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ChartScript easy to learn/use/good line count?

Posted By: Diskriter on 2007-05-07
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Please post any experiences you have had with this platform. Also,does Diskriter provide good insurance and have plenty of work?

Is it easy to get required line counts?

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Pay is good, platform very easy. Got line count within days. (sm)
The people you work with/for are extremely helpful. There is an incentive plan which they will explain to you during interview process. No 401 match - that is a bummer. First year PTO only a few days, but picks up the next year.

Apply and have the recruiter go over it all with you. It is well worth the time.

Good luck.
very easy to learn - good platform
I have worked on a few different platforms and this one works well. Very explicit account specifics as well so it makes it much easier to do your job.
easy to learn, but not good for productivity
Is it easy to get your required line count?
EASY to make line count!
My experience was the opposite. I routinely did 1600-2000 lines a day, WAY over minimum of about 1200 lines a day. I can't make that now in my current job, but at Spheris it was easy. It does depend on the accounts you're assigned, though, so I don't doubt that it COULD be hard to make line count at Spheris. Just depends.
Great place - ExText is easy to learn and user friendly. Good pay. Nice, COMPETENT people.
When the company line count is fair - it is easy nm
Yes, if gross line count and easy dictator
to start with.
I love it. It is fast, easy to learn and easy to use.

I have always had trouble getting a good line count with them! nm
It's easy to learn...

Not sure what kind of advice you're looking for... I don't think you should be freaking out.  It's the best platform I've ever used and it's very easy to learn.  I'm sure this isn't giving you anything helpful, but not sure what you want to know. 


ProScript platform - good line count?
Just wondering for those out there with ProScript, are you getting a good line count with their platform?
Chartscript Is Very Easy To Me!
And obviously you have lots of MT experience so you should have no problems!  It does have an embedded abbreviation expander, which I really like.  I used CS all the way from Dos based to .Net and all of the versions, to me, are easier, as all (except.Net) are Word based.  Therefore you have Word, which you probably already know how to use, plus the abbreviation expander.  Demographics screen is easy to use & understand and is not too long before you get to document.  Shortcut keys are available and Keystrokes as well so you don't have to move your fingers off the keys if you don't want to.  I even use keystrokes for the dictation rather than a pedal!  All in all, I think you'll like it and you won't have any problems learning to use it!  Good luck with the new job!  If you have more questions, you can ask and I'll try to help!
I usually do it the hard way too, but I learn the easy
way in the process usually.    We have to remember that computers are only machines - LOL. 
Bayscribe is very easy to learn.
The training lasted about 1-1/2 hours, but most of that was installing it.  The trainer went over a few functions and the rest is in the manual, which is very easy.  I went from DocQScribe to Bayscribe without any problem.  Bayscribe doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but it works well.  Everything is on 1 screen (all the demographics).  I have no problem making my counts on it.
I found it very easy to learn and like V8 even more. sm
I felt comfortable within a half an hour. The demographics are even easier on the version 8 (newest upgrade) and most of them are filled in for you with very little need to make changes.  Once you learn the shortcuts the editing becomes second nature.  My suggestion is to practice them one or two at a time until your fingers do them automatically and then move on to adding to your shortcuts and eventually you'll be using them all as second nature as normal typing.  I do about 90% editing and 10% typing and I'm happy with that mixture, sometimes more, sometimes less. I make more than double my lines with editing so the decreased pay per line equals more than I do with straight typing.  Of course there are days that are the exception and I get a lot more edits than usual and it brings my counts down but on a majority of days I will do about 550-600 lines editing and typing about 220 lines per hour, on a comfortable working hour.
Their platform is easy to learn...
Softscript's work interface is three-fold: a proprietary report client which downloads, uploads, and retrieves ADT; an audio player in the background; and MS Word which automatically opens the report for you--all you do in Word is type and save. I don't see why Instant Text wouldn't work; MS Word itself has a similar auto-replace function as well.
Truthfully - I couldn't get a good line count on Bayscribe. sm
I have 24 years experience doing all acute care and focusing on op reports. I could not get more than 200 lines per hour as opposed to my normal 350 lph. I had to rebuild an Expander as theirs comes with absolutely nothing and their spellcheck is not up to date and not Stedman's. So, I was just not used to working that way. Plus the sound quality using wave player was terrible. So, I used the Lanier for another account and never got the same dictator twice in a week doing all op reports. I stuck it out for a few months thinking, ok let me try this and get used the account and maybe increase my line count. Guess what - it didn't happen. So, I left.

My gut instinct was this was not going to work the third day I was working there - usually your gut instincts are correct so follow them.

All-in-all, I guess it is a good company and you can make a decent line count with the right account; however, that was not the case for me.

I went and got my own accounts again and am up to speed doing 350 - 400 lines an hour working in Word and using my up-to-date Stedman's and my own expander.

Also, those daily 3x a day e-mails telling us we are going to lose the account and everyone stretch, etc. just got to me. In my opinion, they are so unprofessional and if an owner has that much time on her hands, there is something wrong. I found them not encouraging at all and, in fact, had the opposite effect on me. Once I got one of those e-mails, I didn't want to work anymore or extra and sometimes I just stopped working for a while. Never an e-mail saying thank you to everyone for getting the account caught up or keeping it caught up - only do more, more and more.

Hope this helps! Not everyone will agree. Some love it there and make a good line count; however, this was just my experience.

They really dont pay enough for having most ESL accounts. Hard to get a good line count
and then to only make 8 cpl. It really is not worth it. Chartscript is not productive in my opinion.
The platform is Scribe. EASY to learn and use.
The line count is straight 65 characters with spaces and you can see your count which is important to me.

