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Company and Medrite platform info.

Posted By: Employees of Webscribe? on 2007-12-25
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Medrite Platform
Does anyone know about the Medrite platform in terms of ease of use, productivity, whether or not you can use ShortHand with it, etc. Saw some old posts with mixed reviews, but wondered if anyone has had any recent experience and can give me more current feedback. Thanks in advance.
MedRite XL users - please tell about this platform!?? sm

I haven't worked on the MedRite XL for Windows platform. I  did work on the DOS platform years ago.   To be honest, I forget how it was.  After a while, all of these platforms run together.

Could you tell ME if it is user friendly, productive, can you look up patient reports, search for certain dictator's reports, etc.  Any info is greatly appreciated.


Thank you so much for your input.

MedRite platform user

Is this accurate - since MedRite is MSWord based, while in the program one cannot minimize and go into your PC and open another saved Word document ( such as a saved list) ? It will freeze the screen.  Anybody?

 If it freezes does that mean you need to reboot?

They use Medrite XL, which is supposed to be a VERY slow platform, and they were paying on a 70
try inside link to get medrite info...sm
LOVE Bayscribe, HATE MedRite! MedRite when I used it was slow sm

and cumbersome -- would type and wait for it to catch up!  Plus it had some annoying thing where if you were gone too long, a pop up window came up and you had to explain why you were gone.  Bayscribe is fast, smooth, user friendly, and at the end of each report you can see how many lines you did and how much money you made, for that report and for the total day. 

Good luck to you whatever you decide! 

GOOD GRIEF -Love my company/account, Hate MedRite! Any help?
I love the company I work for, pay, schedule, account.  It has it all.  But they use MedRite.  This is awful!  Was this actually designed for an MT?  This is complicated, SO much mouse-clicking, and so SLOOOW - I am boring myself to sleep.  Typing is easy and quick but moving from report to report - Good Grief!  Is there anyone who has used this?  Are there any tips you could give me? 
Any Axolotl employees willing to share info., platform, ESL %, etc. All info greatly appreciated. sm

Along with the platform, ESL %, pay range, lpd required, split shift or 12-24 hour window available, I would be interested in knowing your personal experience with this company, what type of relationship you have with supervisors and other coworkers, etc.  Otherwise, the all the 411. 


thanks...found it but there was no info on platform
would you happen to know?
any info on the Cerner platform?

Any new info about Northeast? Pay? Platform? QA?
Archives are showing no new info since about 2006, was wondering how things were now.   How is the platform?  From archived info I see pay was 7-8 cpl for 70 character line, which I'm not thrilled about but I love Psych so tough decision for me personally.  Any info on QA would be great if anyone knows.  TIA!!
Looking for info on the TRX platform, what expanders I can use, etc. sm
I appreciate anything you can tell me.  So much depends on the platform and I am wanting information about the actual working for TRX.  Thanks.
What platform(s) do they use? Any info appreciated.
Info on Columbus MQ and DEP platform...anything you can give me.

so no platform, no patient info screen, etc....
I really like working for companies that have a platform. It seems to be faster for me. I type for a company with no platform and I have to download FTP files. It seems to slow me down.
Need info on WinScribe platform software
Does anyone use the WinScribe platform software for any company and if so, is it any good, etc.? amj
Need platform info on CCS Transcription (Florida)
Any platform info you would care to share? NM
Any current info on SmartMed? I saw something about the platform not being sm
user friendly, but otherwise not too much.  Their pay scale seems to be good, but she did say it is for a teaching hospital, so that probably means 95% ESLs.  Anyway, any insight is appreciated.  Thanks!
Northeast Transcription, any info? Platform? Work flow? Anything?
Anybody have any info on Medict Systems out of Florida - Good/Bad, platform, pay etc.
MD-IT in Austin, Texas, please give info!!! GEMS platform Thank you!!! sm
I would appreciate any info out there on MD-IT out of Austin, Texas and the GEMS platform.
Seeking info on Diskriter's platform; ease of use, line counts,
Looking for a company with a platform that SM

allows you to just log in and work throughout the day with no set schedule, just a line committment. 

Just would like to gather a list of companies like this.

Thank you!!!

I like the company and platform it's the
dictators, account specifics and every changing workload that drives me nuts!
She is not asking about the "Sten-Tel platform" she is asking about the company in MA.
They are not a chain. You need to get your facts straight!
Company's proprietary platform (sm)
I make normals out of everything. I consistently do 300 to 450 lph now that we can speed up the dictation.
As that company uses their platform would imagine
they had just built a working relationship and so brought her/him on.  SoftMed has undergone enormous changes since last fall - lots of layoffs - sorry you are having so many probs!
It is not the most MT-friendly platform, that's for sure, but if the company sm

is a good one, I wouldn't pass it up just because of Meditech.  I am using it for the first time, and after a month I no longer loathe it like I did, but I cannot honestly say it is my favorite.  It IS rather clunky and antiquated.  Fortunately, ShortHand works as an expander, so that helps, and one of the pluses of the Meditech system is the ability to access lab, medications, other reports, etc.

Good luck to you.  I am sure your trainer will have some helpful tips, or at least I hope so.

That's silly. Its a typing platform, not a company!
Many companies use it, or used to use it. I even said that I knew people weren't lying about Vienetta out of job worries as the company I was going to work for was a 2 woman local office run out of a garage. Lots of MTs educated me about Vienetta on this forum, and they weren't my competition at all! Nor am I out to keep the original poster from taking a job using Vienetta.  Just shared with them the info that was shared with me a while back. Shame on you to imply otherwise.
Company that uses MS word insteadof their platform.

