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Anyone have any info on Medscribe in Florida?

Posted By: Curious MT on 2008-03-27
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I am considering applying with them. My current company has been low on work almost all month, and I don't know how much more I can take. I was thinking of applying for an ER account with them since I have been doing ER for about 2 years now. Anyone have any experience with them? Any info, good or bad, would be very much appreciated!

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medscribe FLORIDA

Stay away, cheat with line counts, treat you like dirt.  The worst account I ever had.  No joke.  Everything and anything is an improvement after that place.  The trainer has an accent that will drive you insane.  The recruiter is a total jerk who thinks up stupid contests and demeans you and she is lazy lazy lazy.  If you ever call with a question she is like so annoyed.  She hasn't had her sandwich or her coffee or she just woke up.  Worst of all you make almost no money.


I have been with MedScribe in Florida
for almost one year now and they keep me in work.  I know there are several Med-scribe's out there, but only one MedScribe and they are in Florida.  I think the one I work for is the largest as they have many MTs and seem to add new hospital accounts quite often.  Do your own research but I have been quite happy and quite busy.  Happy New Year to everyone!
MedScribe in Florida
I know there are several MedScribe's, but the one I work for is in Jacksonville Florida and they are really nice.  I am sure they have a phone number on their website, why don't you call and see if you can speak to someone. 
medscribe Florida

I found this old post from last year about medscribe.  It sounds as if there may be other medscribes but if I am following it right which I think I am this is the one about Medscribe out of Florida.

Hello, I am very sorry I cannot tell you about Medscribe. You won't find any negative info on this board about them because they are related to the company and the recruiters who hire exclusively for Medscribe....if you follow the link on the side column to affiliates you will see the recruiter who hires for Medscribe. The monitor deletes all the info if negative about the company. I've seen a lot of negatives in the past and when I go back to find it,, it's completely gone.

Medscribe Florida
all holidays
How long does it take to hear back from MedScribe?  I took their test over the weekend and recruiter stated he would call me but has not.
The Florida Medscribe or one of the many
Does anyone do ER for MedScribe Florida? (sm)

Is the work steady?  Do you have to work a strict Su-Th or Tu-Sa schedule?  Are the benefits and pay good?  TIA.


I sent my resume several times to Medscribe in Florida, with no response.  I finally contacted them by phone and received a very rude response from the male recruiter.  He said that he ignores resumes that do not provide detailed information about prior companies for which the applicant has previously worked.  Well, my resume is one page, and does not include these details.  It seems to me that the fair thing for him to do would be to state his expectations or ask for more details, but he prefers to just ignore and keep posting openings to find those who meet his every requirement.  I was sort of grateful to him, actually, because I was certain after that conversation that we would never get along.

MedScribe in Florida
Anybody else with MedScribe notice the sudden drop in DVI work on primary accounts? Very unusual except around holidays.
Medscribe in Florida

I am looking for information from employees who have worked for or currently work for Medscribe in Florida.  Good, bad?  Do they monitor your work or leave you pretty much alone to do what you have to?  Also, are they flexible with their schedules?  I've read some of the archived info, but would like something a little more current.  Any information would be greatly appreciated!


I have been with MedScribe in Florida for 6 months
and have always had work, pay is direct deposit every other Friday.  They just started using Aetna for insurance and I signed up for the coverage.  I know they are starting a new hospital in SC in January, we received an email about the new account.  Hope that helps.
Me, too. I've been with MedScribe out of Florida sm
I have been with them now for 1-1/2 years as an IC and 1 year now as an employee.  Always have work.  Checks on time.  Easy platform.  Responsive customer service.  No problems. 
sounds like MedScribe Florida
Actually the staff used to be at softscribe and a bunch of them went together to Medscribe or so I heard. But sounds like the same deal. I went into a depression working for them. They were just too harsh and for no reason... just cracking the whip... what a turn off to professional MTs.
What platform does MedScribe in Florida use? nm
BTW: Talking about the Florida MedScribe.
Has anyone been hired at MedScribe in Florida and ....SM

the work that you are being given to do is not what you were told when talking to the recruiter?  I am in this position, but I am hoping it is still due to the holiday lull.  I really don't want to start over again somewhere else.

