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Does anyone work at Acusis? Wondering how the atmosphere is there,

Posted By: earnings potential, etc. Email if you wish. Tx. on 2009-01-16
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The atmosphere at Spheris has become SM
close to unbearable. They are fanatical about QA. I mean, the QA people are very nice, but they are close to having a nervous breakdown along with the rest of us.

They are determined to not lose any accounts and are making our lives a living hell. Anyone below 99.9% QA gets reprimanded. Total insanity.
If you're happy with that atmosphere

I just can't believe Transcend management is promoting such a cut-throat / get it while you can / if you can atmosphere.  Everybody knows this field is feast or famine, but when the famine gets so bad that management isn't taking control of an already bad situation it becomes a scavenger hunt.  What's worse yet is that they're promoting it. I wonder how many MLSs working during the day and hopping on in the evening, middle of the night, or early morning hours realize that they're working over 8 hours just to make their usual 20K?  But we'll just turn our heads.  Hop on when you can, wink, wink.

I have worked for Transcend before, within the last couple months in fact.  I got so sick of scavenging for work and mismanagement that I left after years of giving it chance after chance. There isn't one person on earth that can tell me I didn't give them the benefit of the doubt. Once when the work was very low, I logged every single minute worked for 3 pay periods just to get an idea of how many lines I could type working various shifts throughout an 8 hour day.  Every time I sat down at the computer and checked for jobs, I counted it no matter how short the time was because that's still considered working.  Every time a job came in and I did it, I counted it.  No matter what shift I worked, I counted it. I wanted to figure how much I could do in an exact 8 hour period.  I can usually do about 250-300 lines an hour when the rhythm is there and the work flows continuously, but some times I had to work every single day to equal 40 hours per week because some days there was no work when I was on.  Anything over and above 40 hours is OT and OT was not authorized.  So if "Get a Life" is making 20K when the work is low, she is definitely working more than 8 hours a day or has some inside track to "know" exactly when the work is there to grab.  But, if she is actually working more than 8 hours a day without figuring exactly how much time was worked, and is only popping an 8 into that little box, that's illegal.  If she is claiming more than 8 hours a day, I'd like to know how she got OT when others can barely make the 11K requirement by working their 8 hours.

I wonder how many MLS at Transcend actually sat down and calculated the exact time it takes to make their regular lines when the work is slow instead of just working at all different times and just popping an 8 in the box.  You'd be surprised at how much time you're actually putting in to make your usual lines per pay period.  But then, hey, of course Transcend would promote this.  They don't have to pay OT that way, they get the work done, and they appease the MLSs who "think" they're treated so well because they can work whenever they want, when they want. Next time the work is low, try it some time.  You'd be shocked at your hourly wage, especially if building up those lines with editing.

I also agree with the poster below too that mentioned "Get a Life" never stated if the 20K lines were editing or typing.  If she went from 20K ppp while typing with high volumes to 20K ppp while editing when the volume is low, that makes sense.  She was able to keep her usual 20K, but 20K lines editing still makes for a smaller pay check and that wasn't brought out.  Usually when a person is that evasive in their replies, won't come right out and say how many hours they worked, or if it was editing or typing, there's a reason for it. Why not shout it from the rooftops if it is actually on the up-and-up?  Or worse yet, why take such great offense at someone asking for a straight answer if you're doing nothing you shouldn't be?  If you make the claim, be proud to back it up with details.

I find the lines don't accumulate as quickly, but the atmosphere is GREAT. nm

anyone work for Acusis?
I already know that they outsource.  I am just looking for more information about this company.
But you DON'T work for Acusis... SM
So what exactly was in Jasper's post that would set off alarm bells???

IF you worked for Acusis, and IF you read today's daily report, you MIGHT be worried about your job security IF you were US IT.

