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Give a 2-week notice, but work less

Posted By: Stubby on 2008-08-16
In Reply to: DESPERATE DILEMMA - Very Unhappy MT

therefore, you will not be out of much money if they indeed do not pay you.  Also, if you leave, be well informed that you probably will not make what you are making now at any other company right off the bat.  You said you have been at this place for years, so you will have to build up your income again and pay.  Sad to say, but they probably have people who can do the job at less money now and are willing to sacrifice a good employee to have a bigger cut of the pay that they can get cheaper.  I wish you the best, but I do not think it is personal.  I believe it is business and you generate too much income away from them.  Good luck and I hope you find another good home.

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I would just give my 2-week notice, state the reason you are leaving.
Sorry to hear your troubles.

Notice is a courtesy, not a rule and they don't give you notice when they fire you
Giving a 2-week notice is common courtesy, and in most all my jobs, I have given them that courtesy; however, a company never gives someone notice when they are firing them. In my opinion, if a company does not treat their employees right, they do not deserve to get any notice at all.

As a matter of fact, I just left a company without notice. I felt horrible about doing it to my team but not to the company. While they never messed up on my pay, I was under constant stress. They treated several other people horribly and also changed all the terms of my employment contract within months of hiring me, which was going to cost me $800 a paycheck. I am the major breadwinner for a family of five and couldn't hang around a second longer losing that kind of money.

The only reason you would not want to quit without notice is if you want to use them as a reference and/or want the chance to go back to them in the future. I was advised by a recruiter that you should never put anything on your resume that is less than a year, so you really don't want to use them as a reference anyway, and you certainly don't want to go back to them.

Messing with someone's money is a big NO-NO, especially when they are costing you $400 for a second time. Heck no, I wouldn't give these people notice. There are some great companies out there hiring right now.

Feel free to contact me by email if you would like some more detailed information about the companies I narrowed my search down to. I was very sceptical about trusting another company with the bad luck I've had (just as you have) in the last few years, but I think I finally found somewhere I can be happy at for a long, long time (of course only time will tell, but I'm feeling very optimistic).

:) Best of luck to you!
Nationals give at least a week to learn program. Give
2-week notice
It seems if you give a 2-week notice, companies are pretty forgiving... I would give it a try.... the worst they can say is No... or the best they can say is Yes!!  You don't know until you try!   Good Luck!
2-week notice
It is something you have to be prepared for. It has happened to me once, and then my last employer told me in an e-mail that was obviously a normal how valuable I was and would be missed, and added in the line below and would you like today to be your last day. I nicely replied saying no, I was fully prepared to work the final 2 weeks and promised I would put out quality work.

When you put in your 2 weeks, you don't really know what is going to happen. Do you have PTO saved up they have to pay you anyway in case this happens?

They give MTs a 2-week notice when things aren't to their liking or a new hiree doesn't catch on, don't they?  Don't theyyyyy?  WHEN TURTLES FLY!!

I have never understood this 2-week notice protocol (although I have always given a company that consideration when quitting) - when they're free to hire/fire at will and specificy so in their contracts/handbooks but on the same page require you to give a 2-week notice.  Who are THEY? BS!

Who gives 2-week notice?
I feel that even when you've been done wrong by a company (depending of course on how bad) you should still give notice and work for the final 2 weeks. I'm curious what you all feel about this.
How much notice did you have to give? sm
Was it a full two weeks, or did you just quit and start looking?
I never said I was not going to give my notice. sm

I have another position and when I am sure it is going to work out, I will give my notice then.  Although generally I try to be more than fair and give a month's notice if I leave a company, I do not feel that I owe them more than 2 weeks.  I'm sure there are others who feel as I do.  I just spoke out about it, so now according to the one poster I look bad.  Well, boo hoo ... she doesn't like me ... how will I ever live (ha).

