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Any Axolotl employees willing to share info., platform, ESL %, etc. All info greatly appreciated. sm

Posted By: keep on learning on 2008-06-30
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Along with the platform, ESL %, pay range, lpd required, split shift or 12-24 hour window available, I would be interested in knowing your personal experience with this company, what type of relationship you have with supervisors and other coworkers, etc.  Otherwise, the all the 411. 


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I mean, any info you can give me about this company would be greatly appreciated.
Any info on Phoenix MedCom would be greatly appreciated :)
Such as platform, schedule flexibility, payrate, VR, etc. info? Thanks in advance! :)
Any Info on Professional Transcription Agency would be greatly appreciated..nm
Any info on Candian Co Terra Nova would be greatly appreciated
What's the latest on Axolotl? Any info appreciated!
Zylomed - Info from current employees appreciated

Is their platform  Inscribe by Emdat?   Autopopulated demographics?   What is average pay?  Can you make a good line count?  Good dictators?


Zylomed - Info from current employees appreciated

Is their platform  Inscribe by Emdat?   Autopopulated demographics?   What is average pay?  Can you make a good line count?  Good dictators?


What platform(s) do they use? Any info appreciated.
Any platform info you would care to share? NM
Need info on eMTS out of Florida. Any info would be appreciated!
Thank you!!!! Greatly appreciate the info...nm
You are greatly appreciated!

And I take it you are happy there?

Greatly appreciated!

Good afternoon!

I have had employee status all my years of dictation but am venturing to IC.  For those that have done BOTH, which do you prefer?  The pros so far for me as an IC are setting my own schedule and no set times I have to work, just getting my lines in for the day.

As an IC, how are you doing as far as income after you pay your yearly taxes?  Does it even out about the same as far as the percentage you pay in taxes as compared to having them taken out for you?

I already found affordable health insurance for me and the family, so no worries there.

Thank you so much for any replies!  I'm looking forward to this new-found freedom.

Thank you. The information is greatly appreciated. nm
Any other MQers at WebMedx? Just got an offer. Any insight greatly appreciated. TIA!

How does the incentive pay work out for you?  Please E-mail me if you'd like.  We all went through enough with the evil Q.  Thanks. 

DSG? Any info is appreciated.
Your info is much appreciated!..sm
I know what you mean about getting nervous when no work is available, I am the same way! The company I am with now offered overtime for this past weekend and for the past several weekends (which are my regular days) and I have run out of work on countless occasions. TT sounds great, think I will make the jump. Thanks again for your input.
Any info. appreciated
Anyone working for Gulf Coast Transcription out of Florida? 
Thanks for the info - appreciated! nm
TC Transcription. Any info appreciated...


Any info on Encompass would be appreciated!

Any info on AbleScribe would be appreciated.. nm
Any info on Van Belkum would be appreciated. nm
Transolutions? Any info appreciated sm
did a search and cannot find any recent info.  Do they pay for spaces?  One older post indicated they did not.  Also interested in Star team info.  Thanks!
Any info on Breitner (MA) would be appreciated! nm
Data-Med, any info appreciated
I tried a search for them and came up with zippo.  I found it strange however, that from the job seeker's board - and they have 2 ads up there, 1 for neuro/pain management and 1 for insurance interviews.  On one of those ads (forget which) it says for more details  1 will take you to a data-med nonmedical position listed in the career center - the other 1 will take you to a MT job posted under clinics (I think) for Focusmatics.  I wonder if they just made a mistake or if they are Focusmatics. 
Any info on Focus Informatics would be appreciated... Thank you! nm
I am also looking for information for this company. Any info appreciated! Thanks. nm

Probity? Anyone work for them? Any info appreciated nm
ATSI - any recent info on them appreciated

Considering them and would like to know the scoop on them. 

