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Current employees can you give me info? sm

Posted By: Considering WebMedX on 2005-10-03
In Reply to:

Considering sending WebMedX my resume.  How are they?  Pros, cons, no bashers please.

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Zylomed - Info from current employees appreciated

Is their platform  Inscribe by Emdat?   Autopopulated demographics?   What is average pay?  Can you make a good line count?  Good dictators?


Zylomed - Info from current employees appreciated

Is their platform  Inscribe by Emdat?   Autopopulated demographics?   What is average pay?  Can you make a good line count?  Good dictators?


Any updated info on Probity from current employees?
I'm considering them.  I've looked here on the archives and see good and bad, but I'd like some current and updated opinions - good or bad - from people who do or have worked with them recently.   Thanks.
Any MDI-FL employees that can give me some info? (sm)

Flexibility with schedules, insurance?? I know they have benefits and insurance but wondered if insurance was good. Just overall opinions on satisfaction or dissatisfaction would be appreciated.  TIA.

Can anyone give me current info on SmartMed?

I want to know how flexible they are with their IC positions and how easy the platform is.  Do they really work IC or are they just employees without the benefits?

Current or recent past employees of Silenttype...need info please!
I have been offered a position with Silenttype and would appreciate some current info from current or recent past employees, so as to make an informed decision.  Any info would be much appreciated. 
Rapid Transcript, Inc- Does anyone have any recent info on this company...current/previous employees
I am wondering about anyone who has recently or is currently working for this company...any input is appreciated. There is some Bad talk about non-payment in the search archives from 2003-2004, but no recent talk. Just curious. :)
Why not ask current employees if they
can type on ALL the platforms, or if they would be willing to train on them before placing an ad? Very typical for MDI. I'm sure a lot of MTs ask for more work, given account information only to find there is no work on there as well! This company just never ceases to amaze me!
Current MDI-MD employees - sm

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I am curious as to what type of LD service everyone is using (and have been using long enough to know that they aren't going to get shut down!)  Mine (Verizon Freedom) is not going to work for me anymore.  Other than this, I love MDI, but I may need to look for employment elsewhere because of this problem. 



This is for current SPI employees
We have to fill out all new paperwork, job application, withholding forms, an employment agreement, and a binding arbitration agreement and waiver of jury trial (scary-basically stating we won't sue them). I think this was for all the Cymeders that SPI took in.
Current employees please
I would appreciate just posts from people who are currently working for this company.  How is your work load?  Do they overhire?  Are you getting enough work to make the incentives on the incentive tier?  Pay on time and biweekly?  Are you spending a lot of time in demographics before transcribing reports with the platform?  Thank you!!
Current OSI employees

Hi.  I was wondering if you could please tell me a little bit about OSI.  I couldn't find any posts from this year, just from years past.

What is the current pay?  How are the accounts?  What platform do you use?  Overall negative or positive?

Thanks for any information that you can provide.

Current Transcend Employees
Would you refer a friend to Transcend at this point in time as one of the best to work for as far as nationals go?  Why or why not?
Current employees of Diskriter


Can people who currently work for Diskriter email me?  I was offered a position there yesterday and want to talk to someone who is there now and can offer some insight on this.  Thanks in advance.

Current Diskriter employees


I am looking to chat with people who currently work at Diskriter.  I have seen a lot about this company good and bad and want to talk with someone who works there at the present time. 

For current Medware employees...sm
I am thinking about going back to MW, just because their benefits are so hard to beat, but how has work flow been on the Dictaphone side?  Are there still a lot of changes as far as leads and such?  When I left things were rather up in the air with several people leaving as fast as they could.  Thanks.
any previous or current MRC-MD employees here? sm

Can you give my any pros or cons? Is platform productive? Plenty of work? Alot of ESLs? Are they nice people to work for? thanks

Any current MedWare employees?
I have seen some bad press but am curious about how the cmopany REALLY is.  Thanks.
Are there any current ATSI employees out there?..
If so, please give me the scoop. How are the benefits? Is the pay on time? How about supers? Particularly radiology. Thanks a bunch.
IntelliType...current employees
Would any current employees please tell me how they like working for IntelliType.  I did talk to the recruiter about a job but it seems to me as though their pay rate for IC status is a bit low.  What do you think about this?  Do you feel you are able to earn a good living with them.  This is for their ad regarding hematology/oncology.  Do they have enough work?  Platform good/bad, etc.  Please let me know if you make a decent living.  This is very important to me.  Thanks so much for your help.
Are there any current Diskriter Employees here?
I would like to hear from anyone currently working for Diskriter. I am not interested in hearing from former employees at this time as I have read the archives, which is why I would like to hear opinions from current employees or recent new hires only. Thanks!
What - no current employees at Zylomed??? (sm)
If you're currently working for Zylomed please take a few minutes to update all of us on what it's like now. I would hate to have to rely on two to three year old archived messages when making a decision about working for them. Certainly I and other MT's would prefer to make an informed and well researched decision. Please help us do so!
Any current or former USA Medical employees out there? sm

I saw their post on the Job Seekers board. Can anyone tell me about them, good or bad? What platform do they use? Are they decent people to work for? Please feel free to privately email me if you wish.


Current Transcend employees - how about (sm)

their platform?  Is it anything like DocQScribe or is it like Dictaphone ExText? 

