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And have you worked on Chartmatrix?

Posted By: Webmedx Employee on 2008-10-23
In Reply to: How it breaks down...... sm - m

Let me tell you, you could go from all lahlah I love my job to hating it in the same day. That platform is one of the worst I've ever seen. It has me looking for another job. People leaving left and right because they hate the platform. They're going to lose good employees over this as they put more and more people on it.

You also need to know much depends on your STM. I have seen some in a situation with one STM requesting more accounts, and it won't be given because of trying not to run the other MTs out of work. However, if you're with an STM who has a different set of accounts, then you might have the 20 you mentioned. Don't be so quick to discount the people posting here. You don't know their individual situations. They can be level 4 acute care MTs offering to do everything and still not be given more accounts. This was my experience.

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I have not worked on ChartMatrix.....
I was told before I came to Webmedx to ask for the Enterprise platform because it was the better of the two.

Something was mentioned about combining the two but I don't know if it will be Enterprise or CM as the final outcome.

I know everyone's situation is different, and maybe I was a little too quick to jump on the original poster, but I have the philosophy that life is 20% what happens to you and 80% what you do about what happens to you. In other words, I see so much unhappiness with MTs lately that I wanted to encourage everyone to make every possible change that they could to improve their situation. Maybe that is not the right approach, but it certainly couldn't hurt. I may be talking out of the other side of my face later on down the road, but I hope not because I really do enjoy what I do.
I like ChartMatrix. Have worked on it for a couple of years...sm

There are 2 versions, the one they've been using for the past few years and a new one they're rolling out that can also be used with ASR.  I like the new one a lot better than the old one, but the old one was pretty good.  There are a lot more Keystrokes with the new ChartMatrix.

I have not worked on Enterprise, so I cannot comment on that.  Sorry.

Yes, they're still using it, and it's still awful.  Slow, clunky, cumbersome....in the dark ages.  It is a database program, not a dedicated word processor. 
I am on Chartmatrix. My supe's name starts with J

You can use your own PC with ChartMatrix. nm
I am trying to start work for Webmedx using ChartMatrix.  Had installation and 2 hour training and have not been able to transcribe anything.  Has anyone else had this problem?  I keep getting popup blocking even with the blocker turned off.  Is there an actual manual for ChartMatrix?
Thanks for the replies.  I have notified the office and will call them again today.
Chartmatrix is going away. nm.
Can I get some opinions on ChartMatrix. Is it me? Am I just not getting it? I absolutely HATE it! Are there some of you who like it, and if so why?
ChartMatrix: The Nightmare Lives on! My suggestion to you---run, run for you life and don't look back. You deserve a better platform that will make you money. It's not your fault, your cheap MTSO will not upgrade to a normal MT platform. You are wasting your time and, no, you are ok, that platform just sucks big time!
ChartMatrix - No
Webmedx on the ChartMatrix side does not use eScription. I don't know about the Enterprise side.
On ChartMatrix...
Normals are inserted directly from the platform, Expander provided by the company is Shorthand, many word-based commands, platform has keyboard commands for nearly every function needed to transcribe (can only think of one or two functions that require a mouse point and click).  Very MT friendly.  Can use your mouse too, but it's more productive to keep your hands on the keyboard.
Chartmatrix MT

Just curious. Do you use the shortcut keys?
Is there anybody out there using ChartMatrix for TransHealth?
Do you have trouble keeping a connection?  Is it generally easy or hard to use?
ChartMatrix does (Webmedx). nm
I am very productive on ChartMatrix
Tons of normals on my account, plenty of work.  Good structure to their incentive plan.  No complaints here.  I don't mind using ShortHand at all.  In fact, I prefer it to an integrated expander.
ChartMatrix at WebMedX

Could anyone tell me how ChartMatrix is to work on doing acute care at WebMedX?    TIA

chartmatrix vs enterprise
Anybody know the difference in these 2 platforms and which is better?
chartmatrix two thumbs up
I don't know about enterprise but I have worked on dozens of different platforms over the years and I do know that I REALLY like chartmatrix.
I work on Chartmatrix and use my own. nm
ChartMatrix - my opinion

I was not that fond of the old ChartMatrix, but now that they've upgraded the platform I think it's great.  No complaints here.  A couple of quirky things, but then again, every platform I've worked on had a few quirky things.

Webmedx/ChartMatrix VR
There are 2 sides of Webmedx. Chartmatrix and Enterprise. On Chartmatrix side you DO have the pulldown menus for headings and subheadings, and it is does slow you down.
Enterprise and ChartMatrix
I only work on the Enterprise side, so I can't tell you about the ChartMatrix side. I think Enterprise is about the easiest system I have come across as far as ease of use, as long as you don't mind using your cntrl and alt keys a lot (you do not have to get headers from a drop down list). I don't know what you mean by demos, but we have normals (both physician and MT created) that we can insert by using cntrl N to pick from a list or cntrl M to enter the code. I use ShortHand with no problems on this platform. They also allow instant text, though I have never used this program, so don't know how it works.

This is not a word based program. I have worked on a lot of different platforms, and this is one of the easier ones IMHO.
Chartmatrix or Enterprise?
Enterprise vs. Chartmatrix at WMX
my STM sent out a notice that said Chartmatrix work was going to become available if we were willing to switch to that platform and had problems running out of work on Enterprise.  before I respond I thought it might be a good idea if any chartmatrix MTs out there gave their 0.02 about the platform and the amount of work that's really available.  how do things look on your side?  tia
B/c there haven't been any except for ChartMatrix sm
entirely weekend schedule.
So you do work on Chartmatrix?
You're NOT making that much more in lines with the new ISR?
Any feedback on ChartMatrix or MedRemote
Either program is compatible with ChartMatrix. nm
Does TransHealth still use ChartMatrix software? nm
My production is great with ChartMatrix...sm

1. Connect to the VPN  - that takes all of 30 seconds.  Connect just once per day.

2.  Log onto voicewave player, again, 30 seconds, a one-time process.

3.  Log into ChartMatrix. (once per day).  Hit new report.

Header information autopopulates.  Click the transcribe button and type away.