Advanced Transcription - any info would be appreciated. sm
I checked the archives and couldn't find anything.  
Just hired by FutureNet any info would be appreciated. Thanks. nm

Any info appreciated on Professional Transcription Co out of NY
Any information on working there is appreciated. 
Does anyone currently work for MedGarde? Do you like it? Any info appreciated!
Webmedx- pros/cons any info appreciated. nm
Any info on Sparrow Health Systems appreciated
Golden Isles Medical Transcription, any info appreciated, TIA!!nm
Anyone ever hear of Voice Systems out of Georgia. Any info would be appreciated.
Has anyone ever heard of Voice Systems from George. Any info would be appreciated.
Is anyone familiar with Bridge Documents that has a job posting? Any info would be appreciated. TIA
Would anyone please share info
According to their website it appears as if they hire newbies that graduated from one of the top schools, which I did.  I would appreciate any info about them.  Thanks.
Would you please share info on...
a few things. Are the MTs at Van Belkum employees or IC? Do they pay via mail or direct deposit? What experience level do you need to test/apply?

I am happy where I am, but it is IC status, and I am considering going to employee status somewhere in the near future. I am glad to hear it is a good company and has happy MTs!
But the MT has the right to share any info about herself she wants and with whomever she wants.
Can anyone share with me any info on ProType

in Phili? Thanks

US Transcription - anyone want to share info on them. sm
just wondering how they are to work for
Anyone doing OP notes and want to share info
Can anyone share any info on Webmedx?
Good, bad? I see that they have several openings currently, but I just want to make sure that they are a good company before I pursue anything with them. Do they pay on time? Do they treat their employees well? Can they be flexible if you ever need some time off? Also, do they frequently run out of work? Any info will be greatly appreciated!
Yes, if I ever find a company who will do it I will certainly share the info. :)
The purpose of this board is to share info about MTSOs...

I simply don't understand why MTs post all these negative things about a company but will not divulge the name of the company or even give us a hint!  What are you afraid of?!?!!?  They are already screwing MTs over and probably you too if you're angry enough to post!  You can post anonymously, that's the beauty of this particular site.  No one need know who you are.

I, personally, keep a list of MTSOs and things I've heard about them.  God knows I've been through enough bad MTSOs, I want to save other MTs the heartache of going through the same crap I've gone through!

Besides the best way to get these MTSOs to change is to post their name on a PUBLIC forum.  Word of mouth can be a powerful thing!

Here is a list of companies I have worked for and the problems I have had, starting with the most recent:

JLG --> paid payroll practices, LATE pay checks, and discontinuation of direct deposit.

Focus Infomatics -->  they offshore the majority of their work, they lie about offshoring the majority of their work, they lie to their employees about pay, hours, and job status and breach contracts left and right.

TransHealth -->  I have nothing bad to say about them.  Pay always on time, people nice (they have since been bought by Webmedx).

Precyse Solutions -->  Nothing horrible to report.  If I recall, they didn't pay for templates, but they told you that up front.

Medquist --> horrible people in supervisory positions, very cliquish company, bad dictators on all my accounts!

Webmedx -->  The account I was on was completely and utterly horrible!  Other than that, nice people, very organized.

Accutype --> complete embecil in charge (when I worked for them) who knew nothing about transcription or the needs of MT, again very cliquey with friends giving friends the best work.

Diskriter --> ran out of work frequently

I also worked for several small MTSOs that were either bought or went out of business, and I will say it usually was the smallest MTSO that I enjoyed working for the most.  I did work as an IC for a company out of Arizona doing radiology a few years ago for a while (I can't remember the name, but I don't think they are around anymore).  Also I worked as an IC for Administrative Advantage out of Pennsylvania were pretty decent, easy accounts and easy to make money, used DropChute to deliver dictation and reports back and forth and you just typed in one big docment per dictator in Word.  Simple, straight forward, and always on time.  If you ran out of work, they would try to put you somewhere else, but never made any promises.  I like honesty and they were honest.

See how easy that was.  You try!

This forum is a place for MTs to share info, NOT hostility..sm
If you don't agree with a poster, just don't respond. It's really not that hard! Live and let live for God's sake! I can't speak for everyone, but do feel the majority, like myself, do come hear to find jobs, research companies, share ideas, etc. What we DON'T come here for is to be dragged down by all the negativity spewed out from miserable MTs. Save it!! No one cares to weed through the rude replies!!
Anyone care to share info on Meridian HealthCare Solutions?
Is it a good company to work for.  How is the software, is it user-friendly, how is the response from tech, supervisors, QA, etc.    Thanks