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Apologies - my quote marks were deleted!?...nm

Posted By: TechSupport on 2009-03-01
In Reply to: One Supervisor's Perspective - TechSupport


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Sorry my quote marks disappeared. (??!!)
My quote marks on "nack" didn't show up.
I know it's knack, but the OP used nack.
Yeah, this site doesn't accept quote marks. You have to
use an apostrophe around your phrase instead, or at least that's what I do.
If you mean quotation marks...

there's something about the programming for this board that makes them disappear inside a post (and in the Name box too, IIRC?). 

There's a way around that, though ... just use 2 apostrophes in a row for each one, like ''this.''  ;)

First Paragraph Should be in Quotation Marks
I think someone marks her calendar to be sure to routinely make these
The quotation marks don't stay when the post goes through. nm
I didn't realize that they wouldn't.
My quotation marks didn't make it on.
quotation marks don't work inside messages here
But you can fudge that by using apostrophes instead, 4 total, 2 in front of word and 2 behind the word. Like this: ''apostrophes''
My apologies...
First of all, I did not mean to upset you or anyone else.

I do not think MQ will go under. I think they will survive. I only wish they would do something about the morale issue and not just turn a blind eye. I have been through three sell outs with this company, so no I don't think they will go under. However, again, I do think that they should make a huge attempt in increasing the morale, we are what keeps the doors open. I think if morale were higher, then the negativity would go down.

I never knew this board existed until about a week ago. Since finding it, I have read everything in the archives and that has been posted since. I am in tears on a daily basis. We all know change is going to happen as it does with any company, that is a given. I know that since the change that the supervisors in my office (that just closed) are totally different. I do not feel that I can trust them. They were always so caring and treated me good, and now since the change, frankly I think the could care less about me or anyone else. That kind of change scares me. Again, I am sorry and I am just as scared as you are. I do think all will work out though. Can we call a truce here? I am not trying to be your enemy, after all - we are on the same team.
My apologies
for sounding less than respectful. I admit to not knowing the anonymous names (such as mine is) but assuming that such kvetching was coming from someone who'd not been doing this a hundred years. Changes are hard. I've been through many of them in 30 years. But if we fight them, we end up sitting outside looking in, or at our jobs going places we don't want them to go. Where people would love PTO, fair pay, and reasonable expectations.

DQS becomes more user friendly with time. I have old, tired hands, as well and prefer transcribing slower, even if it means I have to do it a little longer to bring home the bacon.

Group hug was a great idea.
My apologies
I understand that I may have been a pain in the butt - but business is business. I have left D&L so feel free to go back to work or continue if you enjoyed / enjoy it. I won't be bothering you anymore. I left D&L, I was not fired or let go, and my concerns are valid to me - does not matter to anyone else. so any problems they may have should be reevaluated by those applying. I do not see them going downhill - I have not heard anything negative, and personally - the people who work there the worker bees - are a great group of people that I would keep on my friends list. And they do have plenty of work, the pay is compatible. My personal feelings and opinions have nothing to do with the co-workers or the IC trans - or the work they offer. So again, I guess when I left I did them a favor and took the problems with me - or not. So now you all can get back to getting the scoop on the employer and not the employees.
My apologies

I misread your message and I am sorry. Looks like I will have to eat my words.

I guess I have just been a llitle upset about this but you did raise a valid point. Maybe I should be a little more careful.



my apologies. nm
My apologies
I just went back to my email and discovered that somebody who works at MTs emailed me privately, although I still don't recall seeing anything posted publicly in answer to my questions.

Since I'm starting to get the idea based on that, that maybe they're not supposed to talk...????, I will therefore be general and vague.

The person's review of MTS to me was actually very positive. The owner of the company was a Transcriptionist herself, and the second-in-command also worked as a transcriptionist. That in itself goes a really long way toward giving the company big-time CREDIBILITY because it means it's not being run by suits who don't really understand the business.

Apparently they pay by the dictated minute, and apparently it works out to a reasonably fair arrangement. I do have questions about how that works out when you get a really fast-talker, but I suppose the fast-talkers are evened out by the slow-talkers. I hope anyway...

I personally never heard back from them, though my batting average would have been 1.000 without them - I got offers or serious (but too late) callbacks from everywhere else I applied.
My apologies -sm

Your post sounded like something mgmt. would say, which you're obviously not, judging from you 2nd post.  Having said that, I'm in your ballpark.  They do get annoying after a while, bragging about their bonuses which were offered at 1-1/2 lines for everybody before the hiring blitz in the spring, now it seems only a few, chosen ones are getting bonuses.

Deepest apologies

I do know who you are because I've talked to you on the telephone.  It has absolutely nothing to do with this board. 

And yes, they do love people like you.  People who do not mind getting a 25% reduction in their pay for headers and footers.

