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Do you think all the headers and footers aren't getting counted? Lots of places aren't giving

Posted By: those anymore. nm on 2006-08-13
In Reply to: ChartScript - BL


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If you read in their FAQ section, fixed headers and footers are NOT counted as well as bolding, un-
Do they have an ad up somewhere? Many places on old lists aren't around any more. nm
Is everything getting counted the same way? Many places don't
Headers and footers
Have you spoken with your manager about this? Are you not getting the demographic info from the hospital?
YES they pay headers and footers nm
Headers and Footers
This really hits my hot button and I think a lot of companies have found this as a big time way to rip off the MTs. I wonder how many are charging the client for this data which most times does not load in and even if it does you are still verifing that it is correct, doing carbon copies, etc. All clerical functions the MT is not being paid for. I just left a company to go to a company where we get headers, but no spaces. Even with no spaces, my production in 4 weeks is up almost 50% so I have no doubt it makes a significant difference. To actually get back to your question, the 30% would depend on the size of the document. It should not be a % but a flat line rate, such as 8 lines per document or whatever. 30% of a 3 100 line document would be 30 lines and no way would that be fair for headers/footers.

Headers and Footers
I nearly had a panic attack when my paycheck had $450.00 deducted from it. They kind of mentioned it in passing when I was hired there was a small deduction for information we did not type that went into the header and footer, but had no idea it would be 30% off my total line count.
Not about headers/footers
This goes above and beyond the headers/footer. Needless to say, they are safe with having to pay out a bonus. Not very many good standing employees are left from what I understand. Interesting, you sound exactly like a manager employed by them.

167.28/683 X 100 = 24%

683 - my count (Tools/Word count/Lines)

admin.ichart count:  515.72

 -167.28 difference

do they pay for headers and footers for ER?

They don't pay for them but you don't have to type them. Line counting appears to be what you would expect and I think is accurate.
No headers/footers
Since you don't actually type the header/footer, makes sense you don't get paid for them. If you have to look up an ID or something it really only takes a few seconds, so that's not a problem. I've been with them over a year. My production went up. It was a good move for me. They are very honest with their MTs and will address any concerns you may have. Of note, QA and Tech support are really good. Pay is on time, every time. Good incentives.
I agree with you about the headers and footers. Did a recent count and found it to be about 13%. That is excessively high when losing time looking up demos because they are too lazy to input the info. This header/foot thing has gotten worse. I believe I had previously figured 11%. It is morally wrong to take out a percentage. A true character count would count the whole amount and take out for whatever is pre-printed on the page. This is especially horrible when doing 30, 40 or 50 small jobs, don't you think?
Headers and footers
None anymore probably, but that's not the point. When you work for companies that count lines at the remote IC site, go ahead and subtract those lines from your total at Control I. Does 13% difference seem fair to you? Don't you think a fairer thing would be an actual count of characters subtracted?
If they don't pay for headers/footers, it's
easy enough to highlight & delete the block before running the count... It's not rocket science.
they said they pay headers and footers at Transcend??
You better double check that.
headers and footers are paid too. nm
Do you really get paid for headers and footers with
About how many headers and footers are per report?
Should you get paid for headers and footers.

I was called in to test for a company who do not pay for headers or foots and starting pay is 7 cpl.  They do not pay for bolding, underlining, nothing.  Is this still a good deal?  Should I waste my time testing?



headers footers lines
There are many different platforms that cheat you out of lines. If you saw what actually printed at the facility you would see a completely different page. The headers and footers you don't see on your page, magically appear - the lines that were single space are now double space and formatted I am sure to give the company the most $$$$. WHere in the world do you work at 10 cpl? Thats really good!
Most companies don't pay headers & footers
Well what companies do pay for headers & footers?

Keystrokes headers and footers
Does Keystrokes pay for headers and footers?
Not all CyMed accounts pay for headers and footers.

The account I'm on does not and also you get paid 2.3 lines less than the report line count. 

What companies pay for spaces, headers and footers?

I've been an acute care Transcriptionist for 27 years now, pushing age 50, and 
"burned out" I suppose.  Anyway, looking to maybe do some easy multispecialty clinic work or pediatric clinic with little or no ESL, making at least 9 cpl with benefits, with 12-24 hour frame to finish a predetermined amount of lines.

