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I'm not sure....but...current FI employee

Posted By: sm on 2006-02-25
In Reply to: Focus Infomatics - QA Pay - sassygrandma

I currently work at Focus and I will probably get blasted for this but here goes.
For VR editing you get 4 cpl. For transcription they pay 8 cpl. They DO have benefits if you are hired on employee status and they have direct deposit. I am currently working there as an IC doing transcription and I am making excellent money. I have had no problems whatsoever with them. Everyone has been extremely nice and I have no problems reaching someone for tech support, hr questions, or just general questions. They do not work you like a dog. I work a very comfortable schedule that I made for myself and I make great money doing it. I have not done any VR as of yet because I have not been trained to do so. They will be setting me up at some point to do that as well as my transcription. But only if I choose.
They do not pressure you or force you into doing anything. You have the ability to choose what is right for you.
I just thought I'd give you a little perspective from someone who actually works there.

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Current employee
I am working for them now.  The testing is pretty standard.  The pay is average to poor, benefits are good.  The staff is great.  Like my account.  hoping pay will improve as I get faster!
current employee also
Hi. I have been there for over 2 years but have found that recently the workload has been extremely light. I heard on the chat boards that they offshore. I wonder if that is why. Are you having the same experience? Thanks
I'm a current employee and...
We have an abundance of work right now. The staff has always been very accommodating, even my MT supervisor. My schedule is flexible and have never had a problem when getting time off during my schedule. My division is in Texas. The only time the work dried up since I've been there (almost a year), was towards the end of October/beginning of November. However, in my entire 14 years of working for nationals, this seems to be a slow period for everyone. No matter where I've worked, it's ALWAYS slow during that time. Maybe people are trying to save for Christmas? Just a wild guess.

I've never had any problems and fortunately have nothing negative to say. Feel free to email me with any questions!
Thanks for validating everything. Can any current employee tell us
if things get better? Are the you hitting that 35 regularly and keeping your lph above 150?

Sorry you're going through the same thing I am. It's been hellish so far. I keep hoping it will get better.
I would like to hear from Current JLG Employee..sm
I am waiting on a job offer for PT IC position with JLG and was wondering from any current JLG'ers what their experience has been with this company.  The HR person was absolutely wonderful and nice, and I really need the income right now with the low work situation.  Any info would be so appreciated!!  Thank you.
Cymed current employee
I am surprised you wouldn't want to work for Cymed. After working for other transcription companies, they don't hold a candle to the way I am treated at Cymed. My paychecks sure don't reflect lack of work. I don't know who is running out, but they should talk with their manager if they are. My manager always works with me to increase my production as well as plenty of flexibility with my schedule. I believe you'd be missing a great opportunity if you decide not to work for Cymed.
Current JLG employee, please answer.
How is work loaded to your system, dialed 1 report at a time or downloaded in chunks?  Also, what is considered part time, or is there a requirement?  I can't find anything in the job ad.  Thanks so much.
You don't say if you're current job is IC or employee.

If you are IC now and take an employee position you need to figure the cost of benefits into the LPH rate.  Also if you are getting paid for headers and you aren't currently that figures in.  If you do 40 reports a day it isn't a huge difference, but over a pay period can add up.  If you end up with a decent account - quality dictation and very ESL/bad dictators it might be you'll come out ahead.  I would try it part-time though for at least a couple of weeks before quitting other job, so you can get a feel for it and see if it might be better overall.  



I am a current Webmedx employee. sm
MTs have posted here that they've had trouble with the time clock situation. Time you use to research words, stretch your hands, whatever, eats into your official time/lph. So to keep your lph decent, you may find yourself clocking out for every little thing, which makes your day extremely long. They do give you a window of time in which to complete your reports, but you'll probably find yourself using those 12 hours to do the 8, and who wants to work 12 hours a day every day? I have also had problems with running out of work on primary and secondary accounts, only to bounce around on a daily basis on several others.

Other concerns about Webmedx are due to a case of someone with no MT experience and too much power making poor decisions that are adversely affecting many employees, IMO. I would definitely recommend staying AWAY from the QA end of things at Webmedx if that opening arises unless there's a change in top management.

