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No communication? They are calling and emailing me

Posted By: on a daily basis NM on 2006-03-21
In Reply to: No communication. They were bought out by Transcend and it has sm - BTDT


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Try emailing or calling your former STM. nm
Did any of you try emailing or calling D herself? Perhaps things have changed sm

since I worked there, but it used to be you could talk to her and she would listen and make things right if she could.  Maybe she is not as much involved in those things anymore and it is mostly C handling things.  It just seemed worth a shot.  It is sad to see so many people unhappy and scared for their livelihoods. 

Good luck. 

Emailing everyone
You go!! Don't forget Lou Dobbs...he loves to talk about the evils of outsourcing...this would give him LOTS to talk about.
Try emailing QA sm
I was off QA after about 3 days.
I would like to know also, why emailing you?
This is what this board is for, to post so others can see and make decisions on places.
Maybe try emailing
I would try emailing again and checking status of what they are doing. I know they were very busy with a lot of applicants. Wouldn't hurt to just get your name out there again and email to see where they are at.
Maybe instead of emailing...
If you have a phone #, give them a call and hopefully you'll get someone to talk to and get some kind of explanation.

I think I'd be a little concerned because, as KYM points out, you're not getting a response from more than 1 person/department.

I'd definitely be polite but proactive and find out what's going on.

Good luck :-)
as far as them emailing me...
I've had 2 companies tell me they were interested and wanted to set up an interview date, then heard nothing after I responded so I can't help but wonder what will happen with any other company from now on.

Testing was on the typical mttest site-real easy. I don't know if I'm supposed to mention what specialties I had on the transcribing part, but I had 4 files that were actually pretty good.

I saw 2 old posts about them before and it just mentioned that people were happy with them. I didn't see anything negative.

Sorry I can't give any work experience with them. Good luck to us and anyone who applied though.
Would you mind emailing me?
I'd like to reduce the hours I work and/or pick up another IC job.  Thank you.
Emailing daily log........ sm

Do yourself a huge favor.  If you don't have a scanner, buy one!  I keep a handwritten log and at the end of the day I just scan it into an email.  You certainly don't need another screen to contend with. 

would you mind emailing me.... TIA nm
Do you mind emailing me regarding
Are they very strict on the requirement of having 5 years experience as an 'editor'? I have been an MT for 8 years but have only edited for a few months.
Would you mind emailing me too... sm
I've been thinking about applying there myself... thank you.
Allegiant MT - Would you be interested in emailing me?
I'd like to ask you some questions.  Thanks
Why don't you call your manager instead of just emailing? nm
Why only emailing you for answers, why so secreative?
Good luck with emailing that one
like a 12-year-old IM'ing her pals. How professional or NOT.  Unfortunatley this situation is not isolated as there have been many before you and surely will be many after.  No no communication, no nothing.  Some of us were just smart enough to get out while the getting was good. 
Hey shortcake, would you mind me emailing you about JLG?
Fatcat, I just tried emailing you, but it came back.

Could you email me, please?  Thanks! 

They contacted me within 30 minutes of emailing my resume!! nm
Have you tried emailing Instant Text tech support? sm

Sometimes if it doesn't work exactly perfect they can send you a fix to make it work. The link is on their webpage somewhere and they have a forum where you can search, too.

Only took 5 min & my post re:dont waste time emailing

What incentives were you hired at? If you are an SE, were you told you get quarterly bonuses?  PLEASE REPLY!

Just keep calling (sm)
Don't be nervous. Same thing happened to me. They are spread pretty thin there, with people wearing a number of hats. They don't really have one person who does only recruiting that I'm aware of, unlike the other companies, hence the disconnect in getting back with people.
Have you tried calling them?


Calling on ICs

I have always been a FT employee for a national ...I understand IC status but very unfamiliar w/companies hiring IC status....Any advice on ICing greatly appreciated and good/bad companies....How is money doing Rad as compared to hospital basic 4...?

Thank you

keep calling
630-553-3680 I played phone tag for quite awhile before I finally got to talk to the recruiter. I believe they must be really busy hiring these days.
No name-calling, please. (sm)
We all have to get along on this board. If you don't care for what someone is posting, you can disagree but you cannot use foul names or vulgar references.

First off an MD would not be calling HR to
talk about an MT.  They have a contact and if they had a problem with the work of an MT they would call their contact, not HR. 
Have you tried calling them???
Why would you be calling yourself sm
Newer TTer if you've been there for 3 years?  Probably forgot to change the name field, didn't you?  I smell someone trying to be more than 1 person here.
you are calling her smug?

I think it's quite smug that you assume because you state you were allowed to have a flexible shift that this statement will automatically allow Transcend management to know who you are!  So, you were the only one treated special?  Well, you don't work there anymore so all should be fair now!

Also, I knew coming into the job that Transcend had 300 or so employees and was not as big as Spheris.  Who cares?  Also, I think the fact that you pointed out, about how numbers of MTs post positive comments about Transcend, I think that definitely speaks as to the health of the company.  If we were posting negative comments, everyone would be ready and more than willing to accept those posts as an indication of how the company is functioning.  It seems that the bad is always more spicer and acceptable than the good. 

As far as blanket statements go, that is exactly what was going on with the unhappy poster.  They were blanket statements.  And as far as trying to "draw her out", you are absolutey correct.  I could care less who that poster is, I want to draw out the specifics of the allegations.  I want to understand what she is talking about and why.  If you are going to post something on here that is controversial, you had better be prepared to back it up, good or bad.  There is nothing wrong with expecting that out of someone, otherwise that poster's comments are chalked up to a disgruntled employee or bad seed. 