Also, I understand there are schedules but is there any flexibility? Do they work with you if you need to change times for unexpected events, etc.? 

Is the work pretty constant?  I know it fluctuates greatly this time of year, but am speaking generally. 

Any other info appreciated.  E-mail if you wish. 


Any current Spheris employees here?

1.  Does Spheris have speech-recognition or editing work? 

2.  Can you do just SR or is it a mix of MT and SR? 

3.  Do they pay flat rates for SR (what range, please) or a percentage of your MT?


Any Current MedScribe employees?

Positives on Medscribe?

Current MDI employees see message

Hi, anyone working MDI only full time and feel they get good income and not work a second job?  Are you able to get the lines you commit without feeling the need for a second job?  Just curious as I want to be able to work full time for one company and not two.

Any current ASCEND employees?
I would like to hear from any current Ascend employee.  How is the work and are they truly paying on time?  Do they have direct deposit?  Thanks!
Question for current TT employees....sm
Just wondering how many of you did NOT respond to the email telling us we need to do VR?  Or did respond stating you did not want to do VR?  I said I was not interested in it and now am worried about losing my job, not to mention the weeks of no work.
Any current Spheris employees that can tell me about
their proprietary software and how it is to work with?
Any current Spheris employees that can tell me about...
In response to Dana, my supervisor doesn't answer ANY e-mail I send her so not sure how flexibility would work in that regard. My accounts with SR are absolutely awful; make changes pretty much throughout the entire report. It is nice to hear, though, that someone actually does well with this company. I have tried to find positives and I have yet to find one thing I can say I like about this company. It is a job, though, until I can find better....
Current Zylomed employees

Looking at applying with this company.  Not too much recent in the archives.  Can anyone tell me what they're like to work for? 

Offshore?  True IC (set your line amount in 24 hours)?  Flexible employee schedule?

Pay on time?  Good pay rate?

Comments on the platform?  Work available?

Thanks for any input!

they could care less about the current employees they are running out of a job. n/m
Execuscribe--Current information?? Any employees out there.
Can anyone share information on this company, platform, accounts, pay, benefits etc. Considering applying. Thanks.
Thanks, but I was wanting feedback from current employees/ICs.
eMTS - Question for current employees

I'm being tested for a position with eMTS and would like to know how you do on the platform.  I read in a previous post there were several, so please let me know how you like the one you're on.  Also, how many lines do you average each hour/day/pay period?  If you could share what your hourly equivalent is, too, that would be helpful.

Have you had any problems with not being paid on your paydates ever?  Hoping it's a stable, responsible, professional company.

Thank you for responding!

Have read archives, but can any current TRS employees ... SM
share how it is there now, specifically whether the required line counts are doable and if they generally have good accounts - also about the benefits.  Thanks!
Keystrokes.. any feedback from current employees?
Question for any current or recent employees of amphion

I am looking for a place to work that I can have full-time without working weekends.  Is this a good company to work for?  Do they have plenty of acute care/hospital work?  How is there platform/type of program?  Is it true you don't have to work weekends or nights? 


Why are the offering "newbies" more money than current employees?

That's odd.

Shorthand-Current Fast Chart Employees

Thanks for the info.  I just really love ShortHand and was wanting it to work.



Shorthand - Current Employees of Fast Chart

Anyone have a clue as to why ShortHand will not work their program?  Thanks.....

Current Transcend employees...what type of lines...sm
What type of line counts are you getting as far as VR on the Beyond Text platform?  I am rather new and not getting a very good line count and was wondering if there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I have gone through all the resources on the main website to help enhance line count, but not seeing much of a difference.  Thanks. 
Any of the former or current employees, can you make decent money there?
copied from email sent to current Transcend employees.
It does, however, provide additional opportunities as
we become a larger and more meaningful company. MDI was attracted to Transcend
because Transcend is widely recognized as the best company in the industry. MDI
is also very excited about Transcendís technology, speech recognition successes,
and broad capacity to deliver services on a large scale.

This is a company big on VR. Hope you like it.
Would any current or past employees of First Choice Medical please email me...sm

I have been offered a job there and am trying to make a decision.  I am curious about the type of accounts they have, the platform they use, whether ShortHand works with it, how much work they actually have, and any other information you would care to share.  I know it is always best to hear from current employees to get the real story and would SO much appreciate if someone could help me with my decision.  Thank you.

Just go to MQ board and read, form your opinion from current employees (nm)
CURRENT Diskriter MT's; can give you me any pros
Current info on Diskriter?? Past info was very mixed. Either MTs hated it or liked it, does anyone

love working there and why? Do you easily meet your incentive pay or as past people have said, the ESL are so bad that you never meet the line count. I need current and new information. Isnt there a company out there that has a handful of happy employees or does all of them have both the haters and lovers. It is so hard to sort out fact from fiction sometimes and all of us have different expectations. It kind of goes along with the one man's junk is another man's treasures theory, I suppose.

Any current Transform employees willing to share testing process and cpl range?
I am trying to move from a local clinic to a national and am curious.  Any info would be helpful.  Thanks!
Any Axolotl employees willing to share info., platform, ESL %, etc. All info greatly appreciated. sm

Along with the platform, ESL %, pay range, lpd required, split shift or 12-24 hour window available, I would be interested in knowing your personal experience with this company, what type of relationship you have with supervisors and other coworkers, etc.  Otherwise, the all the 411.