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oops - typing police where are you. I meant Philippines

Posted By: txmt on 2005-10-30
In Reply to: When people refer to offshoring, don't they mean the Phillippines as well as India? - txmt


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Oops. Meant to say grammar police.
Doesn't anyone ever know how to spell anymore? LOLOL. Sorry just had to get your gote. um er goat.
Oops. I meant "hear of" Sorry grammar police!
sorry...truncated..I meant, he's in the Philippines
oops half of them (my own grammar police)
Excuse me for typing "have went". I was in a hurry and did not know grammar police would be p
oops, that's what I meant..

oops, meant ....know if......
oops, meant ANY $$$.
oops, meant this, not the...nm
. . . oops, meant to say
I feel that their hiring practices are dishonest.
Sorry meant TTD, not TTS...oops...
TTD is hiring for Superior, not TTS, so sorry!  Too many TTs out there. 
Oops, meant CLEARLY. nm
oops - meant she had the right company
Oops, sorry...I meant job board. nm

Oops meant successor
Oops, meant latest nm
Oops - I meant 'TOEnails!
Oops, I meant WITHOUT an "official" lay-off NM
Oops - I meant AAmT
AAmT in Nashville, TN

Does anybody know what is up with this company?
Oops, meant RAD acct.
Oops... I meant years NM
Oops typo! meant "in there"
oops i meant "more than you'll get "
Oops....I meant Allegiant Transcription
Good or bad company to work for?
OOPS - meant NOYB or MYOB (sm)

oops meant any company use this program
Oops. I meant I have been MT for 6-7 years, been with Worda
oops.. I meant that we CANT seem to have steady work EVER. nm

Oops! I meant favorite "specialty"
I think I need to hit the hay. Looking at this board is putting me to sleep!!!!!
oops sorry for the typo - meant "companies" . nm
oops...meant "My experience"
Oops. meant their time. (did I say professional?) nm
Oops . . . I meant apron both times. nm
oops, meant 10+ years--it's been a long day!! nm
Oops...meant to say "not acceptable"
oops - meant Keystrokes. Fat fingers today. nm

oops.... meant Transcription (slip of the finger!) nm

Oops - I meant ANThive, not 'anti-hive'!
Oops, meant to post under credit check

That really irks me that a company thinks they can run someone's credit without authorization - business like them need to pay through the pocketbook - maybe they will learn a lesson.

I don't mind undergoing credit check if I'm told in advance and I authorize it - but I would DEFINITELY go after a company for the maximum penalties allowed  if it ran one without my consent.

From above post. Oops, meant my MTSO support
Oops! Meant to say above 'evenings and weekends,' although it happens on holidays too.
Sorry.  Just worn out right now.
Oops,meant making "more" (brain lapse)
Oops. Meant I've only had it be SLOW at Christmas and July 4
meant arrogant and including. Typing too fast! Gotta get to work! :)
oops!! I meant "a" bitter not "an" wouldnt want the MTSO to NOT hire me LOL

Oops, no expander problem, just spastic fingers, meant to say care. nm

Philippines (2 Ps, 1 L)

Philippines *and* India. nm
The worst offender for Philippines is SPI-BPO. sm
i think they added the BPO to their name so people wouldnt realize it was them, lol.

They have work done in Philippines and in India and the quality of the work just sucks so bad.

Steer clear of them, for sure.

Oh, that is unless you are a liaer and a thief. They like to have employees who screw them. One chick worked (yeah right - i should say BILLED) for 23 hours a day - she made $7000 the first month she was there and those idiots let her.

She is STILL there too. sigh