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Posted By: hm on 2005-09-14
In Reply to: 25-30 - Happy OSi'er


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They are well aware there is no work and that they have over hired..they don't care....sm
as long as backlog is 0 they are happy.  Good luck to you.  I guess one more person couldn't make it any worse than it already is, but I hope you don't have a family to feed. 
in case you were not aware, some people will not work for a company who
outsources overseas. precyse does this quite heavily.

even though this board has 'flip-flopped' and now agrees with this practice, it is still driving our rates way down and has damaged our trust.

I have done two reports on individuals working with homeland security just this past week...hmmm, I wonder if they realize how vulnerable they would be having their 'vital information' shipped overseas for ANYONE to see. bet if they have a choice, their work is done here, and WHY WOULD THAT BE? Why would these people be more important than we are?
Why would anyone work 8 hours a week. The poster above said 16 or 24 hours a week.
Looks like another week of no work at MDI-FL. And they
say they don't overhire?  Don't believe that one for a minute. 
We are all out of work this week looks like. nm
4 day work week?
Does anybody working for Transtech work a 4 day work week (10 hours a day)?  I would like to do this, but don't know if they would be receptive to this. 
There's less work every week
That's what some of us thought - if some people got fired last week, this week might be better.  Nope!  Its worse! 
NO work -- running out of work this week! Anybody else?

Anybody else running out of work this week?

The sweetie, honey, sweet words to us just don't pay. Lines transcribed is all that pays us.


The reason there is low work/no work during the week is because so many of YOU at TT want

TO WORK BANKER's HOURS and DAYS and NOTHING ELSE !!   Poor baby . . .

Yes. You must work 1 weekend day every week. nm
39 hour work week
is what it says. Sorry, 39 not 40 for those counting.
Unfortunately they also keep running OUT of work every week. nm
I work three days a week ...

8 hours a day, but I often times have to be physically at the computer longer than 8 hours because sometimes the work is slow.  I have two accounts.  I work no weekends. 



how may hours a week do you work
or maybe a better question is how many lines a day do you do?
OMG, I hope not. You work over 50 hrs a week
for 36,500? Sounds like a very big national I know. lol. BTDT and I quit real fast. Glad you are happy, I guess that's all that matters, but you're being taken advantage of IMO. And 2 weeks vacation is not that great either.
how many hours a week do you work to get this?
so, you don't really know what it's like to work a national.
At least we don't have to work 7 days a week (unless we want to)
How many hours do you work a week? (NM)
work a week off payroll?? PLZ sm

Yas know what, there are probably a lot of  valid complaints here on the board but is really of no value unless the name of the company is shared.  What good does it really do, no one else can be alerted and informed to make future decisions. Change can perhaps be implented on the other side when as isolated MTs can learn the fact and not be taken in (because the info is shared from which decisions can be made.. 

I have taken to sending an email (at times with the resume but also without) and ask if they would mind sharing the highest to the lowest line rate offered for the position as --I mention (to them)  this would save valuable time on BOTH sides.

I have also taken to asking if this position is for VR. (cuz I'm not doin it) 

This gives a better playing field as I don't want to spend all that time on testing on 7 files, going through an interview to find some ridiculous offer I would have never considered had I known up front.

I think the JOB OFFER BOARD here should have all the facts listed up front.  

unbelievable. Work for a week sm
without getting paid? What a nice way to clean up their back log for free!

Back a few years ago this profession started being advertised by the schools and in the rag magazines as a work at home job to make tons of money. That is when this profession started down the tubes.

Because it sounds like an easy work at home job, everybody is coming out of the woodwork. Folks who can't spell the word HOSPITAL practically are trying to open MT companies to make big money.

It is very very sad!
They also only work 4 days a week.
That is a great gig you have going. Do you have to work weekends?
How many hours in a week do you normally work to get your lines in?
Just curious. I work 50-plus hours here to make it work for our family, would love to cut back
Yep, my work is low this week too. Previouly, however, we could not catch it up. Is it all the ..SM

new hires, do you think?  They haven't told me to take the day off or anything, but there are big gaps in my downloads.  I love QT but it's times like these that make my eyes wander to the ads.  Funny how when we're busy, I type faster, too.  When it's like this, I just casually and nonchalantly go about typing during the day, getting up and down as I please, no hurry at all.  Maybe I'll start looking at part-time supplements -- then if work runs really dry, I'l already have my foot in the door somewhere else. 

