely fashion if not by day's end for sure.

We all have our gripes about the place we work from time to time, but let me ask you this.... Have you ever taken part of the blame yourself?   Do you call in sick all the time or change your schedule so your supervisor (at Amphion or elsewhere) can't count on you to do the work per the contract they signed?  We all have a life outside of work and should be very glad to work at home, but the outside stuff has to wait if you set a schedule and give that to your supervisor.  If we went to an office during the day, everything would have to wait.  Businesses are in business to make money, and hire us to help them make that money.  Maybe Amphion hire because of the certain few MTs out there refuse to work a set schedule that MT gave the supervisor when they signed on and need coverage.  I have never had Amphion tell me what hours to work.  I gave them hours that fit my life and it works.  Communication is key especially if we are all over the US.

I have worked for other services, and I can tell you, Amphion far and away blows all of them out of the water.  Some may not agree, but I do know others that do agree with me.  It's called give and take, not take, take, take by the MT and give nothing in return.  Others that have never worked for Amphion do not know the ins and outs so have no reason to gripe at all on these boards about Amphion.  I work my hours/lines, get paid on time, work extra when asked, get questions answered in a timely fashion and know that I am doing my best.  I also know they are doing the best they can for their MTs and can hardly wait to see more and more positives down the road.   Those that do gripe on these boards and do work or have worked for Amphion are blaming the company and not looking at themselves for part of the blame.  If something doesn't feel right about the account you are on, low on work, etc., contact your supervisor instead of stewing about it and then blasting them on these boards.  That is not fair to you or the company.

I'm looking for info on Amphion, good or bad. I have called and talked to a woman in human resources and got a lot of information from her. So, anyone care to add anything before I apply?
Amphion does
They actually listen and work with you to get you comfortable with your work. They seem to really care about helping you become successful. Questions get answered within minutes via email or seconds via IM.
Amphion uses Extext
It is not you. I had the same experience and left within 2 weeks. I think it is probably a great place for someone with not a lot of experience who is happy making $10 an hour, which is what I was averaging with 15+ years experience. The account they seem to always be hiring for has a ton of what I consider secretarial work involved with it that you are not paid for. It is really not the platform itself , it is that they are not compatible with the clients Lanier system and so none of the demographics load automatically. I worked on that platform before and averaged 225 lines an hour. At Amphion on a good day I would hit 100-125 lines an hour.

I think one of the reasons I did not give it much time was because the dictation was extremely easy, and I did not see much room for improving on my speed. There was no issue about needing to get used to the dictators and being able to building speed which is usually the case with a new account. It sounds like we were working on the same ER report and you are right the carbon copy thing was a huge issue for me. Lots of clerical work on the backs of the MTs who are not being paid for it.