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Clues to MQ.

Posted By: ---- on 2005-10-02
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If you are going to hire employees, you must treat them as employees with more than nominal benefits and real ways to get work.

If you are going to require 1200 lines a day in an 8 hour period, you must see that there is enough work to give a person 1200 lines a day, and not twist the knob either.

Remember employee = real benefits, not this 3 days a year PTO and insurance that is laughable.  Also you must provide the equipment, the internet, and pay for downtime such as weather.  A supervisor to authorize your stupid OT, must be available 24 hours a day as the schedules are made for all over the globe/which translates to several time zones.

The majority of your work is done by PT or in other words SE.  These people don't work in 8 hour shifts as they use MQ as pick up work.  Also, in the hours they do give you in a day, no way they can do 1200 lines. 

Mission Control, we have a problem.  It sounds like you expect all people to become employees and do 8 hours a day.  EANGH..........CLANG CLANG CLANG - not going to happen.

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Give US some clues

What are you looking for?  Employee or IC?  Acute care or clinic? 

There are good and bad with every company.  Sometimes it just depends on what your needs are.

I will have to give another vote for MQ (I work as an SE part-time).  But for a full time position or if that is the only income you are relying on, MQ would not be my first pick (lack of work in some offices, possibility of upcoming changes due to lawsuits, etc.), but they work wonderful for me in my situation. 

Give us some more info




Where in Michigan? North, south, east, or west? Other clues? nm