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Exactly - that's why I accepted the other position I had been offered.

Posted By: Anon on 2007-12-13
In Reply to: If they weren't Synthescribe, they wouldnt have the same phone number. - what the heck?


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I was offered a position, originally accepted it, but
than changed my mind.  They told me it would be about 2 weeks before I could work, but the account I was going to be working on was acute care and they needed to get me cleared through the hospital to be able to access their system and then I would have to go through setup.  The account I was offered as internet based - I think Dictaphone ExText. 
I'm hoping too as I accepted position a position also nm
Just accepted a position with TH...
and then I read the post below. Are all MTs with TH having trouble getting work? Just wondering...
Thank you. I accepted the position. nm
I just accepted a position with WMX to get away sm
from the Q.  I wasn't told about this submission rate thing.  Am I jumping from one fire to the next.  Does anyone know if Transtech has any policy like this.  Maybe I should give them a try.
If you accepted the position -
Why are you coming here to hear negative things about it?   Why not be happy with your position and not anticipate something horrible happening.   Sure, some people will tell you it is great (not likely on this board), but feel confident in your decision and don't worry about it.   Just because someone couldn't handle a position and couldn't make any money, doesn't mean you won't!   Also, get ready to hear about how they outsource.   Tired of that dead horse!   Who cares!   Congrats on your new job - now go do a great job!  
I have accepted an offered with them as QA also. nm
Since she/he has accepted this position and is happy about it - sm
you should keep your opinion to yourself.
I recently accepted a position
with Zylomed.  This was the second time that I had been contacted by them - the first time I left several messages both through email and by voice mail but never received a response back.  This time I left one message and received a phone call.  They were actually pretty quick about sending my new hire packet, reference material and so forth (through email).  It has been quite troublesome though trying to get a time set up with training.  We did try once but it was determined that my foot pedal wasn't compatible with their platform so I am now waiting on that to arrive in order to set up another time for training.  It's very hard for the ONE person they have that does all the training/hiring of new employees since he is also responsible for setting up all the MTs with the new platform they are switching too.  I just hope it gets better (I'm being optimistic that it will).  I understand how hard it can be out in the real world work force and try to keep that in mind.  Just my two cents worth. 
They have called me but I had just accepted another position, but
the caller ID on the phone shows up as Synthescribe and NOT AAmT.
Accepted an IC Position- Looking for Some Info/Help

Hello! I hope I've got this on the right board (if not, please e-mail and advise me of where it would be better posted). I've just accepted a position as an Independent Contractor, and I would like some input on what this really entails as far as deducting taxes and social security. How do you determine what amount to take out, when/how do you pay those taxes? If I was eligible for a tax refund as an employee, will I be eligible for a tax refund as an IC? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

offered and accepted 9 cpl a few days ago...
with 5 years experience. Agree that cpl is based upon which account you're on.
I passed the test and accepted a position
and have been quite happy with Medware.  My old service paid by way of snail mail, so now having direct deposit has been a big plus for me.  I like my team leader and using EXText has kept my line counts high.  I also have their insurance plan, it's United Healthcare and my family doc is on that plan.  Overall, I hope to stay with Medware as they really seem to care about me.  I also like the monthly newsletter they send out, it's the little things that set them apart from my old service.  Good luck to you.
Thanks so much for the wonderful advise. I accepted the position.
I accepted a position with a company last week. sm

How long does it take usually for a company to get you into training and typing after just being hired?  A week from your acceptance? Two weeks?   I'm waiting for equipment to arrive now. 


I accepted a position with a company last week
I was able to set up an appointment to start training after my software and equipment arrived also.  It was approximately 2 weeks after being hired on.  Don't get to worried.  They still have to run business as usual and it takes time getting training schedules and software set up.  I am so thankful that I switched from MQ .  I have been with my new company for 6 months now and wondering why the heck I didn't leave earlier.  Good luck. 
Accepted a position with Focus Infomatics....
they sent me the Dictaphone footpedal, Stedmans Spellchecker, Electronic drug reference and Stedman's electronic dictionary.  Its been going on 2 weeks, and have not heard anything else.  I emailed HR a week ago, and they sent me a message that said  Iím sure that the recruiter had informed you that the hire date given doesnít necessarily mean that it is the date you will start; the process can be lengthy.  I informed the platform  that you were ready for installation but please know that they may be overloaded.  Anyone else had this problem? They must do a lot of hiring and installations.
Great ... I just accepted a position with them. Guess this should sm
prove interesting ... LOL. 
So, I just accepted a position with MDI-FI. Are there really people running out of work?
I need to know. I turned down a job at a hospital to accept this job at MDI because the pay was better, but if you do not have work, then there is no money so I might have been better off taking the hospital job...
I interviewed with them and accepted a position yesterday. Before the interview, sm
I received an email that spelled out their pay scale, approximate insurance rate for singles, etc.  The recruiter was great and answered all of my questions.  I have seen a lot of positive posts about the company, so I think (well, am hoping) I made a good choice. Good luck in whatever you decide! 
So glad to hear all the positive feedback and I also accepted a position with them
I was offered a position,
which I accepted. The woman I spoke with seemed very nice and very down-to-earth. I am not sure how many MTs they are looking for, but maybe more than one.
I had been offered a position with them,
but IMO their rate of pay was too low for me. She seemed very nice, though.
I was offered an IC position at 10 cpl, 11 cpl
over 12,000 lines/pay period.   They do have employee status too, but not sure of the rate.  I didn't accept the position as it was less than what I was already making. 
I was offered a position, but
They were offering pay without spaces including headers and templates at 7 cpl for Radiology IC position (this was back from earlier this year).

