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Anyone else finding their work drying up in the NE region. Are you sticking around or moving out. I

Posted By: MQNE on 2005-08-17
In Reply to:

am not sure what to do yet.

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Havent been at Scan Medical too long but finding the work drying up. Anyone else there
notice this. 
Is everyone that is job hunting finding jobs available with all the MTs moving around right now. I
am thinking of looking but not sure of the job market right now.
MQ NE work drying up

Just read on MQ's home page that they won a HUGE account down south, a hospital chain with  locations in Texas, Missouri, Louisianna, etc.

That would hopefully add some work for that region, it may be worth checking into.

Is acute care work drying up? sm
It seems most of the jobs I see posted are for clinic accounts, even at my own company.  I happen to do acute care now, but now I'm wondering how long it's going to last.  I don't want to do clinic notes.  
North region here and tons of work....nm
How does MD-IT work...do you work for the region in which you live?
If I live in the MidWest Region do I work for the Midwest Office in Mpls/St. Paul? Seems like the benefits are great. Anyone currently work for MD-IT and could tell me a bit about the company! Appreciate it!
Moving more and more work Global. Old news, but
If you tried moving the arrow over and it doesn't work , contact support. They will help you.
You have trouble finding work and they
Anyone work on Chartscript that can tell me how you like it. Also I am finding
that IC is being offered 8 cpl with a lot of experience.  Is that the going rate.  Until you pay your taxes etc you are lucky at that rate to get 6.5 cpl. 
Anyone else at DSG finding a lack of work there lately. What
happened to it.
Is anyone finding companies they are happy with and are you finding it
harder to get a job with all the people looking right now. 
Just started with DSG not too long ago and finding a shortage of work right now. Do they overhire
sometimes or what.  Seems it goes in spells.  Anyone seeing the same thing right now.  This started before the holiday time.
Why pay that for a field that is drying up? Spend money going to
I'm sticking with MQ, too! nm
Sticking it out too
Thanks so much for your post. I, too, am in no position to leave MDI. I have a family to consider and I also find it very disconcerting to look for other jobs out there when most of the other companies either pay not enough to make it worth our while, or are just so rigid with their schedules that it would be impossible to have any kind of flexibility.

Am I scared...sure. But I am just going to tighten my belt a little bit tighter, hop back on my horse, and see where this ride takes me. Tar and feather me...that's fine. This is a decision I have to make for me and my family.
Just another way the Natls are sticking it to the MT
So, RadGuy, are you sticking it out at MQ? sm
I know that a while back, you were sticking it out, but how about now? I left and am glad I did, but curious how many are staying. Is it getting any better? Worse?
keyboard sticking .. thus the errors!!
My apologies .. I am going to buy a modem and will get a new keyboard as well .. probably need an eye appt. too!!
Thanks fellow MQ employee for sticking up
for the company. I also work for MQ and got tired of defending it and having to duck from all the daggers thrown by other posters. I work for another company, started last week, and have been out of work 3 times. They send out constant e-mails, ...we have 8 jobs would each of you do 2 so we can get them off the system? 8 jobs and they're freaking out. Or, we have no work, would you please check your e-mails to see when work is available and flex your schedule? Don't have this at MQ.
Depends on the region I think
Former co-workers of mine still work for SPi and I'm not hearing really bad stories yet. I find myself wondering about the variety of experiences I'm hearing, wondering if it's due to the regional managers or what.

If you don't have a lot to risk, it might be worth a shot, but I'd have a backup plan in case they make you crazy.
Transcenders what region
You girls with no work, what regions do you work in?  I work on 2 different platforms, BeyondTxt being one and in both my regions work is plentiful.  I have 5 backup accounts in case things slow down but they haven't on my primary and they are always asking for help on my secondaries.  Not saying you aren't telling the truth, just wondering what region it is.  Do you do more than one worktype?  I know where are some girls in my region who only will do one worktype and won't try anything else.  That makes for a smaller paycheck, I'm thinking.  Just curious so don't flame me.
Okay then, why did you jump in? sticking up for slave labor?
that's what it is
never heard of the Mountain Region....
maybe the Denver region? If that's it, I have no experience with them.
Pronounciation depends on what region
of the country you are in a lot of the time. I am from the south. Our doctors pronounce syncope as syn-co-pe - Up north they say syn-cope. Just 1 example.
Any info on MD-IT Dallas Region?

I've decided that MTSOs are sticking it to all of us and blaming the economy -

Here's my thinking -- they all have boats, or houses, or a lifestyle they love so they think HEY... LET'S SCREW THE LITTLE GUY... cut benefits, cut pay, cut jobs, just cut cut cut cut... so that MY life is sweet.  In the process people lose healthcare, income, homes, cars, MARRIAGES....

so thank you, MTSO owner, for shoving it right up our southpole... we love you for always looking out for us... NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Oh, and MTSO -- the only reason we don't move on is because there's nowhere to move TO.  Everyone has followed your lead and decided shafting the worker bee is a great idea.  Well .. it's not.  And someday you'll get it back 10 fold.