Sorry but there's too much going on with ALL accounts for me, personally, to fall for the Chicken Little thing without something a little more specific...
Anyone work or worked for Acusis? sm
Just wondering how they are as employer? Plenty of work? Productivity of platform, pay average or low?  Thanks in advance.
Former DRC/Acusis MTs - Have you found a company as nice to work for (sm)
as DRC with good software, pay, benefits, etc?   Looks like REALLY good MTSO are few and far between.
If you do not comply with their PC check on your personal computer, Acusis will close your work pool
Do you work there? I am wondering because
I did and was treated terribly! I wondered the whole time I worked there why they got rave reviews. They were never even a halfway decent place to work.
I don't work for KS but was wondering (sm)

in the post below, why did no one tell the MT in the hiring process that they could not use ATT but had to have a digital phone service?  Not trying to bash them, but have heard so many wonderful things, was just curious - has this happened before, or did this MT just fall through the cracks....Thank you.


Don't work there but was wondering the same
thing. WOuld you rather sit and watch the computer for jobs to pop in for 8 hours and do nothing??
Just wondering what they're like to work for.
Have you worked for them?
LTMT, just wondering if you still work for GBJ and
if not, why you left.  Sounds like a good deal.
Just wondering if anyone is running out of work or ...s/m

Being switched around a lot.  Great company, just very private about things.  Getting frustrated with them. 

Just wondering because work is low across the board again at Transtech

What co. are you considering now, if company was not TT?   Just wondering.

I work for them too and was wondering the same thing?? What gives all of a sudden?? nm
Just wondering - how many hours do you normally have to work to make your 500 lines? Thanks! NM
Just wondering if people are jumping in to work extra sm
since it is the last pay period before Christmas? Just a thought.
Well, just wondering if they are getting ready to sell out or merge with Spheris. I dont work for
them either but from what I have ready this is close to the way they operate.
Anyone work for Transcription Connection in Ohio? I worked there previously & am wondering
I am wondering if employees with Futurenet have a hard time having adequate work flow..sm
Just started there not too long ago, but now finding out I am running out of work frequently.  I have several accounts that I can work on, but all are empty most of the time.  Have they overhired or is this the normal?
So you're telling me that DRC got sold to Acusis?  What phone call is everyone talking about?
The hospital we were outsourced from now uses Acusis for about 80% of their transcription work. It is my understanding they are 100% Indian with no U.S. MTs. Also lots of quality issues. They send a ton of work back with blanks which the hospital then has to pay in-house MTs to review and fix. Go figure.
Are you Acusis -
Acusis dba DRC? nm



I too am worried and feel like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.  And it probably will...  Perhaps the customers are worried too and have started farming work out elsewhere to test the waters before they drop A/D altogether.  One can only guess.  All I can do is shake my head and say, what a shame -- DRC was the best -- what a shame. 

I am in the process of testing with Acusis. Can anyone give me the good/bad and the ugly about this company. 



consistently run out of work.  I have my resume out.   Been working there fore 6-1/2 years and now it is time to go with no work every week.

There is an Acusis
Great company!!!  It was great as DRC and still is as Acusis.  The platform is the best, the pay is higher than most companies, and there is plenty of work.  It does slow down around holidays (just like every other company...why doctors think they deserve a vacation I'll never understand :).  I have never not gotten my Keystrokes in though...yes, they do pay per keystroke.  I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to work for a company who expects high quality work!!

What a time to find out about the loss of their biggest client -- just before the holidays.  How many will be out of work?   

Appreciate the words of encouragement.  Someone posted a note that Spheris got this account.  Wonder if that is true.  I too loved the account and am so very sorry this has happened. I almost feel like those doctors and NPs and patients are part of a very large extended family.  Quite a few got married while I was on this account.  Am very worried about loss of benefits though, especially now with a very sick husband.  What will you do?
haven't gotten a certified letter, but keep getting the no more files available message when I try to get work from my account for the past 2 days...This is certainly upsetting!
former DRC/ACusis
Yes, I did and I only started this week and love it.  It is Landmark Transcription. They use Bayscribe, which is in itself is not the best  (I found out there is something wrong with each/every platform) but the company is wonderful, the account I am on is a dream with only 1-2 ESLs.  I have only been there a week and so far it has been absolutely terrific.  I will let you know if and when things change.
Does anyone have any current info on Acusis?  How is the workload?  How is the new platform? 

Does anybody work here or have knowledge about the company? At least as far as pay and/or benefits in comparison of some other companies?


A friend of mine went there from Medquist and she absolutely loves it. Says she makes good money, is treated well and highly recommends it. I have no first-hand experience but I trust my friend.
Acusis PT

Part time employees must produce 600 lines per day, or 3000 per week.  I'm pretty sure you have to be full time to receive health benefits, but I'm not sure about the 401K and PTO benefits. 