Enough said about Breitner, they are a waste of time - PERIOD!

As I stated in the msg above, I did not know you could use your own. My apologies. nm
My apologies, thought you were a US MT
My apologies...Geez
I hope it didn't appear as if I were biting your head off because I'd never do that to a fellow MT when we're in the same boat. I'm just exasperated and frustrated (and going broke now, lol!).

In all honesty, I was very offended by this morning's email when I know several of us have been emailing inquiring about where the work has gone, is there work available on another account, etc., only to have our cries for help fall on deaf ears.

I can't help but wonder if these new accounts are going to be VR accounts, which is why they're hiring a whole new crew since the last account they went to VR was met with such resistance by so many MTs.

Either that or perhaps the above poster is correct and they'd like to drive out the longer-term, higher-salaried MTs...But I don't want to believe that.

Anyway, my apologies if my response to your other post seemed abrupt. I just don't want anyone at MDI thinking if their work disappears that it's as simple as requesting a backup account, when the past month or so have made it painfully clear to those of us who have tried to get more work that it's not the case.

Good luck to ALL of us, not only at MDI but every other MT who is having their work disappear.
My apologies on moving the post (SM)
I moved this post originally to the Medquist board, by mistake.

This is not Medquist but a totally different company.

My apologies! Not line ... MINUTE!
We paid $3.50 per dictated minute for JLG to do the work. We paid our ICs $1.50 per dictated minute for a 2500+ minutes/month contract.


My apologies. I just assumed, which is horrible. sm
Do not base communication on your lead. If you are not happy, call Becky at the office. There have been changes and they are listening to suggestions, which is good. My lead is NOT the best but I have an easy account. I always call the office or email BB if I need something. The response is immediate. I bet you are on an account with my lead (HIM). Email if you want as I love to network with other strokers.
SS owes everyong on this board her deepsest apologies!her
Your downright lies and underhanded business practices make you no nothing more than a con man. You have so many intricate schemes going that even you can't even keep them straight. Yes, you reap what you sew, and I agree with the other poster that stated that you have reaped havoc that you and you alone created! Welcome to your own personal hell, SS, may you suffer until you reflect upon what you have done and repent for your sins! You are the most pathetic human being I have ever met! That goes for Leo, too, or whatever his real.
Actually it was...here's the quote
guidelines. There is a link on the top of each page that tells you what you need to know and one of them is not to post account information. No one is attacking you. It is just common sense that you don't go around posting account information.

Actually, I did and take a look at your quote:
And for your information, nurses are making MORE not LESS. Let's get real here.

To me, that justified my out-of-proportion post.
Again, and I quote...
none of that really matters to me. My thing is as long as the work is there and my paychecks are on time, I have NOTHING to worry about.
I think it is 30% but don't quote me on that. nm
I quote you......(sm)
As an aside, can you think of any better way for a terrorist organization to infiltrate?

THAT is a MIGHTY POWERFUL and very scary possibility.
WOW, if there was a doubt left in anybody's mind, that should dispel it. YOU ARE A STALKER. Your disdain for GP is quite obvious. We get it, are bored with it. I don't have the time to go look up the rest of her quote, but I would bet there is more that you left out.
it says and i quote from the packet
in front of me" if you experience unscheduled downtime you will be paid at the hourly downtime rate". for more info go toQnet. Why would I make it up?? But what does "unscheduled" mean??? I know now that my CSC archives on a certain day and I can't transmit for an hour. Maybe they will have scheduled downtime that we have to work around?? Don't know and too tired to look at Qnet todayso don't ask me.
see message and quote
_Are we supposed to shut off our phone because our CS reps are Indian?? _

Absolutely. Let them email you. Don't interrupt your productivity to struggle with yet another ESL telling you what to do.

I've been suffering the last few days from Indians calling me to ask if I take credit cards because I recently switched my home phone to a business line to get unlimited business LD. I instantly turn on my learned Russian accent and they have no clue what to do.

In my humble American opinion, make them responsible. Emails are less intrusive, take less time and are less offensive to the auricular sense, and force the originator to be held accountable for the fluency and clarity of their thought processes.
They'll get you a quote.
It's $20-something for me and $70-something for me and my two kids a week. The LPD depends on what system you are working on. 11,000 per week for eScription and 5600 for the straight typing accounts I believe.
what you say is hardly possible, I quote from your psot....sm
'Crummy quality. Do you think your clients and prospective clients don't know that you change employees more often than most people change their underwear? '

For: s/msg
How can you say that? Do you change your underwear only once a month?

don't ever quote a rate
without SEEING what it is you are agreeing to.

Dr. A might have you doing envelopes with addresses, multiple copies, etc and Dr. B might just schlep out SOAP notes.

