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Anyone have info on Amphion or Northeast Transcription Inc?

Posted By: Ellie on 2007-08-24
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What are they like to work for?  Thanks!

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Does anyone have info on Northeast Transcription Inc? TIA
Any info on Northeast Transcription? sm
A service in Maine.  Any feedback appreciated. 
Any info on Northeast Transcription?

I tried the archives, but northeast and transcription brings up a lot of stuff that has nothing to do with the company.  Thank you

info on Northeast Transcription Inc
Hi.  Does anyone have any information on NTI?  Thinking of making a change and would like to know what to expect.  Thanks!
any info on Northeast Transcription?

Northeast Transcription, any info? Platform? Work flow? Anything?
I worked for both Amphion & Northeast
I retired last year. I worked for both very briefly. Northeast was good but I was planning to retire and stayed only a few months for that reason. It was a good company.
I can't say the same thing about Amphion. Maybe people who know the right people or who have been there a long time had better luck but I was on the infamous demographic account where you cannot make any money. If you are happy with the demographics thing and don't mind working for low pay it is a good company to work for but I never could get beyond feeling like I was just wasting time with the demographics. The better accounts that don't require doing that go to the people who have seniority. I stayed with Amphion for a couple of months and had to bow out gracefully. They were nice people though.
Northeast Transcription

Does anyone have any information on this company?  I can't seem to find very much.

Northeast transcription
You mean after all that testing only 7 to 8 cent on a 70 character line. 
Northeast Transcription
Has anyone that applied for the radiology positions heard anything from the company yet?  TIA
Northeast Transcription
Don't bother to give it more time. THey are not worth it. See posts from 9/24 regarding this company.
Northeast Transcription
Anyone have any info on this company, pay, flexibility, benefits, etc?  Anything would be helpful.
Northeast Transcription

Looking for info on Northeast Transcription.

Northeast Transcription

Anybody have any current information about Northeast Transcription Inc. in Portland, Maine?  Am wondering about what kind of company they are and whether they are good to work for, have benefits, etc.  Any info is appreciated.  TIA!


Northeast Transcription
Anyone work for, or have you ever worked for Northeast Transcription.  Just applied.  Any information would be appreciated.
Wonder why Northeast Transcription
says residents of California need not apply? That's strange
Northeast Transcription
Anybody work for this company that could provide some info on them?
Northeast Transcription
I would highly recommend this company. I went through their testing process and interview process and was excited to be starting with them. However, they don't have the proper credentials to do business in my state. So instead of just wishing me on my merry way, they have gone above and beyond the call and have passed on my test scores and information to another company they are familiar with. A company that has wonderful staff like Shannon and Terry would be awesome to work for!
Northeast Transcription
Does anyone know anything about Northeast Transcription.  Is their work straight transcription of ASR. Anyone know what platform they use and anything about pay?
Northeast Transcription Inc.
Wondering if anyone could give more information about them. Not a lot on here about them. I just had an interview, and I think I like them, but would like real world experience from people working for them. How is the platform, the expander, are they flexible, easy to get the 1100 lines in an 8 hour day, etc.? Any help either here or to my email would be GREAT!

Northeast Transcription
pays $10/hour during training
Northeast Transcription - not much
info in the archives. Anyone know any details about this company? I love doing psych notes. Sick of being out of work at TT.
Any new info about Northeast? Pay? Platform? QA?
Archives are showing no new info since about 2006, was wondering how things were now.   How is the platform?  From archived info I see pay was 7-8 cpl for 70 character line, which I'm not thrilled about but I love Psych so tough decision for me personally.  Any info on QA would be great if anyone knows.  TIA!!
Can anyone share on Northeast Transcription? TIA
Northeast Transcription Company

Has anyone worked for Northeast Transcription.  Is it a good company to work for?

Information on Northeast Transcription, Inc?..sm
I did a search here but didn't come up with anything.  Any information would be helpful.  TIA
anyone familiar with NorthEast Transcription?
took their huge, lengthy, tedious, silly test...are they worth it?
Am researching Northeast Transcription. Anyone with them now? sm

Old posts were negative, newer ones are positive.  Wondered about insurance cost, flexibility of schedule, etc.  TIA.

