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Loved your post too...

Posted By: Charla on 2006-05-09
In Reply to: Charla-too funny what you said about Cheney's..sm - responding to your post there......

We should pick this up on the FL state board. Hope to talk to you there.

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I absolutely loved your post! sm
I do have a husband that provides, but we are definitely a two-income family.  We are partners and wanted to keep our children home to enjoy these exact same things you speak of, sporting events, hot chocolate, a kiss on the cheek each morning and being able to bring the gym shorts to school that were forgotten in a flash.  I must say your post has moved me.  I often wondered what I would ever do if something happened to my husband (God forbid). I wondered if I could survive doing MT and still be at home and now I know, it can definitely be done.  I admire the fact that you have also taught your college-aged son the value of money and how we must work to have the necessities and work even harder to have the finer things in life.  I also do not believe in keeping up with the Joneses as the riches in our life come from our children and the wonderful times we have (sounds mushy I know), but nothing beats it.  I think what makes mothers great MTs is the thankless job it can be at times, but well worth it indeed.  I wouldn't trade it for anything.  My husband drives a 10-year-old pick-up and I do have a payment on my newer car.  We figure there's at least one that is reliable.  We have a modest home, take no elaborate vacations, and enjoy just doing things as a family!  Thanks again for your post.  You are truly blessed and so am I!!!   
I loved it loved it loved it - sm
when I was working at a hospital in St. Louis, they used Chartscript, and I was paid by $0.09/line - I would average 2200 in 7 hours!! I learned it in 10 minutes and was well on my way
oh how I loved YOG...
just thinking back on that company makes me feel a homesick kind of feeling.
: (
LOVED this job!!!!
I worked for this company about two years ago and LOVED the job.  I eventually had to quit though because of a family situation.  The owner is very nice and helpful.  There were a lot of times she was extremely stressed out because of everything she had to do each day, but I never found her to be rude or pushy.  If I am ever looking to get back into transcription, she will be the first person I go to for a job! 
LOVED the job!!!

I worked for this company a while back & loved the job.  I say to anyone out there reading the same rubbish I did, use your own judgement about a person/job and don't let bitter faceless people influence you otherwise - and THEY talked about being rude?!!!  If I wasn't forced to give up the vet op work (family reasons), I would never have left!  New clinics kept opening every year, and the owner always did her best to keep me informed and made my job as easy as possible!  Some people prefer to work for large transcription companies, but I prefer to work for smaller companies, where you are recognized as being an indvidual that is an IMPORTANT member of the team.


Yeh, right.  She was rude to you AND THEN offered you the job?  Come on!  It sounds more to me like you stunk on the easy test and are bitter about the results!

We truly loved MDI-MD

I think all the anger you're seeing from MDI'ers is because we really WERE led to believe that MDI was a very solid, responsible company that took great interest in their MTs.  And in fact, this has always been true.  I have NEVER had a complaint with MDI and have truly valued my job with them.  When I was hired, their ad said they were looking for people with 10 OR MORE YEARS OF EXPERIENCE!!!  I had never seen such a high-level expectation in an MT job ad before, which is why I applied.  And they maintained that level of competence throughout.

So this acquisition comes as a genuine shock to all of us, more of a shock perhaps because I think most of us have had a very good personal relationship with MDI.

It may be that this Transcend acquisition will NOT be quite as horrible as we all think, and I hope it isn't,  but either way, the fact remains that our relationship with MDI will change and eventually disappear, and we're quite sorry for that.  I loved this stinkin' company and respected it, and I'm sure my fellow MDIers did too.  But life is about change kids, so away we go.....................!!!!

I LOVED Medrite!
I was a lot more productive on it than on DQS. It was a lot more user friendly as well. DQS is set up for VR, not for the lowly MTs.
I loved working at TC (sm)
and every time someone from TC calls me to see whether they should jump ship, I always recommend they stay because you're not going to find much better anywhere else.  And I'll tell you the same thing I tell them - if I had a choice, I would have stayed with TC.  I was there for 3-1/2 years and loved almost every minute  of it.  Good pay, great accounts, etc.
I loved #4 and #8. Where do I sign up?

