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Augusta Coding and Transcription

Posted By: MT also on 2008-10-16
In Reply to: Be glad you didn't hear. - sm

Amen, brother ben. They are not cool. Do not confuse with AugustaMedicalTranscription.com which is a great Christian owned (2 people, Mike and Pam, friends), run this business.

Augusta Coding will screw an MT by charging for software, paying low and charging high. Beware beware. I did not and I did work there, but found making about 3.00 hr was not possible.

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Augusta Coding nad Transcription
This company had a job posting on mtjobs.com several weeks ago - anyone else apply and actually hear anything back?  I've even sent a follow-up email and nothing.  Just wondering if I was the only one.
Augusta Coding and Transcription

Watch out for this company.  They have a horrible platform they use and are extremely rude in QA (main gal running the company).  Please beware, as life is too short to live like this. 

Anyone ever hear of Augusta Coding and Transcription in SM
Georgia? Any comments. There are 2 in Georgia. Thanks in advance.
Make sure it is not Augusta Coding and Medical Transcription....
that company is run by 2 psychos, Ann and Stella...it certainly is not Christian either, and you will have to pay their license fee to use their software. In other words, you pay them to work for them.
is this ACTI (augusta coding transcription inc) in Evans, GA or
Augusta Medical Transcription in Augusta, GA? I'm trying to find out which company is better. I want to work in ChartScript. Thanks!
Augusta Medical Transcription?

Does anyone here work for this company who could give me a review?  I would greatly appreciate it!



Augusta Medical Transcription
They are great, here is the correct information below. They pay monthly and are IC only, but people are great, Mike and Pam are owners, QA head is wonderful - go for it:
Augusta Medical Transcription, Inc
118 Davis Road
Martinez, Georgia 30907

Phone: 1-800-766-0844

Email: info@augustamedicaltranscription.com

Fax: 1-706-854-0633

WEB SITE: www.augustamedicaltranscription.com

Augusta Medical Transcription in GA?
Does anybody have any info good or bad on this company? TIA

Anybody working for this company?  Care to share your thoughts? 

They have coding and transcription
Augusta Medical Transcription -- help me do the math (sm)

Augusta has a job advertised $1.25/thousand characters, 65 character line including headers and footers.  So, that's equal to a little over 8 cpl -- right?  I have never seen a company state pay in such a way. 

Augusta Medical Transcription, did anyone apply?

I passed the first part of the test and was sent a CD to complete the typing portion.  Yes, a CD.  I thought this was a little different instead of a voice file...a little antiquated and cumbersome to say the least.  Does anyone work for them or have worked for them?  

OOPS! Supposed to be Coding and Transcription
I sent you an e-mail with some info.  Hope it helps.
Augusta Med Trans
Run search, I posted information on them last week, with web site and phone #s etc. EXCELLENT company, I did work for them but I am now retired. Good, good people run this company.
Augusta Medical
Does anyone have any information about Augusta Medical Transcription in Martinez, GA.  I thought about applying PT?    How many lines required for PT if there is work?  
Coding, VR?

If the trend continues to let all transcription go to India, what is left for us?  Is anyone paying more than 3-4 a line for reviewing voice recognition work?  Is coding on the way to India too or is this still an option for us who live in the U.S.? I am wondering if it is worthwhile to start taking coding classes now before I lose my job to India.  Can we even do coding from home?


Yes, coding could be the way to go,although not at home yet. I'm considering a course, they say MTs make good coders.
I want to go into coding too (sm)
but don't have the money now for school.  I've been in the biz 20+ years and it's unbelievable how the work has dried up.  Yet they keep hiring when other MTs have no work. 

I was an inpatient coder for a year and I made more transcribing.  I worked for a large chain (that ended up in trouble with the feds) and we were constantly told to find better DRGs so they would get paid more....dig 'em up even if that wasn't the reason for admission.  I enjoyed my job otherwise, I did become nearsighted after a year probably because of reading the physician writing.

Even if you go to school and get certified now, the companies say they need 2 years.


Conact info for Augusta?
Does anybody know how to apply with them? I just went to their website, and it said that the apply online and written test were under construction. I sent an e-mail with my resume, but it came back to me.

Augusta Medical Trans
Great company, pay monthly, IC only, but very very nice owners - Mike and Pam

Augusta Medical Transcription, Inc

118 Davis Road

Martinez, Georgia 30907
Phone: 1-800-766-0844

Email: info@augustamedicaltranscription.com
Fax: 1-706-854-0633
WEB: www.augustamedicaltranscription.com

Remote Coding
Does anyone have anything to say about the remote coding.
Coding certification

First I would encourage you that if you are serious about coding, do NOT go to a course that does not allow to test for NATIONAL certification.  There are only 2 organizations in the US that do national certification.  AAPC (the first) and AHIMA.  With AAPC there are numerous companies that offer their course.  The cost runs between $1200 and $1600 for a three month course of 8 hour classes plus your proctored exam and membership to AAPC, or you can do the self-study course for the same money (I chose to be in a classroom setting so I could have questions answered on the spot).  You can opt to take the course for hospital coding CPC-H (which few hospitals will recognize as official) or the doctor/outpatient based course - CPC, which is widely recognized.