Did  a search, did not come up with any.  TIA

Anyone know of a company that uses a very easy platform with templates...
and lots of fill in the blanks? I am trying to find part-time work that doesn't require a whole lot of typing because I have pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome. I still have several months of pregnancy left and I still need to work, so my only option is to find work that requires a lot less typing! I am just happy that this CTS is usually only temporary! I do wear wrist splints and take frequent breaks during my shift but this provides little relief. If you know of companies that use easy platforms with templates, fill in the blanks, cut and paste, etc - please let me know! Thanks in Advance!
Love my platform...hate the company
I currently work for DSG and love DocQscribe.
I am working on Extext platform for another company
huge difference in line count, same type of reports, same hours. I can nearly double what I did there in the same amount of time. I don't know quite what the problem is but a lot of people have complained about it and we still haven't gotten an answer to our satisfaction. I have talked to people who left there and who posted their story here and elsewhere and they got a threatening letter from the company attorney. Absolutely no grounds for this, folks are just relating their experience.
Crappy company with crazy platform and

Great platform, horrible company
I don't know anything about the company, but the GEMS platform is awful! sm

Cardiologists use it, and it is time-consuming and cumbersome -- not MT friendly!  But I have not used it for a year or so, so perhaps it is better now.  Good luck!

Trying to find company(ies) using the BayScribe transcription platform?

I left them to go with another company using the same platform and I made tons more..
It has to be in their line counting and they must not pay for spaces, headers, or footers even though they claim to. I did not know the difference until I switched company. I was shocked that I made in 2-3 hours what I struggled to make in 8-10 at Focus.. As far as I am concerned, they are a huge rip-off and on top of that, they have their Indian QA people checking your work, and if it does not meet their standards, you pay is docked. It was quite disturbing to say the least.
Yet, second company thinks it should work and not mess up other platform (sm)
I will feel better when the actual technician sees about loading it. Not that the recruiters don't know their job, just nervous.

I had others report they are using 1 computer for 2 different companies and maybe having to use a second pedal. Let's hope we are lucky.

Webmedex is a great company but their platform is terrible.
That is the reason I left. Too many screens to enter simple imformation and too slow switching between screens. Platform is such a big part of our production.
Reputable company w/ platform compatible w/ InstanText/Shorthand

Am heavily dependent on sophisticated Expanders that incorporate code script, like ShortHand and InstanText.  Can anyone recommend reputable employers whose platforms are compatible with these programs? 

MQ Medrite
I am surprised that there are still accounts on Medrite. The goal of MQ from what I can see is to get all of the accounts that they possibly could up on the new platform. I believe that the Amherst office has changed or done away with all their Medrite accounts--they are nothing but the new platform with the Foxboro office being the MTs office, which I would think that they would be working on getting those accounts up on the new platform and doing away with MTS just like Medrite. Wasn't the Medrite system what got MQ into the billing issue to start with or was it just bad billing practices all over.  My girlfriend just went thru the training for the new platform with 14 other MT's which included newbies which we still can not understand as we are running out of work and having to deal with 4 and 5 accounts to get our lines but that is the MQ choice of the future

I have done a search on this board but not much info on MedRite.  I know they have their own Expander but can you use Shorthand with this program; I really don't want to have to start from scratch building lists.  Will do what I have to do though.




I replied to this message but it was posted as a reply to the wrong topic so here I go again:

I've been trying to get someone to answer this question for me for months now. The Expander in Medrite is extremely limited and the 'techie' in my company has a copy of Shorthand that he can sort of test to see if it works with Medrite and he still has not gotten around to it..that was 2 months ago. If there is ANYONE out there that can answer this question, please let us know. It would surely increase our production, because at this rate, Medrite is holding me back.


The Medrite I use is in Windows.

I have been using it for two weeks and they have been two weeks of hell. This is the worst work nightmare of my life. Working in their version of MSWord is like being in a straightjacket. If you have an IQ below normal, maybe you will like it since everything is managed for you by the supervisor.
Could it be MedRite?
I loved working on MedRite. Would love to find it again. Would you share what company is using it?
Medrite XL, etc.
Thanks for the feedback. That's the type of thing I was looking for.

Incidentally, is MedRite XL a good or bad software to work with (for future reference)?

Thx again!
VR and MedRite
We currently use an upgraded version of MedRite for transcription and just learned that some accounts in my company are going to VR. Does anyone know if MedRite has its own VR, or does this mean that my company purchased a VR platform that is compatible with MedRite? If anyone know anything about MedRite and VR I'd really appreciate hearing about it. I use Instant Text with MedRite and currently do about 300+ lines per hour straight typing. I'm really nervous about VR since most of what I hear is negative. My husband lost his job and so I can't afford a paycut, but want to be prepared. Any good/bad concerning Medrite and VR would be greatly appreciated.
VR and MedRite
We currently use an upgraded version of MedRite for transcription and just learned that some accounts in my company are going to VR. Does anyone know if MedRite has its own VR, or does this mean that my company purchased a VR platform that is compatible with MedRite? If anyone know anything about MedRite and VR I'd really appreciate hearing about it. I use Instant Text with MedRite and currently do about 300+ lines per hour straight typing. I'm really nervous about VR since most of what I hear is negative. My husband lost his job and so I can't afford a paycut, but want to be prepared. Any good/bad concerning Medrite and VR would be greatly appreciated.