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Current DSGers?

Posted By: shopaholic on 2008-01-14
In Reply to:

I tested with DSG and passed, but I would like to know some info from current DSGers. I should probably note that I will be working part-time.

Do you earn PTO? Are holidays paid or time and a half if you work? Do you punch a clock or just have to meet a daily quota? How are they about raises? Are they flexible with schedule changes?

I've been with the Q for 10 years and have never even interviewed anywhere else. I have 3 interviews this week and so far so good. I don't want to take the first thing that comes my way, but DSG seems to have a pretty good starting rate (more than I make now). I would welcome any and all info.

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The Happy DSGers are.......
Current DSG'r
I have been with DSG for a little over 2 years now and have been very happy with them! I have not always been happy with my performance, but they have always been there to answer my questions, to have work for me, and to pay me ALWAYS ON TIME! I would recommend working at DSG to anyone. Now that does not mean everyone will find a perfect fit, but I have worked with a lot of other companies over the years and certainly hope that I will be retiring with DSG many years down the road!!
Current DSG'r

I have been with them for almost 2 years.  I have not ran into the problems posted here.  I have been on one account, and at my request put on another.  They do not move me from account to account.  I have never had problems with sound.  Yes there is ESL doctors.  Yes there are different account specs.  The management team, I have found have been helpful.  Pay is always on time.  Any concerns I have ever had management has addressed.  Work is there, but like with this field there are slow times.  I have worked for other national companies and DSG is among the better companies.  No company is perfect, just like no MT is perfect.  You take the good with the bad.

current mt
They are great to work for....no problems at all...they pay for headers and footers so the line count to me is about the same, regarding spaces versus no spaces.  I have been with them for 5+ years.  If you want to stay with a company and not move from company to company, Phoenix MedCom is the company for you.
Current PMC MTs....

How are the dictators at Phoenix MedCom, particularly the ortho docs?


Thanks  :)

Something current
from someone that actually works for them if possible. I've read all the archives about them, but need to know if they've changed like they say they have. Thanks.
Current OSi MT
I have been with the company for 90 days. I love it. I do not understand the negative posts about the recruiters. Mine was great. Very informative, friendly. The company is great. There is work, I absolutely love the account I am on. I only have 2 years experience and I make more than 7 cpl. Maybe they pay base on the account. I am not sure. Give them a try. I am on the ExText platform and I love it.
Their current ad says 8 cpl
to start, and past ads have even stated an increase at particular intervals. (I believe 90 days being the first, but do not recall for certain, and do not know what the increases amount to or how many there are.) When I was there, one of the owners sent an e-mail to everyone once (when she was upset about MTs being asked to cover others' vacation, etc.), and in it stated that, although their MTs are all subcontractors, they have always tried to offer rate increases, even bonuses to add a more personal touch to the IC status, which we all know most do not seem to do these days.

I found them to be very nice people for the most part, but have read here before that the owner is a little quirky, which I also found to be true in my experience, but was unable to draw out of the poster why he/she thought that, and my story is far too long to post here.

They do offer direct deposit, which you must pay the cost of if you want to enroll, but it is minimal. They do pay on time, every time, and in the information provided to newly hired ICs it states that they are not dependent on being paid by the clients to be able to pay their ICs/employees.

Hope that helps, and good luck!
Anyone like their current job? If so..sm

I'm in desperate need of a new job.  I hate the place I work now, and it's getting progressively worse.  Instead of asking about particular companies, can anyone just tell me if they like their current company and what it is, please?  I need to change jobs as quick as I can, and I don't want to waste a ton of time taking a lot of lengthy tests only to find out the company is no good (which is what happened to me this last time). 

I know all companies have their pros/cons, but anyone have a job where there are more pros than cons?  I would so appreciate any suggestions anyone can give me as long as it is not Cymed/SPI   because that's where I want to leave.  Any of the pros/cons on your company would be also appreciated.  Thanks again!

MDI FL would like current

info - all searches bring up stuff from 2005.  Anyone willing to comment? Especially interested in benefits -- ins., etc.



If you can do it, keep your current job, get more MT sm
education, stock up on the appropriate MT references (don't rely solely on Google, it's what is bringing MT quality down to where MTSOs don't want to pay much anymore), and get some on-the-job experience. We were paid more in the past because the MTSO's KNEW we were investing in books, required us to have these reference materials, and compensated us accordingly. Now, they know the newer MTs aren't bothering to spend money on books so why should they pay for that? And if USA quality is lousy anyway, why not offshore and get the same quality for less money? We're our own worst enemy. You'd never see a carpenter without a hammer, and MT is resource/research dependent.
(Watch the flames now.)

