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Docs can't be trusted to spell medical terms correctly much less a doc's name. NM

Posted By: TTworkerbee on 2008-09-18
In Reply to: If docs would spend 5 seconds...sm - Bayou MT


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Spell correctly.
Maybe their line rate was low because you couldn't type well. It is atrocious
Then spell stupid correctly.
And she doesn't even spell her name correctly
Webmedex or Medware? Which would you choose in terms of benefits, specifically medical ins costs.
Any know what the difference is with these companies in terms of pay and what the preminums are for family medical insurance?
Is there a medical spell check built in their software? n/m
Horrible spell check, had to C&P onto word doc. to use spell checker. Slow, used ADT which did not
A good mix. I don't mind ESL docs. I think that some U.S. docs are worse! nm
Not just the newbies who cannot be trusted with acute care!
I have had plenty come to me over the years claiming to be outstanding MTs. What a joke that has turned out to be. I would rather take a newbie from a good school with a very good ear and train them from the ground up. It is really, really tough finding anyone to do my acute care. I end up doing much of it myself for that reason.
Might not be smart, but I've always trusted the software
Thanks for your honest reply. Trusted my instinct
and my instinct does not want me stressed out in the least. Does not make for a good work environment. Will stay where I am. Thanks again.
I know how to spell, but you dont have to know how to spell so much
as how to look things up.

Why are you cutting on me? I know how to spell. I won my school spelling bee and went to state.

The poster above me was putting people down that cant spell.

You can work at McDonald's but I am doing fine with what I am doing.

Thanks anyway for your wonderful advice but i dont need it
What are you looking for in terms of
base pay, schedule, benefits, worktypes, etc.?
ER reports, hardly looking up any terms,
MTS platform. It is possible because I have done it. But I am now going to a whole new accout on DEP and not stupid enough to think it will continue.
You need the correct terms. If there
was no OUTSOURCING, there would be no MTSOs. It is OFFSHORING you should be referring to.
In simple lay terms...
If the post in question is the post that culminated in this lawsuit, the OP went into great detai about how TT received work only through what Dictaphone chose to essentially spoon-feed them and this was resulting in the lack of work for many posters at TT.

This was not prefaced, to my recollection, as an 'in my opinion' type of format. It was done as OP had 'inside information' or was somehow privvy to the internal workings of TT. HER POSTS WERE PRESENTED AS FACT AND NEVER INDICATED IT WAS SUPPOSITION OR HEARSAY. THE POST WAS WRITTEN AS HARD, SOLID, IRREFUTABLE FACT.

Presenting something as factual that is in fact NOT based on fact is the entire premise of a libel suit.

I'm not here to argue with you or anyone else. Everyone has their panties in a bunch about the OPs freedom of speech, with which I agree 100%. However, there is a vast difference between saying, 'I THINK TT GETS THEIR WORK ASSIGNED TO THEM FROM DICTAPHONE BECAUSE...' and I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT THERE IS NO WORK AT TT BECAUSE DICTAPHONE IS NOT GIVING THEM WORK.'

Do you see the difference now? This was a VERY lengthy series of posts between 4-6 weeks ago perhaps a bit longer.

Apparently, the powers-that-be at TT take exception to this poster's assertion of their internal operations, and what the OP led us all to believe must not have been factual or no lawsuit would be in progress because there would be no grounds on which to sue.

I do not know why, with a group of professional, educated woman such as at this forum, people cannot seem to comprehend this has NOTHING TO DO WITH HER FREEDOM OF SPEECH; IT HAS TO DO WITH MISREPREENTATION OF FACTS.

If TT was running around suing every one of the MTs that trashes them on this site, EVERYONE would have a summons. But, no, that is not the case. The only one who has a subpoena is the OP, the one who professed to know exactly why there was no work at TT.

And obviously her facts were not facts at all; hence, the lawsuit.

C'mon, people, research is part of our job. Does it make any sense to you that TT or any company would randomly select a poster to arbitrarily sue?

No, it doesn't.

What DOES make sense if the OP apparently overstepped her bounds of knowledge, posted erroneous information as fact, made TT look terrible with that information, and TT has decided the misinformation and malignment were sufficient to warrant legal action.

Search the archives, find the original posts about Dictaphone and TT. NOWHERE in those posts will you see any disclaimer that is is the OPs opinion or theory or anything remotely similar. It is all presented as FACT. Presenting misinformation as FACT is illegal and punishable by law.

