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WMX - line count. Was working along and noted line count accumulation (sm)

Posted By: Anon please on 2009-10-04
In Reply to:

signed off the report I was typing.  Those lines didn't add immediately, but sometimes they do that.  What concerns me is that when I signed that job off and the next one came up, not only were the other lines not added in but they were LESS than they were before I signed off previous job.

I thought I noticed this happening the other day, but figured I just wasn't paying attention.  Today I definitely noticed it.  For some reason it changed it's mind and took 8 lines off my line count.  What the heck? 

Am not really ecstatic with the way things are going anyway  and then this confuses me. 

Please, someone have a realistic explanation so I don't feel paranoid and cheated here. 

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Then company should set line count per day with incentives for above that. If get line count done
Glad that line count is finally working..
..for a while anyway.
When I asked about line count, was told they were working on getting that available but I worked
that was working for a hospital direct, honestly calibrated line count...
11 cpl, easy, easy dictators on a pull up a number, type/type, save and repeat system.

those days have been discussed on this board before, and those days, unfortunately, are over.

It's a buyers market.
Line counts - the lower the line count requirements
the harder the account and problems with trying to get production off the platform the company uses.
NEVER believe the company line. Do line count for yourself.
LIne count

I have had the same accounts for up to 15 years.  On my surgeons with even charging 12 cents a line I can often make $50 to $60 an hour with their consults.  I think it is fair.  They pay within 48 hours, never a bounced check, got $500 Christmas bonus.  I can do them in my sleep.    They never question my line counts.  It is 60 characters to a line and gross lines, not character count.  On a consult for breast cancer, that is 3 to 4 pages,  probably type 50 lines as the physical is so standard.  If I charged more I would feel like I was ripping them off.  I make a decent living and so  pass it onto them.   I gross over 11,000 lines per month with them and work 5 to 6 hours per week.   They like the smaller amount per line.   My other is a clinic that I have a lot of auto corrects set up and still make $35 an hour and so why charge them an arm and leg when I am making decent money.  My sub's make close to $25 an hour as they aren't quite as fast as I am and don't use as many quick corrects but at 8 to 9 cents they average 250 to 350 (psych reports) per hour.   So we are all happy.     Half way through the year I myself  have made $26,500.   And that is with a slow June. 



line count
I have always understood that gross line pay is better than character counted. This could be false, however, depending on font used and size of font, as well as the format of the report. Sorry, don't know info specific to Meditech's system, but have read "To convert Gross Lines to Net Lines multiply Gross Lines by .70." This obviously reduces gross lines by 30% to a net line count, but it does not make sense that this formula would be accurate all the time considering all the variables involved (those mentioned above as well as the fact that character counted net lines are not a standard 65, and could be whatever number the client has agreed to pay on).
line count
How can you get an exact count by Word? Even the different Word programs vary.
My line count
Some say that if you are not a high producer, you may actually do well with VR?  How true is that? Due to the summer, my line count is only in the 6 or 7000 range per pay period.  However, in the beginning of Sept, the kids will go  back to school and I will start working full time.  Given that there is full time work available to me, could I stand to actually make more money doing VR?
MQ line count
I've been on DQS for way over a year.  My line count has never improved and I am one the same account every day.  Join the class action and hopefully we will get our money eventually. 
OSi line count - sm
When I started there it was 198 lph...they have lowered it since I left. And why are they allowed to post jobs here? They outsource overseas!!! What happened to MTSTARS policy of not posting jobs from outsourcing companies?
Line Count
Sharon, I've been with TT for over a year and have never had a line count problem (and know it is correct because I know what I can transcribe per hour/day, and have been doing it consistently for years before coming to TT and since being with TT).  Are you new at TT?  If you are having a problem you should email Debbie about it, as she will be able to answer any questions you may have. 
Line Count
This may not be much help but I've worked for 2 years for TT and never had a problem.  Guess before TT I'd worked on just about every platform there is and been paid every way anyone could think of to pay; hourly, by the line, by the minute, per word, per 1000 words, by the page and maybe some others I've forgotten. Thus, I know what I produce forward and backward, don't need to check it, I KNOW when it's right and I'd KNOW if it was wrong.  Once before TT I was complaining to my husband that I absolutely was NOT making ANY money despite the fact that I was working 8 hours a day and that certainly my lines were not being recorded accurately.  Being the helpful person that he is, he suggested that I keep a log for a week of every minute I spent typing and every minute I was out of the chair and then take my log to administration.  To my horror, at the end of the first day, I found I had spent EXACTLY 2.5 hours of the 8 hours I was signed on actually working.  No wonder I wasn't making any money. (Not implying at all that this is the problem with your line count but it certainly was MY problem). Thereafter I parked my butt in the chair and it was amazing how my line count got accurate.
Line Count

I currently work for an oncologist and I do not get paid by the line, but rather a straight salary every month. Can some one tell me about how much typing is involved if expected to type 1800 lines per day??