I loved that acct too....
Typical M-Q then one day it just vanished.
Me, too. I loved YOG, and the accounts I had. Oh well. nm
If you loved it, why'd you leave? nm

i LOVED alltype.
loved the manger, etc. only thing i hated was Chartscript.
It has been a while, but I loved working for them. sm
Although pay was on the low side by a bit, it was nice to have the same doctors every day. You could build macros, etc and speed through the work.
don't know how GSI is but i worked for EMS. loved it there. sm
email me if you want more info.
I would have LOVED to work for them.
I applied once and they were very interested, supposedly, but again I had to train for 2 days in North Jersey. I just cannot do that - I am way down at the other end of the state and just cannot do. I was really disappointed, though, as they seemed like my dream company - I have never taken more than 1/2 hour to learn and master any system, any platform. They never even offered me the option to train at home - oh well.  I was hoping my 25+ years experience might help, but it didn't. I wonder why they only occasionally offer training at home?
CC was the best! I LOVED working for her. sm
Just was never the same after she got promoted. She was the best supervisor I ever worked for. I don't work for OSi anymore, did twice over 7 years. Probably not again.
I loved working for them.
Pay was very nice and they left me alone to work. Sometimes they can be difficult to contact but overall a thumbs up.
Loved The Way You Replied!
I know this is days after your discussion but just saw your post. Laughed out loud at the way you replied to the previous comment about better rate. Guess it was just one of those moments that I needed a good laugh.

I absolutely loved working for Medware.  I had to quit due to personal reasons, but they said that they would hire me back whenever, and believe if whenever comes around, I will be back.  Wonderful people to work for.

I loved Futurenet.
still have contacts there, too.
Loved FN but never enough work. NM
I always LOVED the IBM Selectric...sm
Didn't you just love the feel of the keys and the sound of tap-tap-tap! I loved having different fonts balls to use for different projects.

The 80s were the days, for sure! Back when word processors were paid for their skills!
I truly loved Axolotl and (sm)

kick myself everyday for not keeping up w/ my line counts.  I was let go last May because of the low productivity, but for over 3 years my acuracy rate was very acceptable.  I was good at what I do, just not good at producing it fast enough.  The platform is very MT friendly and pleasing to the eye and the IT staff is extremely knowledgable about Lotus Notes.  The editors and mentors are always ready to answer a question (no matter how stupid you may think it is), and they are quick to remedy any situation. 

I was unemployed for 7 months following Axolotl and recently started with an established company.  I'm sure I will like this company as well; I'm pretty easy to get along w/ and quick to learn; but I'd love to be able to say I am an Axolotl employee again (I'm still too embarrassed to show my face there).

If you are looking for one of the better companies to work for, Axolotl is your best bet. But, just like all companies, numbers are the bottom line:  You pride yourself on producing 'acurate transcription', but if you can't produce 'fast and acurate transcription', move on.

Me too....loved YOG and being a pet....purrrrrr!! nm
I LOVED hearing this!

And I love the idea of people being made to pay for their own foolishness and cheapness!  Serves him right! 

But, what makes VR seem like a good idea is that when it does not need to be on constant life support and works just a LITTLE better, an employer still gets our expertise as editors for a fraction of what we used to be paid as MTs.  And many of us believe the propaganda put out by our MTSO that, sure we'll take a 50% or more cut in pay, but be able to do 3 times as many lines, so the switch will be a GOOD thing and bring us more money.  They have to try to sell us on the win/win scenario because otherwise nobody would give it a chance. 

Ha, ha - loved that "ew"- tee-hee
C-phones have icky sound quality too.
Loved your assessment (sm)
I think some of these companies who outsource to India do get complacent about what rules they need to follow, since it's pretty much anything goes in India, as long as you serve them dinner on their shift.  Spheris bought out HealthScribe and I can assure you that HS sent a significant portion of their work to India. They had a lot of accounts done over there including OHSU, Oregon Health Sciences University.  When OHSU started getting suspicious about the quality of the work (it looks like it was done by someone who doesn't understand the English language), they flew the CEO of HS out to Portland to promise with his hand over his heart that their work was absolutely, positively not going to India....but it was....and probably still is.
I too have loved MDI for years now but something has definitely changed..sm
I have always had plenty of work and suddenly little to none. Very frustrating especially when emails trying to get answers or resolve the problem result in nothing. Up until now I have had no complaints but I can't live on what I am able to barely make now.
loved your last line - givingthemwhattheypayfor..nm

