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Call the medical records dept there. Sm

Posted By: nm on 2005-11-12
In Reply to: Anyone know who has contract for... - Miss the work

I did a bit of this account, too, but my primary was a sister hospital. Loved it.

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Call the hospital medical records dept and ask who does their transcription. They will tell you.
When I MT'd inhouse in a hospital medical records dept.,
the hourly pay was around $9/hr. I had plenty of experience too. The lady there who had about 25 years of experience made around $12/hr.... I have no idea why it was so low. That's why I ended up working for a service at home. As low as VR pays, that $9-$12 is starting to sound good though. What a shame this profession is.
Why not call and ask the HR Dept???
Thank you. I would like to call HUP but I have no idea who to contact in the MR Dept. to talk to. Do
you know the direct phone number to the person in HUP MR because to go through the main number is like trying to call the president.
AC Medical Records?

HI! Has anyone heard of AC Medical Records in Oregon?  I was offered a position with them and was wondering if anyone had any info. Thanks in advance!


AC Medical Records

Seeking feedback on this company with an Oregon address, positive, negative, or neutral.  Any info welcomed.  Thanks.

Which is EXACTLY why U.S. medical records should
Their poverty and desperateness to survive is exactly why something like ID theft has certainly got to be too big of a temptation to ignore.
i was offered at 8 cpl for medical records w/o ops
Medical Records Company
Anyone heard of Medical Records Company.  Ive never seen them on here before, but just looking for info.  Thanks
AC Medical Records (ACMR)
Does anybody have any info on AC Medical Records (ACMR) transcription company in Oregon?  Thanks!
Plus your medical records include your SS#, too! nm
AC Medical Records (ACMR)
Does anybody have any info. on  AC Medical Records (ACMR), a transcription company out of Oregon?  Thank you!
MRC Medical Records Corp? sm
Anyone have any information on this company in Florida? Thanks.
FT Medical Records Transcriptionist
Who does she work for?
Medical Records Corp
Anyone have any input on Medical Records Crop out of Maryland? In can't find them in the archives. Thanks in advance.
Medical Records Corp
Hi there.  Not sure if I am correct but I used to be with Medical Records Corp out of Florida and then it was just MRC and of course, Medquist bought them out.  Is there a different Medical Records Corp you are talking about?  Sorry if this info is wrong.
Medical Records Corp
I am talking w/them now. Just did testing today. Seems like a nice lady that I talked with. You do know that they don't pay for spaces don't you?
Medical Records Corp.
Worked for them for a very short time. Very unorganized. Ran out of work the first week almost everyday within the first few hours of my shift. It did not work out for me. Had trouble getting my paycheck as well. Maybe things are better now.
I watch the news out of Atlanta. The story they are handing out about the stolen medical records is that the company Grady outsources to outsourced it yet to another vendor and that is where the records were taken from. Sounds like, to me, it was offshored through their original vendor!! I would love to know the REAL story!!!!
Most people don't even know their medical records are
good sense to occasionally pay the fee, and have ALL your medical records sent to you for review. And not just the bits and pieces they CHOOSE to post online, if your medical provider has a patient website. Those are highly edited. You want to know EVERYthing that was dictated and typed. ESPECIALLY if you're having medical problems, insurance problems, your doctor isn't taking your illness seriously, etc.

One time I took the usual, illegible Rx to the pharmacy to get meds a specialist had prescribed for me. Was shocked to find out they were the same meds I had told her DIDN'T WORK at the last visit. It was clearly there in my previous report, too, so there's no way she could say she didn't hear me when I told her. She heard me alright, she just didn't check my medical record when she ordered the meds.

EVEN WORSE, at the next visit, she ordered a muscle relaxant for me that I was ALLERGIC to! (And that had been in my medical record for YEARS.) But apparently the origin of the more recent reports was slightly in question. No signature, and no one would verify to me if they were typed offshore or in the US.

So, in addition to educating people about their SS #'s, etc. going offshore, educate them that when something in their medical care is fishy, to become a detective and find out WHERE their reports have been transcribed. My quess is OFFSHORE.
Looking into medical records and include
this into the criteria to hire somebody or not, yes, this I would regard as overall discrimination.

But to be subjected to a hearing test to be hired for an MT job, is not discrimination of any sort.
VR and messed up medical records
I agree. I have a friend who asked me to look at his medical record that he obtained from the hospital and I found a lot of mistakes that would not be made had they not used VR and the MT Editor had not missed those mistakes. Like lists. Instead of a vertical list, it runs the list altogether. Impression 1,2,3 and 4 are in one big paragraph. No punctuation, words run together. Yes, there will be lawsuits.
I see errors on my OWN medical records and
so, are heads going to roll because of that? Someone typed in I had hypotension when it is really hypertension, someone said I had MRA done because of abdominal pain, never was abdominal pain. My mother was sent some wrong medication from the drug store and you think anything has come out of this?
all medical records should be electronic.
tell everyone you know that medical records go to India
Any information on MRC-MD, aka Medical Records Corp?
Anyone heard of Medical Records Corp. of MD? sm

They are posting that they are hiring at 10 to 12 cpl, however, wondering what the catch is......are they a school or something???  TIA

Medical Records Corp of Maryland
Anyone know anything about this company? Any info would be appreciated!
Has anyone ever heard of AC Medical Records Management out of Oregon? TIA nm

My personal opinion is MEDICAL RECORDS as we know them will not be around in 3 years.