MedScribe Florida MTs how did you do today?
Just curious how much work you all got today and whether you are on DVI, Chartnet or both.  I am on DVI only and have only gotten about half my lines done today so far.
Cymed or Medscribe in Florida? pls help me decide

So far these are the two companies that have offered me a job and I have been reading not so nice feedbacks.  Since I have no choice right now and I need a job immediately, I would like to ask anyone if I have to choose between the two? Which one do you think I should choose?  Your inputs will be greatly appreciated

MedScribe in Florida is a good company
MedScribe in Florida is a great place to work, you will find many posts in the archives.  There are several other places that call themselves MedScribe but they are not out of Florida.  The one in Florida has been around since 1992, I have worked there for 3 years and they pay on time with direct deposit every other week and the insurance is affordable and a good plan. 
I had an interview with the Medscribe in Florida about a year ago.
IMO, the recruiter needs a lesson in Professionalism 101. He, out of the blue, proceeded to put down the previous company he recruited for, Medware. I thought that was really tacky of him. I never brought up Medware during our conversation -- just was really strange.
I believe that the Medscribe out of Florida is a different company than the one out of New Jersey
but I could be wrong... I applied with the one out of New Jersey and there never seems to be anything on here about them, which to me is a good sign. This was for an Dictaphone account also.
Does MedScribe in Florida do clinic work and/or hire
Need info on eMTS out of Florida. Any info would be appreciated!
Any info on SBR out of Florida?
Need info on MDI Florida. Are they IC only? Are benefits okay?
Any info on Medscript out of Florida?
MRC of Maryland or Florida info

Please give experiences with this company good/bad ASAP!!


Any info on Med-Scribe in Florida?
I am considering a position with them. Does anyone have any experience working for them as an MT? Are they good to work for? Are the flexible and do they treat their employees well? Do they have plenty of work? I am considering an ER account with them. Any info would be very much appreciated!
any recent info on JLG in Florida?

Big drawback for me is no direct deposit (I don't drive so can't get to bank easily).  Any other negatives/positives?

Does anyone have any up-to-date info on Med-Scribe in Florida?

  • Could not find any current posts in the archives.

Info regarding Charts In Time, in Florida
Any current information would be helpful
Can anyone give my any info on Med-Scribe in Florida?
They have called me back about a position on an ER account. I was wondering if anyone has worked for this company and could share the positives and negatives about them. Any info is greatly appreciated!
Need platform info on CCS Transcription (Florida)
Any info on Global Trans in Florida
Just curious if anyone has worked for them and platform they use.  Also, the good, the bad, and the ugly about them please :)  Thanks so much
Anyone have any info on (Best) PRN Transcription out of Cape Coral Florida????


Does anyone have info on ATSI in Florida?: Good or bad to work for? thanks! nm
info on Florida hospital acct with Diskriter

Does anyone have any info on this acct with Diskriter where you are an actual hospital employee with hospital benefits??


Any info on Gulf Coast Transcription in Florida?
Given job offer.  Must admit it is tempting to tell MQ where to put it, but I don't want to go from bad to worse.  Any feedback??
Any updated info on...Transcription South Inc in Florida? TIA

any info on Medscribe?

anyone have any scoop on medscribe?  is it worth testing with them?

thanks bunches

info on MedScribe
Can anyone tell me what platform they use and if you use the same platform for all accounts.  Are you eligible for pto after a few months of being hired?  Do they send work overseas?  Thanks to all who answer.  Have a great night.
Medscribe info please
I have heard that Medscribe pays by the hour for Radiology?  Anybody know if this is correct?
does anyone have any new info on MedScribe???
Posts are a couple of years old, and not very positive from what I can gather.
Anybody have any info on Medict Systems out of Florida - Good/Bad, platform, pay etc.
Medscribe Online....any info?
Just trying to see if this company is legit or not.  Do they pay on time?  Thank you.
Looking for info on MedScribe Services out of OH....
Anyone know anything about them as far as work load, pay on time, etc.??
Any info on Medscribe Jacksonville? SM

Specifically, what the platform is like and what rate of pay is. Any information will be appreciated.  I'm acute care MT with 17 years of acute care experience, including teaching hospital accounts.  

Thank you.

MedScribe info a few days
Mostly about the work and benefits.  You should be able to find it, I remember the posts.  Sounded like they were OK. 
Any info good or bad on Medscribe out of FL....
I found some older posts on them, mostly about pay rate, but wanted to know how their software was, is it easy to get lines, are you happy, etc.  Thanks. 
MedScribe insurance info?

Can anybody tell me if the insurance at Medscribe is any good?  Any idea of their per line pay rate for radiology?  Debating on submitting resume.  TIA!