I left before without 2-week notice and
Give them a call. If you were a good MT in terms of production, they will have no problem taking you back.
To MT who emailed me about 2-week notice
I gave a 2-week notice to avoid any hassle and not burn bridges.  It sure was a long 2 weeks but I just played it safe.  Good Luck!
I'd give 2 weeks notice...
Have known several people who quit that office and never were told just to pack it in now.
Wow. Didn't they give you any notice? nm
That's how I looked at it...give notice of WHAT, exactly?
It's not like there was any work to do anyway, and I figured they already had other MTs doing our work anyway.

I feel I gave them more courtesy than they gave us when our work inexplicably disappeared.

Do what you need to do for YOU. No point putting off starting a job that actually has work to sit there for another 80 hours not earning anything at MDI, IMHO.

Good luck to you!
I stand by my opinion. If OP had given her 2-week notice, sm
then the new recruiter could be assured she would be starting work on that new account. It appears that the OP is just letting him hang. I wouldn't blame him if he dropped her completely and instead found someone he can count on.

Did Webmedx honor your 2-week notice? sm
I'm on good terms with Webmedx and think it's a great company. I have an opportunity that I'm probably going to take, and I would give a 2-week notice to Webmedx, of course.

My concern is that when you give a notice some companies don't honor that themselves and instead tell you to go ahead and leave early. Has this ever happened to you with Webmedx?

Please respond only if you left on good terms with the company when they gave Webmedx a 2-week notice. The question doesn't apply to those who resigned without a 2-week notice to avoid getting fired or were terminated.

I'm thinking Webmedx is an honorable company and would let me work my 2 weeks, but with the state of the economy, I am naturally concerned about the possibility of being without 2 weeks of pay.

Thanks in advance!
I won't bother giving a 2 week notice sm
when I leave. They give us last minute notices to get our lines caught up or else whether it be 9 am or 11 pm so it serves them right to get last minute quit notices.
OK, if this is your co policy, then tell the people who give notice. You
cost them money if they have no job so if they are professional and give you what normally is a 2-week notice (considered to be professional), then you should let them know that. Tell them no notice is needed if you need to quit...put it on paper.
That would be awful! Wait to give notice.
If QA only gave you 2-3 jobs daily till off full QA, you may never get off QA before you'd be forced to look for another job anyway. If that initial time isn't paid time, you're out whatever money you would have made at your current job during that time. Keep something to fall back on, it's safer.
I think it is very respectful to give 2 weeks notice.
So, I give that respect to the employer who has shown me respect.  Respect is earned, not demanded.  I also believe that 2 weeks notice used to be the professional norm and a courtesy to help the employer hire and train a replacement.  I don't think management has the same courtesy for its employees any more and notice to employees about companies shutting down or downsizing is generally not given anymore.  There are the exceptions, but again, it is how respectful your employer is.
I accepted their offer and gave a 2-week notice
Keeping my fingers crossed on this one. It really can't be worse than my present job.
The only good thing about OSI is when you give them your notice that you are leaving!

I DID give my notice, but got talked into staying "until the new accounts came on." nm
I wasn't there long enough, put in a 2-week notice but ended up leaving early, footpedal and last
Yes, pay on time. We give a 2-week schedule. Accounts pretty good

Always best to work a notice, so...
you know what you owe them for the vacation, and I would only work that amount so that when you are done with your notice they will be paid and won't owe you anything. You will protect your reputation and pay them back, but you won't be steamed over lost money. During that time, while you are working only enough to cover the vacation pay, you can try out one or both other jobs. Best of luck to you!
Do you notice a pattern of lack of work
You mention it's hard enough to get your lines.  How many accounts do you have?  I'm an MDI MT and really concerned that we will be going from the frying pan into the fire.  I just wish we could get some definitive answers.  It almost makes me wonder how Dorothy or Larry would feel if they had put so much into this deal only to have the major questions go unanswered.  I highly doubt they would have kept investing so much time and work into the deal if they couldn't get the answers they were looking for.  They would have given up and moved onto something else, but they expect us to keep plugging along and doing the work all the while wondering what is going to happen to our livelihood. 
I gave 2 wks notice as IC and I had to work to the very last minute. It sucked.

