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Diskriter MT's, how is communication with supes

Posted By: and QA? Good platform? E-mail if you want.TIA! nm on 2008-02-15
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Anyone work at Diskriter, who can tell me how it's like, pay, work load, supes, etc. Thanks
Right on! Too bad more supes and owners don't - (sm)
check out this website and see what the world of MT is REALLY like. Most of 'em are too busy shopping for that new Lexus or other expensive bauble to know or even care what life is like for the folks that have to work under them. It's kind of funny, where I used to work they had a very hard time attracting new hires, and even retaining the old pros they already had! (Word DOES get out, doesn't it?) Especially now that we have amazing networking & communication tools like the Internet and MT Stars. If I were a manager in charge of MTs, you better believe that I would care how they viewed their jobs, and how my organization looked to others, and I would be reading the med. transcription websites. I now work for a company that you never see discussed in a derrogatory manner on this board, and in fact that had a lot to do with why I chose to work for them, rather than the many companies you read about in here. So MT managers, start treating your employees like the money-makers they are, instead of like dirt, and watch your companies (and your profits) grow.
Some supes/accounts better than what I had
There are a few at Spheris who claim to have good accounts and good supes, but that was not my experience.  The accounts disappeared as fast as I could crosstrain on them.  My supe blew me off 75% of the time, and when she did answer it was only part of an issue that got addressed.  In fact, the only time she had time for me was when I gave notice, but only to assure me I could come back within 30 days.  I found it real interesting my supe had a secretary AND a back up secretary, and yet nobody had time to answer simple questions (yet they always had time to call and beg me to come in on my day off when they were in a pinch).  Funny too how my supe had EVERY holiday off, herself.  At the job I'm at now, my supe always answers me, and without a huge backup staff underneath her, either.  That earns my respect and trust.
Not always an option; my supes don't want calls at either of my MTSOs. nm
Ad here in Feb. for coders and supes only. Office people said not to be very
A lot of OT on my acct, supes are good, pay on time.
And even then it's luck of the draw most times as far as acct, supes, etc.
Nope, but on their site it says they're only hiring coders and MT supes right now. nm
Spheris supes/QA are good, insurance not good; they offshore
Of course you mean No communication.
Don't do it! Bad communication there.

Bad platform and bad pay.

Ha-Some would beg to differ.  Was told we were going to get  ShortHand page to help new employees create shorthand dictionaries as this was new to us, haven't gotten, told we were going to be reimbursed for Shorthand, haven't seen that either and this came from the top, not a lead.
TT pay and communication
About the pay issue I don't float checks or set up electronic transactions because, who knows the bank computer system could crash in the interim. When I SEE it I pay bills. Anyway it's due on Monday so I don't count on it before then.

About the communication, I don't see why they need to communicate anything about this, they already informed us they were taking it in house, they did not say they were changing the pay date, so what's the big deal about this anyway? It has to be up to the bank because they pay everybody at the same time, but it hits people's banks at different times, anywhere from Friday to Monday so it HAS to be the bank reponsible for tht.

About the communication they answer only the emails they want to answer and ignore the rest which is about 75% of them. I don't email them much and I also don't get an answer much.

Still Transtech is the best company I have ever worked for.
Case in point - when some of us were told we were going to start doing VR (at a lower pay rate) I think many if not most of us got jittery and nervous. Some were on here wondering if they should look for another job. Then we got a conference call in which the owner talked to us about what was going on, why we were starting this VR, the cost breakdown, her concerns but also hopes for it, heard experiences of those who had tried it, and I think most of us felt a lot better after that call. The owner didn't say she was excited about the new VR or promise that we'd all love it or make a ton of money on it. She was honest about her concerns about it and about why we were doing it and that's what we really needed to hear to steady us - honest communication about the situation.
Definitely the worst at communication!!
If you have problems, oh well.. If you have a complaint, oh well... If you check is always penalized, oh well... If you have realized that the line counts NEVER add up with ANY program, oh well.. Now, you get the idea.  They could care less. There is a reason why people from other countries should not run an American business. They have no idea what your saying or care and you cannot get through to them in PLAIN ENGLISH because they do not understand that language. They only understand "PENALIZE" that is their favorite word. I am sorry but I had to vent.
Communication and concern
True ... I got more communication from them
than I ever DREAMED of getting at MQ, and I loved it. What is the most difficult for me is that I trained on two hospitals of a very large account, and loved them, but then I was transferred to another hospital within that same account, and it is much harder. Not the worktypes, etc. - the docs are harder. But, some days are good, some are bad. Other than the account particulars, I have no other complaints with Transcend. They've been very good to me, and I like the platform, communication, TIMELINESS OF GETING PAID (they're REAL on top of that - my check actually arrives a couple days before payday). And, at least for right now, they have a lot of work - no worries about running out, at least not in the immediate future.
Don't go there. Bad communication, bad pay, India. nm
No communication -> MTs wander off (sm)
when work volume dips.
All I want is better communication and more feedfback..sm
I never get feedback yet I got a message from the boss asking me to stop making the same mistakes.  How do I know what mistakes I am making if I'm not told.  That's all I ask. 
They pay higher than most and their communication
I though they were very professional and the Beyond TXT platform was not half-bad.  They treat you like a person and not someone from far, far away.  LOL  - They have my vote as well!     
I have never seen such a lack of communication
within a company.  It would be easier on management and keep the MTs working if there were better communication and being able to put it in one place would be a win/win situation I would think.  I've learned to not hold my breath for things to happen though. 
No but they can be blamed for bad communication
They knew today that the checks would not be pending in the bank as usual. They knew 2 weeks ago this payperid would go in house. Wouldn't a little e mail stating that the payday will not be as usual since things are in house now? At least common courtesy to those people who do not expect things to be different than every week for a year or more?
Yes, I agree they need to have better communication on almost everything.
lack of communication
is usually a good indication there is soemthing you do not want others to know. 
Lack of communication? sm
What, exactly, do you want them to communicate to you that they have not already? They have sent emails and posted newsletters with the latest developments and they are holding a teleconference to discuss those developments.

