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Bout ready to take this computer to the pawn shop

Posted By: IAMT on 2009-05-03
In Reply to: Do you have anything you could take to a pawn shop? - mt2

and cancel the internet - then find a real job again that pays hourly, has a sane schedule, gives me a yearly raise and a paid vacation.  Get paid if there is work and don't have to hear We don't pay for downtime.  Not kidding either.   Might enjoy socializing a bit again too. 

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Do you have anything you could take to a pawn shop?
My son used to pawn his electric guitars, then on payday he went and bought them back. Then when he finally matured, he pawned them and just left them there for good.
Advice from an MTSO. You will not be ready until you think you are ready and it takes more than MT
One of the most important things a service owner can have is confidence. You have to have confidence in yourself before anyone else can.

Transcription is only about 50% of what you need to know. Set yourself up right from the beginning. Pick a name, incorporate, open a checking account.

Then put the basics in place down to the littlest detail. Pick your colors, your logo, your motto.

Put together a business plan. A formal one. It will help define where you want to go and will add to the professional image you want to portray. Register with the state and your city or county.

Take a small business class at a community college - that is a HUGE help.

The other 50% is accounting, business management, HR, marketing, sales and legalities.

It sounds like a lot but it will pay off.

And be prepared ... as you succeed, there will be a lot of people that will try to talk you out of it but you need to be strong and realize that they did not do it so they have no idea. Get some thick skin.

I used to post a lot on here, and learned the hard way not to. This is the first time in a long time that I have come over here, but your post caught my eye. I do not post anymore, but my company has a lot of posts about it and you have to learn to put blinders on it and ignore the bashers. Hard to do but trust me, very necessary.

Anonymous MTSO, although some will figure out who I am !
Shop around
before deciding. I had worked for Transhealth and left as I got tired waiting around for work and was not going to be working outside my scheduled shift to accomodate them when there was work as I do have a life. Even if they paid 10 cpl it is not worth it, not especially if you are stuck on an ESL account as you will be pulling your hair halfway through your shift.
You might be right bout that.
I have been unhappy here for awhile now, hoping it will end. Maybe I'm just burned out and need a vacation.
It's okay, I shop at Target enough

to make up for you and probably 3 other people boycotting.

I did hear about the Salvation Army thing but honestly, I agreed with their stance on it. 

Sorry bout the confusion -- DSG-- nm
How bout those Cubs?
that's what I am talkinga bout, let the sm
newbies do it, etc. etc. Everybody should be doing it! Its part of the doggone job! I too have worked when my kids were in the hopsital. I had one with chronic asthma in the hospital every two months for five years. Had to work, didn't have a choice. Need to get a new profession taht is not medical. The MTSOs don't owe you anything as far as accommodating your schedule with new equipment, etc. If you want to work this is the way it is. If not, then don't. Its your choice. Its not going to change. Believe me I don't like it either, but I have to have a paycheck so its this or train for something else.
Medscribe SWEAT SHOP
Hey thank you so much. I have been looking for someone to validate my thoughts. They treat me like dirt. The pay is crapola. They have all these little rah rah emails and they also email everyone with an angry and cross manner when one person does something in error. I am making zilch in this dump.
For 7.5 cents a line they want you to do impossible dictators like Laredo Medical Center where you can understand nothing and if you leave a blank they get mad because there is too much in editing. They call me when I don't make the line counts and berate me UGH.

They could check your history. Best not to shop on E-bra
When I am waiting for work to come up. My PC is on the next desk.

How bout radiology accounts?

bout a year and a half ago
been awhile.
How bout taking it to YOU TUBE?
Now THAT would likely get you a response quick!
How bout something like USAType or TransUSA?
Well, how bout all of us that worked under these conditions
IC and asked to work a schedule and it is not in the contract we signed who have left these companies now report them to the IRS?  I think we would be helping out MTs in the future when some of these companies don't seem to want to play fairly.  I worked under these conditions (IC with a strict schedule) 2 years ago and did it cuz I needed the job.  Ain't there anymore so think I will report them now and maybe this will let the MTSO deal with the ole IRS.  They know they are not complying and most companies know they can get around paying overtime too because of the way we are paid.  Some have gotten caught on that one but not enough.  Its just not right or fair and they keep doing it don't care.  We need to take a stand and be treated more fairly as MTs.  I got nothin to lose reporting my previous company to the IRS and am gonna do it. 
Where can we shop for supplies that aren't imported? sm
I really don't mind paying a little more, have always supported our local merchants, but just can't find everything my son needs for school, etc., locally except at Wal-Mart. I don't buy his clothing or shoes there. What major retailers sell USA products? TIA.
I wonder if this is a small shop? Surely someone here works for them.

Did you do any of the STAT work they had?  If so, may I email you?


No, I neither shop at Walmart or go to Disney World
Would not be caught dead at either place. Neither do I buy Levi or Lazy-Boy products since they moved to Mexico.
I wanted to use my own computer and get rid of the RENT on TT computer, but Vista is not compatible.
Good way to make them money.  Not have to upgrade software so that Vista is compatible with Vista.  Huh?
I am no longer gonna say nutin' bout them.

As a nod to show my displeasure in certain actions I have witnessed, I will no longer say nutin' about them.  It is just a place for me to earn a paycheck now and certainly no sense of pride is held by me any longer.  I know I am also being watched here as well and refuse to change my handle to anon or anything gay like that. 

Shame, shame, shame and they know why. 

If all true, I forecast a bout of burnout in the near
Sorry bout last post, Guess I will slow down.

The beginning just doesn't even make sense.  Meant to go back and delete and proof - sorry.  That darn post reply button was just too handy;-)  Back to work gals. 