Loved it! So, so funny because it is true!
Just trying to make you feel a little more loved. LOL
LOL! Loved those Blues Brothers! :) nm
Me too! I loved that job, but did not stay through the second week.
My quality even brand new was over 99%, and my line count was up there. My family needed me to have this job, but after being chewed out twice via e mail regarding scheduling which was unclear in the interview and could have been handled easily and with finesse, instead caused me to leave because I did not want to work for someone like that. I wish the communication had been better, because it was silly for the company and me to lose the relationship because of bad communication and grumpiness. My loss is your gain, though. For those of you there or going there, lucky you. And now you have no worries because if the problem is taken care of smooth sailing. BTW: I am the MT who wrote a few months ago that Axolot was the bright star in a dim transcription world or something like that. I'd always praise the company and the position, but was extremely sad to have had to leave due to a personality conflict...Good luck to all on this job, it is worth waiting for, and keeping!
I think we all loved Carole. We were lucky to have her....nm
Yes, it seems to be rather slow. The trainer said she loved it, though, sm

so I will hang there awhile longer.  Perhaps I just do not know all of the tricks.  I was told to wait 3 months before asking for any changes, so I don't want to rock the boat right off the bat.  So far, everyone has been really great to me.

Thanks for your input -- glad to know I'm not the only one who is not fond of the platform.

I loved the news conference!
Although I did not vote for President Obama (we're conservatives) I have to give him great marks for the way he handled this! Good for him! If I had access to him, I would thank him!
I have been to Alaska and loved to visit but
would not even consider living there. Saw cars with what looked like battery cables coming out from under the hood and asked why- you have to heat the motors up in some parts in order to have the oil flow through the engine or would be unable to drive. Tires freeze up on the roads. If a big moose gets hit on the roads, they hack it up and give the meat to folks on welfare, lots of that there and alcoholism. Heck, I was there in August and weather here was in the 90s. The day before I left had to get another outer garment, it was in the 30s, August! You have to be made of real sturdy material to live there. Lots hunt and kill their own food/clothing. I am used to running to Publix or Walmart if I need anything. The place is beautiful and would visit again, but only visit.
I loved that show (my age shows, too!)
Actually, I see the (self-proclaimed, of course) 'upper crust' more as the MAN on the Green Acres show. In the beginning, he's the one who APPEARED smarter, and who decided to get himself farm. (Not unlike some CEOs who decided to 'buy themselves an MT company...). His boa-wearing wife appeared to be the most unlikely candidate for success on the farm. But in the end, she was happy and successful because she was FLEXIBLE and learned the ways of that offbeat community and funky house (remember how careful she had to be when plugging in household appliances? Some were a '2', some were a '3', etc., and too big a number blew the electrical fuse. The hubby just never caught on.) The husband was never able to cut it, or truly be happy, because he was too RIGID. He expected things to work the way they did in New York, even though this was Hooterville, with its own unique sets of problems and ways of doing things. He was always annoyed and ranting, and his wife happily went about living with their pet pig and the other animals, the quirky house and the quirky town, because she ADAPTED, and she could COMMUNICATE without yelling at people.

I think the top brass at all MTSO companies should rent all the old Green Acres shows they can, and show them at their big fancy meetings. They could learn a lot from Hooterville's favorite, foofy, boa-wearing farmer.
also ex-Signal employee and loved it there

Thank you for reminding me that once upon a time, there were reputable companies willing to pay a decent living wage.  I made 7 cents a line in 1995 and by 1997, I was making 9 cents a line, having been given raises without asking for them.  

Oh, and, by the way, they used a 55-character line back then, left you alone to do your work, and work was plentiful.  Remember requests to *hop on and help out*? 

Thems were the good old days before Transcriptions, Ltd., and then finally Medquist took over.   

It was a real pleasure to work for Signal.  Didn't know how good I had it.



Anyone with info on TransTech? I think they are former L&H people. Loved that co.
Does anyone know how things are there? 
I loved AllType. My manager was the best and the platform,
while being older on the account I was on, was still excellent.

