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I personally prefer Medical Language Specialist...

Posted By: JMHO on 2009-02-13
In Reply to: One thing we should do as well - sm - MT Headed

Even the title medical transcriber doesn't do justice to our jobs with the way they have evolved over the years. We no longer can sit and simply be transcribers. We must be semi-fluent in several different languages, do our best to hone our psychic skills so we don't get penalized for leaving a blank for QA to assist with, we have to perform feats of magic at times attempting to find an ADT match, and the list goes on and on.

Geez, maybe we should just call ourselves *medical magicians* at this point what with all the rabbits we're expected to pull from the many hats we're forced to wear these days.

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MLS=Medical Language Specialist
Medical language specialist is a title made up by MTs. The truth is...sm

...we are transcriptionists. Our job is to type what the doc/PA/nurse dictates. Look at a court reporter; she can call herself a legal language specialist or a juris stenographer or whatever else she comes up with, but her job is to provide a transcript of WHAT IS SAID in court. She is not changing anything, and nobody expects her to. In fact, if she did, there would be huge repercussions!

 Same for closed captioning transcriptionists. What is said goes in the ears and out the fingers, no changes.

 The difference between us and them is that we deal in medical language.

My title and my job is medical transcriptionist. I have also been a transcription editor. If the account says type verbatim, I do just that, and it matters not to me if the doc ends the sentence with a preposition. I'm here to provide a hard copy of what he said, not make him look like he went to charm school. If the doc/site/account/client decides the charts look foolish, they are free to allow me light editing privileges for the sake of clarity.

If you want to correct someone else's words, become a copy editor.


Thanks, Medical Content Specialist:)!
Personally, I prefer to be left alone to work. I hear from my lead when I need her and sm
one or two other times a month, never excessive like a certain company that is rah-rah'd on here. No problem with communication in the two years I have been with them!

Gheesh! Some people have something to complain about no matter what, surprised if even a Keystroke's employee. It is easy to form an opinion when only a handful of employees post here.
Our medical records are private. They should not be sent overseas. The language barrier can sm
cause a lot of very serious errors in a medical record, and I, for one, want my work kept here.

There are a lot of services that do not send work overseas and will not because they believe in keeping everything in the U.S. It was the deciding factor for me when weighing between two companies. One company was very vague when asked, but the other, Keystrokes, was adamant about staying U.S. only.

I started with them 2 years ago and will retire with this company, as long as it keeps the same ownership (had to clarify that as if the ownership changes, I would probably leave). I have not heard of them selling out, so I am hoping to stay!
I prefer to be off a day during the week so I prefer a Tues-Sat schedule. nm
I also am a QA specialist
I get only 3.5 cpl. Where do you work?
Unfortunately, when you work for a national or particularly a specialist, there are ..sm
many, many referring physicians. Doctors do not want to take the time during dictation to be considerate in providing spellings of doctors names, towns, and even spelling of patient names. It is ashame, however very common for many of us to have to take the time to look it up. I have found, in my experience, when I have had my own clients over the years, I don't take this horse sh_ _. I left blanks and had their office staff fill in the missing info. After time, the doctors became more disciplined and provided more complete dictation after being hounded by their office staff. Unfortunatley, when you work for a local service or national transcription company, you have to take the heat for not researching the doctor names, addresses, etc. Sad, but true. Find some good national doctor databases for this purpose. If you are referring to patient names in relation to demographics, you simply cannot guess on them. Spell it as it sounds and type spelling not given (doc's problem in this case).
what's the difference QA, editor, and specialist
MT companies, with oncology specialist openings!


I am highly interested in the MT companies who have current openings in oncology as the speciality of choice!  I have 5 years' experience as an MT.  I am now doing orthopedics, which is good, but I really love doing oncology, for personal reasons.  I am looking for pay per line either equal to OR above my pay that I receive now.  I have worked for a little over one year for the company I work for now, and I received an actual raise for all of my hard, but enjoyed, work.  Also, I should mention that I have NEVER worked for any companies, in my life, that do not give raises every year.  As long as the work warrants it, and everything else keeps going up in price, i.e. GAS prices, and etc, I think that it should be given to us hard-working MTs!!  After all, this is a REAL job, and not just a job that is taken lightly by some of us, who actually NEED to make a living off of this type of work, and also enjoy doing it!

So, if your company has what I would like to have in an employer, contact me, and we will talk seriously about it.  I would just love to hear from you!

Data Entry Specialist job listing?