Today is supposed to be my day off. I needed to do a bunch of errands and catch up and do closets. So far, it's almost 10:30 and I have been on here all morning! I need to scoot!
Love Ex-Text - easy to learn
Platform is fairly easy to learn, pay is

low/average, trainers/supervisor are helpful (at least the ones I've dealt with have been), bennies 35+ weeks.

This is Dictaphone's ExText and very easy to learn. Have
Don't know, but similar to typical and very easy to learn. NM
Platform super easy to learn
I had heard horror stories about SoftScript before I accepted the job (realized you can't believe everything and took a chance). I gave them a shot and have been thrilled. The platform is super easy compared to some of the other Nationals I have worked for. Pay is a about 8 cpl, but that seems standard for Nationals. Tons of work.

I would recommend SoftScript to anyone and I have worked for the worst, MQ, Transcend, Medsribe, etc.
Medrite is very easy to learn, transcription friendly...nm
Just started it last month. It is nice and easy to learn
as long as you have experience with ExText or ExSpeech....All the things I thought were flukey with ExSpeech have now been corrected in EX Editor. You will enjoy it.
TS has very outdated platform, and it's very hard to get a good daily line count. NMout
Chartscript is easy. Fast. VPN and Iplayer No big deal.
WAY better than Extext.
TT has plenty of work. The platform is super easy to learn and
I'm not having any trouble at all making good line counts doing ESL discharge summaries. Super nice people as well.
WMX - line count. Was working along and noted line count accumulation (sm)

signed off the report I was typing.  Those lines didn't add immediately, but sometimes they do that.  What concerns me is that when I signed that job off and the next one came up, not only were the other lines not added in but they were LESS than they were before I signed off previous job.

I thought I noticed this happening the other day, but figured I just wasn't paying attention.  Today I definitely noticed it.  For some reason it changed it's mind and took 8 lines off my line count.  What the heck? 

Am not really ecstatic with the way things are going anyway  and then this confuses me. 

Please, someone have a realistic explanation so I don't feel paranoid and cheated here. 

Then company should set line count per day with incentives for above that. If get line count done
I was quoted a 65-ch line using Chartscript. nm
WordPerfect vs. Word - similar? Is WordPerfect easy to learn? OK with both on one PC? Thanks. nm
Line counts - the lower the line count requirements
the harder the account and problems with trying to get production off the platform the company uses.
I'm with them. Good work environment, easy accounts and I'm making really good money. nm

I work on Docuscribe (not MQ) and have also worked on Chartscript in the past. My line counts went
down significantly when I went to the DQS platform.  Don't know if it is being manipulated or not, just simply stating the facts as I have seen them.
In my limited jobseeking experience I'm finding I only get to learn line rate after I spend hours
They are good production and interesting, but hard to learn. nm
Ditto - it's never a good thing to learn transcription

So are we all in agrement that ChartScript is productive and a good program? nm
NEVER believe the company line. Do line count for yourself.
Is it easy to get high line counts? sm
Do you find it easier, same, harder than other companies you've been with to produce high line counts?

What type of Expander software to they use?

Do you have to do a lot of looking up demographics or does everything prefill?

Also love ExText even though the line counts can be low. Easy to use! nm
It's the ExText software. Easy to use. Has it's own expander, if you want, and line counting b
Is it easy to get line counts on Precyse radiology accounts?? sm

anyone using dial up with radiology accts, are you getting good line counts?  i've done a search on archives and reading info about the company.  anyone else radiology-wise care to share their experience?


I got 100% on the phone interview, and thought the on-line test was easy, but they still didn't h
LIne count

I have had the same accounts for up to 15 years.  On my surgeons with even charging 12 cents a line I can often make $50 to $60 an hour with their consults.  I think it is fair.  They pay within 48 hours, never a bounced check, got $500 Christmas bonus.  I can do them in my sleep.    They never question my line counts.  It is 60 characters to a line and gross lines, not character count.  On a consult for breast cancer, that is 3 to 4 pages,  probably type 50 lines as the physical is so standard.  If I charged more I would feel like I was ripping them off.  I make a decent living and so  pass it onto them.   I gross over 11,000 lines per month with them and work 5 to 6 hours per week.   They like the smaller amount per line.   My other is a clinic that I have a lot of auto corrects set up and still make $35 an hour and so why charge them an arm and leg when I am making decent money.  My sub's make close to $25 an hour as they aren't quite as fast as I am and don't use as many quick corrects but at 8 to 9 cents they average 250 to 350 (psych reports) per hour.   So we are all happy.     Half way through the year I myself  have made $26,500.   And that is with a slow June. 



line count
I have always understood that gross line pay is better than character counted. This could be false, however, depending on font used and size of font, as well as the format of the report. Sorry, don't know info specific to Meditech's system, but have read "To convert Gross Lines to Net Lines multiply Gross Lines by .70." This obviously reduces gross lines by 30% to a net line count, but it does not make sense that this formula would be accurate all the time considering all the variables involved (those mentioned above as well as the fact that character counted net lines are not a standard 65, and could be whatever number the client has agreed to pay on).
line count
How can you get an exact count by Word? Even the different Word programs vary.
My line count
Some say that if you are not a high producer, you may actually do well with VR?  How true is that? Due to the summer, my line count is only in the 6 or 7000 range per pay period.  However, in the beginning of Sept, the kids will go  back to school and I will start working full time.  Given that there is full time work available to me, could I stand to actually make more money doing VR?