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Anyone with info on TransTech? I think they are former L&H people. Loved that co.

Posted By: Soon to be ex-MQer on 2005-10-10
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Does anyone know how things are there? 

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Transtech same 2 or 3 people complaining ??????
Keep thinking that, but I don't think it is just 2 or 3.
Any other TransTech people out of work this morning? sm
After the big hiring blitz, I am afraid that maybe my account is getting saturated.  I guess that is the way with all good things ... it doesn't last.
I'm probably 1 of 3 people to ever leave TransTech over a year ago.
Oh, Transtech wouldn't be able to bring all those people into the office

IF they weren't paying us MT's one-half or more for doing ASR work.  It's P:USH, PUSH, PUSH to do ASR. 

Why do you think they want so much ASR -- money in their pockets -- definitely not in the MT's pockets.

Transtech has great people but work has been low for 5 months...nm
MOST of TransTech's accounts are obtained through Dictaphone/Nuance -- not by any TT mgmt people

out seeking work for all the MT's that they have recently hired on.  That is not a good thing when Dictaphone has control of how much work TT gets, when we can have some work from them, etc.  They have other MTSO's who want work for their MT's, too, so Dictaphone/Nuance has to share with all MTSO's who have contracted with them to use their equipment; thus, doling out jobs as Dictaphone/Nuance sees fit for their good.

Anyone have info on TransTech?

DUH - I'm looking for info on TransTech
TransTech info
You can find 108 search results at this link:

TransTech info please
Would like all the info anyone can give me on TransTech.  Thanks.
Any info on TransTech?
I just was offered a full-time position with TransTech. They didn't even make me test because they said I have enough experience. From what they told me, it sounds like an excellent, honest company. Does anyone have any feeback on them? I am supposed to start in 2 weeks.
transtech info
Thank you so much. I am really excited about this job, just need to get over the new job worries.. Thanks again..
TransTech, any current info? sm
The information in the archives is pretty dated.  If anyone has any recent information such as ease of platform, pay, incentives, etc., I would appreciate it!  TIA 
Any info on TransTech Medical
Was made an offer and am thinking about it. Pros, cons?

Thanks in advance :)
Any recent info on TransTech?

I've been looking in the archives, but I can't seem to come up with much (specific) recent info, so I wonder if any current Transtech MTs might be willing to give me a little info.

Are they a good company to work for?  Nice people?  What type of platform they use?  Is it easy or hard to make your lines?  What is their approximate pay range (not specifically, just generally).  Do they have a decent (do-able) incentive program?  Are they strict with your schedule or are they willing to be a little flexible?  Is their benefit package really as good as it sounds?

Sorry for so many questions, but I'm trying to decide between another company and TransTech, so any information that you could give me to help me in my decision, positive or negative, would be most appreciated!  You can email me privately if you don't want to post.

info on transtech medical

good company?

You are NEW !! TransTech is HEAVY into VR. Where did you get your info from?

Every account is about 75%-80% VR -- unless it a new account which the voice machine has not been able to interpret the doctor yet.  You just wait . . . your turn is coming for VR.  They beg for more editors to be trained each and every week.

Any current TransTech MTs out there that can offer any info
regarding pay, platform, etc.  Any info appreciated.  Did archive search and only came up with 2 posts.  TIA!
Anyone with info on Transtech voice recognition job?
How is their platform to work with?  How accurate is it (how much editing is involved)?  Flexible scheduling?  Also, do they have decent insurance, and overall, are you happy there?  TIA!!
Does anyone know info about the accts that either Med-Tech or TransTech is currently
Do a search for transtech in the box above and there is plenty of info nm
Ohhhhh, sooooooo true -- Transtech tech people absolutely stink anymore since ____ left. He was the

greatest!  Hated to hear that he had left.  We got some real doozies for tech help now.  The MT ends up training them.  They are clueless as to what to do when we need help.  TRUTH!

They ALWAYS have a BAD attitude in their voice, too -- like we MT's are a bother to them -- thought that is what they get paid for.

Info on GIMT and TransTech oncology accounts

Anyone out there familiar with the oncology accounts for  GIMT or TransTech  are advertising for?  Would like to know if there is enough work, platform they use, general pay range.  How flexible are they on scheduling?