Does anyone know anything about the data entry specialist job listing on the job board?  Is this one of those scam or is it a real job?  I applied for it, but have not heard anything yet.  Has anyone here heard anything about it? 


Data Entry Specialist Listing

I was wondering if anyone had heard back from this job listing yet?  I got an email today from Stanford Executive Recruitment today with the same information as the job listing and so am assuming that is them.  They want a $14.00 registration fee so I am smelling SCAM.  Just wondering what you all thought or have experienced with this one.



What about the Entry Level Computer Support Specialist.....sm
opening that is listed in Atlanta Journal (ajc.com). Do you think it's pretty much already filled from within?
there is more than one language

in India.

Leave the language out, please. (NM)
I emailed her about her language....
Let's see if she replies, and HOW she replies. What a laugh!
Do you have to learn the language?
What is going on with your foul language?

if you want to use that kind of language, at least
Tiliput's language does not belong
won't read it unless you can talk English and not your mother tongue.  Try to tone down your F word and save it for the back yard.
I'm guessing English is your second language? I would say this is a
disservice to the MT as well as the companies you are going to service. Nothing worse than someone trying to sail the ship who hasn't ever been near the water.
"hell" is foul language??
good grief, girl. lighten up. remind yourself never to move to Ireland.

It's common forum language...

It means:  I totally agree.

Oh it is not common forum language...

There's that language barrier at work again
*eye roll*


In a job ad post, YES, it is foul language and it will not be tolerated
I really don't know what part of the English language they do not get.. I think the word NO
comes to mind. I would not even be working that day when I'd get an IM, can you do a STAT? and I'd tell them no that I was heading out the door, so, your going to do it? and again, NO.. I said I'm heading out the door.  This would go on until I finally had to click the IM off. I felt badgered and I am not sure how much was just them not understanding or just being pushy. There is a fine line and I got tired of it so I quit.
Editors have knack for accents, language, etc.
for MT: This is also common forum language: 'MT YAS
Guess what this is?
Don't see how an MTSO can inspire faith and loyalty in his/her employees by blowing sugar up their collective behinds 1 day & all the while sticking it to them.  Call me sweetie pie, sugar cakes all you want, but don't do it in the same breath as telling us we'd all have to joint a 50% salary cut club, telling us that the low work for MTs is because of the Huge responses we got for our VR takeover and that because these brand-new VR'rs are so very productive all of a sudden -- (Why not chuck the euphimisms and say straight out, There's no work because it's gone to VR - in addition, we had to overhire a bunch of newbies as prophylaxis to a lot of expected resignations - added benefit, we don't have to pay any more bonuses to keep work in TAT - but you guys (you really do rock!) did pester us about low/no work, but will just have to FLEX until November when the new accounts (Ugggh) show up...hope your landlord, grocer, hungry kids are as understanding as you are, sweetie, sugarplumb - You're all the best! 
Told ya.. the word NO is not a universal language. They do not hear what you say at all ..yet..
They are the ones QA-ing your work and docking your check accordingly. What a crock.. That and I would like 12 hours and be lucky to make $50. It's a ripoff. Their line count never adds up but you can bet they get paid a lot more than they give their MTs.
No forms of foul language are allowed, that's what got your post removed.
Contact said pay was on time but there's a real language barrier with their 1 tech person. nm
Prefer MT
I've done both, but prefer transcribing.  Can earn more and go faster.  QA was fine, but pay was sooooo low.
Definitely prefer QA over MT.
I actually make more doing QA but I guess I am lucky to be paid a pretty high hourly rate compared to what others say they make doing QA(shocked!). I began to really hate transcribing after many years as it became very boring and eventually not challenging enough for me. Plus my arms ached all the time. Everyone is different though, of course.
Prefer QA to MT (sm)
I make a lot more doing QA then MT. Very satisfied with my hourly rate and honestly enjoy my job!
This is exactly why I much prefer being--sm
an IC. Sure, some of these companies sound all wonderful with their benefits and all, but I guess I just do not trust very much, and shy away from accepting any benefit package with a company I cannot see or be physically involved in. The MTSO that I work for recently merged with another company who offered employee status with benefits. It all sounded really good, but when asked specifics about some of the benefits, I received quite vague answers. The one thing that spooked me was when they sent a letter explaining employee benefits and it stated *if you choose to become an employee, your rate of pay may change (but it did not specify to what)*. and also regarding their insurance benefits, it mentioned that $400 would be deducted from employee's pay every pay period, for single coverage!!! I have checked into getting my own individual coverage and I felt that $180 a month was too much to pay, so for a $400 pay cut every two weeks, wow! I decided to remain an IC. That way, I take care of my own taxes. I know exactly what is being paid into my SS every year, because it is ME that is paying it. And, if I choose to have a retirement fund, at least I know any money I put into it is actually going there. In other words, I retain control of my finances and do not rely on some ghost company somewhere to do that for me. It is all a matter of trust these days, and I have been burnt enough in the past that I trust hardly anyone anymore. These *companies* do not know you and you don't know them, so what is to stop them from doing exactly what you have described? You have my sympathies.

