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Posted By: Shelley Maki on 2007-06-26
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D&L Typing Service--beware
first, that was not a manager, it was a D&L IC who gave the company the benefit of the doubt as did a lot of D&L ICs and employees. D&L did not have managers ever. The owners are pathetic excuses for human beings who are choosing to hide behind the internet walls and be cowards. It will catch up to them...karma has a strange way of doing that. D&L has now supposedly gone out of business....be on the look out for any office located in Stroudsburg PA area or any company you cannot find verification on that someone has worked for them! Be very, very cautious that you are not dealing with the OLD D&L Typing Service! The independent contractors that worked for this company are amazing people and were one heck of a crew...and I do not know of any supervisor type person D&L had who stuck up for D&L ever!! D&L did everyone bad, took advantage of their hard working ICs and employees and then skated out when their money maker quit on them! No one knew what was really going on but the owners and you are right the MTs deserve every penny and then some that they do get from D&L...I just pray they get it!
Are you on straight typing or VR/typing?

They caused me nothing but grief because I pointed out a spelling/typo error in their ad.  But a a friend, subcontractor of mine, did call them and they pay about 5-6 cents a line.  She said that she could not pay more because she did not charge her clients that much as attorneys won't pay but I would not believe her.  Anyway they caused havoc to my life on this board for a long time until Admin stepped in.   Look at their ad and unless they have changed it there are typo's.  Would you want to work for a company with that type of quality?


Don't go to work for Spheris. I just left there after 3 years of employment because they continuously had low work. I asked repeatedly (very nicely) to be placed on other accounts that were not VR (they only have one). Well, they have not paid me for my last 24 hours (3 work days) worked because they must approve of your hours/lines worked on a certain account. What a jerk company. I clocked in and clocked out just like everyone else does for these large national companies. I hope no one comes on and attacks my post and thinks I'm being malicious or hateful, because I worked on rather difficult acute care accounts for this company throughout my employment with them, was a loyal employee, and always worked my schedule. I also altered my schedule several different times to work later hours (past 1:00 a.m.) and weekend hours (all weekend). If the moderator finds fault with this post or thinks it's slanderous, well then SOMEONE needs to take a deeper look into these larger companies treating their much needed, hard-working MTs like CRAP, all in the name of us working from home. They are nothing but a bunch of bullies there and are not a nice company. No wonder so many people have left them and gone to smaller companies. The smart MTs left and saved their own skins.
TC beware
TC used to be a good company, but they have hit a rocky road, a lot of management turn over lately.  They seem to run out of work often to.  I would just go in to it being aware.!
Typingforpennies, please be aware of spi. They sound great and offer great perks but if you don't have work you have nothing.
Beware of D&L
If you are looking to get paid for the work you do, beware of D&L Typing. They promise the world, especially that they will pay on time, then when payday comes they have the lamest and most commonly used reasons for not be able to pay you. Or, on the off chance that you do get paid, the check will bounce. I wish all of you good luck and, please, beware of D&L.
Why Beware???
I have been working there a month and everything seems to be just fine.
Beware of SPi
For any MTs/QAs out there that may be looking at different companies to work for, beware of SPi-BPO.  They are not worth it.  They constantly mistreat many of their employees and their Open Door Policy is nonexistent even though they will tell you Our door is always open.  Yeah, right.  And with their new line count status, line counts are going down and you are expected to meet a quota within your 8 hours that some people were not even meeting before the line status changed.  Upper management is often unaccessible/does not care.  There are a few nice people there, but emphasis is on 'few.'  Yes, I know I sound disgruntled, and after watching the way some of my ex-coworkers have been treated, I probably am.  Thankfully, I found a great company to work for and their platform is nearly perfect!  Goodbye SPi and hello to actually having a life again and not believing I'm going to get laid off any day now.
Stay away from Transportal at all costs for various reasons, please read your e-mail.

If anyone is planning on working for Global Info Systems out of Texas, mostly indian owned.

