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Data Entry Specialist Listing

Posted By: Chauntel on 2007-03-26
In Reply to:

I was wondering if anyone had heard back from this job listing yet?  I got an email today from Stanford Executive Recruitment today with the same information as the job listing and so am assuming that is them.  They want a $14.00 registration fee so I am smelling SCAM.  Just wondering what you all thought or have experienced with this one.



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Data Entry Specialist job listing?

Does anyone know anything about the data entry specialist job listing on the job board?  Is this one of those scam or is it a real job?  I applied for it, but have not heard anything yet.  Has anyone here heard anything about it? 


What about the Entry Level Computer Support Specialist.....sm
opening that is listed in Atlanta Journal (ajc.com). Do you think it's pretty much already filled from within?
data entry companies
Wondering if anyone knows of some data entry positions and if so where can I go to find work from home.
Does anyone do any data entry from home?
Just curious.  I would like to cut down to part time doing MT work and do some part time data entry!!!!
Data Entry / Excalibur
Does anyone work for or know anything about this company?  Sorry, no time nor money for scams.
Excaliber Data entry
So Excaliber Data Entry was a scam?  I wondered why it disappeared and they got me for the $55.  LIVE AND LEARN.  Just was trying to get something part-time as DTS, America has been out of work since I started in March....If I have work I can make the line requirement and I have 1 primary and 3 backup accounts. :(
Excaliber Data entry
   It is MY OWN STUPID fault.  My husband said the same thing, anything or anyone who wants money up front. 
Excilaber Data entry
They wanted $55 for a background/criminal check. If you fail the check, then you get refunded but if you fail the test and they do not hire you no refund. The test is Microsoft 2007 which I have never used as I have not needed to. Just sounded like a good thing.

Thanks for responding
Yes I'm an MT not a data entry clerk working for free

Amphion's nonpay work of data entry is discussed with every post
Part & Full Time Data Entry & Document Coding Position - Sara McDaniel - HR Administrator
This company has ads on other web sites. You have to pay them $55 to do a background check up front. Guess what? If you don't get hired, they've got your $55. Don't know if it's legit - just posting facts.
I also am a QA specialist
I get only 3.5 cpl. Where do you work?
Unfortunately, when you work for a national or particularly a specialist, there are ..sm
many, many referring physicians. Doctors do not want to take the time during dictation to be considerate in providing spellings of doctors names, towns, and even spelling of patient names. It is ashame, however very common for many of us to have to take the time to look it up. I have found, in my experience, when I have had my own clients over the years, I don't take this horse sh_ _. I left blanks and had their office staff fill in the missing info. After time, the doctors became more disciplined and provided more complete dictation after being hounded by their office staff. Unfortunatley, when you work for a local service or national transcription company, you have to take the heat for not researching the doctor names, addresses, etc. Sad, but true. Find some good national doctor databases for this purpose. If you are referring to patient names in relation to demographics, you simply cannot guess on them. Spell it as it sounds and type spelling not given (doc's problem in this case).
Thanks, Medical Content Specialist:)!
what's the difference QA, editor, and specialist
MLS=Medical Language Specialist
MT companies, with oncology specialist openings!


I am highly interested in the MT companies who have current openings in oncology as the speciality of choice!  I have 5 years' experience as an MT.  I am now doing orthopedics, which is good, but I really love doing oncology, for personal reasons.  I am looking for pay per line either equal to OR above my pay that I receive now.  I have worked for a little over one year for the company I work for now, and I received an actual raise for all of my hard, but enjoyed, work.  Also, I should mention that I have NEVER worked for any companies, in my life, that do not give raises every year.  As long as the work warrants it, and everything else keeps going up in price, i.e. GAS prices, and etc, I think that it should be given to us hard-working MTs!!  After all, this is a REAL job, and not just a job that is taken lightly by some of us, who actually NEED to make a living off of this type of work, and also enjoy doing it!

So, if your company has what I would like to have in an employer, contact me, and we will talk seriously about it.  I would just love to hear from you!

I personally prefer Medical Language Specialist...
Even the title medical transcriber doesn't do justice to our jobs with the way they have evolved over the years. We no longer can sit and simply be transcribers. We must be semi-fluent in several different languages, do our best to hone our psychic skills so we don't get penalized for leaving a blank for QA to assist with, we have to perform feats of magic at times attempting to find an ADT match, and the list goes on and on.

Geez, maybe we should just call ourselves *medical magicians* at this point what with all the rabbits we're expected to pull from the many hats we're forced to wear these days.
Medical language specialist is a title made up by MTs. The truth is...sm

...we are transcriptionists. Our job is to type what the doc/PA/nurse dictates. Look at a court reporter; she can call herself a legal language specialist or a juris stenographer or whatever else she comes up with, but her job is to provide a transcript of WHAT IS SAID in court. She is not changing anything, and nobody expects her to. In fact, if she did, there would be huge repercussions!

 Same for closed captioning transcriptionists. What is said goes in the ears and out the fingers, no changes.

 The difference between us and them is that we deal in medical language.

My title and my job is medical transcriptionist. I have also been a transcription editor. If the account says type verbatim, I do just that, and it matters not to me if the doc ends the sentence with a preposition. I'm here to provide a hard copy of what he said, not make him look like he went to charm school. If the doc/site/account/client decides the charts look foolish, they are free to allow me light editing privileges for the sake of clarity.

If you want to correct someone else's words, become a copy editor.


Why don't you TRY listing them,

the reasons that VR is so great.  Bet you can't think of a thing, can you? 

