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Anything Global or International prolly involves India or Philippines. nm

Posted By: wanderer on 2005-09-29
In Reply to: AccuTran Global - Sammers


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  • AccuTran Global - Sammers
    • Anything Global or International prolly involves India or Philippines. nm - wanderer

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Philippines *and* India. nm
I found a lot of replies from India and Philippines
it seemed as if her post came FROM the Philippines as it said she was a member on the republic of philippines website.....
I would suspect that with the name Global in the title, its probably India...dunno though.
LOL, I have to laugh, as I just lost my acct to Spheris Global (India). nm
I hated it there, they sent good accts to India (spheris global). nm
Prolly wasting your breath, she's not even
A rising tide lifts all boats equally. (The reverse is also true.)
That's because they don't think it involves them.
Wait til it DOES. Then ask 'em again.
If it involves Earthlink I'd think twice.

I have Earthlink and tried to use their TruVoice service, though Vonage wasn't involved to my knowledge.  I never could get their equipment to work, spent hours on the phone with India.  Couldn't get calls from U.S. tech.  I was so frustrated I just told them to send me a label to mail the equipment back.  Sent it back within a week of initiating service.  Three weeks later they billed me for equipment and I have yet to get a refund despite them saying they would.

Overall I have no problem with Earthlink as an ISP provider, but all customer service/tech support is in India and extremely frustrating to deal with. 


For sure that's done out here! Especially if testing involves 6,7, or 8 files.
Depends if it involves selling, bothering - sm
all your friends, family, friends of friends, etc. then NO. It is is something that is done at home or in an office w/o cold calls, etc., again no selling, then yes. My neighbor got sucked into a demo of that cookware that is so great but super expensive, something in the base, forget the name, needless to say she did not get into it, it was crazy what they expected you to do and foot the bill for as well. -- Personally I hate selling and obviously do not have an apptitude or attitude for it.
If your "effort" involves putting people down
because they have to continue to work a job to support and feed their family, even though the company has questionable ethics, then, yeah, go ahead and stop your efforts!  That doesn't help anyone!
Global Transcription IS a nice small service, has a good rep. Superior Global has Indian conn-
Philippines (2 Ps, 1 L)

Global Transcription Services is not Superior Global.
KornFerry International
So many companies, especially the larger ones, have multinational ties these days that we had better get used to this sort of thing.  If the larger company they represent has its major shareholders in Belgium then their head hunting begins to make sense for that particular and probably other companies.  Their website mentions management level but that is all negotiable don't you think?? 
Scryptions International
Anyone ever hear of this company ? If so, any info would be helpful.
sorry...truncated..I meant, he's in the Philippines
The worst offender for Philippines is SPI-BPO. sm
i think they added the BPO to their name so people wouldnt realize it was them, lol.

They have work done in Philippines and in India and the quality of the work just sucks so bad.

Steer clear of them, for sure.

Oh, that is unless you are a liaer and a thief. They like to have employees who screw them. One chick worked (yeah right - i should say BILLED) for 23 hours a day - she made $7000 the first month she was there and those idiots let her.

She is STILL there too. sigh
All the good work goes to the Philippines.
The American MTs get the left overs. Check their web site.
Scoping Careers International

Is anyone familiar with a company called Scoping Careers International?  I came across this on mtjobs.com and it says you will edit legal documents?  Wondering if it is legit???

Scryptions International (never heard of it)
International Jobs/Contracting
Are there any companies in the U.S. or Canada that use MT's from outside North America? I'm Canadian but live part time in Costa Rica. I have an office with wired high speed internet and a land phone line so there should be no problems with communication.
International Labor Partner

ILP = International Labor Poachers
I found a lot of replies from Indian and Philippines
it seemed as if her post came FROM the Philippines as it said she was a member on the republic of philippines website.....
They send our American work to the Philippines,
Philippines you would not be allowed to work.  Americans cannot get jobs in the Philippines because they are saving them all for the Filipinos - don't know if we'd want them anyway but that is beside the point.  Doesn't seem fair, does it, that they can take our work away from us and we get nothing in return.
Wavescribe International, Corp. - anyone ever work for them - sm

Anyone know anything about this place?