I don't know, but beware of the ones
that are always hyped up as good co's by other MTs. Not every company is a good fit for everyone!
Yes Beware
They do not honor contract; tried to force hours/schedule on IC status by having submit a schedule and then there was no work and was told still had to be available during those hours even if I did the work later in the day if it came in after scheduled hours. They do not understands the IC flexibility as long as it was done in 24 hours. New manager tried to tell me to start at early a.m. on schedule when there was no work. When I asked what days the doctor would be dictating or working so I could fix a schedule to submit for them I was told they could not ask their doctors that question. I just wanted to know what days they would be expecting work so I could fix a schedule. There was supposed to be a 14 day termination time but they terminated me that day for asking for help on getting a schedule down that would work. Owner would not communicate. Switched accounts to new account and only got it for 3 days and could not make a schedule based on that as it was sporadic. They did not follow contract but not worth pursuing. The office manager is not a MT and she was doing QA on work. Unable to talk to the owner. Asked to resolve problem with schedule but IC status is not how they interpret it. I got behind just a bit for 24 hour TAT but we had no clue how much she would download finally and they were long reports. Once had 100 minutes and as soon as I finished she wanted me to start another 85. I needed a break. One day she called me and said Are you typing not 30 minutes after the work was loaded to transcibe after I waited all day. Not professional at all.
This is the one that comes up beware!
Their biggest accounts are not done overseas. I am on one OF THEIR BIGGEST ACCOUNTS. My work is not rerecorded (however, yes, yours might have been). Maybe you were not a good Transcriptionist and they needed to keep you on a small account!!!
Medware and BEWARE

No response for about 2-3 weeks after submitting my resume and ANOTHER 2 weeks of mismanagement and their set up  -- NO training manuals, etc or anything else after promises that sent it by mail when I received equipment, the box was damaged and damp and here in the Southwest, we dont have rain.

I was hired by them for a potential management position  FIRST offer letter was for a Transcriptionist at 8.5 with 20+ years experience - their second offer letter was for an Editor - hourly -- this was AFTER talking to the recruiter for a QA position  -- I then received a call the next day, to be a shift leader/QA person -- etc., which NEVER came to be -  I had a set schedule, but with problems with set up with software etc, it took yet another week  - my QA was cleared in 2 days and in this WONDERFUL position, being paid an hourly salary  -- all I did was transcribe  -- when I told my supervisor that I wanted a percentage breakdown between transcribing and supervisory duties  -- this person could not break it down  -- I called my recruiter and was told if you are so unhappy, quit  -- nice to be treated that way  -- I am not the only person who has been in this position and there is a a certain supervisor who has her own company, who works for Medware, but is hiring employees for her company and they are doing Medware accounts  -- the ONLY positive is even though I have NOT returned the foot pedal etc, they still sent a check

If you are relatively new and still want experience, beware..
You will have people in Indian doing QA on your work and then you will be penalized according to their standards of QA.. This could be 5-15%, which may not sound bad, but when your check is over $100 less than you thought it would be, that does stink and I do not care how new you are. No one deserves to be penalized for errors that way. Another way for them to save money and pocket all the money. If they have people QA-ing in India, that also puts more money in their pocket and the list goes on. There are too many other companies out there they would be willing to help you as a newbie.
Beware of Transolutions. sm
I recently tested with Transolutions and they called me yesterday offering a job.  When I questioned them about what pay they were offering me, she said that the first 2 weeks were 12.00 an hour and then after that it was based on my speed and accuracy.  So, they could tell me I'm making 5 cpl?  I don't know if they are legit or not, but it sounds kind of fishy to me.  Sounds like a bait and switch type of deal.  Just wanted to let you all know in case some were considering this company like I was.  Just make sure you get in writing what your pay will be BEFORE you accept a job!
Beware of hearsay.
I know that most of the time the only way to get information about a company that you are considering is to ask around boards such as this one for opinions from fellow MTs. I would hope that when you receive such an inflammatory post (i.e., she is honestly the most hateful and incompent MTSO I have EVER heard of) that you might take such a response with a grain of salt. Especially when the person does not know how to spell incompetent. Sorry, could not resist, lol.

The poster has never worked for Omniscribe by her own admission. It is possible that this is the same person who periodically posts rumors of Omniscribe being a bad company in the interest of her friends. I have no idea what her agenda is and, quite frankly, I don't care.

I'll make my point and then macro this post for future noise from this poster.

I have been at Omniscribe for over a year now and absolutely LOVE my job. There is one other MT here that has been here longer than me and she is also happy here. Hmmmm... Wow... Come to think of it, I don't know of a single MT here who is unhappy with their job or with the MTSO. Omniscribe has had tremendous growth over the last year and has attained and held new contracts because the owner demands quality so the clients get quality reports.

I wouldn't be surprised if other MTs from Omniscribe reply soon. A friend of the owner has let us know about this post, and I'd be surprised if Omniscribe is not further defended against such outright lies and false propaganda.