Line Count
Thank you very much for the information
And how about the line count that you

see not really being the 1 that you get? 

yes that is right line count
transtech only pays for lines typed excluding header, signature, and timestamps.  I have compared the line count from MS word highlighting only what counts and it is equal to Dictaphone line counts. 
dqs line count
My line count went way down, but if it is because of way lines or characters are counted then why do line counts seem to check out in word?  I simply cannot figure out the problem, but hate DQS.
Line count for MDI-MD
You tell them how many lines you will do on a given day.  They just expect you to do what you say you will.
line count
what is the average daily line count on a 65 and 72 character line?  Thanks
Line count
No, not eMTS- this was ChartScript with another company. I do not know the count with eMTS but would like to know what some MTs think who work for them.
Then you need to get your line count up

Then you need to be doing more than  1000 to 1500 lines per day.  So work on getting you line count up.    If you want to make the big bucks, gotta put in the time and effort.  Or like you say get your own accounts but it takes time, dedication and hard work to have your own accounts like the poster below says.  Good and bad to both but bottom line is get your line count up -- if you can. If you can't you need to go somewhere else where you can.   



Line count
Just wondering if any of you currently working there find it difficult to make the daily line count?  I'm looking at applying.  Thank you!     
I use my own line count

I figure my own line count, I am an IC.  I use gross line count now, so the 65-character line count is a new thing for me.  I know they divide the characters by total lines and just wanted to make sure that was the correct procedure to figure -

thanks for the help too!!!

line count
Any problem getting enough lines on their systems and are they accurate?
line count
they use EXText, and it seems to be very accurate
Line count down
Noticed the same thing myself.
TT line count
Me, too. 
line count
It is TTS. Did you have a bad experience with that company? I haven't had any problems, seem very friendly and helpful there.
line count
Does anyone know how lines based on a 37 char. line without spaces equal to a 65 char. line with spaces?  Is it worth it to go to a co who is paying on a 37 char. line withouht spaces compared to a co. paying on a 65 char. line with spaces?
Line count
Would you say that abou 30 reports is equal to 1000 lines?
what does this have to do with line count?
line count
Are any of you Webmedx-ers on ASR yet? That has really wreaked havoc with my line counts.
TT Line Count

Thanks but I'm really not awesome.  The main trick is to sit down in the chair, buckle up and WORK.  Reminds me of one of my stories (everything reminds me of a story in MT).HAHA:  Once I changed jobs...ddi, inc. actually...and I was telling my husband I was about to go job hunting again and I was fixin' to call them up and give them what for because I had never worked at a job where I absolutely could not get a line count.  Being the Wise One that he is, he suggested that I write down every time I got up and make a log so I could use this to tell them how hard I was working for how little money.  I was hoping he would forget about suggesting that but nooooooo....when he came home from work he just had to ask me how my day had gone.  To my shame I had to fess up that while I was signed in to work 10 hours out of that day, I actually had only 2 hours of actual working time!!!!!  I corrected that little problem and poof....my line count soared.  Just as an aside I ended up working 7 years for ddi (until they sold out to the big M) and I made great money and not bragging, but I'm talking $50,000+.

BTW my production won't be so good today....let's see...I've had several long phone conversations, cleaned house, done a couple loads of laundry, taken care of my surgically impaired husband, fed the livestock, piddled around on the MT boards.......and typed.  BUT I've been signed on to work all that time since 7:15 a.m. and my line count is right around 700 anyhow....good enough for P/T I reckon but I agreed to 4 hours a day and I'll make up the lost time that I spent doing other stuff besides being buckled up in the chair.

I don't do 3000 lines consistently...matter-of-fact...I do it seldom because I am P/T.  The only reason I do it is when the account is out of TAT and I try to be a good employee and help any way I can....including working weekends because most people don't want to work weekends and I don't care....otherwise, the accounts go somewhere else and there you go....then we all have something to complain about.... like no work at all.  My point is, I CAN do 3000 lines and so too can anyone else, it's really no great feat.  I'm fortunate that I'm at the point in life that I do MT because I want to....it actually cost me a good bit in taxes this year too, so financially I'd probably have been better off not working.

The first suggestion I would make toward increasing the line count is see above.....check how you're working...it may surprise you.  Second no matter that it's easy to make corrections on the computer, it wasn't so easy to make corrections on a manual typewriter with 7 carbon copies, so work to improve the accuracy of your typing.  May not seem like much but every time you have to correct something either by backspacing or with spellcheck, you're using a second or two and those seconds add up to minutes.  Then, of course, make full use of the ShortHand program......this from the person who was the last one dragged screaming and kicking to learn to use the computer.

Happy typing!


line count
Do you use your own line counter and if so what do you use.
TT Line Count

I'm a regular reader, seldom post.  This discussion seems to go on and on and keeps popping up.  I'm in a  mood this morning so here's what I have to say about that.

