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Do you have anything you could take to a pawn shop?

Posted By: mt2 on 2009-05-01
In Reply to: Does such a thing exist? - MTDays

My son used to pawn his electric guitars, then on payday he went and bought them back. Then when he finally matured, he pawned them and just left them there for good.

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Bout ready to take this computer to the pawn shop
and cancel the internet - then find a real job again that pays hourly, has a sane schedule, gives me a yearly raise and a paid vacation.  Get paid if there is work and don't have to hear We don't pay for downtime.  Not kidding either.   Might enjoy socializing a bit again too. 
Shop around
before deciding. I had worked for Transhealth and left as I got tired waiting around for work and was not going to be working outside my scheduled shift to accomodate them when there was work as I do have a life. Even if they paid 10 cpl it is not worth it, not especially if you are stuck on an ESL account as you will be pulling your hair halfway through your shift.
It's okay, I shop at Target enough

to make up for you and probably 3 other people boycotting.

I did hear about the Salvation Army thing but honestly, I agreed with their stance on it. 

Medscribe SWEAT SHOP
Hey thank you so much. I have been looking for someone to validate my thoughts. They treat me like dirt. The pay is crapola. They have all these little rah rah emails and they also email everyone with an angry and cross manner when one person does something in error. I am making zilch in this dump.
For 7.5 cents a line they want you to do impossible dictators like Laredo Medical Center where you can understand nothing and if you leave a blank they get mad because there is too much in editing. They call me when I don't make the line counts and berate me UGH.

They could check your history. Best not to shop on E-bra
When I am waiting for work to come up. My PC is on the next desk.

Where can we shop for supplies that aren't imported? sm
I really don't mind paying a little more, have always supported our local merchants, but just can't find everything my son needs for school, etc., locally except at Wal-Mart. I don't buy his clothing or shoes there. What major retailers sell USA products? TIA.
I wonder if this is a small shop? Surely someone here works for them.

Did you do any of the STAT work they had?  If so, may I email you?


No, I neither shop at Walmart or go to Disney World
Would not be caught dead at either place. Neither do I buy Levi or Lazy-Boy products since they moved to Mexico.
MEDSCRIBE jacksonville, turn your house into a sweat shop

They are brow beaters.

pay stinks


It stops at the end of the month you quit. Shop around though, I found insurance
for $193 a month for me and the kids. Limit is 2 doctor visits each for a year, but since it is only temporary that is fine, lots cheaper than Cobra which was doing to cost me over $800
Sweat shop mentality! Time for you to leave and find a job where you'll
But if no union shop, no union representation
You can have a trade group represented by a union, as your husband is, but if he doesn't work in a union shop (company), the union can't represent him at his place of employment. Look at nurses, for example - there is a union for nurses, but the vast majority of nurses are not union members, because their places of employment are not unionized. So it's irrelevant to the majority of nurses that there is a union to represent them.