Does anyone have any info on Scryptions International in Nevada? SM
Archived but have found nothing.  Thank you!!!
oops - typing police where are you. I meant Philippines
Work for MQ and would rather share with you all than our ILP (international labor partners). sm
Actually I bet after seeing this on here a lot of MQers will be trying to get on at DSG. We both use Docuscribe and that is certainly a plus IMO.
Anybody ever heard of Trendprior International Clothing E-trading? They sent me an e-mail saying
they had reviewed my resume. I would bet it is a scam.

Check the wording of a US-based, international job ad I received this morning. Shows how little
.... A city based health care unit ready to employ Housewives as medical Transcriptionist . Your job is free and convenient. Company will provide training to build necessary skill .Come,appreciate & applaud.It allows the flexibility to manage your families.Your own P.C and internet connection with valid e-mail address will open flood gates of income opportunity.... Yeah, right...HA!
India, Michael. The MT world is going to India. Wonder why? nm
SPI is a company out of the Philippines with an office in Nashville. Formerly Med-Type in Nashville
offshore to India, it's OFFSHORE (off shore), not outsource to India.
If the transcribed files go to India, are sent out from India to be transcribed, sm

then the transcribed work is sent BACK to India to be pasted into the GEMS platform and then sent back to the clients in America, how on earth can the company claim to be US-based because its Indian owner has a home in Kentucky?


I worked for them for a little while several years back. They might have disorganization issues, but they are a local Texas company and to my knowledge do not outsource. The people who own it are super nice, honest people.
This is not the Global that you are talking about - this is a very small company in my area. They hire locally. I appreciated getting the experience, I dislike this man coming to me when he needs help on an in-house position, when he has work that could be done at home.
I always ran out of work and pay was low .... and now everything is VR or going to be VR but nice people. 
Which Global? sm
Global InfoSystems or the other Global?  If it is Global InfoSystems, they hardly have work, they are liars, and they will lie in your face every chance they get.  So you may want to consider that if that is the one you are referring to.
Superior Global
You know - I left there 2 weeks ago.  I know from a past experience - this company holds checks.  You are one of the lucky ones who if you get your check on-time if they do not bounce.  Does anyone know if contractors have any rights?  Are they allowed to hold money even if the equipment has been returned? 
Superior Global
I have been very happy with this company. The checks arrive on time and they leave me alone and let me do what I do best.
Superior Global

Just wondering if anyone knows anything good or bad about Superior Global - thanks

Superior Global

This company is a waste.  First of all - they bounce checks to most of their employees.  They say they do not outsource - but they do.  The owners run and hide at payroll time -- constantly have their phones shut off, and the insurance is constantly canceled as they do not pay the premiums.  Not to mention, they still owe the overseas group greater than 20,000. 


AccuTran Global
Does anyone know anything about this company???
Superior Global
I just heard the same story today. They don't pay!

I have never been in a situation where I broke my back typing for 15 days and had to beg for my money. I couldn't think of anything worse, except of course illness.
Superior Global
I completely agree, worked for them. Pay was not on time, typical excuses. I left there in a hurry. There are other jobs where they do pay on time believe me please.
Superior Global
Somebody asked about Superior Global a few weeks ago............the same things were said about not paying on time. This is not just a rumor. This is true...........Please listen or you will be out on the street waiting to get paid by this company............Unless they have changed.
Superior Global
I know that the small company that I was previously employed with lost all of their HCA accounts to Superior Global and most everyone that had worked with me went to work for them. I chose not to, as I was tired of radiology work. From what I hear, these people are happy. They are working on accounts that they have worked on in the past and have plenty of work. I don't know for a fact that they outsource, I just know that my friends are not hurting for work and like the change to Superior from the company we had worked for previously. They also had no compete contracts, but have not been legally pursued by the other company - probably because they lost all their accounts and can't afford to sue anyone now.
Global Transcription
So I'm confused - was the guy from Global or do you like Global?