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Posted By: Chicago on 2009-09-30
In Reply to: Chicago, you hit the nail on the head (SM) - Dallas

I have always believed in following my gut. Even though it was hard to quit in this economy, I did it and found a job subbing from someone else. It just did not add up. The things that bothered me were:
1. Being allowed to go for weeks and weeks with no work and having my liaison say she had no idea what was going on. When I finally e-mailed the big cheeses and asked them they told me that a couple of big accounts were coming in September and we would be fine. (Who is that woman on television who says Don't p** on my leg and tell me it's raining?)
2. During the conference calls, direct questions were asked by the concerned MTs but nothing but glib spin was provided by the Transcend rep. I did not feel I could risk my family's well-being and just cut lose for another gig. If they want to sell, merge, or stand on their heads, thast is their very own business, but the way this was handled was pretty crappy.

Here I am freezing to death but happy. At least I have work. I wish you all the best! Remember, your gut doesn't lie. Remember that scene in Star Wars where Obi Wan Kinobi says Trust your instincts to Luke Skywalker? There is wisdom in that! I am a geek and a trekkie and I have always loved that saying. Anyway, again, good luck to you!

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MQ Dallas
The poster above is right. Not only are they totally disorganized, never communicate, but also loads of ESLs and many clients with terrible sound quality. It took me only 2 days of the above to quit.
Unfortunatley I can add to that. I was recently transferred there due to the AZ MQ office closing (which I was transferred to after my office closed in the NE) and I am on my 3rd supervisor--4 months and 3 offices--is it me???
MQ Dallas

If you're being put in MQ's Dallas region, be prepared.  You will get no feedback from anyone in that region (MTs excluded) and their payroll/benefits department are basically not there!! They never answer your questions.  You don't get samples unless you request them and most often that takes forever.  They are very, very disorganized in that region.  If you think you'd like working there, I would ask for a different region!!!  Good luck.


We just moved to Southlake, Texas which is a little north between Dallas and Ft. Worth. Southlake is one of the nicest areas to live. The schools are great. Colleyville is also nice as is Keller. I guess it depends on how close to Dallas you want to be.
MQ Dallas Office
Actually, the work is not difficult.  I'm one of the highest leveled MT's at Spheris (back again) and when I was with MQ I started off on one of the most difficult accounts in the SW region.  I found it actually to be very easy.  But, to each their own.  Its just my opinion.  Being an IC person, you may not have as much to say about all the communication (or should I say lack there of) from that office.  You hardly ever get updates (especially if you are use to seeing them) and in order to find out if there is OT available, it's like pulling teeth to find out.  Payroll in that office is horrendous.  You email for a question regarding Payroll and it will take them a good 2 weeks to answer.  You call and you almost always get the voicemail, which also takes them 2 weeks to get back to you.  You leave a message with someone and they always says they'll get right back to you, but low and behold they never do!!  The supers aren't that bad, but the higher ups are the problem down there!   I heard a few of the other region were wonderful to work for, just wish I had been given one of those regions to work in and I might have been a pretty happy camper!!   Good luck and hope all goes well for you.
Me too .. it is with the SW/Dallas office ?? NM
no, Dallas office..I believe.

no message
North Dallas
I am from about 45 minutes North but closer to Dallas is Prosper and Celina near Frisco, a booming suburb.  Prosper and Celina are small towns not too far from actual Dallas.
Does anyone know what some of the nicest areas are in Dallas?
Dallas question
I was wondering if any one works or has worked for the Dallas branch? They seem to be nice but when I went up to test the guys outnumber the girls and thats odd to me. Just wondering if anyone knows anything or has an opinion
The one in Dallas? Yes and there is no plan for it to go to VR.
Hope that helps.
MQ Dallas Office - THE WORST
The worst section to work for is the Dallas office!!! Get anywhere but there.  They don't know what their doing and they are the ones who never EVER get back to you with a question!!!  Not a single one!! 
Are you working in-house in Dallas?
If so, no is the answer to your question. It is no where near enough if your are working under one particular person. Good Luck!
Any info on MD-IT Dallas Region?

Has anyone heard of Surgical Notes in Dallas
Texas. Any information would be appreciated.
Info about Surgical Notes in Dallas please