I don't know anything about Axolotl. Do you have any other options besides these two? Could you be an IC sompelace else? If you get benefits elsewhere, some of the IC opportunities at other companies are the best.
what I do is call a current employee of sm
the company I am going to work for. That way you hope to get honesty. Ask the recruiter to hook you up with someone so you can get candid answers over the phone with someone OTHER than the management. Worked out well for me. Good luck.
Would a current employee of Axolotl please...sm
give me some specific information by email? Thanks in advance!
As a CURRENT employee at Amphion SM
I want to say this...I've worked for other companies who were less than sympathetic towards their ppl.  Amphion has kept us informed all along as to what was going on in the company.  It was with TEARFUL regret that we were informed of the coming events.  We were told exactly what was happening.  This economic crunch has hit everyone, not just Amphion, but as a company they are doing their best to assure and insure that we are taken care of as a family, because that is what we are here.  A family.  And we help each other in times of strife and we pat each other on the back when things are going well.  So for anyone who has something bad to say about us, let me tell you, you have no idea what a really good company is like.  Should I be unlucky enough to get laid off, I will eagerly await the time when I can come back. 
If you are a current employee, please contact me. sm
I authored the manual, so I am very happy to hear that you found it helpful.  I am always available for questions you might have or any support you might need both during and after training. 
Current SoftScript employee
I am a current IC of SoftScript and really have no complaints about the company. They do have a few flaws, as do every other transcription company out there. I am not sure what bad press you are referring to, but they are deemed a very reputable company. And, perhaps it was your skills that made them decide not to follow up on your interview, as in your post you typed unintelligble (sp). No skilled Transcriptionist would put (sp) beside any word, they would look it up and do it correctly. So, maybe you are too quick to judge when in fact maybe your skills are in question. In comparison to the number of transcription companies out there, 8 cpl is definitely not the lowest I have seen and is actually quite reasonable. Perhaps they did not respond to your email regarding the lowest to highest line rate per position as it is none of your business and is actually confidential information unless they are offering you a position, where they would inform you of your line rate and the not rates of other employees (who may have been with the company for years, have more experience, are doing more difficulty accounts, etc.). Also, as a medical transcriptionist it is our job to understand all ESL dictators and be able to differentiate between background noise and actual dictation. It is hard work, but it is you who in fact chose this career and by doing so you accept any and all hardships when it comes to bad dictators. Anyhow, I only replied to this post in this manner as I am a very satisfied IC for SoftScript and they cannot please everyone, so perhaps they are better for not having followed up with your interview/emails as evidenced by your posting.
I am a current Transcend employee and think they are great.

Any new job takes time to learn.  Give it a little while longer and see how it goes, check in with your Team Leader, they can really help you.


Good Luck.

Happy current Medware employee - sm
I have been with Medware for a while and I find that the communication  is great, I have great team leads, and have no complaints.   I am very happy at Medware! 
Would like to hear from current MedGarde employee
I recently tested, interviewed, submitted references and transcript, etc., and have been offered a provisional position with Medgarde.  Meaning I am on their waiting list and will be offered a position when one is available.  I know how their line rate works, no spaces, etc.  That does not bother me if you are allowed to get very familiar with the account, and if the platform is fast, etc.  I have made more at .08/line on a fast platform with familiar dictators than I have at .10/line on a slow platform with a whole slew of different dictators.  I have searched the archives but would like to hear from someone who is currently working for them.  Do you get assigned to pretty much one account like they say?  How many lines per hour can you average?  Can you make a good paycheck?  Also, what is there minimum line count per pay period?  The recruiter gave me the line rate breakdown, but I forgot to ask her if there was a minimum amount of lines per pay period.  Also, all I have is a generic recruiter email, no specific email for the recruiter I spoke with and no phone number.  Since they ask you to sign a 1-year contrast, any pertinent, specific info at all before I make my final decision would be greatly appreciated.  Please feel free to email me if you would like to keep the information private.  Thanks so much.
Agree 100%. Current employee and very happy.
on Lay Offs post below, Happy At Amphion says is Current employee;
Agreed. They remind one of MQ. Where is the current employee handbook on the Comm Page?
Current Amphion employee...I'm very happy. The part of Amphion I work with has no faxes, lists,s
minor demographic work..superb QA and feedback.  Fellow MTs on same account are more than willing to help and now they also have mentor program.  My pay is what they said.  They do have different pay for different levels. 
Statuatory employee versus regular employee....
Can someone tell me the difference between a statuatory employee versus a regular employee?  My company offeres IC or SE status....I am confused about whether switching over the SE would benefit me more than IC status that I have been for some time with them?  What are the benefits and disadvantages of being an SE versus IC?  Thanks for all of your help!
They hire both IC and employee. I am an employee (see message)
and I have full benefits. I am very happy that I came to work here. I came as a statutory employee from a large company. Everyone at MDI has been great to me.
Depends on if you are employee or statutory employee (sm)
Employee, 8th and 23rd of month
Stat. Employee, 15th and 30th month
Diskriter - Anyone go from their employee to hospital employee with them?
Thinking about giving up on being their employee and applying for a hospital employee position through them, they have one in PA right now that looks good.  How is it for scheduling?  Do you keep your line rate or get whatever the hospital pays? Who manages those accounts, is it the same PM and DR that are on the other ones?  I have DR and feel like she doesn't have a clue what she is doing and it is so annoying, but I just don't have the guts to let the company know she needs to step it up a notch because the transcriptionists are not happy under her.  Are QA the same people or through the hospital.  They have 1 QA that is constantly asking us questions on doctors and format, things we should be asking that QA person.  Annoying that new people move up to QA but people who've been there 2 or 3 years get treated like dirt and jumped account to account.
Only employee and statutory employee..no IC
Current DSG'r
I have been with DSG for a little over 2 years now and have been very happy with them! I have not always been happy with my performance, but they have always been there to answer my questions, to have work for me, and to pay me ALWAYS ON TIME! I would recommend working at DSG to anyone. Now that does not mean everyone will find a perfect fit, but I have worked with a lot of other companies over the years and certainly hope that I will be retiring with DSG many years down the road!!
Current DSG'r