Have a great day - and do more research on any company to which you may wish to apply. Not every company is the right fit for every MT and Omnscribe does demand quality work.
Beware of LANDMARK
No work for over a week- will not return phone calls or emails.
Landmark does, but BEWARE!!!!!
Re: Beware of Focus

Okay, it's like this....not only is Focus Infomatics a dishonest company trying to hide behind the Nuance name, they are down right dirty.  Both my aunt and I left there at the same time recently.  Today, we received our paychecks.  Now, she had 50 hours for the last pay period.  She only got paid for 24.  Now, tell me where that seems right?  No where.  Not many people want to get paid for only half of the hours they actually worked.  As for me, I got my 40 hours for the week that I was still getting paid by the hour, but for the couple of nights that I stayed up all night getting paid by the LINE, they did not pay me and I plan on pitching a fit.  I have copies of my timesheet (Screenshots work wonders:D) and so does she and we plan on going to the labor board not only in the state we live in, but in whatever state they claim to be in (even though I think we all know it's safe to say that most of their higher ups are overseas and not actually in the U.S.) if they do not rectify this problem soon.

Just thought I'd put this out there because people need to know especially if you are currently with Focus Infomatics and plan to leave any time soon....be aware that you might not get paid for everything you did in your last pay period.

beware car insurance, also.
they now are asking you to initial or sign a box giving them permission (at least in texas)for credit checks. This could up your rates besides just the priniciple of the thing.
If you have applied to this company, do not hold your breath waiting for a reply. I've sent 4 emails since the end of May, and they still have not given me the courtesy of a reply.
Webmedx, BEWARE

Speak of over-hiring.  I have been employed here 3 years, starting with an acquired company and then working for Wedmedx.  There is no work, has not been for 2 months or more and we run out of work on a daily basis. ASR is the upcoming mode here and transcriptionists BEWARE, you will not be treated fairly.  I am a very seasoned Transcriptionist (20+ years).  I just saw this post on mtjobs.com where I am looking since we are being phased out and it really angers me as I sit here having run out of work once again.  The post reads, Are you ready for a remarkable employment experience?  Webmedx is looking for top 100 medical transcriptionists and medical content specialists to fill positions now.  Be 1 of Webmedx top 100 and weíll put a smile on your face for the rest of your career.


What a joke.  I have been there 3 years, as stated, and I have very high QA, have always done everything asked of me and more and used to average 1500 lines a day easily..  Now I struggle to get 1000 so I can maintain my benefits.

There has been no communication with us regarding losing our jobs but it is obvious that is the case.  Sad scenario for AAMT Employer of the year for 2006 and 2008.  They are being extremely unfair and leaving us hanging in these times when the economy is kicking us all.  I trusted what they said when they said the employees were paramount to them and were treated with respect and fairness.  Yeah, right!!  You are putting my family in jeopardy and you don't have the courtesy or respect for any of us to let us even know the situation. 

Fastchart BEWARE
It is been one horrible, horrible month. Please contact me for further info.

MRecord- Beware!

Mrecord is a bad company all around.  Their owners/managers are inexperienced in running a company.  Their QA is inconsistent.  Their pay is always wrong and always low and usually late.  You never have a way to verify lines yourself..you have to go by what they send you.  This company is a really unethical company to work for period..stay away from them.

By the way, the managers and owners are all offshore as well- in India.  How can an Indian company manage and QA American MTs?  Amazing!  That is why their QA is so bad and inconsistent.

Beware of Axolotl
If you are thinking about Axolotl just MT beware. They are about the best company with benefits no doubt and offer insurance after 1 month and the pay is great BUT .... unless you really, really, really know punctuation, grammer and can figure out their FB notes you are not going to be successful. To say they are stingent in their reviews is like saying newborns occasionally whimper! You are only given a very short time to produce a 98.5 at least score which sounds easy BUT it must be according to their QA. They say verbatim but then go against it. They change the format on the second day - you get 2 conflicting ways to format from the same person. The account info leaves a LOT to be desired. It is 1-1/2 page at best. First they want ,however, and then just however, and you get pinged both ways.

There are a lot of employees according to the past post I found that never make it though the first month without giving up or being asked to leave because there is just no way you can make any lines when the QA is so vague. You never get a mentor and it is just a bad experiences overall. I applaude the ones who do keep a 98.5 QA score but have talked to more on the other side of the coin who also suffer from the confusion in these inordinate rules of QA.