Thought so. 

company listing
I know there is a site that lists MT companies but I did not bookmark it.  Can anyone tell me that site please?  Thanks
I don't see any job listing for them on either this site or
the other one. Am I missing something?
I could only find a business listing - sm
Here is a link - search the page for their listing, it's near the bottom of the page.
MQ has typo on its MT job listing web page.
It is only a double period, but still.
Listing on hyderabad-jobs.com with same name but
Gearplayer on E-bay with one hour to go and only $2.50!! SM for listing #
For those that may not know, Gearplayer is a program that plays voicefiles. The I just bought my Gearplayer in August and it was $90.00. Mine is the newer version 3.3.4. The one listed is a 2.6 version, but you can install the upgrades off the computer. It's in perfect condition. The listing number is below. Good luck!

I noticed their listing on the job board...
and was just wondering about them.  Searched the archives and found nada.
When I clicked on the web site for the job listing at
Vision Infonet Inc that is listed on the Job Seeker's Board, my antivirus program would not let me go any further because the site was apparently trying to download a Trojan horse virus onto my computer.  BEWARE!!! 
Transtech Medical Solutions.com or look on the job listing here.
Here is a job listing I found in New York - 45K a year. sm
New York, NY 10001 ( mapMap it )

Base Pay:
$40,000 - $45,000 /Year

Employee Type:
Full-Time Employee

Healthcare - Health Services

Manages Others:

Job Type:
Admin - Clerical
Health Care

At least 1 year(s)

Contact Information
Risa Fox

(212) 719-9600, ext. 208

(212) 719-9384     instantly fax your resume >>


Busy radiology clinic needs experienced Transcriptionist to fill a full-time, permanent position. 


The schedule is from 11:00-7:00 (can be somewhat flexible -- 10:00-6:00), Monday through Friday.  An attractive salary and benefits package are offered.


Apply now!  Interviews begin soon.


Qualified candidates are encouraged to register with http://www.promedpersonnel.com/ to be considered for this and future opportunities.

Requirements Must have one year of experience in medical transcription

I wanted to apply for a position with a current job listing.

But, they really did not provide much information.  I e-mailed asking for the range of compensation and platform information since the test they want completed is pretty involved.  I never heard anything from them.  Are that many really willing to spend an hour or more testing without the most basic of information being given?  I really did not think it was asking too much.  Makes me wonder ... either enough MTs are willing to test first, find out later or the company is not comfortable enough with what it has to offer to include it in the ad or respond to an e-mail.  Oh well. 

Then that distinction needs to be made in this listing of "What All MTs Should be Paid" - sm
There should be a distinction between pay rates for ICs vs those wanting benefits.

11 cpl is not out of range for an IC, but high if you expect me to provide insurance and paid vacation, etc.
Is there a listing anywhere that shows # of employees or size of company? nm )


Their listing on mtjobs.com (#11) still has them in Wisconsin. A contact likes working for them,
Job listing clearly states "Work At Home Virtual assistant/Representatives within our Customer Se

Found this by using GOOGLE.
entry level
any 1 know of entry level MT jobs in centrl txs or at hme..???
Entry level
Has anyone received a response from the entry level position on a pediatric account with Medtransolutions?
entry level
I'm thinking about getting my MT certificate and need some advice. Is it hard to find work as an entry level mt? Also, does it matter where I get my certificate (at home or reg classroom)? Do most companies have set hours or do you work when you want? I'm really excited about this new career! Any advise?
Why entry level only?
I see where World Wide Dictation is looking for entry level transcriptionists to do non-medical work.....insurance claims, paying up to 9.5 cpl.  Why only entry level?  If it's such simple work, why not let anyone in who is willing to do it for the amount offered?
MT entry level?
Lately I have read where companies offering you an MT position and then say you have an opportunity for advancement. This really ticks me off!! I Love being an MT, have always felt that an Acute Care/Hospital Medical Transcriptionist was at the top. I personally would not want a QA or administration position and certainly do not feel I would be making a move up…at the absolute least it would be just a different move.

The only thing I do not like about being an MT is that most companies don't give raises if you get paid per line or are an IC. I have been doing this for 12+ years and companies want to pay the same rates per line as 12 years ago. The only way to make more money is to type faster and/or more hours. They have forget about the cost of living that keeps going up.

Just how EZ is it to get off of the DI entry acct

Does anyone ever hire entry level MT?

Hi all, I was wondering if there is any company out there hiring for entry level MTs.  I have the Medical background and the typing skills.  I'm a fast learner and looking to work at home as an MT.  Anyone have any suggestions?



Webmedx-Entry level?
Does Webmedx ever hire entry-level MTs?  Anyone gotten hired with less than the 2 years experienced required?  I have about 6 months acute care.  Is Webmedx one of the companies that will wave this experience for an MT from one of the AAMT-approved schools? 
Hiring MTs with entry level exp
I have just graduated from a MT program and am looking for work.  I am willing to work the hours no one else wants.  Can anyone suggest companies that hire MTs with entry level experience.  My husband is working in Iraq and I would like to supplement his income so he can come home.
Did any of below posters google? Did you see entry
Entry-level work
What companies like to hire recent grads other than Focus and Encompass?
Entry-level work
Thank you!
Entry-level MTs are hired all the time...
but in this industry, entry level usually refers to someone who has completed a comprehensive MT training course but has no actual paid MT experience. My suggestion would be to investigate training at M-TEC or Andrews before thinking of looking for a job.
If you are entry level, what is the line requirement.

and how long will they give you to make that count.  Also can someone tell me what the pay will be for entry level.  I see they are hiring all the time and was interested.



Are there any companies who hires entry-level MTs

Does anybody knows who hires entry-level MTs?


I wonder what the work looks like with entry level MTs bouncing around in these accounts. Well, they
MQ will just continue to lose accounts and there will be less and less work. The entry level MTs cannot produce nearly what the experienced MTs can I know this from my supervisor and they send everything to QA because they arent sure of themselves so does this make sense. Not to me.