Have an idea what you want to make an hour. After you've met with a client, figure out how much you need to do in an hour to make that rate.

And just suggestion, 20cpl will get you filed in the circular file pretty quickly.
That last is an old quote. Can't take credit. :) NM
In response to your quote: "sm)
doctors do not generate revenue, documents do.
In theory, that may be correct, but put on your thinking cap straight. If there were no doctors dictating, there would be no MTs transcribing the documents.
Name your source and the total quote
Its irresponsible of you to suggest that Obama (or McCain for that matter) wants to put records online implying they could be unprotected.

So name your source, and the entire quote and then WE can determine what the position actually is...
The rest of the quote was that we have to do multiple...sm
specialties. It is entirely reasonable to think a multispecialty MT of 30 years would have a broader base of knowledge than a doctor fresh out of medical school.

An LPN and an RN cannot do surgery, either, yet for some reason you put them above a medical transcriptionist. As for a doctor, unless you are actually performing a surgery, your skill lies in your interpretation of signs, symptoms, lab tests, etc.

A medical Transcriptionist has to use this same thought process every day. How many times to look at the past medical history to figure out a medication or look at a lab value to differentiate a diagnosis?

I am afraid you sell MTs very short.
Sorry, the quote should have been "what society has done to us."
Can't say that I am in that category.
In the papers they sent me, it says they do. See exact quote inside. sm

High Speed Internet Reimbursement

Because we require the use of high speed internect connectivity (DSL or cable modem) in the performance of your job functions, Transtech will reimburse you for the cost of your internet connection up to a maximum of $40.00 per month.  In order to qualify for reimbursement, you must meet the minimum monthly productivity requirements outlined for your position.

Quote from TransTech's ad on Jobs Board

* Paid maternity/paternity leave

Get it now ????  That is age discrimination! 

Years ago I heard a quote I loved:

Second marriage is the triumph of optimism over experience. 

That's sort of how I look at trying to make a go of it with Transcend, having been front row center at the fall of several very pleasant small companies that were gobbled up by mega MTSOs.  And I KNOW that if I give in, they will definitely not respect me in the morning. 

Quote from OP's post: Do they offer the same benefits as Trascend....
Inside is the quote; not the red. The red in my post is my own personal opinion.

*** We started using the Enterprise Express Speech System in late October of 2007 and have already seen a 500 percent increase in speech-recognized drafted
reports. While just 20 members of our team of 300 transcriptionists
are using the system now, we plan to expand its use significantly. In
only 60 days we've seen dramatic productivity climbs and our team
loves the system. ****

Actually I didn't quote a figure that I make per hour....sm
(it is above $25/hour, however) but I will say this: if the MT field is one's chosen area, then investing in it is a must. That means, instead of calling others who state they make healthy per-hour wages liars, your time would be better spent in getting as much info as possible in how that was achieved - and learning from it as well as adopting whatever it takes to help YOU. It means spending more time learning and less time bashing. It means concentration on retention of info, both old and new, to further your knowledge. It means learning what works best for you - not the next MT or whomever has posted on this board. It means taking feedback, again, without whining about it. I know of no other field where criticism isn't an essential factor - again, use it *positively* and don't let it affect you negatively! It means being open to trying new specialties when asked - you never know until you try - maybe it's just what you needed! There is a whole host of other things that you can try, but TRYING them is the key. Nothing ventured, nothing gained - and gain IS, after all, what it's all about, isn't it?
I quote Glenda the Good Witch: Begone before
Actually I found the exact quote made on AAMTs
It is STILL possible
Posted By: gourdpainter on 2009-09-23
In Reply to: Divide and conquer............. - sm

didn't AAMT organize MTs? At least I thought they did as I joined way back in 1978?? I think it was.

This was in answer to a person saying they were trying to feed their children, having to hold onto her job, no matter what the pay was, not wanting to strike against MTing. I saw absolutely no followup comment, only the 1 in favor of AAMTs.
That is an outright untruth! We are paid 3 cents less than our normal quote, at least I am.
I can't believe some of you want these great MTs to think you are not getting paid well for VR work. That just is totally not true. I have 2 clients on VR and the pay is the same if not 3 cpl less than standard transcription and with the VR the line counts do double and sometimes triple. So, to all MTs out here - DO NOT BELIEVE THE MTSO IS NOT PAID WELL OR PAID HALF FOR THEIR VR ACCOUNTS! That just is not true.

I have line rates from many hospitals using VR and the rates are fairly high and comparable to standard transcription.

Just as an FYI, I got deleted for
posting initials and was told we are not to do that.
Sure should be deleted!
That is a big no-no. You might even want to check out your HIIPA and confidentiality agreements again. Mine says I cannot identify any client to a third party, though I never would. What do you think everybody on this board is who does not work on that account? I hope you don't cost your company the account.