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Goodluck getting a reply. They either aren't allowed to talk on these boards (sm)

Posted By: S on 2006-07-16
In Reply to: JLG - flyaway

or are busy and working away, or maybe just have their own board where they can talk amongst themselves.  I have tried all the different boards I know of and no response from any of them. 

Please share if you find anything out.  I am supposed to get everything set up this week.  Seems like a good deal, love the IC status of course. 

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  • JLG - flyaway
    • Goodluck getting a reply. They either aren't allowed to talk on these boards (sm) - S

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They are not allowed to talk about anything on the boards. nm
Ask your STM's boss - we aren't allowed to post names on this board sm
or I would. Starts with L and last name starts with R.
My, aren't we the Holy One. Talk about judgemental and
condescending. What makes you think you know c_p about everything? I didn't *settle* for anything, honeybunch.
I would talk to your manager -- why would you assume you aren't getting anything?
That is kind of weird. With over 1,000 people that work for Transcend, I am sure that a few were missed. Happens every year, people notify their manager and they get a card.

Instead of posting here, I would let your manager know. I can pretty well assure you that you weren't missed on purpose - if you weren't doing your job, you wouldn't be there.

I want to know why ICs are still allowed to work when employees aren't getting work!!!
ICs should be the first to get NJA!!!!
Goodluck - consistent work? not a chance. nm
You're allowed your opinion and I am allowed to
Do you think all the headers and footers aren't getting counted? Lots of places aren't giving
whups - sorry, reply to wrong "who wants to be" reply
if I only had a brain...

Again, sorry to BTDT.
Can someone tell me some of the other job boards
Could someone tell me what some of the other job boards are? Thanks I've been with the same company a long time and never had to look before
look here and other job boards. sm.
I'm not sure if the sites can be mentioned here but if you search on this forum and do a search for MT jobs you'll have quite a few companies that are hiring.  Good luck. 
What you read on the boards is not always
the gospel truth.

If clocking in/out isn't for you, that's fine. That doesn't mean it is a bad practice.

If I were a company accountable for employee hours, I'd make you clock in and out. Otherwise, you'd have to be an IC. Makes perfect sense to me.

You don't KNOW anything about Spheris if you haven't worked for them. You are only speculating with rumors.
OSI's management has been all over these boards
making up a different moniker for each happy, happy OSi employee they pretend to be throughout the day. Just the fact that they have nothing better to do than this and the fact that they're such immature deceptive babies just shows the lack of class that is running this company.

They show their lack of professionalism on here every day and they think we're all too stupid to notice.
They posted on all the MT boards.
I did not like the tone of their ad.  If you pass our test we'll call you, etc.  Like they are doing you a favor.  Hello, without MTs you don't have a business.  On their website it says their rates start at 7.5 cpl for the clients.  How much do the MTs make then?  I'm really sick of these places making money off our digits and not paying more than McDonalds.   I think they offshore too. I guess I'm in a bad mood. Sorry.
what do you expect. We keep saying on these boards
that things are going down the tubes, then some Pollyanna's get on and gush about how great their business is doing and you must have poor skills if you can't get paid more than 3 cpl, bla,bla,bla. Look at the big picture. MT is going to get worse, not better.
Lots of boards on here. ..
Guess I'm confused. . .I asked this question on the Gab Board and someone suggested that I ask it on the Company Board.
If you would have read the boards here
you would have known that SPi is the WORST company you could have gone with.
Here we go again! These boards are supposed to be here for HELP
and not for constant company bashing by someone who so obviously has an axe to grind for some reason. I for one am so sick of this!
Check the job boards.

I wonder if they check these boards?
I kinda hope they do, so they can see how highly regarded they are and how pleased their employees are with them.

TT is the best, and I say that having been around the proverbial MT 'block' more than a few times, lol!
You again. Do you comb the boards sm
for the negative (and it's very mild what I said, isn't it) to rush in and tell us how many pink ponies and rainbows came out of your butt because you work for Webmedx?
The whole point of these boards
Is to read entire threads, Einstein.

If for no other reason, to avoid making stupid comments just like YOU did in this thread.

Are YOU the boss of the boards?

Obviously not, since you can't even follow a simple thread and control your impulsive behavior until you've read (and comprehended) the entire conversation.