I wish you the very best and I truly hope you get your money back. It may be a long drawn out process though, but be persistent! Good luck to you!
Would you prefer....
I am wondering how many of you enjoy having daily e-mails that shares things about the company and your co-workers, such as maybe how long they have been employed and maybe something like spotlighting each MT each different month just to find out a little bit about your coworkers?  The reason I ask this is because I used to work for a company about a year ago who had this type of thing and I really enjoyed it.  It would even have something in it like bloopers from dictations and such.  The company I have now you have nothing like that at all.  We have our company e-mail, but the extent is just information about changes in account specs or the daily workload.  I have seen names on the IM and just wondered about my fellow team mates.  It was just a thought.  Would like nice, honest answers... Please no meanies
First Choice does, also, WP5.1. I prefer it, too. nm
Why do you prefer OP notes? nm


No, just as an employee. I think they have just a few ICs and prefer
to hire employees. I imagine though that working for them as an IC is pretty much the same as an employee with the exception of no benefits. U have been in this business for 20 years and this is by far the best company I have ever worked for.
done both and prefer IC status
I have been an IC for over 15 years. For the first 12, I was not incorporated. I just filed using my SS#. I incorporated three years ago, and now things are a bit more complicated but I seem to get more write offs.

My husband claims only a few on his taxes, so he seems to cover the both of us. I do not pay quarterly, and just about break even at the end of the year. We usually even end up getting a refund on our personal.

I have a CPA who is expensive but very familiar with home based business and what you need to pay or not pay.

I also work for a company where I am an employee, so throw that in the mix, and my tax return is kinda crazy. I prefer the IC status with all the write off's and such. My corporate filing fee is $750 per year and that is all I ever pay (well at least for the last three years).

Hope this helps.
I have used both, prefer Shorthand (SM)
Learning curve was too tedious and long on instant text. I found I could program ShortHand to do most of the same things.
I prefer nationals. SM
I have worked years in hospital settings. It does have its advantages. Here's what I see the pros/cons are:

Inhouse Pros:
-- When you are done for the day, you're done!
-- You are not faced with family/friend disruption (see cons, too)
-- Company provides everything
-- Socializing is easy
-- Provides a change of environment
-- You have immediate access to assistance on all levels
-- HR and Payroll are usually in the same bldg and you can go down directly to them
-- Mgmt is readily available
-- You can usually view the entire workload and see how it is being distributed or balanced and have more input
-- Workload is limited to your employer's work only

-- If you get too close to coworkers, they become intrustive on your work
-- If you don't share coworkers' perspectives, you can be given quite a cold shoulder treatment
-- You have to conform to a dress code usually
-- You have to leave the house in bad weather, park - sometimes walk a ways or even pay fo parking, etc.
-- Usually much more structured work and break times that are not too flexible
-- Usually paid hourly..sometimes with incentive plans. If you are really fast, probably not a good setup for you.

Love Nationals:
-- Work from home
-- Co provides equipment
-- Plenty of work and varieties of work
-- Paid on production -- great producers do very well
-- No worries about coworkers and social settings (getting along with annoying workers, etc.)

I've done both and I prefer..
hourly because I would have a set income already.
I actually prefer to be trained
this way rather than getting stuck on the phone endless hours. Would you mind emailing me the name of the company?
I'm with you. I prefer per report
Do u prefer being an IC or employee?
Do you prefer being an IC or employee? I have been an MT for a little over 2 years, and I've always been an IC (subcontracting for a small transcription service). I like the flexibility in my schedule, but I feel a little left out in the cold when it comes to tech support, not having PTO to fall on when work runs low, etc.
I prefer my own computer.
Been working at home 12 years and have always used my own computer. None of my employers have gotten into it for any reason. If I have a problem with something computer related, my husband takes care of it.
I think you have to use their equipment, if that matters at all. I prefer my own. nm
I prefer quiet, too. Everything seems fine. nm