Anyone work for Northeast Transcription?
Positives?  Negatives?  Flexible with schedules?  Decent pay?  Someone else posted asking similar question on 09/24/2007, but it doesn't look like anyone responded. 
Northeast Transcription: Anyone currently working here? sm
If so, please give me some feedback about this company.  Thanks very much.
USAMedical/RJS/Northeast Transcription
Anyone with any comments on either of these 3 companies?
Me three. I think they merged with Northeast Transcription. nm
again could you narrow down northeast, maybe county/state info would help

Opti-Script versus Northeast Transcription Inc.
I have interviewed with each place, and have some likes and dislikes about each. Does anybody out there work for either, or know about either that would help me make a decision? I am leaving Spheris and am concerned about jumping from the frying pan into the fire, so anyone out there that knows anything I would certainly appreciate your 2 cents or more!

Thank you all so much for this board, it has helped me a LOT over the very confusing and frustrating few weeks!

Any personal experiences with Northeast Transcription; good, bad or ugly?nm
Northeast Transcription says that FT is 32 hrs/1000 lpd, but 70-char.lines with all spaces and
Any new info on Amphion? Archive search doesn't provide new info (sm)
Looking for a part-time position with decent pay and decent workflow. There's nothing new in the archives.
any info on Amphion please
thinking about going with them at this time but need some positive insight if I can get it.
amphion mt info anyone? nm
Amphion Transcription

Any pros/cons on this company?  How are benefits for full-time employees. Flexibility?  Do they do any radiology accounts?

info on Amphion or Webmedx.
Work load?  Are they going VR?  Pay for clinic?  Do they supply computers? good, bad??
Okay, don't be harsh, need info on Amphion, sm

saw the posts from below, not happy, but not enough for me to say hey or nay. Where I am coming from I know it can't be worse but I really want a good fit. Thanks for all who can inform me.


amphion layoff info anyone?
that is what inquiring minds want to know - specifics
Any current info on MD-IT and Amphion?
Archives don't seem to turn up anything recent on either company and I am not sure if that is good or bad.
Can anyone give any updated info on Amphion? sm

Unexpectedly this morning, I received a recruiting email from them.  I have sort of been going over some of the companies and comtemplating making a change.  I have 5+ years in my current company, and the only real thing I am looking to change is: (1) Better pay by the line; (2) Getting my weekends and holidays back to spend with my family.  I currently work EVERY Saturday.  Don't really mind it, but would like to be able to make plans and perhaps rotating weekends would even be okay. 

I was just wondering if anyone can give me any updated insight into this company. I did a search, but the threads are several months old, and was wondering perhaps if things were any different than those posts read.

I have a lot of experience in transcription, upwards of 16 years, with probably only half of that being in acute care.  Other important things to consider in my search is benefits.  The health insurance at my current company is very expensive. 

Thanks for any input guys! I appreciate it.


Amphion-any recent info. Interested in a position there!
Trying to get info on Transcription-Express(not X-press Transcription)....

Got a call and am scheduled to be hooked on later this week.  Does someone need to stop me?  TIA 

Current Amphion employee...I'm very happy. The part of Amphion I work with has no faxes, lists,s
minor demographic work..superb QA and feedback.  Fellow MTs on same account are more than willing to help and now they also have mentor program.  My pay is what they said.  They do have different pay for different levels. 
Need info on MRC transcription
I just got an offer from a company called MRC.  Has anyone ever heard of them?  I need some feed back.  I am currently working with Spheris, but unhappy with my current schedule which conflicts with my school schedule.  I have put for different radiology accounts, but never received any feedback on from them. 
A to Z Transcription info
Does anyone have any information on A to Z Transcription, good or bad, thinking about applying.  Thanks.
Info on Cy-Med and p.r.n. Transcription
Would appreciate any new info on these two companies, they both are advertising for an oncology account.  Would like to know about their platforms, their staff, pay on time, starting rates.  TIA.