I loved it and I'd love to go back!
I loved Bayscribe ... also love ExText ... sm

really haven't found any platform I truly hate.  Nowadays, you just have to be adaptable.  I used Wordperfect (DOS) back when it was 3-something, and I knew it like the back of my hand.  But everything changes ... so now I know Word and various derivations ... Iscriptor, Extext, Webnedx's platform (a bit cumbersome but still doable), the old YOG Cottage program ... you name it.   I no longer work there (I wanted to be an employee and have benefits and such), but I think anyone who walks away from MDI-MD because they hear negative things about Bayscribe is doing themselves a huge disservice.  I made 11 cpl when I left, had decent accounts, and great liaisons.  To stick your heels in the sand and say Bayscribe stinks just seems foolish to me ... but that's just my opinion.  Opinions ... and ... uh .. other things .. we all have them (smile).

Of course, I also have to admit, still going back to my WP51/PRD days ..... I LOVED PRD, and have adapted to similar Expanders such as ShortHand and autocorrect in Word and such ...... but I watch people on this board exclaim about how wonderful Instant Text is, and I want to puke (ha).   I worked for Healthscribe for about a month (it's not even here anymore, and they were the kingpin of offshoring, I later discovered) ..... I hated that stupid popup box and such with IT.  I want to just use my own little abbreviations I can memorize and hit the space bar.  But that's just me.  And if I found a great company who insisted I use IT .... I'd learn to like it, or at least tolerate it.

Uhoh ... this started out as just a defense of Bayscribe (honestly, the line counts on it are great ... I did a minimum of 300 lph, and if I really focused and had some good dictators, it could be more like 350, and I only have about 1000 abbreviations) ... and somehow I got sidetracked.  Sorry ..... sign of an old lady up too late at night with no brain left (ha).  

Bottom line ...... I have been an MT for a long time.  If I can ever help anyone with anything, I'd be happy to try.  Feel free to email me anytime. 

Yes, I would have loved the job with Axolotl. I was very disappointed that I did not pass it.
I am never one to make excuses, but I honestly feel that the sound quality on my end must not have been very good as I did not hear some of the things that were in the report. I did feel it was easy also.  So, it's definitely my fault for whatever went wrong.
I left after 14+ years. I loved MQ and my PS until July 1. sm
I left for another company. I started with the new company and also with Instant Text on the same day....threw myself into the fire! I so struggled the first 2 weeks and even questioned both on here. I decided to stick it out, and I have to tell you that I definitely am getting settled and love it. When you see dictator names and report types come up that you actually RECOGNIZE, the feeling is amazing. Even tho I felt that i was struggling, I made a bonus for my first full pay period. The grass..IS GREENER! Good luck
LOL ... I loved switching those little font balls too. sm

I was in Heaven when we got the correcting Selectric -- no more white out, which of course is a major faux pas nowadays.  I still have my old IBM Wheelwriter in the closet -- first typewriter with memory that I used and could store reports.  I thought I had reached the technological edge then.  (smile)

Thanks for making me smile.  Although I love my PC, it is kind of fun sometimes to look back and see how far we have come.

I LOVED this response. Finally someone had the guts to say
what a few posters have tried to say kindly and the trolls kept up.
THANK YOU times a thousand from those of us who are not able to put it so well.
I SO agree. Loved the little tribute toward the end of the game :-) NM
Left Zylo in November. Loved it at first, but
not enough work to maintain 800 lines/day to qualify for employee status. 1000 lines one day, 150 the next. Gave me phone notes which took 2 minutes to download, 8 seconds to type, 1 minutes to upload, and got 2 lines of dictation. 20 reports in 1 hour equalled $3.60. No one else would do them. Kept asking for more work so they switched me around several accounts, then had to learn new account, new supervisor and still not enough work. Finally left. I made $6000 with them as an independent contractor and now have to pay taxes on all of that.
I absolutely positively loved working for them
I also hate Cigna insurance but the tradeoff was no time clock, no one breathing down your neck while you work and a very nice starting offer. Too bad the three stooges run the payroll department.

Loved your answer -- limited vocabulary

Never really thought about it, but you are right.  They do have a limited vocabulary.  That's probably why their reports sound so funny, because they don't know the correct term to use and just use the closet term they can remember. 

Your post cracked me up.  Thanks again gourdpainter!