I have been with them for almost 2 years.  I have not ran into the problems posted here.  I have been on one account, and at my request put on another.  They do not move me from account to account.  I have never had problems with sound.  Yes there is ESL doctors.  Yes there are different account specs.  The management team, I have found have been helpful.  Pay is always on time.  Any concerns I have ever had management has addressed.  Work is there, but like with this field there are slow times.  I have worked for other national companies and DSG is among the better companies.  No company is perfect, just like no MT is perfect.  You take the good with the bad.

current mt
They are great to work for....no problems at all...they pay for headers and footers so the line count to me is about the same, regarding spaces versus no spaces.  I have been with them for 5+ years.  If you want to stay with a company and not move from company to company, Phoenix MedCom is the company for you.
Current PMC MTs....

How are the dictators at Phoenix MedCom, particularly the ortho docs?


Thanks  :)

Something current
from someone that actually works for them if possible. I've read all the archives about them, but need to know if they've changed like they say they have. Thanks.
Current OSi MT
I have been with the company for 90 days. I love it. I do not understand the negative posts about the recruiters. Mine was great. Very informative, friendly. The company is great. There is work, I absolutely love the account I am on. I only have 2 years experience and I make more than 7 cpl. Maybe they pay base on the account. I am not sure. Give them a try. I am on the ExText platform and I love it.
Their current ad says 8 cpl
to start, and past ads have even stated an increase at particular intervals. (I believe 90 days being the first, but do not recall for certain, and do not know what the increases amount to or how many there are.) When I was there, one of the owners sent an e-mail to everyone once (when she was upset about MTs being asked to cover others' vacation, etc.), and in it stated that, although their MTs are all subcontractors, they have always tried to offer rate increases, even bonuses to add a more personal touch to the IC status, which we all know most do not seem to do these days.

I found them to be very nice people for the most part, but have read here before that the owner is a little quirky, which I also found to be true in my experience, but was unable to draw out of the poster why he/she thought that, and my story is far too long to post here.

They do offer direct deposit, which you must pay the cost of if you want to enroll, but it is minimal. They do pay on time, every time, and in the information provided to newly hired ICs it states that they are not dependent on being paid by the clients to be able to pay their ICs/employees.

Hope that helps, and good luck!
Anyone like their current job? If so..sm

I'm in desperate need of a new job.  I hate the place I work now, and it's getting progressively worse.  Instead of asking about particular companies, can anyone just tell me if they like their current company and what it is, please?  I need to change jobs as quick as I can, and I don't want to waste a ton of time taking a lot of lengthy tests only to find out the company is no good (which is what happened to me this last time). 

I know all companies have their pros/cons, but anyone have a job where there are more pros than cons?  I would so appreciate any suggestions anyone can give me as long as it is not Cymed/SPI   because that's where I want to leave.  Any of the pros/cons on your company would be also appreciated.  Thanks again!

MDI FL would like current

info - all searches bring up stuff from 2005.  Anyone willing to comment? Especially interested in benefits -- ins., etc.



If you can do it, keep your current job, get more MT sm
education, stock up on the appropriate MT references (don't rely solely on Google, it's what is bringing MT quality down to where MTSOs don't want to pay much anymore), and get some on-the-job experience. We were paid more in the past because the MTSO's KNEW we were investing in books, required us to have these reference materials, and compensated us accordingly. Now, they know the newer MTs aren't bothering to spend money on books so why should they pay for that? And if USA quality is lousy anyway, why not offshore and get the same quality for less money? We're our own worst enemy. You'd never see a carpenter without a hammer, and MT is resource/research dependent.
(Watch the flames now.)

I wish you luck. I think you'll do well, but keep your security intact while you get some experience under your belt.

