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Quote from TransTech's ad on Jobs Board

Posted By: TT fast_fingers on 2008-12-24
In Reply to: Do the research...most companies, and not just MT companies, do not pay for maternity leave... - MtMommyof2

* Paid maternity/paternity leave

Get it now ????  That is age discrimination! 

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Take a look on the jobs board.
The Amphion HR contact has her name and phone number there. That's probably your
best bet. Good luck!
There is one on the jobs board....
I would take it in a heartbeat but you need a C phone and I just sold mine on ebay.
They have an ad on the jobs board for rad MTs.
I don't know how they pay. We use ExText but not sure about that position. The ad says Meditech.

Worth checking into though.
Jobs board low pay
Has anyone notice how low the pay is on the jobs board? Can anyone live on this if you are self supporting and have no other income to the household?
First Medical placed an add on the jobs board

10 cpl/11 cpl weekends.  I've heard pretty good things about them.

WebMedex pays 10 cpl/11 cpl over 6000 lines - Lots of ESL, you have to clock in.



Only jobs post on Job board!! nm
only jobs post on job board
I was asking a question about a company on the company board and it completely disappeared. It's not on the job board or man board...I just replied to my own post to ask the question again though.
Their ad is on the, uh, competing jobs board, I think onto the second or third
There are several on jobs board page 2
DocXpress on the jobs board...

Anyone heard of them?

Try the Job Seeker's Board as there are plenty of jobs there.
there are other jobs boards also, but the Job Seeker's board here holds lots of IC jobs for full time and part time and some have very good pay.
There are plenty of jobs on the job seekers board
Ads all over jobs board because they are growing and need good MTs.
Three new accounts that I know of recently and more scheduled to come on. Started here as an MT and then moved to QA. Just like any place, there is good and bad but I can't imagine working anywhere else.
You are not supposed to post jobs on the job board
Again...you are not to post jobs on the job board unless you work in the capacity to recruit.
On a jobs board. It is listed as a supervisor.
Many usually ask how to get into companies as a recruiter. This is one chance I guess but you do have to have experience according to the ad if I recall in MT and QA.
Possible offshore company on jobs board?
Apobos2 - looks to be 3 ads same company - all off shore???
Plenty of jobs, just look at Job Seeker's board,
they just don't want to pay anything.
I wish I could look at the jobs board and not have to wade through the Focus s/m

job postings.  I know that sounds ridiculous, and YES, of course I can pass them by (and I do), but every time a job title catches my eye, it is almost always Focus Infomatics.  This automatically puts me in the mindeset of India and our jobs going overseas, which gets me grumpy.  I know some of you have had a good experience with Focus, and I am glad for that, but GRRRR.

Rant over :-) 

Transcend does. If you look, they advertise on the Jobs board but they admit that
they send work overseas.
On Job Board, there is a job 5 cpl but you are not supposed to apply after Monday because the jobs
will be all filled.. I'm sure they will be for that rate.
They have weekend Radiology jobs that were posted on the job board May 8..(sm)
other than that, you would probably have to call.  Good Luck!
You can only access the Jobs Board on MTDaily w/o paid membership. nm
Dictation Services Group. Go to the Jobs board, down 10 or 12, QA and acute
They advertise on the "other" jobs board. Lots of posts about them here. nm
On Jobs board, few inches down, AIDS/psych work, then
There are so many hits on the job board for jobs that I wonder if people are qualified that respond
or just send in a resume if they are not.  Would be interesting to hear from some of these companies what type of response they are getting. 
To Moderator: Is Seroesh Saleem Akhtar allowed to post on the jobs board?

TransTech upper sent out email for blackout on vacation for several days, so only a grain or 2 jobs

available due to some MT's on vacation *probably looking for job*.  We are TAT up-to-the-minute, so NOTHING to get excited about at TT. 

Same ole grab-it-while-it-is-there workload.  LOW, LOW, LOW.

Does TransTech have a private board? NM
Just wondering because work is low across the board again at Transtech

What co. are you considering now, if company was not TT?   Just wondering.

You can believe those on this board saying NO WORK at Transtech ! Absolutely true !!

Getting worse and worse every day.  They are going to VR at a VERY FAST PACE, which pays so little you cannot survive on the money UNLESS you work 60 hours a week OR are one of the supe's fav's that get the better dictators.

There is always an excuse by TT as to the low work, but remember that doesn't pay our creditors.  Work disappears in large chunks when were at getting almost out of TAT (if ever) so it is going somewhere.

