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Be sure to remind yourself of that when

Posted By: YOUR retirement time (or lack of) - on 2009-03-01
In Reply to: Everybody else to blame - LK

rolls around, chickie.

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I would ask or remind them I should say...
nowadays you have to do that...
A few days, remind them
Once you take your test and send it back, if you pass it will be just a couple of days.  They are swamped with applications.  If offered the job, TAKE IT.  I absolutely think this is the best job I've ever had as an at-home editor.  They are growing by leaps and bounds, the people are sooooooo very friendly, the platform is incredibly simple, and believe me, there's plenty of work and extra work available.   I've only been with them going on a month but I am soooo happy, the stress level is way down!!! 
Let me REMIND you, big head, u have a husband to PAY for the car; some of us are single or widows
GET REAL, U BIGHEAD.  What if you didn't have a second income from your husband?   You wouldn't be bragging so much about your hybrid!   You are probably mgmt, anyway.  They are the only ones whose paychecks do not change unless go up due to raises given to themselves from the MT's money.
Agreed. They remind one of MQ. Where is the current employee handbook on the Comm Page?