..NM up there...Does C and C have a current ad up somewhere?
as current MDI'r
Your post kind of bothers me. If you are a new hire, you should have looked into this company before you hired on, and then, having taken that step, proceed with a degree of confidence in your decision. Personally, now I am working my days off as there is so much work to do. Yes, there will be times my accounts have a lull for several hours, but usually when one is low, I have plenty on other backup accts. Since you've already taken the leap as a new hire -- why not just see how it goes for you -- keep your liaison up-to-date on your thoughts/concerns/needs and see if the company is a good fit for you. As for me, an oldie MT, i've never had a better place to work!!
What about current MTs who..sm
don't have work on their regular 8-hour shift and then told they have to make their lines later and mostly into weekends?
Current OSi MT
I've been with them quite a while. Some accounts do have plenty of work. Other accounts do not. It really depends on what you are placed on, like anywhere else I guess. There does seem to be a revolving door with the coordinators sometimes. Some have been around forever, others stay for a short bit and are gone.

Pay is always on time, without fail, so that is nice. If you are full time and become eligible 401K, they have a good 401K match, better than many other companies.

Line counts. That can be an issue. Line counts are checked in different ways depending on the account, and after having worked on many accounts, I can say that some have a percentage taken right off the top and others are closer to accurate. For example, if you check your characters extended in Word and divide by 65 and get your line count, and then compare that to what OSi says your line count is, some accounts are right on while others are about 10% less, at least of the accounts I have worked on.

They definitely offshore, more than the big one that brought it all to light a few years ago. Their new investors from a year or two ago have interests in India, and some things have changed at OSi since then. I'm sure more changes are to come.
Current TT MTs

Just curious for your opinions, are you planning on sticking it out with TT or are you actively looking for a new place to work?  I have a job offer with another company and I'm stressing about what to do.  TT was supposed to be one of the best places to work for an MT, and I was excited when I got hired there. I hate to jump ship if things are going to get better.  Just wanted to hear what everyone else had to say. 

current mt at MTS
I am a current MT at MTs and have been there for about 2 months.  I would not suggest it for anyone either.  The only reason I am there and typing my fingers to the bone is because I have to have a paycheck. I am currently looking for a better position.  Meditech and fusion STINK.  Pay by the minute DOES NOT come close to cpl pay.  The dictators stink also.  MTS expects you to fill in and look up all kind of work that you do not get paid for, which again, STINKS.  I would really like other MTS IC's to post here.  As soon as possible, I will be out of there. 
Why not ask current employees if they
can type on ALL the platforms, or if they would be willing to train on them before placing an ad? Very typical for MDI. I'm sure a lot of MTs ask for more work, given account information only to find there is no work on there as well! This company just never ceases to amaze me!
Don't have current ins. info (sm)
because I don't have to use it, but the line requirement is 12,000 per pay period for full-time employee status.
To any current Precyse MTs (sm)

Do they offer direct deposit?  Any problems with pay?  How do they handle holidays? 

I've read that they have a unique PTO plan.  Do you like it? 

I'm assuming since they use Webcorrect, you don't get paid for the demographic stuff, but is the line rate based on a 65-character line with spaces? 

Anything else you'd like to add about them would be appreciated, especially about QA, communication, amount of work, etc.  Thanks so much!

Okay, current Precysers, say it isn't so! nm
Current MDI-MD employees - sm

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I am curious as to what type of LD service everyone is using (and have been using long enough to know that they aren't going to get shut down!)  Mine (Verizon Freedom) is not going to work for me anymore.  Other than this, I love MDI, but I may need to look for employment elsewhere because of this problem. 



To tell current employer or not? SM

I am currently looking for a new job.  I love it where I work now, but need benefits and they do not offer them.  On applications they want to know if they can contact current/prior employers.  I certainly don't want to put no (as I'm quite sure that would raise a red flag), but I just worry how my current employer will react if he gets a call from prospective new employers asking about me.

Should I write my current employer and explain why I'm looking for work rather than let him be shocked to get a call out of the blue?  Guess I already know the answer, but am so worried.  Would hate to burn my bridges if the new job doesn't work out.  Ugh...I sound terrible.

What would you do?


Can a current ExecuScriber tell me what their
platform is and if it will work with ShortHand or Asutype?  Also, do they have Direct Deposit or hourly paid training?  I have a ton of questions and just wanted to save the lady I interview with some time by bugging you all:)  TIA
DSG current info?

Anyone have any comments on DSG? Looking for current info. How long does it usually take them to get back to you when you send in a resume? I know I've sent one to them a few times before but never heard anything back at all, even whether they got it or I wasn't acceptable or what. Just wondered if it was worth it to try try again...TIA!

JLG hires IC's and has a current ad
Good place!