Any TransTech'ers have new info on new line-count
People post that info all the time.
Any recent info on TransTech Medical Solutions of Houston TX.....sm
I just received an offer to test, wonder if it is worth it; I have a few offers, but nothing I am truly convinced about....how is this company to work for, and do they accept PT folk, don't care if it is IC, SE, or regular employee......and I, too, need flexibility, as long as I get my lines in and always make turnaround time.  Long time ago, there were many, many companies that operated that way; now, it seems, everyone is very rigid -- so am I, but I have to make things work with family situation, I am not only caring for 3 kids, but also 89-year-old mom part-time.  Thanx all in advance!
Any info on People Support Rapid text? tia nm
Up to date info on Zylomed? People change and companies do to...(sm)
I need current information from MT's that do or have worked for Zylomed (Naples, FL) in the last year. If you've had a bad experience with them 2 or 3 years ago, don't bother writing. People change and companies do too! I need the real skinny on what's happening now. I would really appreciate hearing from current employees! Thanks so much!
There is NO work at Transtech. Maybe they just choose special people to send work to
I loved it loved it loved it - sm
when I was working at a hospital in St. Louis, they used Chartscript, and I was paid by $0.09/line - I would average 2200 in 7 hours!! I learned it in 10 minutes and was well on my way
oh how I loved YOG...
just thinking back on that company makes me feel a homesick kind of feeling.
: (
LOVED this job!!!!
I worked for this company about two years ago and LOVED the job.  I eventually had to quit though because of a family situation.  The owner is very nice and helpful.  There were a lot of times she was extremely stressed out because of everything she had to do each day, but I never found her to be rude or pushy.  If I am ever looking to get back into transcription, she will be the first person I go to for a job! 
LOVED the job!!!

I worked for this company a while back & loved the job.  I say to anyone out there reading the same rubbish I did, use your own judgement about a person/job and don't let bitter faceless people influence you otherwise - and THEY talked about being rude?!!!  If I wasn't forced to give up the vet op work (family reasons), I would never have left!  New clinics kept opening every year, and the owner always did her best to keep me informed and made my job as easy as possible!  Some people prefer to work for large transcription companies, but I prefer to work for smaller companies, where you are recognized as being an indvidual that is an IMPORTANT member of the team.


Yeh, right.  She was rude to you AND THEN offered you the job?  Come on!  It sounds more to me like you stunk on the easy test and are bitter about the results!

We truly loved MDI-MD

I think all the anger you're seeing from MDI'ers is because we really WERE led to believe that MDI was a very solid, responsible company that took great interest in their MTs.  And in fact, this has always been true.  I have NEVER had a complaint with MDI and have truly valued my job with them.  When I was hired, their ad said they were looking for people with 10 OR MORE YEARS OF EXPERIENCE!!!  I had never seen such a high-level expectation in an MT job ad before, which is why I applied.  And they maintained that level of competence throughout.

So this acquisition comes as a genuine shock to all of us, more of a shock perhaps because I think most of us have had a very good personal relationship with MDI.

It may be that this Transcend acquisition will NOT be quite as horrible as we all think, and I hope it isn't,  but either way, the fact remains that our relationship with MDI will change and eventually disappear, and we're quite sorry for that.  I loved this stinkin' company and respected it, and I'm sure my fellow MDIers did too.  But life is about change kids, so away we go.....................!!!!

I LOVED Medrite!
I was a lot more productive on it than on DQS. It was a lot more user friendly as well. DQS is set up for VR, not for the lowly MTs.
I loved working at TC (sm)
and every time someone from TC calls me to see whether they should jump ship, I always recommend they stay because you're not going to find much better anywhere else.  And I'll tell you the same thing I tell them - if I had a choice, I would have stayed with TC.  I was there for 3-1/2 years and loved almost every minute  of it.  Good pay, great accounts, etc.
I loved #4 and #8. Where do I sign up?

I loved that acct too....
Typical M-Q then one day it just vanished.
Me, too. I loved YOG, and the accounts I had. Oh well. nm
If you loved it, why'd you leave? nm

Loved your post too...
We should pick this up on the FL state board. Hope to talk to you there.
i LOVED alltype.
loved the manger, etc. only thing i hated was Chartscript.
It has been a while, but I loved working for them. sm
Although pay was on the low side by a bit, it was nice to have the same doctors every day. You could build macros, etc and speed through the work.
don't know how GSI is but i worked for EMS. loved it there. sm
email me if you want more info.
I would have LOVED to work for them.
I applied once and they were very interested, supposedly, but again I had to train for 2 days in North Jersey. I just cannot do that - I am way down at the other end of the state and just cannot do. I was really disappointed, though, as they seemed like my dream company - I have never taken more than 1/2 hour to learn and master any system, any platform. They never even offered me the option to train at home - oh well.  I was hoping my 25+ years experience might help, but it didn't. I wonder why they only occasionally offer training at home?
CC was the best! I LOVED working for her. sm
Just was never the same after she got promoted. She was the best supervisor I ever worked for. I don't work for OSi anymore, did twice over 7 years. Probably not again.
I loved working for them.
Pay was very nice and they left me alone to work. Sometimes they can be difficult to contact but overall a thumbs up.
Loved The Way You Replied!
I know this is days after your discussion but just saw your post. Laughed out loud at the way you replied to the previous comment about better rate. Guess it was just one of those moments that I needed a good laugh.

I absolutely loved working for Medware.  I had to quit due to personal reasons, but they said that they would hire me back whenever, and believe if whenever comes around, I will be back.  Wonderful people to work for.

I loved Futurenet.
still have contacts there, too.
Loved FN but never enough work. NM