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Anyone know anything about Cymed or Accupro? sm

Posted By: Thinking of jumping ship on 2006-07-13
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I love the company I'm with, but after a month of fighting to get my lines, I decided it may be time to look around, at least get something part-time and maybe work into full-time if the company is decent, as in, has direct deposit, pays on time, pays a decent wage for my many years of experience, doesn't dock for blanks, has accounts that are not 90% ESLs, etc.


Any input would be appreciated.  Thanks! 

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SPi versus CyMed...SPI is offshore and YES they bought CyMed...

CyMed is now part of SPi and will be merged into the company and will follow all company policies and procedures.    It's the only way the President, COO of SPi could grow the company and keep his job.    He has to grow through acquisition.  This means that at least 70% of all CyMed's business will be transitioned to India or Manila.     The US MTs working at Cymed should be very careful and start looking!!!!

Accupro offers IC and they are a great company.
Try AccuPro
They are looking for MTs experienced in the Basic Four, as well as radiology. MPWord is the program that is used for transcription, which is similar to MSWord, but with more bells and whistles. If interested, email me: rlella@earthlink.net
Anyone ever work for Accupro out of Lenexa?  I used to but was wondering if she is still hiring ICs.
I worked for Accupro for about 6 years and really enjoyed working for her, but I needed insurance and needed steady work.
Is anyone familiar with this company?  They have 2 ads on Job Board.  I did a search but nothing came up.  Need pros and cons, please.  Thanks.
Can anyone tell me how to apply to Accupro?  I cannot find a web site.  Have heard good things about them but if anyone has anything to add, positive or negative, I'd appreciate it.  Thank you.

Current AccuPro transcriptionists, how do you like working for this company, pros and cons, please.  They have an ad on the job board for oncology and before I test with them, I would like to know what you think.


Accupro ad
You would think that the person placing the ad would at least PROOFREAD the ad!! I would tend to think that is less than professional to place an ad that has spelling errors. Anyway, what is an appicant? LOL
Is this company in Kansas?
Does anyone currently work for AccuPro?  I see they have a new ad here on MT Stars for a combination position of MT/VR for Hematology/Oncology. I would really like to hear from anyone who might specifically work on this account.  They state it is predominantly VR work with some transcription, so I would like to know if you like working for this company and if you can make a decent salary doing this combination. You hear so many bad things here about VR work and I have never done it before, so if anyone who currently works for AccuPro could tell me how you like the company, etc. before I apply, I would greatly appreciate any info.  I searched the archieves, but did not find anything recently posted.  Thanks so much!
AccuPro ???
How come no one ever answers any questions about this company?  I have seen their job ad(s) several times but no one ever answers.  I checked archives and found nothing current...only posts from 2006, 2007 and 2008.  Someone must know something about them!
Come on folks, I'm with Mel who also posted on AccuPro ~ does no one who reads this forum work for these people?  I posted a previous note asking about them and got nothing, just as Mel did!  Surely someone knows something about this company or works for them. There is nothing recent in the Archieves and AccuPro is currently running an ad for Hem/Onc, so I would like to know if you work for them do you like it, have enough work, is it clinic or hospital, etc.  Any info anyone has would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Nice to work for. Pay was always on time. Work was always available on hospital account I was on. Cannot comment on Hem/Onc.
Any info on Accupro?

Another try for info on AccuPro

I posted a few days ago asking for current information regarding this company and no one answered my post, thought I would try 1 more time. Would like pros and cons.  I took their test today and got an e-mail that I passed, and they will call me tomorrow to discuss further.  I did search and found some posts but most are 1-2 years old.  Please reply if you have any knowledge of this company and what it is like to work for them.

If you would rather e-mail me, that's okay too!

Thank you for your time. 

AccuPro Services

Does anyone know anything about this company?  I don't think I have ever seen them mentioned on this site.  Pros and cons, please.  Also, do you know where they are located?  Thanks.

AccuPro Services
Looking for current information regarding this company.  Pros and cons please.  Thanks for your time.
Ask Accupro. The owners of that company
I work for AccuPro.... love them!!
You won't be sorry there, I don't think. If you'd like to email me, I'd be glad to chat with you. Let me know if you want my email address.
Any current info on AccuPro?
enough work, pay on time, anything you would like to share about this company would be greatly appreciated. TIA
Accupro--Seeking opinions

The response time has been slow so far.  I received testing materials directly from the recruiter via email 2 weeks after submitting my resume.  I returned the tests within 24 hours and waited another 2 weeks for a response.  I inquired via email and it took another week for her to respond.  I'm wondering if all this improves upon employment.  What are they like to work for?  Platform?  Communication?  Benefits?  Do they respond to employee questions in a timely manner?

TIA for answering.

Accupro actually looks like a good deal
even if they require hours for IC.  Any information on ths company?
Amphion, AccuPro or Transolutions? who is more stable?....

I don't want to waste my time testing for another crap company.  I've been invited to test with all three.  FutureNet has no work again this morning... I am SO done with them!!  It should not be this hard to make $100/day in this business...  even part time.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.

It definitely can be frustrating. I tested for Accupro a couple of weeks ago, sm

and there were several long reports to type, yet I never received the courtesy of a response.  They were great guns at first, sending me info about the company, telling me how impressive my resume is, etc., and after the written test, I heard back immediately, but then, after investing several hours into their written test .. *poof* .. nada.  I don't know that I aced it, but after 25+ years of being an MT, I didn't think I did so awful that it would not even merit a reply.   Such is life ...

On the flip side, I do realize that companies receive 100s of applications when they run an ad, and so I try to be patient and realize that I can just be lost in the shuffle somtimes.  I perhaps am not aggressive enough, because I do not email or call if they drop the ball.  There are lots of other companies out there.  