I think it's a very MT-friendly platform.  It's not perfect, but what is?  And now that TH restructured their pay, with bonus lines and differential, I'm very happy.

To each his own.

MTs at WMX....is ChartMatrix productive platform?
Any information would be great!  Is pay okay???
So you are on the ChartMatrix platform and radiology. sm
No wonder the difference! From what I hear, those of us on Enterprise seem to run out much less often.
Absolutely horrible. I would not take a QA or MT job on Chartmatrix. nm
2 platforms, Enterprise and Chartmatrix. sm
I only use Enterprise. It is somewhat Word-based. It's quite easily to use, although it do use some improvement, like all things I suppose. It can be slow, but that doesn't happen as much as it used to. ShortHand is the expander. Hate it. You can use IT. Demos depend on the account. You generally don't have to do too much with them, at least not on my 5 accounts.

It's an okay platform, not nearly as good as DQS, but I'll take the downgrade in platform and the upgrade in company any day. Good luck to you. :)
Maybe you aren't aware, the Chartmatrix sm
side has nothing BUT small hospitals.  If you are lucky enough to have large hospitals you couldn't be working on my side of the company.
I like ChartMatrix. Sound quality is fine. Not sure what problems they used to have...sm
but things are working fine for me.
With TransHealth's main platform ChartMatrix, the spellcheck is integrated. nm
ChartMatrix (TransHealth) has archived/quick access to prior reports. nm

I worked for a temp agency for 3 years..LOVED it. Just worked. No counts, no hassels, GREAT pay..
No benefits at the time.  I even learned pathology while temping (8 months on that assigment).  I loved the variety, the ability to say I'm not available such and such time.  I'd do it again in a heartbeat if I didn't need benefits.
A company is ONLY supposed to verify that someone worked there, what dates they worked, whether PT o
and last date worked. It opens everyone up to a lawsuit if more is given, so most companies are told by their attorneys and business advisors to verify only.

No one has a right to a reference, only verification of employment.
It worked! Latest suggestion from DJ's email worked. nm
If I worked a longer day, I just put my regular shift, 3p-11p, or whatever. If I worked sm
an extra day, then I was told to fudge the hours around on the other days so it all came out to 40.  I didn't really mind -- have learned not to expect overtime in this profession -- and I was happy to be able to work whenever I needed to get the lines I needed.  However, them telling me directly to fudge on my time sheet would seem to be a violation of the wage and hour laws.  I suppose it doesn't matter now if they do not even have enough work to make the minimum line count necessary.  Several of the companies I thought were golden seem to have gotten a bit tarnished lately sad. 
Glad it worked for you. I have worked for companies
that were more reliable and paid without the delay I had. Maybe you started before they started doing that but it makes no difference. I TOO am a single parent.

You are not trying to argue? Sounds like you not only are trying to argue but you are just waiting for anyone to post anything about the co on here so you can just get out there and respond, which seems to be the way I have always noticed it. It's like all the MTs or whoever that work there are just waiting to respond.

This board is about the good points and bad points about companies. I am telling my experience.

The people were nice people though, but my experience was not a good one and I will not say it was.

I can go a week after the end of payday and even 10days later but that's it. Kids would starve.
Best company I have ever worked for, and I have worked for a lot!
I can't believe some of the things these people say here, and have to wonder if it just the same person or two bashing. I have been at MDI for four years and I do not have a low workload and I get treated very, very well.
They one I am not sure of. I have always worked FT for them. I have worked both IC and employee
and I always did way over 12,000 a pay peroid. I am sure they are pretty comparative to other companies. You definitely could contact a recruiter by applying if they would answer all of your questions up front. Good luck.
Worked for both
They both have their pros and cons. MedQuist is poor at communicating with their staff. Keep you in the dark, but they leave you alone and let you work. Spheris, on the other hand micromanages every minute of your time. If you stop to go to the bathroom without signing out, your phone will be ringing within 5 minutes with your supervisor wanting to know where you are. They are much better at communicating and support, though. You just have to pick your poison.

I worked for both MQ and S.
MQ SUCKS!!!!  Spheris has better training, no rental fees on equipment, management and trainers who actually know what they're doing, a decent platform, and better pay.  Those jerks at MQ threatened via $30 Fed Ex envelope to sue me for the equipment I had already mailed back to them, and I had proof of it with UPS tracking confirmation.  And no, I never got fired from there.  Besides all that, S isn't involved in any lawsuits and hasn't been delisted from NASDAQ like MQ has.
When I worked at MQ
Their "clinic work" was from Emory University and very, very difficult. It was in their clinics that they did drug studies, cancer research, surgeries, AIDS research with lots of ESL residents and doctors. It isn't like a nor doctor's office "clinic." They don't tell you that when you take the job.
worked for both
cherry picking (MDI) and they have to know what you are doing all day (TSI) "WHERE ARE YOU, WHY AREN'T YOU TYPING?"
OK, I worked for a different TSI.
I don't know about that one.  I work for a very small MTSO with fewer than 20 MTs.  It's my fit, but I'm not going to name names on the boards.