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Does anyone have info on ATSI in Florida?: Good or bad to work for? thanks! nm

Posted By: MTS on 2006-05-14
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Anybody have any info on Medict Systems out of Florida - Good/Bad, platform, pay etc.
Anyone work for ATSI, Tampa, FL - QA or MT. Any info helpful. no msg
ATSI - NEED INFO....please?
Just would like to know how they are to work for concerning pay/perks and flexibility.  You can e-mail me if you would rather.  TIA
Any info on ATSI?
Any current/former employees care to share on work flow, compensation, incentives, benefits, etc?
Any info on ATSI??? NM
Any ATSI info out there?
Good/bad to work for? Easy platform? Pay on time?  TIA.
Need info on ATSI aka MT-World. Thx

Any info on ATSI/MT-World please, sm
Was just offered a job with ATSI doing radiology.  They pay they offered is more than any company that I have been applying with has offered, even a lot more than the company I am currently working for.  I have been soooo stressed out with my current company lately that I need a better opportunity and I pray this is the deliverance that I have been asking for.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  TIA!!!
Need info on eMTS out of Florida. Any info would be appreciated!
ATSI - any recent info on them appreciated

Considering them and would like to know the scoop on them. 

ATSI... Good, bad, or ugly?
ATSI (American Transcription Solutions Inc......any info?
Info on ATSI (American Transcription Solutions)
No recent info on Execuscribe, anyone work for them, is there pay any good?

Thinking on a career move, going with them FT, but would not like to waste time testing if pay is lousy.  14+ years with acute care. 

Thanks so much in advance! 


Does anyone have any info on whether InterPro is good company to work for?

I am trying to decide between them and an acute care smaller company.  Does anybody know if they are a good company?



Any info on SBR out of Florida?
Need info on MDI Florida. Are they IC only? Are benefits okay?
Any info on Medscript out of Florida?
MRC of Maryland or Florida info

Please give experiences with this company good/bad ASAP!!


Any info on Med-Scribe in Florida?
I am considering a position with them. Does anyone have any experience working for them as an MT? Are they good to work for? Are the flexible and do they treat their employees well? Do they have plenty of work? I am considering an ER account with them. Any info would be very much appreciated!
Anyone have any info on Medscribe in Florida?
I am considering applying with them. My current company has been low on work almost all month, and I don't know how much more I can take. I was thinking of applying for an ER account with them since I have been doing ER for about 2 years now. Anyone have any experience with them? Any info, good or bad, would be very much appreciated!
any recent info on JLG in Florida?

Big drawback for me is no direct deposit (I don't drive so can't get to bank easily).  Any other negatives/positives?

Does anyone have any up-to-date info on Med-Scribe in Florida?

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Info regarding Charts In Time, in Florida
Any current information would be helpful
Can anyone give my any info on Med-Scribe in Florida?
They have called me back about a position on an ER account. I was wondering if anyone has worked for this company and could share the positives and negatives about them. Any info is greatly appreciated!
Need platform info on CCS Transcription (Florida)
Any info on Global Trans in Florida
Just curious if anyone has worked for them and platform they use.  Also, the good, the bad, and the ugly about them please :)  Thanks so much
Anyone have any info on (Best) PRN Transcription out of Cape Coral Florida????


info on Florida hospital acct with Diskriter

Does anyone have any info on this acct with Diskriter where you are an actual hospital employee with hospital benefits??


Any info on Gulf Coast Transcription in Florida?
Given job offer.  Must admit it is tempting to tell MQ where to put it, but I don't want to go from bad to worse.  Any feedback??
Any updated info on...Transcription South Inc in Florida? TIA

Do not work for ATSI
I did not like the company at all. Horrible pay. I did not like the hiring manager whatsoever. Very snotty. Not worth your time or money with this company.
Do NOT work for ATSI
Cank you believe these jerks offered me a job 3-1/2 weeks ago and I have been following up with them constantly to find out about my status.  Well they finally e-mailed me and stated that I could retest with them in 3 months because they are just overwhelmed with applications.  I told them that I passed my test with flying colors and they offered me employment almost a month ago and why the heck should I retest in 3 months again for employment.  There is something seriously wrong with this company..........
Anybody work for ATSI?

I just got hired yesterday for radiology and then acute care as a backup acct.  They are working with me for my hours since I small children and so far they have been great.  I train on Monday for 1 hour and then start working that evening.  I've been a Transcriptionist for 15 years and have yet been able to stay at a place too long because everybody seems to run out of work and I have to work full time.  Anybody work for ATSI?  Any comments, suggestions? Anything at all?

Thanks bunches

Anyone else who used to work for ATSI s/m

Get the letter and such today from them regarding their recent audit by the Department of Labor?  

I went to get my mail this afternoon and was surprised to see that in there. 

MDI florida, pretty good benefits,

transcription super, Debbie, very easy to work with, down-to-earth. Pay 10 cpl if you have Meditech experience for acute care/radiology.  Saw in one post where they were willing to train.  Worth looking into.  I work for them, good company so far.

MedScribe in Florida is a good company
MedScribe in Florida is a great place to work, you will find many posts in the archives.  There are several other places that call themselves MedScribe but they are not out of Florida.  The one in Florida has been around since 1992, I have worked there for 3 years and they pay on time with direct deposit every other week and the insurance is affordable and a good plan. 
A Stat Transcription out of Florida?? Anyone with any information about them, good or bad?
I am thinking about applying and I cannot find anything on them.
Saw ad for Millennium Business Services in Florida.. has anyone heard of them? Archived info is conf


Anyone out of work - MDI-FLORIDA

I can't get any work and management won't even answer emails!  Anyone else in this boat?

Is this company in Florida that runs out of work? I think we must have the same job LOL
Heaven help us.. I cant have anymore down time.. I'm starving here..
I also work for a company in Florida and we're running

low on work, just within the past 10 days. I know it's due to the hurricane though. My main account was in New Orleans and just isn't dictating and won't be for a while, I guess. They didn't dictate each day but when they did send work about 3 times a week, I could work for 2 straight days w/o running out of their work. I type a lot of lines each day and for me and the others on that account, we are now on our secondary and third accounts which takes takes work away from others.

So does anyone work on the acct that DiskRiter is hiring for now? It's in Florida
Does MedScribe in Florida do clinic work and/or hire
Any new updates on Focus for QA? Good info/bad info? sm msg
I checked the archives and read all the messages.  Have things changed for the better here?  Is there steady, reliable work?  Able to make any decent money?  Thanks!
The best co. ever! Good work, good people, good pay, good bennies.
I work for a company in Florida too who gladly pays state taxes because
they know it is the law.
I'm with them. Good work environment, easy accounts and I'm making really good money. nm

Does anyone recommend a pretty good company that is good to work for, pay always on time and plenty
of work.  I know that is asking a lot, but just curious?
Is Transcend a good company with a good platform to work on. They are advertising.
U.S. only, very steady work, some VR, good pay, good insurance, no PT, schedule. sm
That should cover it!