If only they had team leads or mentors who could come up with a better account information to somewhat make it clear what exactly they want in punctuation for instance, and can work with the newbies for more than 14 days, this would be the company of our dreams and no one would ever leave.

Just a word of warning to all those who don't want to go to all the waste of time getting the paperwork, computer sent and have to sent it back and getting all excited as the dictators are a piece of cake. I have edited transcriptoin from India and the like and never QA'd like this -- no one would be able to type. I am hoping that this company will go to VR as this may eliminate all this stringent scrutiny on the MTs. Makes a person love VR!!!

Anyone else out there to discover this disappointment with this company?
Beware TSLLC

You will most certainly encounter a variety of compensation problems with TSLLC. You will be unlikely to run out of work.

Bounced checks with fees taken care of? If you call sharing the fees taking care of the fees.

A previous post asks: How cany they get away with all this crap all the time?  It is hard enough to make ends meet right now without companies screwing you over.

MTSOs get away with whatever they get away with because there is a never-ending supply of people willing to endure that which is dished out in order to collect a paycheck. When you as an individual CHOOSE not to support dishonest and unethical companies, they will then no longer be able to get away with whatever it is they are getting away with - poverty wages, bounced checks, and any other number of abuses that are going on.

Beware Keystrokes benefits
Keystrokes really does not offer benefits in my opinion. The health insurance is no less than $300 per month, PTO does not even start for 1 year and yes, I got 2 different stories, too.
I elected to stay with/return to MQ. Their benefits are spelled out and soon, in October, they are supposed to be getting even better.
Be very careful with KS. Take it from one who learned!
Beware of contracts that state
you get paid when we do...  run, run as fast as you can...!  Do not sign it. 
BEWARE, this is not a good time to be at OSi
They are having a major shakeup and have been firing upper crust for multiple reasons, violating the privacy of MTs and other extremely uncouth things.

Aside from that - the same old, same old - Big I and Little You. They still don't give a fig about the MTs. They like the fancy titles but don't live up to the fancy titles, don't know how to schedule, and try to gyp you at every turn, with falsifying time sheets only one way of accomplishing that!!!
Don't wanna run out of work? Beware of OSI's ad
They can't keep people on that clinic account because they are ALWAYS RUNNING OUT OF WORK since the work is offshored to India!
Meridian Healthcare--Beware
For anyone thinking of taking a job with Meridian, you might want to think twice.  Their server or the hospital server seems to go down nearly all the time, and they don't credit you downtime when this happens for hours on end.  It is very frustrating.  They are also now telling those of us with newer versions of Word 2002 or 2003, and Windows Vista that we need to downgrade our computer software to Word 2000 at our own expense, and if we have any issues, we are basically on our own.  So we have to cross our fingers that everything configures okay if we do this.  Not sure that will solve their issues with the servers constantly going down.  How's that for taking care of your employees?!! I personally am seeking employment elsewhere after putting up with these server issues for over a year. 
BEWARE: it-global solutions
It is a scam!  Let me know if you have had contact with this man.  Thank you!
Job Postings for Focus....beware
If anyone is applying or is thinking of applying with Focus Infomatics, beware.  They are posting ads that say 'all shifts' when in actuality, it's only 3rd shift or 16 hours on the weekends that they have available.  At least that is what was told to the QCs that they had to put on other accounts due to losing an account.  Be careful with these people as when they hire you, they tell you one thing, but eventually, it all changes and you go to making maybe a third of what you started out with.
Beware of companies that are subcontracting (sm)
for eScription.  You can make more if you work directly for the companies they are subcontracting with or, better yet, with the hospitals directly.
Beware of Hils Transcription
Just wanted to give you a heads up on Hils Transcription. If you an organized professional with excellent communication skills, DO NOT apply to this company! 

 Andrea, or aka whatever else you are calling yourself these days.  Keep in the forefront of your twisted cheating mind: What goes around comes around -- and soon.

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Any discussions regarding this situation should be handled via email. Contact/Reply OP (original poster) using the "Reply by Email" link below".

MTStars Team

DIT -- Beware of their incompetence and unprofessionalism

Just in case anyone has applied or is thinking of applying with DIT, here is what happened today.