Now that you've merged, I don't know how things will be run as far as how production will go. Good luck, though.
I was offered a position by them...
but went onto something else (employee status. I had asked about the demographics part, and they had said that 99% of it was filled in. The Emdat site pretty much teaches you everything you need to know about the platform. It seemed great and would have went with them. They were very helpful and answered all my questions. Their test was pretty easy, as well. Good luck!
I was offered an MT and a QA position with them.
They offshore, pay is low, and the sound quality of files is poor.  I didn't accept either position so don't know any more details. 
I was offered an IC position from W. nm
Offered a position
set up for training, etc., and then never heard from them again.
To OP: Are you? Are you this company? Because if you are, you just offered me a position.
I'd like to know if it's you before I decide whether to accept or decline.
They offered me a position, but I turned it down.
What the recruiter said and what the team leader said was in direct conflict.  Then there is the question of offshoring.  
Don't know. I was offered a position with them but didn't
take it.    I know very little about DQS/WebCorrect, but the recruiter told me you get a couple of lines for each report for having to look at a file.   I don't know enough about DQS to understand exactly what they are talking about though. 
I was offered QA position for 2.5 cents

Please someone tell me.... what is the acceptable pay for QA jobs?



I have been offered Onc position with them too, how cool.

Can't wait to get started either.  Maybe we should exchange e-mails and keep in touch, etc.  Let me know.

Currently at MQ/offered position with Precyse. nm

Were you offered another position or severance? nm
Also interested--position offered
I'm also interested in UST. They have offered me a position. All of their work stays in the US but the pay they offered is less than what I make now. Anyone have any idea how easy it is to hit 1800 lines per day with them?
As long as they were offered a different position, such as MT, there is
nothing that can be done, including unemployment. Companies can demote employees, change their position around, change their hours, transfer them, etc without penalty. It is not ethical but not illegal.
I applied too and was offered a position...
I really think their accounts would be a great fit and also my feel for the atmosphere at this company, but I'd have to start out at a rock-bottom rate, so I'm passing it up.  I may be sorry, but I'm just not going to stoop to that low a rate even if it does increase rapidly.  I'd still be losing out on money I could have made someplace else. 
I interviewed with them and was offered a position.
They are wonderful people. They did tell me that they would supply equipment if you needed it so that definitely is an option. I did not take the position for the time being, but of all the companies I know, they are one of the nicest out there and I truly believe they would be a good employer.
I was offered a position with no testing, but I have
20 years' experience.  I accepted a position but then changed my mind. 
they offered me a position.....good or bad?
Don't work there, though was offered a position.
They do offshore work, though I caught them in a lie about it.  The recruiter was IM someone the whole time she was talking to me, very distracting and rude I thought.   They have a base pay, a shift differential, a level of difficulty of account, years of experience, etc., so pay range can very 2 to 3 cpl.   I would never work for them. 
I was offered a position with them. From my conversations
with them they are basically a 2 person company and terribly disorganized.  I don't think they ever gave me an exact line rate so I'm not helpful there.  The owner e-mailed me, I e-mailed back.  She had the IT person (employee #2) call me back and talk with me, but she wasn't an MT person so was asking me the questions that the MTSO told her to ask.  She then went back to the MTSO and then the IT contacted me again to ask me more questions the MTSO told her to ask.  I was offered the position and told info was being sent to me about accounts, format, etc.   Never heard from them and never got the stuff in the mail, even though I was told 2 different times it had gone out.   I heard from them about 2 months after that and they wanted me to start work for them.  I just never answered their e-mails.   I wouldn't recommend them just based on how disorganized they seemed to be and if they are only a 2 person company.  I don't remember details about format, etc. 
I've just been offered a position
at Transolutions but the recruiter e-mailed info, and I haven't had a chance to ask any questions. Do they provide the computer? How much training do they usually do?
I never worked for them, was just offered a position
 which I declined. 
I was offered a position but was not even close
to what I make per line, especially since I just got my 2nd raise!!!!  WOOHOO.
I did, took the test and they offered me a position
I was immediately offered a position with

Webmedx after the interview.   I didn't have to test based on my experience and score on the verbal testing. 

If you applied through TransHealth they still seem to be operating as two separate companies and dealing with a different group of people.  I applied to them before the merge and I never heard from them after submitting my resume. 

I was offered a position about a year ago
and did not take it as you had to be on call every third week at night with a pager for stats.
I was offered a C phone position w/ KS
come aboard if they didn't require a phone lone/LD. It seems so ancient to require a C phone anymore.