I work 1 job, about 36 hours/week and make at
least that amount, plus have vacation and PTO, also an employee so they pay taxes.   I found that working multiple account keep me from making money because I have to learn so many doctors and be aware of the different formats/platforms and account specific stuff.  I used to work a bunch of jobs part-time and was working 7 days a week and lots and lots of hours and not making very much money.   If I worked the same hours on one account I could have easily made $80,000+/year. 
I work very hard, usually 7 days a week.
I work any hours needed. What is my reward? I get stuck on the garbage accounts, the ones who bellyache get the easy accounts and get put on steady accounts. I think I have learned 8 new accounts in the last 2 months, and none of them were decent accounts. My line count is good, but would be wonderful if I ever had an account I could get used to. These companies beat you up and then throw you to the dogs.

The scum that plays kiss-$$$ get paid more, take off when they want, and get choice of days off, holidays, so they can be with their ill-behaved brats whenever they want to be.

Don't tell me about ethics, tell the MTSOs they need to improve their ethics and then then they could have decent employees.
I know that two are starting next week. I work on one of them right now and they called and sm
asked me if I wanted more work or knew anyone who has heme/onc experience.
The MTs can't be forced to work over 40 hours in a week
unless paid OT pay. If the work is not getting done, maybe they need additional help on the account or MTs who can actually do the work in a reasonable time to stay in TAT.
I work 12 hr/day, 6 days/week, and my take-home pay - sm
comes out to around $6.50/hour. Is that about in the same ballpark as what you're making, and if so, how can your employees afford to work for you for less than that?
That is ridiculous! They have an "abundance" of work this week
because they just picked up a HUGE new account. Get a grip. The last time someone posted something on here about Transtech offshoring I took the time to call the office and ask. I know for a fact that they are 100% USA and will never offshore. The idiots on this board who continue posting such stuff are just bitter old hags with nothing better to do with their time. You need to stop trying to stir the pot and focus on fixing your own miserable lives. If you don't believe me, call the office and ask for yourselves.
There is lots of work today. Plus next week is still
part of the payperiod. There is plenty of time to get your usual check.
Have been running out of work all week - have 3 accounts
They asked me to work OT every week, NEVER paid
any OT, did not get raise after 90 days.  They said I would but it never happened. 
Give a 2-week notice, but work less
therefore, you will not be out of much money if they indeed do not pay you.  Also, if you leave, be well informed that you probably will not make what you are making now at any other company right off the bat.  You said you have been at this place for years, so you will have to build up your income again and pay.  Sad to say, but they probably have people who can do the job at less money now and are willing to sacrifice a good employee to have a bigger cut of the pay that they can get cheaper.  I wish you the best, but I do not think it is personal.  I believe it is business and you generate too much income away from them.  Good luck and I hope you find another good home.
Any companies out there that allow you to work 5-10 hours a week?
I have a full time job, but need to make a bit more income.  Are there any good companies that might work for me?  Thanks for any input.
Just curious - how many hours a week do you work? nm
They DO run out of work a lot, but we have been swamped on my accounts this week nm
Color Me Optimistic. Did not run out of work once last week (sm)

No OT offered, but hey, can't expect that now can I.  Today is the dreaded Monday after end of payperiod after everyone has had to try and make up lines/hours and I have work, actually quite a bit. 

I know things can go to ^%*^*^ in a handcart quickly, but I am hoping this is an upward trend.   At least I will happily keep working with my rose colored glasses on this morning. 

Hope everyone else is feeling some relief to the NO WORK AVAILABLE situation too.


I work 40 hours a week. I'm glad you're
back to making good money, but I don't feel that I-chart is ripping me off. If I did, I wouldn't stay.
Transcend running their ads when there has hardly been work this past week.
If your flexible this is the job for you. Feast or famine. Yet, we need to hire more help. How about giving the ones who sit all day waiting to work..some work..
So, now it's a sin to stop wanting to work 7 days a week
and be with children once in a while. Okay. I will take that under advisement.
You're wrong. You are not required to work one weedend day a week.
I used to work for them part-time -- I think 20 hours/week is the minimum. nm
Nice people, can be low on work especially in the early part of the week SM
Be warned, they don't pay for normal reports.
Full time with Transtech is both. 40 hours per week and 5500 lines per week.
Nope .. email on 1/18 promised "within the next week." Here we are, 1 week later and no info.
The minimum is 5500 per week, NOT 6600 per week. I think you made a typo. :)
Yes, I am aware of it. sm
I struggled and struggled when I first discovered my company was offshoring, but then I realized that I have bills to pay and a family to feed; which comes first for me. I cannot afford to just give up 5 years with a company and start over with new docs, new accounts, etc. It was taken a little while, but in all honesty, the work that I edit from India is pretty good. There are a few things that still throw them for a loop, but for the most part, they are not as bad as you would think! I actually do way better doing editing/QA than I did transcribing, so this is where I stay.
(from above), as they must be aware of them by now.
I'm an IC with DSG - now aware they do this.
sorry - s/b noT aware they do this.