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Focus is Indian run and you'll be editing Indian

Posted By: no brainer on 2007-03-23
In Reply to: Keystrokes vs Focus Infomatics??? - ocg

work, so seriously doubt you'll make a bunch of $$ on editing.  99% of the MTs love KS.  If you'll just scroll down the page you'll see dozens of posts about them. 

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Actually, the Indian QA people will be editing YOU. nm
They used to be Focus. Indian affilitated. nm
Isn't the Focus "tech support" Indian???nm
Neither. Focus is Indian, Sten-Tel has problems
paying on time. 
First of all, the CEO of Focus is the same Indian guy who started the company... sm

He may have sold out to Nuance in March of 2007, but he still runs the show!  Second of all they are absolutely NOT bringing any accounts whatsoever back to the U.S.  That's just plain fabrication, deceit, lies, BS -- whatever you prefer to call it.  It just ain't true!  They just recently laid off the majority of the American QA staff and have forced the skeleton American crew they have left to go to production.

The lie that they are bringing work back to the U.S. was started and perpetuated in January of this year as a negotiating tactic to get the Indians to continue to work for peanuts instead of giving them more money.  When the Indians called their bluff, they hired a bunch of American QA people only to fire them at the end of April, beginning of May when the Indians caved.

And finally, they are an Indian run company and their QA and MT staff is 80% Indian.  I have the actual figures given to me by the Director of US Operations at Focus.  Focus employs 3800 Indians!  Does that sound like a U.S. company to you?

Oh, and the Director of Recruitment posted that 90% of their operation is in the U.S.!!!!!  He flat out lies.  He also says everyone laid off got a nice severance package.  Total BS!  Half of those laid off had to call the company and scream bloody murder when their checks were deposited as promised.  The other half will be calling tomorrow!

I work at Focus and still have an Indian manager
It is an Indian run company. If you'll check the archives they
have been asked about several times the last month or so.  There has been nothing good said about them. 
Yeah, and when the Indian cash cow dries up, they'll
All of Focus is indian-based, except their corporate office in MA.
That is a smoke screen to make it look like a US based company. Imagine, indian MTs editing you an American MT with 10+ years of experience, and changing correct terminology to incorrect terminology. I could go on and on, but I won't.

All tech support is india-based, all QA is india-based, most mts are in india, except for the MTs here in USA working for them, all of their account managers are in India working the night shift (their time), day time (our time).

Focus has always had a bad reputation as an Indian company to name a few issues
so my belief is that they include that so it sounds like a more creditable company. JMO
You'll have too much down time and their Indian techs are IN India! Pay is late, too. nm
Focus doesn't offshore to India, they are an Indian company
that offshores to the U.S.  They have an office front in MA, I think.  
Probably not - I believe they are Indian run or Indian based company. nm
Go to their Indian website or other Indian websites
Indian company. If you'll search the archives lots of info
on them.
Just curious why Focus Infomatics is being allowed to advertise here. Totally Indian-ran.

You'll regret it. Indian techs in India, late pay, lack of communication. nm
Indian ran?
They ARE Indian!!!
If you want to take a chance and not believe what you read, you will see for yourself that they are ALL Indian RUN!!!! Some people are so hardheaded....they are a horrible company and Bobbi is a real MEAN person to deal with as well....NO WAY FOR FOCUS!!!
CMT for Indian MTs
As an Editor who worked an account for several years transcribed 100% by an Indian company, I am surprised to hear they are able to pass the CMT certification exam. Their transcription was comical at best and sheer nonsense at worst.
HIS has been Indian since day one.
It has not one whit to do with AAMT.  This company tried to recruit me years ago when they were first started and they were Indian then and still have their heavy ties.  You lost your jobs because Manor Care will not be deep pockets to a dying entity any longer and can't even sell the damned thing!!  Blaming AAMT is easy.  I think the letter you got may have been from the executive director and not the President.  Each of us, has to take responsibility for the choices we make with employment and having been through a lay off with HIS I had to blame myself ultimately for making a choice to be lied to and believe it because it suited me at the time.  Offshoring is over 15 years in existence and I guess here to stay so the next time you make an employment choice be sure you pick a company that does not offshore .. in the meantime, put the blame where is squarely belongs at your own doorstep and not AAMT.
...that should be Indian MTs. nm
Indian MTs
There are always exceptions.  I emailed often with one of the Indian MTs at one time.  His English was probably better than my own.  I think he was starting up his own transcription company and he was kind enough to ask me to work for him. (I was already working, but I considered it nice of him to ask).  Really, I do think he was the exception, he was a great fellow.  He was supporting his mom, his father had just passed away.  Now he has gotten married.  I do not exchange emails with him anymore but, if there were others like him, they would do pretty good.  I do not really think that there are others like him though.  Honestly, my primary account probably has 80% of his nationality.  Wish they could type those. 
Didn't you know this board is run by Indians??
I wonder what they pay the Indian MTs? ..sm
I guess it is now equal, we are paid the same as the Indian.
did you mean by chance Indian
So is that why the new US MT supervisor is Indian?
I was doing some research on Indian
MT companies and from what I can tell probably all work is done in India.  They do hire U.S. editors, or at least they used to.  
So, are your editors Indian?
I highly doubt it.
Indian company (nm)
That is correct! I don't! Obviously if you can tell they are Indian....
indian company
i bet it's an Indian company
Sounds like an Indian to me...nm
They are not an Indian company - they are in NY
but they were offshoring A LOT of their transcription work. In fact, they lost quite a few clients about a year ago because the quality of the transcripts was just AWFUL!
Indian and Philippine.
I don't know name of company, but there is an Indian
company with at least a store front in MA.  Tech people could possibly be in MA, but are probably in India. 
You mean they are hiring US MTs. Wonder why. They are almost 100% Indian. nm
All of the Indian MT work I have
proofread is full of errors. I guess there are exceptions out there.
Says they also use Indian MTs on their website. nm
Lartech is in TX but I think is mainly Indian run.
and very much slave labor pay.
They are Indian owned
Do a search on the Company Board. Many negatives and they are based on India. Can they even post job ads on this board?
Do you mean apart from them buying 2 Indian co's

They are wonderful for Indian MT.
OP is probably Indian, hence the spelling.
What's up with the Indian job ad on the classifieds?
Good grief!
It is an Indian run company.
Indian Company, are you sure??? nm
Indian MTs versus US MTs sm
I QA'd Indian work for about a year and a half and for the particular ones I QA'd, they did not seem to grasp feedback. The same errors by the same MTs would come across again and again. Additionally, please remembers that most of the Indian MTs are sent to cream of the crop dictators and all that is left for the US MTs are all the crap. That combined with low rates, they try to do as much as they can to try to make money and pay the bills. Just my opinion; please don't flame!
Indian company........nm
they are an Indian Company