A little background.....I'm an old MT;  ya know, social security queen, so I work P/T.  I've worked for so many companies I can't remember all of 'em and I've been MTing so long I forget how long.  I've been paid by the character, by the line, by the page, by the 1000 words and maybe some more ways I have forgotten.

The above being said, it is impossible to cheat me on a line count.  I know pretty much what I've typed before I check my line count.  When I check the line count if it is significantly off, I have a problem with that.  That happened once with TT when I started working on a new account, which was the ichart thing.  I immediately said, HEY??!!!!??? and was told about the problem with Dictaphone.  Problem fixed, problem solved.  No problem.  And, not bragging, but I'm one of those folks who has and can pop out 3000 lines in a day; that is an 8 hour (or more likely 6 hours working time) day.

Now.  Is TT perfect?  Nope.  My only real complaint is many times emails go unanswered but hey, I'm a smart cookie and if I don't get an answer....well, I just figure out what to do and DO it.

As for the line counting........if I felt the line count was unfair and had to waste my valuable time re-counting with TT or any other company well...color me gone. 

My advice:  Get off this board and get on the TT platform...you'll make more spendable cash..... which is where I'm going right now.

Line Count
line count because I know that varies from person to person? What platform do you use? Is it MT friendly?? meaning not wasting time putting in demographics... You can email me if you want, ether way, thanks!
Line count
I easily do over 2000 lines a day on my ER account, and all of the demographics are already filled in, so I just make sure that it is the right patient and go right to typing. Just this past weekend, I did over 2800 lines in 1 shift. I work on ExText and couldn't be happier.
Line Count Went Up. . . .(nm)
line count went down more
line count
On the Review tab, in the Proofing group, click Word Count.

Microsoft has a website below with Word 2007 Help and How-to. You can enter what you are needing in the search bar at top left and it will go to it.


This is the actual line count part, see bottom of page.

Line count
Been there almost 4 months. I'm on an all ER account and average around 20,000 lines a pay period.
To: sm regarding line count
Thanks for your reply. Yes, subtracting the 133 lines were gross lines. So I calculated the document like those lines weren't even there. I know everyone uses a 65-char. line but actually in Microsoft Tools, when I divide the total number of gross lines that it says for my document into the total character amount including spaces, I get an average of 45 characters per line. Could that be right?? Where does 65 come from -- the industry standard? I am just baffled at how to charge for this work now and what formula to use without cheating myself. What do you think?
line count
I just checked out one of my Word documents using MS Tools, which has in the past conflicted with the line counting program that I use (Abacus). Anyway, it said that I had 48 lines, whereas I counted 42 (by hand, gross lines). Now, when I took the total characters with spaces count and divide by 65, I get 26.96923077 lines. When I divide my total characters with spaces by the 48 gross lines it said I have, I get 36.52083333 characters per line (Yes, you're 45 characters per line would be correct, so you are now losing by 20 characters per line, which definitely adds up and is why I suggested earlier that you give them your new rate at 2+ cpl higher.) From reading posts here on this site over the past couple of years, I have read a couple of times that the 65-character count came about because using a standard typewriter, which had a Courier New font, there are 65 characters on a line.

Personally, what I would do in your situation would be to figure how many lines are in the template based on the 65-character count (I would say the number is going to be at least 1/3 less than the 133 gross lines -- as you can see, that counting method cut my lines almost in half, from the 48 to 26.96923077!) I assume you normally count your lines using the MS Tools word count, and if that is the case it would probably be easiest to just get your 65-character count and subtract your new (improved!) template character count from that. I have one account that I run the invoice in Abacus and then manually make changes that I am unable to produce using the program.

Hope I did not ramble too much and the info is helpful to you. I am curious as to why they decided to do this (guessing someone informed them of the standard line) and if they were planning to pay you a higher rate. Each MT has their own set of circumstances, and I certainly understand not wanting to lose an account/income, but I really would not let anyone get away with changing our original agreement based on gross lines if there is not a rate increase involved as well.

Good luck! I do hope things work out for the best for you.

Line count
Please do not feel bad at all.  I am in the same boat and have been there longer than you.  I have not quite made the daily quota yet.  This is the first time this has happened to me in my whole career as an MT.  I have really been doubting myself lately.  I just wish I could figure out why this is happening to me.     
Line count
What kind of line count do you have? Do you have set hours or do you just complete your required line count per day?
Line Count
I just complete my required line count per day. I am only part time so I do about 200 minutes of dictation per week (most of my work is on the weekends).
MDI line count
Thank you both for the replies. I am very interested in MDI but do not want to make a commitment that I cannot keep.

Line count
What is the required line count?  How much PTO is given?  What is their QA process like; nothing like MQ I'm sure.  Please let us know.