Did it ever occur to you that not every worker is privy to all the internal workings of a company, not just in medical transcription but in most brick and mortar companies as well? We have a job to do at Webmedx, and that job is to transcribe accurate medical reports in a timely manner.... Period! Our job is not to concern ourselves with the latest acquisitions, mergers, or other business/financial developments that may or may not occur. They have people who are paid to do that, so we should do what we are paid to do.

If Webmedx is that intolerable to you, you might consider changing something you are able to change as I suggested below, or if you cannot or will not do that, then perhaps it is time for you to find some place where you would be happier.
The only problem I have with TT is communication (sm)

It seems like my email messages don't get through sometimes, but they are always quick to try and fix it. I even had support look into it. It turns out that management gets so loaded down with emails during the day that they can miss a few.

The only other problem I have is the ones that don't work their schedule during the week and then go whole hog on the weekend, leaving low work for Mondays. That irks me to no end (not the low work, the MTs).  They should work their schedule.  It throws everything off when they don't. 

I've been there for 2 years and am still happy. Work is low once in a while, especially around the holidays and Monday as above, but it always picks up after about 3 hours. I do enjoy the break and always make up my lines and time when necessary. I try to do it during the week, but sometimes must do it on the weekend.


Get used to it. Communication has always been an issue. Also....
be forewarned that one of the bigwig frequents this board. Not that you care, but they will figure out who is saying what. Overall, when I worked there, I liked it but hated the communication issue.
The only communication I need is the paycheck. The

Run out of work, no communication, pay

pay rates - communication
Why not just email your liaison or D to see what's going on? 'I have emailed a couple times telling her I am undecided on whether i will continue with the company and I have changed my schedule around to work 3 days for them/4 days for my other job - by the end of the year, I hope to make a decision and only work 1 job, based on what is coming down the pike. But I do keep in contact with both D and my liaison and tell them where  I am at - as my hub says it's good not to burn bridges cos you never know if you will need to cross them again. Send an email, what have you got to lose/? Good luck to all us MDIers.
No communication at MDI-FL. Total chaos.
I see an add for Transcription Communication Corporation, sm
I googled it, and came up with MTC Corporation, anyone have any info on this company? It is on the Job Seeker's Board.
yes i could just call them, but we have these boards to use as communication als nm
No communication. They were bought out by Transcend and it has sm
not been good. I used to love working there but now hate every minute of it. I think that they sold out.
No communication? They are calling and emailing me
Unorganized, no communication, no work
for more comments regarding mdi-fl
Don't know about outsourcing, but they had terrible communication when I was there
Communication is terrible. I've been there for
long, long time and work on several accounts (MDI side). Some TLs are good about answering, others never even acknowledge that I am alive. Heard they were working on the problem, but it has not improved yet. And no work is the theme song of the day.
I have the opposite experience.. I have a lot of communication
I don't feel like a number there, I really feel like a part of the family.
This was a year ago but horrible communication...sm
Pay via snail mail, not on time, hardly any training and consequently no QA response until too late. Horrible, horrible communication. Maybe things have changed but doubt it.
Worst job I ever had. Poor communication,
Horrible platform. After 24 years in this business, I knew they were not a good fit for me.
MDI/Transcend has horrible communication especially from
the payroll and HR depts.
TT needs to work on some communication issues before
Amazing how a little communication here and there helps. I wish they'd
Honestly, the lack of communication is nothing new but
there is usually work. It could be that they have not assigned a queue of worktypes for you if your still in training. I'm just guessing here. I think the most frustrating thing for me is the lack of response to emails. I don't care if I am asking if the sky is blue, I expect someone...anyone.... to answer me. I always attach copies to multiple team leaders hoping one or all of them will answer, and NOTHING.. I'm not sure what their problem was/is. I started on the MDI side and once they merged with Transcend communication went down the tubes. My suggestion is that you attempt to contact your lead and also put copies to all of the other team leads and hope someone will answer. I would even tell them your discouraged and rethinking your decision. Maybe, that will light a fire under them, but I would definitely question them about the work load. I rarely run out but then again I work on 3-4 different accounts so I can hop around when one runs out. Good luck. My days there are numbered.
Crappy pay, no communication, inept QA. NM

Communication has been terrible. I have asked
for feedback over and over and over with no response. I guess I am still on 100% QA because as near as I can tell none of my reports have been through QA. If they have, I have yet to get any feedback on any reports as far back as 7/15. I honestly don't know if I can continue to work with no idea as to how I am doing or any mistakes I am making. I did get paid for work through the 15th though.
Why is communication at Spheris so poor? sm
Are managers threatened with beheadings or something?  The secrecy is unreal.  What is going on there?  Is it for sale or something?  I know I won't get any answers.  It is the most bizarre place I have ever worked.
Poor company communication I would say.
I think it is best to avoid gossips/fears is to keep all abreast of company doings on. What can it hurt, sure hurts when there is misinformation (from fear factors)
Breitner - run out of work, no communication, pay