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It definitely can be frustrating. I tested for Accupro a couple of weeks ago, sm

Posted By: LTMT on 2006-07-19
In Reply to: Even so, it is very unprofessional and rude to not reply back when someone took the time to test!! - Snotnosed

and there were several long reports to type, yet I never received the courtesy of a response.  They were great guns at first, sending me info about the company, telling me how impressive my resume is, etc., and after the written test, I heard back immediately, but then, after investing several hours into their written test .. *poof* .. nada.  I don't know that I aced it, but after 25+ years of being an MT, I didn't think I did so awful that it would not even merit a reply.   Such is life ...

On the flip side, I do realize that companies receive 100s of applications when they run an ad, and so I try to be patient and realize that I can just be lost in the shuffle somtimes.  I perhaps am not aggressive enough, because I do not email or call if they drop the ball.  There are lots of other companies out there.  

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I tested a couple of years back; never heard anything...
I emailed them for update; still never heard anything.
Tested at e-trans 2 weeks ago also and never heard from them...nm
It took me a couple of weeks...
had to get all those shortcuts in but once you get used to it, it is okay.  I always keep track of how many reports I do and I don't look at line count until I do so many.  I can get my required line count in 6 hours or less and when I first started it was a lot longer than that.  So, it does get better. 
Yes and no. Went through this a couple of weeks ago.,

Hired for new account that didn't come on-line as projected.  Extended training/staging time that at least we got paid for, but half of what I make transcribing and then when we went live there was no little work for week we were lucky to get 4 reports a day.   Other accounts were low so couldn't give us a backup, but looks like most accounts are back to producing again and lots of OT now. 

My situation isn't quite the same, but the result was the same and I sympathize with you.   When you have bills to pay you need to be making the lines. 


Well, not long enough, really. Only a couple of weeks. nm
A couple of weeks ago some Keystrokes MT
were having issues with a system down and not being able to work.  I've searched the achives and I can't find the posts.  Can someone tell me if it was a Meditech account? 
A couple of weeks ago I worked

for Landmark for just a few hours.  On interview I was asked if I was familiar with a certain platform and said I was not.  I was asked if I was willing to learn. I was more than happy to do that.  After all, that gives you more employment possibilities in the future.

Got set up, and was basically just told to do the work.  I thought learning a platform meant there would be some training, at least a sheet of paper with some instructions.  I received zip even with asking.  I emailed the trainer 3 times which I guess was her limit because she only answered the first 2. I waited 24 hours for a reply.  With none, I quit. 

I earned a little over $40.  From what others are saying, I guess that is money I will never see. 


I have my first experience with EMR a couple of weeks ago. My
son had to see a specialist, first time seeing this doctor.  The doctor was so concerned with filling in the blanks that he paid no attention to my son.  My son, DH, and I are were very underwhelmed with the doctor and the visit.  Fortunately we have to see another specialist and don't have to see that doctor again, but the new specialist is part of the conglomeration and also uses EMR.  
I asked about these 2 companies a couple of weeks ago, just not
about rad, and I was told to go with Keystrokes.   Both companies seem to have 90+% positive comments, though I have seen more with rad about KS. 
They offered me a position a couple of weeks ago.

IC position and pay is low.   Can't remember any other details of their offer.  The first 2 were enough to know I wasn't interested. 

wow. I talked to one of their recruiters a couple of weeks ago, and she was awesome.
My experience was completely different from yours. Maybe we talked to different people.
You guys are scaring me as I start in a couple weeks :(
 Soon to be fellow Webbie
Read through old posts, discussed a few times the last couple of weeks. nt
I tested and did not pass and tested again 6 months later and passed. I think that more and more s
companies are testing MTs for various reasons.

You say that you work for them and keep posting. Why do you stay if you are so unhappy? I love my account and lead but it seems that you do not like being at KS at all.

Different strokes for different folks. Why continuously post compaints without doing anything about it?

Yes, they offer I think 4 weeks at full pay or 8 weeks at half pay. Call the office
and talk to them about it. You wont lose your job. They aren't like that.
System was down for a while. It is frustrating.
I know they are working on it. Overall, I like this system better than most.
Yeah, I'd say that would be frustrating.
Could you switch over to work on the Transcend side to work on those accounts?
Platform can be very frustrating sm
If you get stuck or have a question regarding any issue, dont hold your breath on them answering or helping.  To me, they are very shady people. 
I know it is frustrating and I sure don't enjoy it
either, but doesn't it make sense to give all applicants a difficult transcription test?  What better way for a real cream of the crop MT prove that she is skilled?  If the test is easy, the results will be the same, whether the MT is a newbie or highly experienced.  True?
So true and so frustrating
I have been running out of work with them also...frustrating! nm
it's frustrating to have 14 years and get $14 an hour..
i won't work for line rate ever again... and i work almost 4 jobs now to get six figures. pathetic pay these days. made more working hospital back in the day
It is frustrating for me to see ads when I do not have enough work. However, they are great sm

people to work with, and I have been happy for the most part.  They use Wordscript, which is a Word-based platform and very easy to use.  Pay periods end the 15th and the last of the month, paid by direct deposit.  There is no set pay day, but generally I am paid within a week to 10 days of the end of the pay period. 

Good luck with whatever you decide. 