I sent my resume in response to the ad on the job board here at MT Stars.  I received an immediate reply from Bill Baker and an inquiry asking me if I would take a test.  I replied that I would.  I took the test (which had an error in one of the questions, by the way!:)) and received the results with glowing comments along with an invitation to interview with the owner, Hadi Dani, by phone.  I sent back my acceptance along with information on one of the answers on my test which was marked wrong.  The answer I gave was correct, but rather than just saying that, I gave a detailed explanation of why it was correct (it was a grammatical question).  (I missed two questions, total, including the one which was really correct.).  Bill Baker wrote back to me that he does not have time to argue with anyone and that Word 2003 says that their answer is correct and that Word 2003 is the software of choice for their customers.  That's just priceless!  Rather than confirming my information with a QA person, he just dismissed me entirely.  It's astonishing how unprofessional some companies can be!  You would think they would want to know the correct term!  I even offered to show him the error on the test itself so that could be corrected, too.  But I guess he would rather think he is infallible!  Anyway, this experience combined with all of the information I saw here at this board regarding DIT's tendency to bounce paychecks,  makes me know that I wouldn't waste my time with this company anyway!  I guess it's safe to assume that my phone interview is off!   

******* DISCLAIMER *****************
Postings of this nature are the poster's personal opinion should not be considered as substantiated by MTStars. Under no circumstances will MTStars be liable for any loss or damage caused by a userís reliance on information obtained from this message. MTStars.com cannot effectively monitor validity of material/information posted on its Message Boards and, therefore, makes no representation and warranty with respect thereto.
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test takers beware
Beware of some of these companies who claim you failed their test, but they would be happy to sign you up for a $3500 transcription course.  I took 2 of those this week.  I know I aced them.  Some of their multiple choice had no correct answers.  How about control E to undo an action?  I use control Z.  Duh.....
Beware of any MTSO who gets their work from...sm
Superior Global.....Seems to be a trend with SG and smaller MTSOs....and putting a DISHONEST MTSO together with SG....that is just a hot mess!!!
Beware Account Manager at Zylomed

Have been extremely happy work for Zylomed for almost 5 months now, had exclusive doc account to do every day.  Hired specifically for that account and specialty.  Former account manager tried to give me more work, could only do so much, but never, ever cut me off and not upload dictation for day.  Then--out of the blue they shifted accout managers, I got a new one who I don't think ever managed transcription accounts before.  She just jerked 2 days of work from me without notice and now won't communicate why she did it (knowing this was my regular work--my income!)  And, won't tell me if I've lost this account or not.  Won't respond to IM or email.   Am so, so angry and feel powerless over this--this person and her control over my income.   Will not let this ever happen again.  I've read so many sad stories on this board about such random withdrawal/no work available that I was afraid to sign on with a national.  But when I did apply and got hired. the hiring manager was so great, and so far I thought Zylo was different, so happy with their platform and direct deposit consistency.   How one ignorant, ill-equipped manager can ruin so much good stuff!  And cause financial problems.   I'm probably going to have to quit, but have to give 2 weeks notice.  I've gone to a higher up, but that's probably going nowhere.  I just want the account manager to not ignore my IMs and emails and let me know my status!  Anyway, it's back to the streets for me, I've had my own accounts for 10+ years, things changed along the way so thought it would be easier to just be a sub for someone else so tried this in early 2006.  Yikes.  Better put my selling hat back on.  I think chances are truly better out there finding your own work than selling your soul (and promise of livelihood) to one of these national outfits.  Sadder but wiser MT, no more nationals for me.   Actually, maybe it's one of those doors  I wanted closed (no accidents?) -- pay was low, I can do better on my own, just thought I could give myself a break and be a sub.   Grief and relief at the same time.   That's all, had to say to folks who understood.  I appreciate the forum.   Thanks.  (I'll answer any emails inquiring specifically re this manager.) 


Nevermind - HUGE outsourcing Co. Beware! nm

Beware the Mandatory Overtime with them! Was discussed
Beware of Newport Harbor Transcription

They don't pay or you get a bad check.  No response to phone calls or e-mails.



Ok everyone if you ever get any emails or communication from a company that is same as the car trans am and associates also their software works with MT Professionals DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT EVEN BOTHER!!!!!  They are the biggest fraud and rip off company on the internet.  They are based in Valrico, Florida. 