I wish you luck. I think you'll do well, but keep your security intact while you get some experience under your belt.

..NM up there...Does C and C have a current ad up somewhere?
as current MDI'r
Your post kind of bothers me. If you are a new hire, you should have looked into this company before you hired on, and then, having taken that step, proceed with a degree of confidence in your decision. Personally, now I am working my days off as there is so much work to do. Yes, there will be times my accounts have a lull for several hours, but usually when one is low, I have plenty on other backup accts. Since you've already taken the leap as a new hire -- why not just see how it goes for you -- keep your liaison up-to-date on your thoughts/concerns/needs and see if the company is a good fit for you. As for me, an oldie MT, i've never had a better place to work!!
What about current MTs who..sm
don't have work on their regular 8-hour shift and then told they have to make their lines later and mostly into weekends?
Current OSi MT
I've been with them quite a while. Some accounts do have plenty of work. Other accounts do not. It really depends on what you are placed on, like anywhere else I guess. There does seem to be a revolving door with the coordinators sometimes. Some have been around forever, others stay for a short bit and are gone.

Pay is always on time, without fail, so that is nice. If you are full time and become eligible 401K, they have a good 401K match, better than many other companies.

Line counts. That can be an issue. Line counts are checked in different ways depending on the account, and after having worked on many accounts, I can say that some have a percentage taken right off the top and others are closer to accurate. For example, if you check your characters extended in Word and divide by 65 and get your line count, and then compare that to what OSi says your line count is, some accounts are right on while others are about 10% less, at least of the accounts I have worked on.

They definitely offshore, more than the big one that brought it all to light a few years ago. Their new investors from a year or two ago have interests in India, and some things have changed at OSi since then. I'm sure more changes are to come.
Current TT MTs

Just curious for your opinions, are you planning on sticking it out with TT or are you actively looking for a new place to work?  I have a job offer with another company and I'm stressing about what to do.  TT was supposed to be one of the best places to work for an MT, and I was excited when I got hired there. I hate to jump ship if things are going to get better.  Just wanted to hear what everyone else had to say. 

current mt at MTS
I am a current MT at MTs and have been there for about 2 months.  I would not suggest it for anyone either.  The only reason I am there and typing my fingers to the bone is because I have to have a paycheck. I am currently looking for a better position.  Meditech and fusion STINK.  Pay by the minute DOES NOT come close to cpl pay.  The dictators stink also.  MTS expects you to fill in and look up all kind of work that you do not get paid for, which again, STINKS.  I would really like other MTS IC's to post here.  As soon as possible, I will be out of there. 
Why not ask current employees if they
can type on ALL the platforms, or if they would be willing to train on them before placing an ad? Very typical for MDI. I'm sure a lot of MTs ask for more work, given account information only to find there is no work on there as well! This company just never ceases to amaze me!
Don't have current ins. info (sm)
because I don't have to use it, but the line requirement is 12,000 per pay period for full-time employee status.
To any current Precyse MTs (sm)

Do they offer direct deposit?  Any problems with pay?  How do they handle holidays? 

I've read that they have a unique PTO plan.  Do you like it? 

I'm assuming since they use Webcorrect, you don't get paid for the demographic stuff, but is the line rate based on a 65-character line with spaces? 

Anything else you'd like to add about them would be appreciated, especially about QA, communication, amount of work, etc.  Thanks so much!

Okay, current Precysers, say it isn't so! nm
Current MDI-MD employees - sm

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I am curious as to what type of LD service everyone is using (and have been using long enough to know that they aren't going to get shut down!)  Mine (Verizon Freedom) is not going to work for me anymore.  Other than this, I love MDI, but I may need to look for employment elsewhere because of this problem. 



To tell current employer or not? SM

I am currently looking for a new job.  I love it where I work now, but need benefits and they do not offer them.  On applications they want to know if they can contact current/prior employers.  I certainly don't want to put no (as I'm quite sure that would raise a red flag), but I just worry how my current employer will react if he gets a call from prospective new employers asking about me.

Should I write my current employer and explain why I'm looking for work rather than let him be shocked to get a call out of the blue?  Guess I already know the answer, but am so worried.  Would hate to burn my bridges if the new job doesn't work out.  Ugh...I sound terrible.

What would you do?


Can a current ExecuScriber tell me what their
platform is and if it will work with ShortHand or Asutype?  Also, do they have Direct Deposit or hourly paid training?  I have a ton of questions and just wanted to save the lady I interview with some time by bugging you all:)  TIA
DSG current info?

Anyone have any comments on DSG? Looking for current info. How long does it usually take them to get back to you when you send in a resume? I know I've sent one to them a few times before but never heard anything back at all, even whether they got it or I wasn't acceptable or what. Just wondered if it was worth it to try try again...TIA!