You need to leave due to lack of work. Put in your 2-wk notice and move on. Gotta earn a living! nm
I gave notice and was told had to work final weeks in order to be eligible for rehire. Had no
I get what you are all saying about them not having to give give you work, but...
I guess I just figure that as an IC, I am basically my own business and it is my responsibility to make sure that the work is done when it should be. I just think that if the standard of the company is 24 hour TAT then that is what I am agreeing to do when they hire me. There are advantages for both of us to the IC senerio, they do not have to pay benefits, or take care of collecting and reporting the taxes, and I have to adhear to the 24 hour TAT (or what every thier standards are) but can do that during hours that are convenient to me. Of course it is better for the company if they know exactly when I am going to be sitting at my desk and typing that is why they have the option of hiring employees. Just my opinion and wanting things to be like they used to be.. I guess I have to get out of my time warp or look a little harder for a company who really knows what IC status means.
Why would anyone work 8 hours a week. The poster above said 16 or 24 hours a week.
Looks like another week of no work at MDI-FL. And they
say they don't overhire?  Don't believe that one for a minute. 
We are all out of work this week looks like. nm
4 day work week?
Does anybody working for Transtech work a 4 day work week (10 hours a day)?  I would like to do this, but don't know if they would be receptive to this. 
There's less work every week
That's what some of us thought - if some people got fired last week, this week might be better.  Nope!  Its worse! 
NO work -- running out of work this week! Anybody else?

Anybody else running out of work this week?

The sweetie, honey, sweet words to us just don't pay. Lines transcribed is all that pays us.


The reason there is low work/no work during the week is because so many of YOU at TT want

TO WORK BANKER's HOURS and DAYS and NOTHING ELSE !!   Poor baby . . .

I currently work for KS..If I were you, I would give (sm)
it maybe a little more time, just to see if it gets better.  But as soon as you really think it's definitely not for you, I would contact the client manager in the office and tell them it's not working out for you on this account.  They have been more than fair with me and I believe they will do all in their power to accommodate you. If you don't know for sure who to contact about it, talk to Becky and she will either help you or direct you to the right person. Good luck!
I also work both until I am sure new job will work out. Then give 2 weeks.
Yes. You must work 1 weekend day every week. nm
39 hour work week
is what it says. Sorry, 39 not 40 for those counting.
Unfortunately they also keep running OUT of work every week. nm
I work three days a week ...

8 hours a day, but I often times have to be physically at the computer longer than 8 hours because sometimes the work is slow.  I have two accounts.  I work no weekends. 



how may hours a week do you work
or maybe a better question is how many lines a day do you do?
OMG, I hope not. You work over 50 hrs a week
for 36,500? Sounds like a very big national I know. lol. BTDT and I quit real fast. Glad you are happy, I guess that's all that matters, but you're being taken advantage of IMO. And 2 weeks vacation is not that great either.
how many hours a week do you work to get this?
so, you don't really know what it's like to work a national.
At least we don't have to work 7 days a week (unless we want to)
How many hours do you work a week? (NM)
work a week off payroll?? PLZ sm

Yas know what, there are probably a lot of  valid complaints here on the board but is really of no value unless the name of the company is shared.  What good does it really do, no one else can be alerted and informed to make future decisions. Change can perhaps be implented on the other side when as isolated MTs can learn the fact and not be taken in (because the info is shared from which decisions can be made.. 

I have taken to sending an email (at times with the resume but also without) and ask if they would mind sharing the highest to the lowest line rate offered for the position as --I mention (to them)  this would save valuable time on BOTH sides.

I have also taken to asking if this position is for VR. (cuz I'm not doin it) 

This gives a better playing field as I don't want to spend all that time on testing on 7 files, going through an interview to find some ridiculous offer I would have never considered had I known up front.

I think the JOB OFFER BOARD here should have all the facts listed up front.