They will say you can learn free etc etc and they claim to be Christian based etc.  They are so rip off.  You have to buy the software first which is over $500. total.  You do practice files they say everyone has to whether your an entry level or a pro at transcription.  Then you finish and if you finish before their two week minimum requirement you have to wait to download the next group sometimes a week or more.  Then after you do 4 groups you test and you may pass the test but they will say you have errors whether they are formatting, spacing, spelling, punctuation, etc.  It is a gip cause you actually probably don't have those errors.  Plus, they are not consistent at all regarding punctuation. 


It is a situation where most of us are trusting enough to think it is an innocent ploy that they will help us learn if we are not as experienced.  They never have you practice on any other specialty except for rheumatology and your practice files are only clinic notes and when you test it is a consultation. 

***Beware of Toth Transcription*** Update

One of the MTs who was scammed by Toth Transcription went to her attorney this week.  PLEASE READ

Hello, I talked to my attorney, he said where there is smoke there is fire.  WE ALL need to file complaints with the attorney general in each of our states as well in PA, also the department of labor and wages.  WE ALL need to do this.  There are a few loop holes in the contract,  The attoney general will help us, it will just take time, but if will go faster if EVERYONE files complaints. SO PLEASE pass this information along when you post, that it is imperative that we all file complaints, it can be done all online and when they contact us to fill out the information, do so quickly and we can win this. even though it has been alot of years for you, you to need to file a complaint, that will help us.  Thanks alot!!!

I know that the husband is verbally abusive to a lot of the MTs.  He does this because he knows how threatening he sounds. He does this because he knows he gets away with it, and he doesn't believe that any of us will actually do something about it.  

Don't be willing to let him get away with this any longer.  He only knows how to make you work, work, work, and keep your money rather than pay you.  He thinks he has it nailed down to a science, but as it is mentioned in the above paragraph, there are loopholes in his contract that he makes you sign. 

Please, if you work for them now or if you know somebody who does, or you used to work for them and they owe you money, don't waste time - e-mail me at *****.  We need to get as many MTs as possible that were unfairly treated by this husband and wife business.  They need to pay.  You need your money that you worked so hard for.  Our goal is to get them shut down.  So let's do it.

A couple more names for the BEWARE LIST

Apparently, sometimes they use the name Transcription Management Systems of Illinois and sometimes they use Transcription Systems of Illinois.  Regardless, if these two names ever show up in the process of applying for a new job or if you currently work for them under whatever name they made up RUN.  They will NOT pay you.  Since they are somehow related or use to be related I felt it necessary to add Lissie's name because she poses as the 'office manager' and doesn't bother to give straight answers either.  Anyone else filing in small claims tomorrow.  I know at least two of us are.  We haven't heard anything from the attorney so we will just go ahead and do what we already told her we were going to do. 

Who are the contacts for this job? Beware of ANY NEW company in Illinois. NM
Superior Global Solutions-SGS-BEWARE!!!!!

For any of my fellow MTs looking for work and a good company, please stay away from SGS (Superior Global Solutions) unless you want a company who lies to their MTs constantly, takes accounts away at random, demotes regularly while trying to make it look like a promotion to the other MTs, and the list goes on and on. I had the displeasure of working for them after they bought the company I was happy working for, and then almost overnight everything changed. They demoted my supervisor, took away her account of over a year where she worked every single day for that year, took away my hourly QA position, and gave us the opportunity to work on production again on horrible accounts. They took the account we had been working on and were very familiar and proficient with, and gave it to a more favored team leader. They then trained an inexperienced MT to do my job of QA which they took away from me even though I was trained and very good in that position. None of their decisions are fair and none of them make any sense. The people in charge are greedy, stingy, and the most dishonest bunch I've ever had to deal with. They'll promise the moon and give you absolutely nothing in return. There is no loyalty, no professional courtesy, no compassion or concern for the MTs who make the company profitable. They are the worst, absolute worst, company out there right now and yet they're advertising on MT Jobs and elsewhere for more MTs while their own MTs seldom have work available to do on a daily basis. They no longer allow any flex time, so if you have no work for days on end you're expected to just take that time without pay or use whatever you've accumulated in the PTO bank. Their pay has been late on many occasions and no matter what they do they can't seem to get their payroll department to have a clue as to what they're doing, many mistakes are made on a regular basis, and again they just don't care. They won't answer questions about anything that matters, and when they do decide you're worthy of their time and an answer, it's very short, vague, and leaves you wondering what was really said. Please save yourself considerable time and frustration, not to mention hundreds of dollars in pay you could be making elsewhere, and stay away from this horrid company.

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