I'm not sure....but...current FI employee
I currently work at Focus and I will probably get blasted for this but here goes.
For VR editing you get 4 cpl. For transcription they pay 8 cpl. They DO have benefits if you are hired on employee status and they have direct deposit. I am currently working there as an IC doing transcription and I am making excellent money. I have had no problems whatsoever with them. Everyone has been extremely nice and I have no problems reaching someone for tech support, hr questions, or just general questions. They do not work you like a dog. I work a very comfortable schedule that I made for myself and I make great money doing it. I have not done any VR as of yet because I have not been trained to do so. They will be setting me up at some point to do that as well as my transcription. But only if I choose.
They do not pressure you or force you into doing anything. You have the ability to choose what is right for you.
I just thought I'd give you a little perspective from someone who actually works there.
JLG hires IC's and has a current ad
Good place!
Current Medware MTs
I have checked the archives and read about the problems recently, so am just asking some basic questions.  Please no flames.  What is considered part-time IC?  Is there an hourly requirement, or a line requirement to meet?  Is there more than one platform?  Is it easy to learn?  How much VR is available, and how do you like that platform?  What are the pros and cons of part-time with this company?  TIA.
Does anyone know of any current openings sm
for account manager/supervisor working from home?  Thanks!
it is current info
your contact must have not been hired, but that is what was offered and I have been quite happy with Medware as an IC, plenty of work and 24 hr TAT
Current Focus IC
I work for Focus Infomatics as an IC. I enjoy my job very much. Contrary to some of the other posts, they do not IM you to death. I may get one or two IMs a day. That's it. My supervisor emails me every day or every other day just to touch base. If I have any questions, I can call him at any time and he always answers the phone. It is also not true that you will work like a dog for very little money. I have been with Focus since January of this year and I am making approximately $2000.00 per pay period and that is only working 8 hours M-F and every other Sat and Sun. Some people may have had a bad experience with this company, but you could say that for pretty much every company out there. The only way you are going to know for sure is to try it out. I was a newbie when I was hired by them also. There aren't a lot of companies out there that will give newbies a chance, so you might want to consider that as well.
Yes, the current incarnation has only (sm)
been around for 4 years, but it was previously Rodeer, which was around forever. There are MTs at WMX who are going on 10 years' service.

Was that your best argument against Webmedx?
Just Your Type - anything current? - sm
Used to work there but wonder if anyone does currently? 
My very first day wih my current company was like that. All
ESLs and I was totally overwhelmed as I had previously worked on a local account with very few ESLs (company lost the account though).   I told the owner forget it, I couldn't handle it.  She was very supportive, told me that I really did very well ....  I gave it another chance and after having corrected copies I could hear it all clearly and now I can do the same ESL all day long without slowing me down.   I tested very well and I had several ESLs so I guess they thought I could handle them.   I've been with the company 6 years now. 
current or past MDI-MD MTs,

did your line count significantly increase at MDI over whereever you had been before? 

Current Lee Perfect
I have plenty of work on the eScription account. Can't tell you about the Emdat ones though.
Current work

I currently work for Transolutions. They have both DOS and web-based platforms; I work on both. I'm extremely happy with this company so far. I'm not one to job jump, so I did careful research on every job offer I received and picked this company. They pay very well and competitively. Their insurance premium for a whole family is cheaper than the other companies by $200 per month (my personal experience, anyway). They offer PTO, 1 week of sick time, 3 personal days. You have to work 3 holidays a year but that's for 4 hours. They alternate the holidays, so one year you work Christmas and the next year you work Thanksgiving. I've never seen a company offer personal days and sick time. The President of the company himself has a bimonthly conference call with the MTs. Also, they have longevity bonuses, $100 for every year you're there up to 7 years, then $700 a year, which I've never seen offered at a company. I hope this helps, and if you'd like to use me as a referral, please email me. :)
current alltyper

I just talked to an attorney a few days ago about some major harassment I am going through at AT right now, and there are 5 others with similar experiences, including someone once in upper mgt. That is my experience, if it had been excellent I would have posted that too and don't know it will be the same for you. These things are hard to determine. Good Luck.
Current Medware MT

I have been employed with Medware for a year and a half and am very happy.  I love my account, my supervisor is wonderful and they keep adding to their benefits package!  Plus, I was just recommended for a raise!  Health insurance is very reasonable and for me, more than makes up for the starting cpl they offered.  Hope this helps. 