I know, it's so frustrating. I would at least like a yes or no, just no response is maddening.
Ugg this is so frustrating! I am going to try to get more lines the first week
of the payperiod and maybe that will help. I have a child but he is away for the summer so I am able to sit and wait 24/7. I just have to juggle the bills this time around, either pay for the furniture or the rent, but not both. Will be lying low this week food-wise too, good thing I am alone and can cut back on going anywhere or buying anything. Perhaps the recession will end and the new accounts will help. Going elsewhere might end up being the same thing, so I am going to overlap TT with something else. Just thinking aloud here... thanks for your feedback. It is hard to talk to coworkers when you are home and don't know anyone in the area who does the same kind of work.

Accupro offers IC and they are a great company.
Try AccuPro
They are looking for MTs experienced in the Basic Four, as well as radiology. MPWord is the program that is used for transcription, which is similar to MSWord, but with more bells and whistles. If interested, email me: rlella@earthlink.net
Anyone ever work for Accupro out of Lenexa?  I used to but was wondering if she is still hiring ICs.
I worked for Accupro for about 6 years and really enjoyed working for her, but I needed insurance and needed steady work.
Is anyone familiar with this company?  They have 2 ads on Job Board.  I did a search but nothing came up.  Need pros and cons, please.  Thanks.
Can anyone tell me how to apply to Accupro?  I cannot find a web site.  Have heard good things about them but if anyone has anything to add, positive or negative, I'd appreciate it.  Thank you.

Current AccuPro transcriptionists, how do you like working for this company, pros and cons, please.  They have an ad on the job board for oncology and before I test with them, I would like to know what you think.


Accupro ad
You would think that the person placing the ad would at least PROOFREAD the ad!! I would tend to think that is less than professional to place an ad that has spelling errors. Anyway, what is an appicant? LOL
Is this company in Kansas?
Does anyone currently work for AccuPro?  I see they have a new ad here on MT Stars for a combination position of MT/VR for Hematology/Oncology. I would really like to hear from anyone who might specifically work on this account.  They state it is predominantly VR work with some transcription, so I would like to know if you like working for this company and if you can make a decent salary doing this combination. You hear so many bad things here about VR work and I have never done it before, so if anyone who currently works for AccuPro could tell me how you like the company, etc. before I apply, I would greatly appreciate any info.  I searched the archieves, but did not find anything recently posted.  Thanks so much!
AccuPro ???
How come no one ever answers any questions about this company?  I have seen their job ad(s) several times but no one ever answers.  I checked archives and found nothing current...only posts from 2006, 2007 and 2008.  Someone must know something about them!
Come on folks, I'm with Mel who also posted on AccuPro ~ does no one who reads this forum work for these people?  I posted a previous note asking about them and got nothing, just as Mel did!  Surely someone knows something about this company or works for them. There is nothing recent in the Archieves and AccuPro is currently running an ad for Hem/Onc, so I would like to know if you work for them do you like it, have enough work, is it clinic or hospital, etc.  Any info anyone has would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Nice to work for. Pay was always on time. Work was always available on hospital account I was on. Cannot comment on Hem/Onc.
Is Dictaphone better for VR? Escription can be frustrating with that at times.
My account is mostly VR and I have to work an awful lot to make a little.
I hear you. It's really frustrating to have almost the perfect job within your grasp. nm.
relevant. I take that as a sign the copmany is frustrating to say the least. NM
Anyone know anything about Cymed or Accupro? sm

I love the company I'm with, but after a month of fighting to get my lines, I decided it may be time to look around, at least get something part-time and maybe work into full-time if the company is decent, as in, has direct deposit, pays on time, pays a decent wage for my many years of experience, doesn't dock for blanks, has accounts that are not 90% ESLs, etc.


Any input would be appreciated.  Thanks! 

Any info on Accupro?

Another try for info on AccuPro

I posted a few days ago asking for current information regarding this company and no one answered my post, thought I would try 1 more time. Would like pros and cons.  I took their test today and got an e-mail that I passed, and they will call me tomorrow to discuss further.  I did search and found some posts but most are 1-2 years old.  Please reply if you have any knowledge of this company and what it is like to work for them.

If you would rather e-mail me, that's okay too!

Thank you for your time. 

AccuPro Services

Does anyone know anything about this company?  I don't think I have ever seen them mentioned on this site.  Pros and cons, please.  Also, do you know where they are located?  Thanks.

AccuPro Services
Looking for current information regarding this company.  Pros and cons please.  Thanks for your time.
The company I work for does it, to keep all accounts in TAT, can be frustrating but most of the time
am just happy to have work.  I am not sure, but I think I work for the same company as the previous poster, and I'm going to stick it out because it does seem to be getting better lately as I think the accounts are better covered now.  If I were you, I would ask what the deal is, who knows, they might give you a straight answer or change your accounts if they find out you are unhappy, you don't know until you give it a try.
Yeah, it reduced me to tears. Talk about frustrating
You had to open up so many screens just to get where you were going. Thus, you got nowhere FAST..
Nice people, agreed; very frustrating to work for, though.
I have to agree that the people are very nice. That's about as far as goes, however. The platform is clunky (We're working on a new one has been the constant refrain for years, with no real sign of it's birth anytime soon).

To answer the original question, I'm able to average about 250 lph, even with the craptacular platform (mostly due to a few docs with regular patter lending themselves to a lot of canned text); that said, I would likely be getting 350 lph or more with similar effort elsewhere.

Back on the negative side, however, the communication there sucks. Maybe 1 in 10 e-mails to management is acknowledged, let alone answered.

Very frustrating.
Ask Accupro. The owners of that company
I work for AccuPro.... love them!!
You won't be sorry there, I don't think. If you'd like to email me, I'd be glad to chat with you. Let me know if you want my email address.