MEDSCRIBE jacksonville, turn your house into a sweat shop

They are brow beaters.

pay stinks


It stops at the end of the month you quit. Shop around though, I found insurance
for $193 a month for me and the kids. Limit is 2 doctor visits each for a year, but since it is only temporary that is fine, lots cheaper than Cobra which was doing to cost me over $800
Sweat shop mentality! Time for you to leave and find a job where you'll
there are a couple of recent posts on the main board, bout halfway down...
Also check the archives, you could do much better for yourself...
One more computer question. I got my computer today and
trying to set it up.  Man unpacking the box and setting everything up is a major undertaking; more so for me because I used a laptop before and my desk isn't tower friendly.   Anyway, no info came with the tower and I don't yet have the password to get in (paperwork says to call M-F).  Is the tower WiFi compatible?   My DSL is hooked to a different computer and I wanted to know if I can setup new computer as WiFi or if I need to move modem to new computer and set other computer up as WiFi. 
Again, you are not ready
...If you have to ask if there is a contract to type up. If you have been an MT for ten years, you've had to sign a contract with an MTSO. It should be common sense that you would do a contract if you have your own account. Even though the client can break it at any time.

MTs don't mind helping MTs. I think if you seemed a little more knowledgeable you would be getting a better response.

You may want to do some research first. You are not asking the right questions. You don't strike me as someone who has been in this business for ten years.
Get Ready
that is way too high - and is why you are being replaced bu Indians.
You probably won't know until they are ready for you to.

Yes, I'm about ready if
If like you said, I knew I could have a good job out of the house, I would take it. I'm tired of being treated like a first grader by MT companies who think they are all that.

I work like a dog, and I'm very honest but I have people micromanaging me and telling me to make sure I'm not late... they are crazy. I overwork if anything. Egos.
I'm getting ready to start sm
with a company that uses this platform and am curious as to how it works as well. I'm wondering if there is a built-in line counter.
get ready to tell your thumb
that it's going to work for free. Phoenix Medcom doesn't pay for spaces.
Get ready to be clocked in....

I would think it is tough to go from IC (flexibility) to working a strict shift.  This is just my opinion.  The other problem with working for that hospital is that at any given time they could outsource the work.  I'd be very careful if I were you especially if you are an IC with your very own clients that you service yourself and not through an MTSO, which is actually subcontracting. 

Even though you are hourly, I'm sure they'll want some sort of production out of you, and this as well can be stressful in a new environment. 

It's tough, but if I were you, I'd stay IC.

Most are ready for editing though, sm
Much more work flow these days now that they added additional work types.  Easy to make good money.    I like it.
Only if you're PT ready to go FT

For 1/4 of a cent raise.

Yes, I'm ready to give up the PT MT I do
because this 3 cpl VR crap is for the birds!   I already gave up FT MT after 20+ years and that was a WONDERFUL decision for me.  
Ready to scream!!
I need to vent!!  There is a certain co-worker who lurks, hovers, and then pounces whenever she sees good jobs coming up.  She waits until I am tied up with another job and then swoops in like a sniper and grabs them.  She does this over and over!  It is becoming so disgusting. 
getting ready to test with Amphion
anyone take the test recently?  How was it? 
ITA with poster below. You aren't ready to go
after your own accounts.   You need to do some research, to be more confident.   The questions you are asking indicate you haven't a clue and that isn't a good place to start.  I don't know what your life experience is, or your experience as an MT, but you need a bit more experience under your belt to be able to get and keep your own accounts. 
I am getting ready to apply with Diskriter.
Do they offer a good rate of pay? Did you get an offer from Diskriter or one of their hospitals?
I was ready to sign the contract. (nm)
I know 2 people who are getting documents ready
One of them recorded a conversation where they called and ask her to work and also has email's requesting work on her off day's.
Ready to quit Spheris
I have had it with Spheris. So, I am now looking for another company. With the lack of benefits and reduction in pay I can no longer work there. I will be looking for something better. At this point, I do not know how much more of this I can take.
Ready to Quit Spheris
You have my sympathy. Just make sure you have something else lined up before you quit. I worked Spheris and another company at the same time just to make sure I was not jumping into the fire. We are in recession right now, which makes it an employer's market whether we like it or not. The way MTs are being treated is upsetting to everyone.
I was just getting ready to post the same theory
I can imagine that some PSs don't appreciate it when recruiters hire unqualified MTs for a particular position. I'm not saying the OP was unqualified, but if a recruiter has a history of not hiring within job requirements, thereby putting a huge load on the PS, I can see how the PS might not be a happy camper. It's definitely not right of her to take it out on the MT, but that might at least be the reason for such irrational behavior?
she pays when she gets good and ready to!
She does not pay when the client pays her even though that is what the contract says.  If you want to get paid on time, I would not recommend this company at all.
I'm also ready to throw in the towel
and am counting the days (a little over two years) until I can retire. I work for a splendid company, but the industry in general is headed for the sewer.
I'm about ready to quit my job getting paid...
Once a month and you know what? They can't even do that! I have not had a check for 5 weeks and when I asked where it is they said it has not even been sent yet!

Bet you're wondering why right? Well so was I so I asked (politely of course), and my response.

The swine flu is slowing the post office down

I ask myself that too but I was just ready to have a simple account sm
with a repetitive dictator daily where I could make more money using templates and macros with all the repetitiveness. I know I can make more money in the long run that way and that is what it sounded like to me so I guess I was desperately looking for a way to make more money for less time spent.

Also, the pay was only 0.06 gross line or they call it physical line.
As much as I like to work at home, I'm ready to