This is my last post on this subject. If the pack mentality would rather prevail and defend someone for spreading misinformation as fact, so be it. No amount of common sense will change your minds.

I'm a staunch support of our freedom of speech; however, I am not a supporter of libelous/defamatory information towards ANY entity.

Flame away; I couldn't possibly care less. I've done my homework. I've done my research; and I've seen with my own eyes the posts I believe spurred the lawsuit.

And you'll all really hate this. TT is on firm ground and will likely prevaill.

simple terms
Transcend bought MDI. MDI employees unhappy because they have not been given many details about their pay scale or flexibility of schedule. Also, many MDI empoloyees are angry that MDI sold to a company that oursources to India. In a nutshell, that is what is happening.
Those that left on good terms. nm
Those that left on good terms..What?
Why would you mail them anything? What do you mean?
I am speaking in terms of everything being done RIGHT on the part of the MTs. They know
how to turn in their line counts and managers usually are paid on salary or hourly and know how to do their thing. What I am speaking of is that these things have been done and the MTSO still does not do their part MEANING paying on time or correctly and THESE MTSOs are going to start getting reported to the proper authorities. No excuses. No bank errors, no posting errors, no excuses that have been used over and over. If you are an MT or a QA or a manager, you KNOW how to do what you need to do to be paid! The ones I know have done their part. No excuses for a poor MTSO or service.
Re; Politically correct terms
Political correctness is intellectual terrorism.
I would say yes - the worker agreed to the terms.
When hired and by continuing their voluntary working, the worker is agreeing to the terms.

Did you leave on bad terms? I know that if you did not give 2 weeks and sm
or did not work out the 2 weeks, you are not eligible for rehire. A good friend of mine worked there and left. She did not finish her 2 weeks and now they will not hire her back. I really cannot blame them. If someone does it once, they might do it again.

If I were you, and it happened to you, go to Becky or Lee. They are usually easy to get on your side.
What companies have best benefits in terms of PDOs?
Two weeks/10 days PDO is not fair and not enough when you have to use it to cover holidays, vacation and sick leave.  I would think there are companies who can do better than that.  Who are they?
so, in simple terms and a small paragraph, what's


Medware or Webmedx? Which is better in terms of accounts and benefits?
I am trying to decide which company to apply with. I also need flexiblility. I can work full-time hours but not the same shift every day and I know some companies want a set schedule every day. I work a lot of weekends.
Keystrokes Ortho MTs--What is your production like in terms of lph etc.. on their system?
Just wondering how easy it was to make a good decent living on their Ortho accounts. Thinking of applying.
Satellite is not a stable connection. Not in terms of HIPAA or sm
privacy but in terms of stability of speed and signal. Because the signal waxes and wanes, it can cause disruptions in connection. They might not seem evident when you are surfing the net or checking your bank balance, but a VPN connection such as one that is needed to do transcription for many hospitals needs a solid, stable connection. This connection can be fast or slow, as long as it does not go faster and then slower and then faster and then out and then in. A satellite signal does this constantly, by the second, and it causes disruption in the flow.

Yes, if you left on good terms, you can be eligible for rehire. nm
I agree! I talked to the owner and another manager and it was not bad terms. sm
Not that it is anyone's business, but they have only nice things to say about her. If you ask if she was fired, Lee said that it was mutual and that she wishes the ex-recruiter well. I think it was unexpected and happened fast and then they both changed their minds, but who knows? M was a very nice person but I think she was too soft to be a recruiter. It's a tough job that I would never want. I doubt if it pays well either.
I called my state IRS and was told in no uncertain terms Medware had to
Other than the obvious MQ and Spheris, what companies round out the top 10 in terms of size? sm

Which offshore out of those?  I want to go with a big company for a few reasons, but I do not want MQ or Spheris.  I'm also just curious.  It seems like they are very big and the rest are much smaller.  Am I right or just assuming?  Which company or companies do you think are growing and will catch them or close?  Are there any out there that have that potential?  I would love to get in for chance for advancement but not ground level because I want stability.  Easy to know what I want, hard to articulate it clearly.  I have read previous posts, tried to research other sources and want to put together a good list for myself.

Am I seeing correctly, already doing VR and
they are cutting your pay from an already low to a lower rate??
Does anyone know what DeVenture offers in terms of insurance for famly coverage, costwise?
Around $300-$350 for both of you, if I remember correctly -
I've only been there 1-1/2 months. You have to wait 3 months before you're eligible for insurance, but your PTO they say you can use anytime. I'm so surprised how fast it adds up. I already have about $200 PTO.