Any current info on this company would be appreciated.  Specifically would like to know if they allow a flexible schedule, what their pay range is, what type of software they use, and how the staff is to work with.  Any info is much appreciated.


I am surprised that you had a bad experience with Cymed.  Which office was you working out of?  I work for the Ohio office and the trainer is wonderful.   She is very helpful and actually everyone that I have dealt with so far has been great. 
I talked to their Richmond office and was offered 8.5 cpl, but they do not pay for spaces. I have a friend who works for a different office and she gets paid for spaces, but they told me they had instituted a new policy and only the people who had worked for them before it went into effect still got paid for spaces.
I work for the Virginia office and you will never find a nicer group of people.
Managers are great and the tech. support is wonderful day or night.
I was offered 9 cpl.  No they don't pay for spaces because they said they don't charge for them.  Everyone I talked to seemed incredibly nice except the trainer.  She was incredibly rude when she called me, so much so that I did not accept the job.  I told them about her too.  She seemed like a hateful older lady who really didn't have time for the likes of me.
Cymed of Ohio does a lot of reports for the Cleveland Clinic. I also saw the article on the face transplant. I have worked for Cymed for 17 yrs.
I work for Cymed.  I have been with them since July and totally love it there.  Great people. 
Do you mind sharing what office you are out of and do find it hard to get your linecount without being paid for spaces?
I work for the Ohio office.  I do not have a problem with getting a decent line count.  The platform is great and easy to use. 
CyMed Pay
I know you would want to figure about 20% for the loss of spaces, but then the headers offset that a bit and the good platform. The 9 cents seems very low based on that if you are an experienced MT.
Cymed and pay?
Can anyone give me information on Cymed, pay?
I was with MQ at one point too, but now with Cymed. This company is very MT friendly and I've always got work. They did not offer statutory employee, just PT or FT. FT gives me good insurance, vacation and holiday pay. What I like the most is my supervisor saying she wouldn't have her job if it wasn't for us MTs.
Does anyone else work for Cymed, and what is your experience
can you please elaborate
i have worked for them for about 1 year. great managers. easy platform.
I have worked for Cymed now for 17 years. I worked for the company under the ownership of Linda and Tom Lally before they merged recently. They are just like any other transcription company out there as far as pay etc is concerned, however, they do seem to care and work with their employees including giving incentives etc. The company recently helped out an employee living the the New Orleans area who lost everything she had. The company really came through for her. Good luck to you regarding which company you choose.

when i clicked Cymed in your note, i was directed to another page here and saw:

Cymed, Inc. is involved in Offshore Outsourcing (sending sensitive private health information of US citizens to countries such as India, Pakistan, Philippines, etc...).

Anyone working for Cymed that can tell me pros, cons, how many accounts they typically assign you, workload consistency, dictator quality, $$ potential, platform info, etc.  Just applied and want to make sure I am getting into something positive. Any info appreciated!!
I work for Cymed and have been happy. The positives have been their platform is the best I have worked on. I previously worked on ExText and like Chartnet better. You can be very productive if you stay focused. Also nice accounts and tons of work.

Someone always posts that they hear they offshore. It is my understanding they offshore a small amount of nonacute care work to the Philippines. Not sure if this has changed or not but lack of work has never been an issue.

Like anywhere else, a lot depends on what account you get but my experience has been positive and I feel the ability to be successful with this company is definitely there.

Does anyone have info on this company?  I may be considering applying for one of their positions and would like to know if they have steady work, a good line rate, platform, and any other information?  Thank you!!!
I cannot speak for Medscribe but have had a good experience with Cymed. There platform is excellent and there has not been any problem running out of work. We have actually had some bonus weekends to catch things up. Another thing I like is they pay every other week, direct deposit. The last place I was at was the 15th and end of the month and it just seemed like you waited forever to get paid. I don't think they are perfect, no company is, but they certainly give you the tools you need to be successful and then it is really up to you. Also, a very nice staff.
Thanks, I will check it out!!!
CyMed again?

Well, isn't it just wonderful what they are doing to their MTs?  I also used to work for them, but went on to something else, as an IC - works out better for me, anyway.  Cymed needs to get with the program, and start paying for SPACES, also!!  They are always having meeting all the time - I think they are for trying to come up with ways of cheating the MTs out of their benefits, etc, etc, etc.  Their line counts even seem to be short on every pay, did not get paid for the actual typed characters either - seems THEIR lines were somewhat different than what I actually typed.


Absolutely get with the program!! They try to tell us that the visual black character is becoming the standard demanded by the client and that it allows for verification of billing. What about verification of how the MT is paid? Sure they say they may pay for headers to make up for taking away spaces, but try to pin them down to allow you to verify how you are paid and see how they dance around that question. Shouldn't it work both ways? Shouldn't they be just as accountable to us as they are to the client? I say let's send a report back without those spaces and see how long it takes the client to reject it! If you want spaces you gotta pay for them!!

Admit it, Cymed. You are taking away our spaces only to line your own pockets and for the sake of growth. Give us some credit for our intelligence. How about slowing the train down and taking a look at how you have grown at such a rapid rate. Invest for a change in your employees and see what bleesings it brings.

I wonder how long Cymed would remain the third largest MTSO (which I don't believe) if we went on strike for spaces?
Why would you accept not getting paid for spaces? You're hoping they will make up for spaces? Don't think for a minute they are going to make up for the spaces out of the kindness of their heart. I don't understand how you have just accepted a position with them on the hope they will make up for not paying you for spaces. It's this kind of attitude that perpetuates the unfair practice of not getting paid for them in our profession.