I also know that I am no one special at Transcend, but I have managed to be treated very well there since being hired.  I have been given everything that I need and have FINALLY found a company that I can trust.  It is quite easy to get on here and post positive things about a company, placing your name beside it.  You are right about that.  However, I have worked for Keystrokes and Spheris and have posted many times complaints about each and have posted my name.  Why is that? Because I believe in what I stand for and if I feel that I am not being heard or treated fairly, I am not ashamed or afraid to stand up for what I need.  Sure there may be repercussions in that, but I am willing to accept that.  What some people don't realize, though, is that there are also repercussions in anonymity in that you never get anything changed.


Considering this company, could some people give me their average pay an hour, etc.  Tx

?? Why the name calling? Deal with it..
I see. So that's why you are calling her dishonest?
Apparently there were changes made. That does not make her dishonest. It means her plans changed.
I have this recruiter calling me
about a position within her company. When I asked her initially how she got may name and number she said someone gave it to her but she couldn't remember who. Anyway, she has called 4-5 times. Her name sounded familiar so I looked back to old jobs I had applied for. She used to be the recruiter for SoftScript (I guess, she may work for both). Are they allowed to take that information with them to another company? I'm really bothered by the fact that she has done this and have told her to quit calling me but I'm just amazed that she has taken this information and is now using it for this other company.
Hmmm. I would try calling them. nm
If they are calling you , then yes, you passed - sm
otherwise you'd probably never hear from them, or maybe get an email saying try back in 6 months. Talk to them, you have nothing to lose. If you like what they say accept the offer but tell them you cannot start until January. Or if they don't like that offer to work PT until then and go FT in January. It usually takes a week or more to get all set up as it is. As for looking around, you face a lot of competition, jobs are hard to come by. I just lucked into a backup job for my main job (both are totally IC, no set hours and on the new one just have to meet 500 lines a day) (getting bad vibes from my regular job, another MTSO is trying to get the account away from my employer, and if they succeed I am out of a job--they have been up front with me at least at let me know). The pay for the new IC job is not great (average), but for now is it extra $. If it becomes my B&B I will be making less, but it is easier work so it would all work out in the end. You could accept the MW offer and keep looking, no law against that. Good luck.
Try calling a recruiter.
Or not calling a recruiter. That would be best.
I would appreciate your not calling me **nuts**

I only got 5 hours during my scheduled shift yesterday and only 3 hours during my scheduled shift today, so I know for sure. No jobs.

Please know the entire story before posting such accusatory names as ***nuts***. My account has no work for me.

Calling all MDI-MD'ers...

I have just been contacted by MDI-MD for interview.  I could sure use your imput esp if you are an old MQ'er.  If you would like to respond, could you please E-mail me?


Thanks so much!

maybe try calling them and ask if no one knows the answer
If that happened to me, I'd be calling the BBB

Calling all you LANDMARKIANS!! (Is that right??)

Hello!  I just joined Landmark and would be very interested in meeting some of my many co-workers scattered out there across the country!  If there are any of you that may be interested in sharing IMs, please just email me.  I promise not to abuse you with IMing.  The company I just left mandated IM accounts so I will understand perfectly if you're not interested.  I didn't think I would ever be again!  All the IMing I had to do caused me to have to burn the midnight oil on more than one occasion!!

Please just shoot me an email if you are interested.  I think this could very helpful for us.  If you have zero interest in an IM relationship then that's perfectly fine too!  I'd still like to hear from any of you working at Landmark.  I've been doing this so long there may actually be a few of you I do know from years ago!


Landmark Newbie

Of course you mean No communication.
Don't do it! Bad communication there.

Bad platform and bad pay.

Ha-Some would beg to differ.  Was told we were going to get  ShortHand page to help new employees create shorthand dictionaries as this was new to us, haven't gotten, told we were going to be reimbursed for Shorthand, haven't seen that either and this came from the top, not a lead.
TT pay and communication
About the pay issue I don't float checks or set up electronic transactions because, who knows the bank computer system could crash in the interim. When I SEE it I pay bills. Anyway it's due on Monday so I don't count on it before then.

About the communication, I don't see why they need to communicate anything about this, they already informed us they were taking it in house, they did not say they were changing the pay date, so what's the big deal about this anyway? It has to be up to the bank because they pay everybody at the same time, but it hits people's banks at different times, anywhere from Friday to Monday so it HAS to be the bank reponsible for tht.

About the communication they answer only the emails they want to answer and ignore the rest which is about 75% of them. I don't email them much and I also don't get an answer much.

Still Transtech is the best company I have ever worked for.
Case in point - when some of us were told we were going to start doing VR (at a lower pay rate) I think many if not most of us got jittery and nervous. Some were on here wondering if they should look for another job. Then we got a conference call in which the owner talked to us about what was going on, why we were starting this VR, the cost breakdown, her concerns but also hopes for it, heard experiences of those who had tried it, and I think most of us felt a lot better after that call. The owner didn't say she was excited about the new VR or promise that we'd all love it or make a ton of money on it. She was honest about her concerns about it and about why we were doing it and that's what we really needed to hear to steady us - honest communication about the situation.
Yes, I agree with calling New Jersey
What has happened is that P and M have a lot more authority than they are capable of handling. for example, I know of an MT whose son was killed in a car accident. For obvious reasons during the funeral and shortly thereafter she could not make her lines, they threatened to cut off her health insurance, single mom. That one broke my heart and I knew I had to leave.