Hope that helps. Good luck.
If I remember correctly, the pay is about 3-5 cpl and
they use a system I was unfamiliar with. I declined their offer.

But hey, if it suits you, go for it.
Yes, you read it correctly - sm
The platform is fairly basic.

They have made some huge improvements in it since I started editing on it but there is still some room to improve.

As with any other program, you can expect a learning curve so it's really about finding a way to make it work for you.

I have been seeing some improvement in my production (baby steps) but it would be really nice if I was at least making what I was before with just transcribing. I'm not, in case that wasn't clear.

Not to put the entire blame on the platform, I need to readjust my thinking and approach to getting my work done. It's different.

I have been very happy with Transcend for a long time. They are listening, even if sometimes they don't appear to be. It just takes a little time for them to figure out what needs to be changed in order for us (MLSs) to get our jobs done faster and easier.

Like I said, I'm trying to be patient because the last platform switch (when we went to VoiceScribe) was kind of a mess for about a year before it was really working smoothly but it turned out pretty darn good too. I still have hope for editing on this BT platform.
or get paid correctly. nm
Not paid correctly

One of the companies I have worked for for almost a year has never paid me correctly. Sometimes, it is only by a few dollars, but others, it is quite a bit. I asked them about it a few months ago and was told something like all the work you do doesn't always get over to us. I didn't really understand this, but for some reason, just blew it off at the time. Well, my last check was a little over $100 short from what the system said it should have been. When I tried to confront them about it, they won't answer my emails or the person I need to talk to is always out of the office or not able to talk. This just really makes me mad and just wanted to know if anyone else has had this problem.

Yes, CORRECTLY. Redundant.
If I am understanding you correctly,
companies have no business wanting an accurate report?? There is nothing wrong with requiring 98% quality in a report. If you are a good MT, it doesn't matter how long or short the report is, it will be accurate and meet the standards for you company or facility, that is, if you want to keep a job anywhere.
If I recall correctly...
We ran out of work once while I was on that account, and they paid for no work downtime at an hourly rate.  If anyone is really interested, I would speak with the recruiter because I believe they do pay for no work available and technical downtime.
you said it correctly. In this business sm
you work when the work is there or you don't work. Its a part of the job. I never liked the weekends either but hubby and I worked around them and adjusted things so one of us was always with the kids.

Sounds like MTs now want tons of money, the 9-5 shift and nothing to enter their little world. That is great but it is not the profession. I wouldn't expect a nurse or a doctor to say they don't want to work weekends or any other medical professional so what makes us any better? If the work is there at odd hours and you work on production then you work when the work si there or don't work!
If you need benefits, you chose correctly.
In their defense, if I remember correctly, their name
was very similar to at least 1 other and possibly 2 other transcription companies.  I don't know if that was the reason for the change or not. 
Funny, I missed that one. At least she used it correctly once, LOL. nm
Wait, am I understanding you correctly? ... sm
Are you saying that the work flow is up and down like this a lot? I'm a relative newbie to the company and I was told that they always had an abundance of work. I'm a little in shock right now.
Think I could have spelled "thing" correctly.....LOL. NM
If I understand the article correctly,

the records were stolen FROM a Transcriptionist who was subcontracting, not BY a transcriptionist, probably as a result of a computer being stolen or a home break-in, although the article did not say.  It seems the only way to prevent this type of records breach would be to keep all transcriptionists in-house.  Or am I missing something? 

If you had bothered to read correctly- it said
Some years ago working inhouse and my having seniority and supposedly had first choice at vacation, the time I chose was a time another person with less seniority needed for a trip overseas. She had put in for the time I wanted and I was told like it or lump it and I did not have a choice in that week. Being as I was making good money, I just sucked it up and stayed there. HOW DO YOU GET SHE TOLD SOMEONE ELSE TO SUCK IT UP????? SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT HERSELF. READ CORRECTLY NEXT TIME.
You do not read posts correctly
I said I was starting work around 12 and was late. No one contacted me about my not being signed in. I never sent an email and did not say I did. Maybe that is why you donít work for them anymore, reading something into things not there.
if you would read the posts correctly...sm
the *broom closet* statement was posted in the one above mine. I was just responding to hers, and I was trying to be funny about the mailorder bride thing. apparently you don't have a sense of humor either, on top of being rude.