There will be no need for the HP, DS, and other notes we have to generate right now.

The only reason we do notes is so hospitals can get paid.

If the coders can read the chart, and don't need us to type out what a doctor says, they don't need 80% of what we do.

We shouldn't be doing DIABETES LETTERS and all that crap.  That responsibility will be shifted off to other entities.

The op notes may be still done but I sort of doubt it.

  nice know'n ya.

Mine too - Medical Records Corp - Gone with the Qwind. (nm)
I remember Medical Records Corporation, worked there, SM
then it became something like Medical Records Group and then Medquist. It kept going down, down, down..... Sad.
Any info on Medical Records Corp or FutureNet?
Can't find much info here on archive search...anybody know anything they can share?  thanks much!
Offshoring of American medical records is flat out wrong and...
a security risk in some cases...
Per job post you need ŕ-3 years of medical records transcription experience"

Reason for the revolving door at OSi, always has been that way, always will be  

MRC (Medical Records Corp)?? Any information out there on them. I couldnt find anything in the
archives. Any help would be appreciated. Thinking of applying.
There are few account for editing Powerscribe. Not for medical records or for most radiology sm
accounts. There are few accounts that ditched VR, which is nice. I think that is going to help set Keystrokes apart; being open to the idea of it but not pushing it.
Our medical records are private. They should not be sent overseas. The language barrier can sm
cause a lot of very serious errors in a medical record, and I, for one, want my work kept here.

There are a lot of services that do not send work overseas and will not because they believe in keeping everything in the U.S. It was the deciding factor for me when weighing between two companies. One company was very vague when asked, but the other, Keystrokes, was adamant about staying U.S. only.

I started with them 2 years ago and will retire with this company, as long as it keeps the same ownership (had to clarify that as if the ownership changes, I would probably leave). I have not heard of them selling out, so I am hoping to stay!
I disagree. Accuracy of patient medical records should not be dependent on how smooth your life is

at the time.  If you had quality issues, and they were being sent to you, which is a warning, then you should have been extra careful.  Our clients deserve a perfect product regardless of what life is handing you at the moment.


Can anyone give me good or bad on Medical Records Corporation or Transcription Relief Services? nm
You call paying your own taxes, medical expense,

no paid vacation or sick pay a decent job? 


no way you are not in QA dept yourself
Any big changes at OSI QA Dept?

I took prolonged maternity leave and would go back to OSi but only if they have a different QA Dept. since summer of 2005.  I never recommend OSI to anyone and I would never return unless that has changed. 


Where is the HR dept?
Sounds like you are from the QA Dept--
in order for you to make ASSumptions of what my working experience at OSi was like. This is EXACTLY the kind of attitude most of the people I have dealt with at OSI have. You have just demonstrated my point, thank you.
Okay then BS, get it together. Your dept has been hit the hardest with
You might want to get busy.
So many QA people are getting fired, and she is still hiring replacements for them long before they have a clue that they are about to get the ax. She is not keeping anyone who knows more than she does.

Speaking of which, did you see the email about the account manager position? Only 2 years experience as an MT is required. Two years experience. Unbelievable! Cheap-cheap-cheap.

That is what is wrong with OSi. Nobody is qualified to do their uppity jobs, including the QA Director, except the MTs, who continue to lose work to India via outsourcing!!!!
If DOL is all your HR dept will take, then anyone stating here they could
Perhaps you should just give it up if you are not willing to call and/or see an attorney for yourself. lol

What companies use ADP for their HR dept? nm.
Have you tried their payroll dept???
I went into a radiology dept. for a few years.
It was good for my self-esteem for one thing, got me up out of bed with the rest of the world, dressed nicely and out of the house with the morning traffic. Mingling with the masses was great also. Was surprised on how much info we can pick up just by chatting with whoever is beside us whereever we are. The office politics is what took the joy out of it for me. Favoritism, unfair distribution of work, etc plus the gossip behind each others back. I tried to keep to myself but some women simply insist on infiltrating your boundaries and if you refuse, are considered not a team member (being a team member is big in the work place these days; in my dept., it was more important that quality/quantity of work, reliability, ethics. I watched one woman get creamed during evaluations because she was a Debbie Downer, a personality trait that she could do nothing about.