I don't know the cost of AHIMA's testing but it is as intense as AAPC's but it is mostly taken by people who either already have AAPC certification or are already working in a medical coding setting.  Both organizations offer apprecentice programs if you are not already in a coding setting until you can clock some coding hours.  I think you need references to enter either program as to your character - remember, if you make a mistake the penalty could be monetory and/or a jail term.

Now, can you get a job and is the money worth it.  Most hospitals want AHIMA's inpatient certification and 1-2 years OTJ experience, unless they are hiring for their outpatient clinics and/or ER (which they will then accept the AAPC's CPC).  Most of these positions pay between $15 and $24/hr plus bennies.

It is very hard to get into the coding industry.  It's just like trying to get into MT without any experience, only harder.  I would network, join both organizations as a member and go religiously to the monthly meetings to network and learn.  Both certifications require a high number of CEU's to be earned each year.  It is easier to get into a physician's office setting as a CPC.  Most of these jobs pay $9 to $18/hr depending on geography, but again you'd have to be very, very good and have good references from certified mentors to help you get a job with no experience.

Most jobs are obtained by word of mouth.  If you are very good, you could skip working in a hospital or doctor's office and become a consultant and/or instructor without any working experience (more $$ for the instructor's certification).  It would be like working as an IC.  You would have to hustle to get clients and build a reputation.  I was lucky and got a job with a hospital in their outpatient clinic side at $19/hr with hospital bennies and had an offer with the people whose course I took to become an instructor and consultant for them even before I got the results from my test score (but I had prior coding experience).  My job was basically consulting, doing audits and giving feedback and education to doctors on how to maximize their reimbursement, how to document charts properly and be available for their coding questions.  I loved the respect I got from the doctors.  It was totally unlike what I get directly from doctors as an MT.  They are eager to learn, listen to what is being taught, are interactive, friendly and recognize that you are there to help them succeed.

If your MTSO is also adding a coding department to their company, that would be an easier way to get into coding as it could be done from home with access to electronic medical records.  There are a number of tools available to coders that help to electronically code and flag potential errors, hopefully your company would pay for all that because it can be quite expensive.

I tried to portray a clear and realistic picture with discouraging you.  It's a lot like going into MT without someone being realistic with you, so the fact that you asked is a good sign.

good luck,


medical coding
Does anybody know about going into medical billing/coding. I'm looking into getting out of transcription, and I know of 1 national company that supposedly hires coders, but I don't want to spend the $$ for school and then have no work or a low paying job
Coding is being sent overseas as well
Has anyone left MT to go to coding? sm

I have 16 years experience as an MT, but I am just tired of it.  I have completed a medical billing course and I am now working on  a coding course.  I am really enjoying the coding and it seems to come easy to me, which is a miracle :)  So, if anyone has switched, I would love your input.  Thanks!

