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Are there any companies besides Amphion that hire part-time

Posted By: sm on 2005-12-16
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I need a company that allows you to make your lines without demanding that you be on from this second to that second.  If it's part-time it's obviously because you have other things to do and your life doesn't revolve around a set schedule.  If I can get my work done at 3AM so why would that bother anybody?

Is there a company that doesn't mind when you work as long as you meet your quota and are accurate?

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Are there any good companies that hire part time?

I have two years of acute care experience, and I need a part-time job to supplement my current income.  If everything works out, I will need to go to full time in March.  At this time, I can only work Friday and Saturday nights.

I have been applying to several companies, but they keep giving me the run around.  One company even told me I did very well on their test and that I was put in a pool of transcriptionists to be contacted.  The recruiter called me once, and I missed her call.  I called her back and left a message, but I have not heard anything else from her. 

Any advice would be appreciated. TIA!  

They no longer hire part-time and may be eliminating part-time employees within the next 6 months.
They are going to have those that are PT go FT if possible. Some accounts require 1 weekend day, but not all. Most transcriptionists have 1 account with 1 back-up account. I know that they are hiring for hospital accounts in medical records and radiology right now.
Yes I know they hire part time because I referred someone there for part time.
They are internet based.
They are advertising for full time HIM now, do they still hire part time? nm
I believe they do hire part time
I found pay to be above what most companies are offering these days, great benefits, and good positive people to work for.
Do they hire part-time?? n/m
Yes, they do hire part-time - sm
I don't think they are hiring at this time but it is worth putting your name in. They have a website. If you are good, I don't see why you would fail the test.
Do they hire part-time? nm
Do they hire part time? NM
Does MDI Hire Part Time IC's.....
I just looked on their web site and did not see any available jobs, so they might not be hiring at all. Any advice helpful. Thanks.
Does Keystrokes hire part-time? nm
Keystrokes - do they hire part time?SM
If they do, how many lines and do they have acute care or clinic and do you have to work weekends?  Thank you.
Does Webmedx hire part time?
Thanks to all. Which companied hire part time for VR? SM
Not interested in full time because I currently work approximately a 6 hour day, but want to start with minimal hours on VR. Any suggestions?
Does MDI Maryland hire part time IC's?
If so, does anyone know what their line requirements are for part-time?
Congrats! Do they hire part-time?
Who then will hire for part time and is a decent company?(nm)

Don't think they hire part time. Old posts are not favorable. nm
Amanda, does e TransPlus hire part-time IC? (nm)
Webmedx hire part time employees...sm
I'm really happy there.  You might give them a try. 
Do any MTSOs hire part-time...I just figured out
that I can make just as much working part-time MT somewhere else than working at Medquist full-time as an MEE (what a joke).  After 3 paychecks of half of what I was making before 7/1/09, that is what it amounts to.  Might as well spend more time with my family, but I only see full-time jobs posted.  Any suggestions would be great so I can have a life again!  Much appreciated!
I just joined Amphion. It's only part-time for now, but
I did this to save my sanity and to make a little extra money. It seems to have the best press. If they are as good as they seem to be, I'll be thrilled to join on full time.

I am curious about that Bayshore software at MDI-MD, tho!

Does anyone know the minimum lines required part time for Amphion? Thanks. nm
I work at AMphion part-time and make as much there in 20 hours as I do at my FT job in 40
Amphion hires part-time - they're very strict schedule-wise though
Since part time is so hard to find these days your options are limited, so if you don't mind working for a company that is a stickler for strict schedule adherence, I say try Amphion.
Any companies looking for part time QA
I'm interested in working a part time IC position (day shift) that pays a decent hourly rate. If you know of someone looking for people, please let me know.
I work for 3 companies part time and....
don't have any work either. I made $50 in two weeks for one company, $40 for the other and $300 for the third. What a joke!! I do have to make a living to pay our house payment. I have been at this for almost 20 years....so SAD!!
Are there any companies that offer part-time
employee status?  I am looking to work certain days of the week, but I'd like part-time employee status?  Is there anyone that is currently in that type of situation that could steer me in the right direction?  I have a lot experience and am very reliable.  Thanks in advance for any help in this regard.  I appreciate my fellow MTs and their opinions count in my book. 
Any companies hiring part-time?
I need flexibility.  Willing to do a certain number of lines every pay period.  I started with MedScribe of NJ and already they run out of work and seem to be dodging my emails about a secondary account.  Afraid I made a bad choice.....
Are most part-time jobs with companies a few hours every day or are there
jobs that exist where you can work a few days during the week? If you can help, thank you!
Yeah, and do any companies offer PTO for part time?
Any companies needing part time help on a Lanier account?
Can anyone recommend companies that offer IC status, part time?

Any good ones out there for IC's?  Part time?

Does Spheris offer IC status?

Any help appreciated!

What companies provide computer/equipment for part-time? nm
RE: What companies provide computer/equipment for part-time? nm
Any companies offer health insurance for part time?

Are there any companies who offer health benefits to part time employees?
Need insurance.
Any companies with part-time clinic work/daytime hours? Thanks!! nm


Current Amphion employee...I'm very happy. The part of Amphion I work with has no faxes, lists,s
minor demographic work..superb QA and feedback.  Fellow MTs on same account are more than willing to help and now they also have mentor program.  My pay is what they said.  They do have different pay for different levels. 
Which companies offer PTO for part time employee status, along with contributing 401K, shift....sm
differentials, and incentive based pay plan?  I think I covered it all.  Mostly looking for PTO as a part time employee.  Thanks for your replies.
No PTO for part-time. Not sure if you can work part-time or not since recent rule change. sm
You do pay a deposit for their equipment.
There is a part-time and a flexible part-time, just left there and they offered
me both. Flexible, however, is more or less when they need you (I.e. weekends), part-time is fixed hours.
From what I understand, the part-time positions will be only be for those that are already part-time
It is not a restructuring of the company, just of some of the existing part-time positions.

I know that there are a few employees who have been with Keystrokes for many, many years who are part-time and they will not displaced.

Other than that, there have been many discussions why there will not be any new part-time employees hired, and I really don't think they will back down on that.
Amphion - do they hire IC? Can't tell from website. THanks! nm

Anyone know if they hire IC status?

Amphion used to hire M-F days. n/m
Does Amphion hire newbies with MT education? nm
do they hire part-timers?
I'm not sure I'd want 1200 lines a day. Is that a requirement?
Does Keystrokes hire part timers? Thx. nm
I'm lookin for part-time work (about 3-4 hrs daily) after 13 years of full-time, anyone know of a
company that is hiring flexible part-time?  I'm starting a career in real estate but don't want to totally quit transcription, but I think most places require 25 hours a week and I cant work weekends, as real estate sales are the biggest on the weekend with open houses and people off work to shows homes to.  If you know of a place I'd sure appreciate the info.  Thanks!
Not what I was told; 3500/wk part-time & 6000 wk/full-time. nm
Precyse Solutions is hiring part-time and full-time right now.
Saw this on their website.