Hope this helps!


Anyone currently working for Acusis?  I would really like to find out anything about them.  TIA

Acusis? Anyone? sm
I saw someone just asked about this company and no one had anything to say. Is there anyone that works there? Good/bad info? Good dicators? How about insurance? Pay? Thanks!!!!
Acusis pay cut
I'm curious...I have read on here about Acusis cutting pay...Has this really happened to anyone and is it going to be done to all MTs working for Acusis? TIA
Acusis pay cut
Also heard same thing about pay cut from a friend of a friend, but would be very short-sighted on Acusis' part to risk losing good employees if goal is to expand their business, only answer can be is they don't care one bit about how they treat their employees, so no one would be safe, I would think.
Pay cut at Acusis
Yes, it is true. They have cut editor's pay by 0.03 cpl. I don't think the MTs have been cut yet, but don't think for 1 minute it's not going to happen. It will happen. Ohhh for the good ol' days....when life was great at DRC!!!
Acusis did
We got a coffee mug with a lid (don't know if it's for travel because the base is too large to fit in a cup holder) that is really very nice. In addition, they had M-F contests with 2 winners each day getting a $25 gift card, along with an essay contest- although the topics seemed like they'd be pretty tough to write on- a positive Acusis experience, why you would recommend MT as a career, or the joys of VR. Needless to say, I'm simply enjoying my coffee cup.
Acusis did
We got a coffee mug with a lid (don't know if it's for travel because the base is too large to fit in a cup holder) that is really very nice. In addition, they had M-F contests with 2 winners each day getting a $25 gift card, along with an essay contest- although the topics seemed like they'd be pretty tough to write on- a positive Acusis experience, why you would recommend MT as a career, and the joys of VR. Needless to say, I'm simply enjoying my coffee cup.
Acusis has a program where you can buy a computer through them. If I recall correctly, it's around $900 and does not include a monitor; you have to make $100 payments per pay. In my opinion it's overpriced for the computer you get. I would also say the same for a lot of the computer places where they do no credit checks and you pay weekly; add up the costs, and you end up paying $1500 for a computer worth half that. If I were you, I'd probably try to find a way to check craigslist to pick up a second hand one. Another great place to try for electronics is Tiger Direct. I've seen laptops and CPUs for $300. These may not be as 'souped up', but they're more than adequate for the job we do.
That's why I'm an Ex-Acusis
I started bailing about a month ago and two weeks completed the process. My top tier account was equilibrated down a level, and so to minimize the equilibrating pay cut, I stayed at the top tier and took the account from Hades (I still lost almost 0.005 cpl, which does add up). Over the course of my tenure with them, the M-F 10-6 which they hired me for dried up, and I was putting in my weekend time and working 10-12 hours a day...not so much because there wasn't work (although that did arise on occasion), but because it took me that long to get through the dregs left for us.

So I bit the bullet and took a job that paid a 'mere' 8 cpl. However, I've found that I type more in 5 hours than I did in the 10+ I was giving Acusis. Unfortunately, the pit I dug myself hanging it Acusis has me so far behind I'm only a half-step ahead of the repo man and foreclosure, but I've got the time now to get a second job and hopefully, in about six months when I've hopefully got life on an even keel again, I can shed the PT job and exist quite nicely on my one, which fortuitously happens to be a non-offshorer.

Perhaps if the Axis of Evil (which looks like it's going to become a Rectangle of Revulsion with Transcend's admittance), has nothing but the dregs left to type the dregs, they'll figure out that it might not have been such a wise idea selling out those of us who have spent a lifetime speaking the American language and using our brains rather than just phonetics to really become medical language specialists.
I have never worked for them but a woman I knew at MQ went with them when I went with MDI when the Q started to go south. She told me that the company does send work to India and in fact, has offices there. What the ownership is, I am not sure. I think the Indians have at least part-interest, but cannot say for sure; I seem to remember that is what she told me. My friend wanted me to come with her, but, like you, I would not work for a company that offshored, so went instead with MDI. (Fat lot of good that did me.)
or Acusis!

Any information about Acusis