In 5 years, coding will be just like MT--sm
rates dropping, offshoring and big services taking over.  Mark my words.
coding at home sm
Would you care to share what state you are in?  I assume you do the coding via computer and have computer access to patient's records.  Do you code directly into the hospital system?  I only had exposure to coders back when they had no computers.    Do you have coding certification?  How many years experience do you have?  I want to get into coding and I would love to work at coding from home.  I've taken classes and really enjoy it and have done well, but am not certified and I heard its really hard to get into coding.  I do have lots of MT experience though, 33 years.  Thanks.
Any information on Augusta Medical Transcripton .... SM
in Georgia?  I have been offered a job by them, but I have been unable to find out very much about them, which I would like to do before I accept.  Thanks. 
I know 3 for sure that don't: Landmark and Axolotl, Augusta Trans.
Coding Recognition Software
I see that Nuance is now pushing its coding recognition software. Maybe I should put off that AHIMA coding course. I can't wait until they come out with HIM Director Botware, CFO Botware, and CEO Botware.
Thanks for warning me, but this is the other company - no coding LOL. NM
make better money coding...sm
I do earn more money coding, mainly because it is hourly pay (so no fluctuations like you get with line counts) and the value of the benefits. I do think there are coding jobs which are much less stressful than where I work. Actually, I think most of them are. Our facility is huge, actually has it's own little city, with 3 hospitals, one with a level 1 trauma center which is shared with a children's hospital, 150-some clinics, an eye institute, and a cancer center plus is a teaching facility so we do the coding for the college facilities. Most coding jobs in my area (midwest) are working from home. Our benefits include health, dental, life, disability and vision insurance, FSA and HSA accounts, tuition reimbursement, AHIMA membership paid, 403B match, 4.6 hours of earned vacation and 1.8 hours of sick time per pay period (2 weeks) so they're pretty good. I do know coders in other facilities around here who do not have the same stressful conditions which we have and who love their jobs. Much of it is due to size and our remote management. I used to work at a smaller hospital and really liked coding there. I left when my daughter became ill and needed me home. I ended up at the facility I am with now because they were one of the few places who did have home coding available at the time that i started. Now I just think I am too darned old to start over someplace else and give up my seniority, vacation accrual, etc., so I will stick it out until I can retire. So it's my own fault I'm miserable 'cuz I don't make the change! If you go into coding, I hope you get to be one of the people who does love it and would venture a guess you would not find the stress level to be what ours is unless you work for one of the largest of facilities.
What about medical coding? Is that a lucrative..sm
and somewhat secure field to consider?  I am doing a lot of re-thinking after this MDI-Transcend stunner and know that being an MT today is nothing like it was 30 years ago when I first started my career.  Does anyone have any opinions or knowledge on medical coding and if that is a viable alternative to MTing?  Thanks.
Anyone contact Augusta Medical Trans to see what they were offering as far as acct, platform, pay?
Part & Full Time Data Entry & Document Coding Position - Sara McDaniel - HR Administrator
This company has ads on other web sites. You have to pay them $55 to do a background check up front. Guess what? If you don't get hired, they've got your $55. Don't know if it's legit - just posting facts.
Webinar -Evolving Medical Transcription: Technology's impact on traditional transcription process

Hey everyone, check out this link. This is what we are up against. Be sure and note how 3M or whoever is the sponsor of this webinar throws in that dictation and transcription is time-consuming.  Nevermind that EMR and VR take more time and money to be successful and it only takes 38 seconds to dictate a returning patient and 2 minutes to dictate a new patient versus 500 clicks on a point and click EMR or the mess VR makes and having to have an Editor come in and clean up the mess. Propaganda that we should know about.



TransTech / Transcription, Technology, and Support / The Transcription Doctors nm
Trying to get info on Transcription-Express(not X-press Transcription)....

Got a call and am scheduled to be hooked on later this week.  Does someone need to stop me?  TIA 

Anyone work for Oak Transcription or Nicholas Transcription- please e-mail me nm
Need pros and cons of Soap Transcription and US Transcription

I am looking for a new home and have applied and accepted by one of these companies.  Hoping to hear from the other very soon.  Can anyone tell me the good/bad of these 2 companies.  Soap is out of Michigan and US Transcription is out of Iowa. 

Thanks in adance for your help/support. 

Do you mean TMT Transcription or Tidewater Medical Transcription sm
known as TMT. Their tactics are to look for you so it sounds like them.
TRS Transcription (Transcription Relief Services)

Please let me know if you work for this company and what you think of them. I am testing right now and hope they are a good company! :)

Thanks :)

Chase transcription/USA transcription

Does anyone work as an indepedent contractor for either of these companies?  If so, could you tell me a little bit about them.

Thank you

Don't confuse CC Transcription with C&C Transcription
Please don't confuse CC Transcription with C&C Transcription, they are two totally separate companies. Also C&C Transcription does NOT offer direct deposit.

D&L Transcription
Can anyone tell me anything about D&L Transcription??  Just wondering and curious.... THANKS!
TM Transcription - sm
Anyone ever work for TM Transcription?  I think it is Transcription Mommies which is kind of scary but I'm looking for a smaller co.
T-C Transcription
I started last week working for them.  I was promised my main account would be radiology.  Of course, lied to again.  They have ME on five accounts.  I have only done VA.  The instructions for the account are absolutely ridiculous.  Who has time to review 18 pages of dialogue for an account???  Then some have templates, and VA  you have to fill in headers and footers, and use periods in MD and other stupid stuff.  Then you have to do a monthly schedule, and I have had nothing but trouble with that.  I sent it as an attachment, as required, but it is not the "right" format.  I am supposed to have tech support fix my email, and the account manager is snooty as heck.  I am literally shaking I am so frustrated and angry with this place.  I took a chance and re-contacted my job I just resigned from, and I got my job back.  eTransPlus is a great place.  I highly recommend applying there.
QA vs. transcription
I have done QA for about 4 years and left the company, and I would like to do transcription, but I only type about 55-60 words a minute. Should I try different companies to see if they will hire me. And will speed come?  I have enough medical terminology, but it's the speed I'm concerned about.
QA vs. transcription
As you probably already know, quality is much more important than speed in transcription. Just keep plugging away with quality as your #1 goal, and the speed will come with practice. Also, I suggest trying one of those typing test websites to work on your speed. Good luck!