current documed-er
I am the one who posted the positive words about Documed in NJ further down in this forum.  I am at a loss for words as I read the experiences of horror many have had.  I have been with them for nearly 2 years and I haven't had any of the bad experiences that most posters talked about, thank goodness.  I have more than enough work every single day, and they do pay 9 cpl with spaces, and have never quibbled about that, plus my pay is always on time; I never have to worry about that, which is the main issue for me, as well as having enough work of course.  I do work on their ortho account and love it.  I am truly sorry that others have had bad luck with this company.  I am not in any way affiliated with them, for those who would think otherwise, other than just a humble MT typing for this company. I'm just like the rest of you.  I just wanted to add my further words on the matter, as I just really hate for anyone to miss out on a possible good job opportunity.  Please feel free to email me if you wish.  Just me......telling my thoughts.......
Current Medware MTs...
what type of line counts do you get and which platform are you on?  I know you cannot post accounts here, but if you would email me personally I am trying to figure out which platform/accounts a person could get the best lines on.  Thanks.
Not current info but
My history with them is that they didn't give me a response on my testing until *after* I posted negative feedback about them. Then I received a very delayed, very vague email that informed me I had not passed. Right. (The instructions they sent with the test contained several typo's). Remember to balance negatives with positives - my experience may be the exception. :)
Current information.
I've been with OSi for a couple of years, and I have no complaints.

Currently, the insurance is Aetna, certainly middle of the road in coverage and price, and they switched to them from United Health last August because UH was going drastically increase the premiums due to the high volume of use they had from the company. Current family plan on the managed PPO is around $250 per pay period (twice a month), and that is the most expensive plan. The others have much higher deductables, and they offer the medical savings account plan, but I prefer a traditional coverage plan. If you're looking for individual coverage it is much less than that. OSi pays about 50% of the cost, some other companies are contributing more like 80%, so the monthly bill is higher than some, less than others.

I have received all bonuses promised, all holiday pay, all celebratory pay, and my annual raises. All pay has been on time. I have found the pay scale to be very competetive with other nationals.

You are expected to have a schedule, but in my experience there is more than adequate flexibility for anything that comes up. If you are scheduled on the weekends and have made other arrangements for time off you may be called, but just if they haven't seen the change or if your manager forgets to change it on the schedule for the week. Like any real job working for other people, things happen, and you may just need to say that you made other arrangements with your manager. Not a big deal, frankly. You just need to let people know in advance, or if it is last minute call, so they aren't wondering what happened.

Vacation time accrues at a rate equal to 10 days a year in the first 3 years, then increases. Vacation pay rate is based on you average output prior to vacation (not sure how long they average). Not as high as you would get typing, but certainly very nice when you're on vacation.

If you work on a government account you do have a background check, but you provide the contacts for them, so think about who you list. This is done by an outside government source, not OSi, though they send the paperwork, then it's sent to the gov. agency.

If you do work on VA accounts, typically all national holiday weeks are pretty light, but they make up for it in volume by the end of the week. Other accounts vary as to flow of work, though most seem pretty steady in my experience.

I happen to really like my primary account. The lines pile up fast, because the reports are long, and you don't spend a lot of time setting up the demographics. Not all accounts are equal, and with first-hand knowledge of several accounts at OSi and at a few other nationals, the specific account is the luck of the draw.

This is a real job, and I've found that if I approach it like one it is appreciated. If you are a full-time employee it is reasonable for a company to expect you to work your hours as planned unless you notify them otherwise. I know many companies give a time window of 12 hours to get your lines and hours in, so you may be more comfortable with a place like that than with a job that asks you to base your week on a regular schedule. There are many people who are better suited to freelance gigs, because the reason they work at home is to have total freedom to work when and how often they want. If that is what you're looking for, you should consider working as an independant contractor (IC). There are some working at OSi, and most other companies also have both employee and IC positions. You just have to ask the recruiter or personnel officer if it's available, and get the rates.

Please keep in mind that message boards are most often used by people who have something they want to complain about. It's an easy place to vent frustration and anger, and sometimes not so easy to get the opinions of people who are busy at work. As a very long-time internet user, I've found that to be true of all types of message boards, and you have to learn to balance the information you get from here accordingly.
Any current information on OSi?
Really? Is she leaving her current co?
Any current info on
in regards to pay on time, work load, general info needed and appreciated. TIA
This is for current SPI employees
We have to fill out all new paperwork, job application, withholding forms, an employment agreement, and a binding arbitration agreement and waiver of jury trial (scary-basically stating we won't sue them). I think this was for all the Cymeders that SPI took in.
They matched me up with my current job. nm
NM up there. She needs a new spot as her current job
I don't know the current rate
So I wouldn't want to give the wrong information. When I did it, it was nearly (but not quite) double what most companies were paying. I'm sure they would be very upfront about telling you.
Thanks, but I'm looking for current information. Anyone else?