TT is turning out to be like every other MT company out there - more and more executives/supervisors to pay and not a single penny raise for the MT -- much less provide work for the MT's on a consistent basis -- not near consistent basis.

One request, please -- all you Transtech cheerleaders go to your Yahoo board

Why are you showing up here tonight.  GO where you belong!

Most of the positive posts about TT and VR are mgmt posts;  they always do this, but you other cheerleaders/favorites, go to your new Yahoo Board and leave us along who don't want to work for LESS MONEY.

By the way, I have done VR with TT and HORRIBLE.  I can't make even close to the money I can with normal transcription. 

VR is more money in the pockets of TT execs.  Not in the MT's wallets.



Frustrating situation at TransTech makes me make typos here on this board . . .

I have figured out a way to pay my bills with such **old, wornout** words

HAVE NOT figured out a way to pay my bills with . . .

Actually it was...here's the quote
guidelines. There is a link on the top of each page that tells you what you need to know and one of them is not to post account information. No one is attacking you. It is just common sense that you don't go around posting account information.

Actually, I did and take a look at your quote:
And for your information, nurses are making MORE not LESS. Let's get real here.

To me, that justified my out-of-proportion post.
Again, and I quote...
none of that really matters to me. My thing is as long as the work is there and my paychecks are on time, I have NOTHING to worry about.
I think it is 30% but don't quote me on that. nm
I quote you......(sm)
As an aside, can you think of any better way for a terrorist organization to infiltrate?

THAT is a MIGHTY POWERFUL and very scary possibility.
WOW, if there was a doubt left in anybody's mind, that should dispel it. YOU ARE A STALKER. Your disdain for GP is quite obvious. We get it, are bored with it. I don't have the time to go look up the rest of her quote, but I would bet there is more that you left out.
it says and i quote from the packet
in front of me" if you experience unscheduled downtime you will be paid at the hourly downtime rate". for more info go toQnet. Why would I make it up?? But what does "unscheduled" mean??? I know now that my CSC archives on a certain day and I can't transmit for an hour. Maybe they will have scheduled downtime that we have to work around?? Don't know and too tired to look at Qnet todayso don't ask me.
see message and quote
_Are we supposed to shut off our phone because our CS reps are Indian?? _

Absolutely. Let them email you. Don't interrupt your productivity to struggle with yet another ESL telling you what to do.

I've been suffering the last few days from Indians calling me to ask if I take credit cards because I recently switched my home phone to a business line to get unlimited business LD. I instantly turn on my learned Russian accent and they have no clue what to do.

In my humble American opinion, make them responsible. Emails are less intrusive, take less time and are less offensive to the auricular sense, and force the originator to be held accountable for the fluency and clarity of their thought processes.
They'll get you a quote.
It's $20-something for me and $70-something for me and my two kids a week. The LPD depends on what system you are working on. 11,000 per week for eScription and 5600 for the straight typing accounts I believe.
what you say is hardly possible, I quote from your psot....sm
'Crummy quality. Do you think your clients and prospective clients don't know that you change employees more often than most people change their underwear? '

For: s/msg
How can you say that? Do you change your underwear only once a month?

don't ever quote a rate
without SEEING what it is you are agreeing to.

Dr. A might have you doing envelopes with addresses, multiple copies, etc and Dr. B might just schlep out SOAP notes.

Have an idea what you want to make an hour. After you've met with a client, figure out how much you need to do in an hour to make that rate.

And just suggestion, 20cpl will get you filed in the circular file pretty quickly.
That last is an old quote. Can't take credit. :) NM
In response to your quote: "sm)
doctors do not generate revenue, documents do.
In theory, that may be correct, but put on your thinking cap straight. If there were no doctors dictating, there would be no MTs transcribing the documents.
Name your source and the total quote
Its irresponsible of you to suggest that Obama (or McCain for that matter) wants to put records online implying they could be unprotected.

So name your source, and the entire quote and then WE can determine what the position actually is...
Sorry my quote marks disappeared. (??!!)
The rest of the quote was that we have to do multiple...sm
specialties. It is entirely reasonable to think a multispecialty MT of 30 years would have a broader base of knowledge than a doctor fresh out of medical school.

An LPN and an RN cannot do surgery, either, yet for some reason you put them above a medical transcriptionist. As for a doctor, unless you are actually performing a surgery, your skill lies in your interpretation of signs, symptoms, lab tests, etc.

A medical Transcriptionist has to use this same thought process every day. How many times to look at the past medical history to figure out a medication or look at a lab value to differentiate a diagnosis?

I am afraid you sell MTs very short.
Sorry, the quote should have been "what society has done to us."
Can't say that I am in that category.