Any Warminster MTs have any thoughts on the email about getting switched to the NE region. Just
wonder what you think about the whole thing.
Yes, I am talking about the fact that our accounts are being transferred to the NE Region. Are you
not aware of that. It is happening on Monday morning.
Glad you're sticking to your guns. We all need to turn down these unacceptable offers!
Need opinions. I am part of the Northeast region of MQ or New York and we have been told that they

want to keep all the accounts so I assume that means all the NE Region within one hour of being out of work and out of work every night or caught up. Now I ask you where does this leave the MTs. I am speaking of acute care accounts with TAT of 12, 24 and 48 hours. Our offifce accounts are already complaining of poor quality work coming back to them because of just everyone being thrown into them to get the work done so I guess to accomplish this ridiculous obssessive 1 hour complete work situtation they will lose accounts and quite obviously MTs as running that close to complete in my option will run us continuously out of work into backups and of course then we are watched for how much of our work goes to QA etc. Does this seem like a no win situation. ASR has picked over all the accounts already also on DQS. I can see looking around very soon depending on how this situation plays out. Is this idea crazy or is it normal.



moving that way
We are starting a new platform called MModal that will eventually lead to ASR so I am told. I believe some MTs are already doing this. I imagine they will do the same thing MQ does with the reduced pay for ASR.
moving to KS
Yes, I've spoken to many people and they all say Meditech Magic is very easy to learn and they have no problems getting their line count! It sounds like we are making a great move and, hopefully, a permanent one!

Good luck to you to!
All acounts are moving to ASR

Webmedx is going to be converting all its accounts to ASR as soon as they can.  Whatever they offer you now will be cut 30% when your accounts are converted.  If you are Acute Care, you may be stuck with heavy ESL accounts now and depending on how much you like ESL you may have a hard time reaching the minimum 150 lines per hour because you will be training on up to 6 different accounts with different account specifics.  In my opinion, I would ask lots of questions of the recruiter to find out what type of accounts they are hiring for and how long before they convert those accounts to ASR.  Really depends on your frustration level.  If you want consistent and hastle-free work, WMX may not be the best place for you.  GOOD LUCK. 

moving on is telling it like it is
I too have had horrible experiences. I think we both were previously working for the same company, a company highly recommended on this board. It was a huge disappointment as far as lines. It was impossible, too many foreign dictators and something funny going on with the line count. You wrote me and told me about Keystrokes. As well, I read your many posts about KS. I took a chance with your advice and accepted a job with them. You were speaking the truth and not just another recruiter. Thank you so much for recommending them and posting your experience with them:)
when vague, keep moving (I WOULD)
moving to the country
I'm moving to the country and will not have broadband or DSL available for who knows how long.  I have not been in this situation before and would like to know if any of you know of any companies that do not require either of these - I will have access to dial-up and possibly some sort of high-speed that is brought in by a radio receiver on the top of my house.  It's a good move - just maybe not a good move for an MT - any help with companies that do not require high-speed with cable or dsl would be appreciated. 
moving to home
You might want to find out who your hospital is outsourcing to and check into them since you already know the dictators at your hospital well.

There is a lot of difference between companies. You just need to narrow down what you are looking for and which companies offer that. You need F/T with benefits, so that narrows it down some. Some companies pay just a base rate (per line) and others with a base rate with incentives depending on what time of day you work, what volume of work you do, or others. If you have any way of figuring out how many lines a day you type, or at the very least, how many hours you work and at what speed (and maybe someone on here can give you an estimate on lines per hour), then you can compare pay plans. You also need to make sure you find out how a line is defined at the companies you apply to. The standard is 65 characters per line. If a certain company defines a line as 55 characters per line then they can pay less per line because it doesn't take as many Keystrokes to get a line. Hope that makes sense. Most companies do go by 65 cpl, though.

There is no one-fits-all company, so don't be discouraged if the first company you go to doesn't work out. The second may.

Here are some companies that generally have good things posted about them and have benefits (as far as I'm aware): Keystrokes, TransTech, Webmedx... I'm drawing a blank on others. I would recommend staying away from Medquist, Spheris, SPi, Softscript.
Thanks for clearing that up....now I'm moving on ;) nm
there it is - MDI accounts moving to VR
We expect the integration with Transcend, including the conversion of some of MDI's business to Transcend's speech recognition-enabled BeyondTXT platform, to increase MDI's earnings...
That is where numerous Spheris MT's are moving. They are getting a very
There is message board made of Spheris employees, which now has recruiters from Webmedx on encouraging people to quit Spheris. Believe me, Spheris is no bed of roses, but going on another company's board is hitting pretty low.
My apologies on moving the post (SM)
I moved this post originally to the Medquist board, by mistake.

This is not Medquist but a totally different company.

Yes - you won't regret moving to TransTech
DeVenture moving to biweekly pay.
I just went through and changed all my auto payments since we are moving to biweekly payments.  Just wanted to remind those of us that had that weekly DD!
heard they are moving offices. NM
Moving this to Company Board

Very interesting article about Indians running a scam that could affect the entire notion of Americans sending work there...



where can I get info on moving to Portland?
At least Ireland is a country we could consider moving to.
fatcat, I am moving in tandem
with you. I've been quickly researching, putting out resumes and making phone calls, calling on all network contacts. I am not about to make their move any more smooth and not going to sell my job downsteam with a smile. Going with T is doing just that. You're a pro and I am sure you will do well in your next move.
MDI = Moving Dictation to India

Since we are beating this dead horse, let's at least have fun with it.  Can anyone think of any others?  For MDI or any other MTSO's?  


I have heard that some savvy Americans are moving