Just like a 4th grader with ADD.

Company reading boards

Boy do the companies read these boards and when they find out that you are asking any questions about them or should you post anything negative about them -- they zing you a good one.  Nothing like freedom of speech or expressing one's opinion.  



These boards should be for accurate information
and not for speculation.  Zylomed did at one point, several years ago, offshore a small amount of work to Indian because they could not find American MTs who could/would do the very difficult doctors.  This work was eventually ALL given to American MTs - I know because I trained the MTs to do this work.  Zylomed DOES NOT outsource any work.
Management watches these boards
and I wouldn't be surprised if they don't input most of the superlative blurbs. 
I ran a search on a couple of boards. Came up dry.
I too would like to hear something about this company.  Feel free to email.
post your resume on the various job boards.
I've had offers from several companies that don't advertise positions for whatever reason.   I have had my current position 5 years from a company that didn't advertise, though they now do. 
Read the boards this week and it will tell you.
I'm not saying she has some valid points but MTSOs really need to be a little more refined. If she has things to say to someone say them privately not publicly. Most of the good MTs know all this and do not need an MTSO to blow off steam. I don't think the MTs need to be blowing off either but they are not an MTSO and the MTSO needs to preserve their image as professional.
Huh?? I was just thinking how calm the boards had
Yes. Search the boards. Plenty there. nm
Read the job boards and see what the companies

require as far as shift, equipment, etc.  Weed out the ones you may not have equipment for or that you don't want to work their shift or do lots of ESLs.   Read the archives on companies you might be interested in.  

There is no comparison list.  You just have to do your homework and investigate.  Maybe a good company to you is one that offers insurance, but a good company to someone else is lots of work and low ESLs. 


Post your resume on the job boards and see
what response you get. 
The companies don't own these boards nor monitor them. nm
These boards are to communicate ABOUT a company
yes i could just call them, but we have these boards to use as communication als nm
I use DVI and am internet-based. Look on the job boards to
see what equipment requirements are.  Post your resume on the job board. 
Many many comments about them if you search the boards. nm
Another "?" is why is there no mention of Acusis anywhere on MT boards? nm
Medware. Hiring on many different boards...
all this while the fresh road kill has not even been scrubbed off the street.
No, but she plays one on MT message boards.
Does anyone using these boards work inhouse? - sm

      And if so, where did you search for the job?   I've noticed that on the job boards here, it's not only all national companies, but also pretty much the same ones, too.  And of course the pay scale is the same old crumbs, as well.  Is there any one place that hospitals and clinics go to recruit for experienced MTs, or do you just have to slog through the job-lists on each separate institution's website?  There are a few where I'd post my resume tonight if I could, just so they could have it on file, but frequently you can't do that unless they're actively recruiting.  Anyway, for me 2008 is hopefully going to mean finding gainful employment again, and any ideas you might have would be greatly appreciated! 



sorry - i don't visit those boards. I was only referring

labor boards and lawyers
A nice thought, but in today's economy, it is an employer's market. And we are ....hate the dreaded word....human resources, commodoties to used up and discarded. The only way anything could be achieved is if none of us had to eat during the time it took to get organized. Got a plan?
Word Boards and Dorlands
I feel so old! When I first started I always had a Dorlands by my side, and there were no Stedman's word books or software
Perhaps they recognized your rants on these boards
Just a guess.
If you read the job boards they list
if IC or employee. 
I know posts on the message boards sm

shouldn't be scrutinized, but a small clue may be in your use of left go instead of let go.  Let go is the proper phrase.  I know it couldn't have been a typo because you typed it twice.

We have no information on the quality issues that caused you to be let go, we can't really tell you whether you are cut out for the job unless you give that information.  It is not often that QA people go over punctuation, and I honestly have never heard of someone being let go for punctuation.  There has to be a problem either with not typing what was dictated, not following account rules, medical terminology, something like that.

When MDI mgmt posts on these boards
they don't hide behind a moniker.  They use their real names.  People will think what they want to think, but I'm with the OP on this one!
are we allowed to go over the 150 lph?

No it is not allowed
You cannot post names, as well as confidentiality papers have been signed to not discuss or disclose by employees.
Sorry just saw this, was the OP. Not sure if that's allowed????