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Anyone know anything about PMSI? sm

Posted By: lanesmom on 2006-05-09
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I am going to test with them and I want to know if anyone has anything good or bad to say about them.  TIA.

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Does anyone work here or have any information on this company? Thanks.
PMSI has held their head high and deservedly so.  Please don't judge this wonderful company based on one person's negativity.   
Thank you for your positive comments. I am the one they said the negative and untrue things about, however, I did not do the original post. I was just accused of doing so and terminated for supposedly doing so. I really wish whoever did that original post would own up to it and stop all the negativity. I want to just move on with life.
However, they attacked an innocent person. I DID NOT DO THE ORIGINAL POSTING, yet they attacked me. I was unhappy with some rude comments made to me by one of the owners and told her personally so she then assumed I was a total idiot and would publicly post garbage. She has every right to post her rebuttle, but to publicly say nasty and untrue things about me was improper.

You know, it's amazing that you would say you did not have doctors' addresses.  With the plethora of information we are given, it is rare indeed that one has to leave a blank for a doctor's address. 

Does anyone know anything about this co?  Thanks
Anyone know about PMSI??
What is the word on this company?
They only have IC status and the pay is 8 cpl. 
I have worked for PMSI as a radiology Transcriptionist for almost three years and I think they are great.  The owners are former transcriptionists who understand what we are going through.  They are very understanding about family emergencies, and they actually believe that their employees have lives outside of transcribing.  I  worked for a large national company and two small locally owned companies  before I came to PMSI, but PMSI is by far the best of the bunch.

Ugh! They are rude!

Looking for info on PMSI..

Cannot view the archives at present

PMSI anyone hear of them? SM
Just wondering if anyone knows how long they have been in existence - website does not say - anyone know what website you can go to for that information?  Thank you.
Have you heard from PMSI yet? sm
I haven't heard from them yet and I am starting to get a little antsy.  You can e-mail me if you want.  Thanks!

What kind of equipment (if any) does one need to take the PMSI test? It is a written test or transcription test?


To the person who just tested with PMSI, how did it go? nm
I tested for PMSI over the weekend, but SM

haven't heard anything yet.  The person who contacted me seemed really nice.  If the test is indicative of their work, I think I'd really enjoy it.

Has anyone else heard how well they did on the test?

Does anyone know if it is IC work or do they have employee status too?

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll get back to me.

Just Me

JustMe - Have you heard from PMSI yet? sm
I haven't heard from them and I'm starting to get antsy.  Let me know if you have heard from them, you can e-mail me if you want.  Thanks.
Have any of you heard back from PMSI? I'm also having a bit of a
Anybody work for PMSI? Would love to hear your experience.
What the big hoopla about PMSI. Are they really great to work for or something. What do they offer?
Good pay, benefits, platform, what??? It just seems A LOT of people are interested so I figured they must have something wonderful going on for them.