Are there any jobs out there that would offer me this? 

I don't think headers or footers count (you don't have to type them)
Probably not getting paid for headers, footers, or spaces. Do you get
You cant go by that alone- some dont count headers and footers, etc.
You cant always go by Word count alone.
Person below posted that she gets spaces and headers/footers.
Does Diskriter pay for headers and footers, as well as spaces and returns? OR - sm

do they pay for just spaces and returns??


Not a discrepancy, just a lag time - they don't count headers or footers.
Ctrl+I counts headers and footers, but we don't get paid for that sm
and we don't type it in, in any case. The headers and footers usually have text that is a lighter color and these are embedded headers and footers. We get paid for the regular color text. You aren't being cheated in the least. Consider, I worked for a company where they charged the MT a 65 character line for every report, although the headers and footers compromised a whopping 30 to 40 characters. On a short report, you paid the company for the privilege of transcribing it!! Embedded headers are not things we transcribe, but ARE paid for what we DO type.

This 1.236 accounts for the headers and footers, on ICD1. Different accounts have different headers or lack thereof and so it varies.
Yes, it counts spaces. It does not count headers/footers. sm
Chartscript counts the demographics i.e. headers/footers. That may be where your difference is. ES used to count them, but no more. It is about 15% less lines now that they do not count them.

Spaces are counted.
Could that have been a result of not paying for demos, headers, footers? NM
I'll take a guess and say TransTech as they tell you up front you don't get headers/footers an
So you don't get paid for headers/footers... just a straight 65 character line
How about spaces?

If you don't get paid for H/F, are you given a higher line rate?
Hired by Cymed and told they did not pay for spaces, but paid for headers and footers. Just did a

check on the line count, and not only do they not pay for headers and footers, they also pay for 2 lines less than I typed.

If you have horrible platform, do not get paid for headers, footers, template data, etc.,
even though it might take 3 or 4 minutes or longer to edit that stuff, you are going to take a big pay cut.  This program was designed by idiots.
Go to their website. They don't pay for headers, footers, special chars. and they're Indian
From my experience, it is all in how the company sets it up to count i.e. footers, headers, spaces
etc.. I work on another platform but I noticed the same thing when I worked for a company and it would me 12 hours to get 1000 lines, and at the time, I had nothing to compare it to. Then, I thought..this is just wrong. Working 12 hours to make $80 is ridiculous so I quite. I went to work for another company...same platform... and routinely do 1500 to 2000 lines a day and I can tell the difference. You know when you do a whole page report and all you end up with is at the max 40 lines.. something is wrong. I'd say keep the best paying and dump the rest. They are obviously shorting you somewhere.
If you're with someone that doesn't count the demographic info or headers or footers, line cou
You aren't the only one, believe me. NM
Aren't they the ones who are
supposedly looking into buying Heartland?
aren't they all going to be
under regional supervisors within a year??? If you can get yourself under the northeast regional supervisor, do it. She's great.
Oh MY aren't you a gas
Why would you care. Bitter? I got a great job by not being hired by them with innumerable benefits and assigned to a nice a/c with great potential.

Don't get my way - do you mean expecting to be paid on time is being bitter and spoiled? What planet do you come from? LOL

And yes SD is said - it's not my fault they auto cap it - boy do you have issues!!!! sd is standard shorthand for said my friend. can't imagine even noticing something like that.
Uh, no. They aren't doing that

The letter I received a few months ago when I cancelled my membership said something quite different.  It had nothing to do with keeping the jobs US based.  It was all about quality healthcare documentation which is important; don't get me wrong there.  However, there was NOTHING in there stating anything about keeping this work here at all.  Instead it was all about the global marketplace and a cop-out.

I personally feel that the bulk of the healthcare industry knows cheaper doesn't necessarily mean better or even close to what is expected.  I don't think all of the jobs are going to disappear.

I have written, called and probably annoyed my senator and any other government official in my state about outsourcing private healthcare information.  India, for example, does not have stringent laws about private information like we do. 

We do have a personal responsibility though.  I have brought this up on other boards, but we need to ask our healthcare providers if their back office is handled here.  If not, choose another provider if possible.  Of course avoiding purchase of everything that comes from somewhere else is virtually impossible, but there are lots of other things.  This may also sound mean, but if I get on the phone with customer service somewhere and realize the person I am speaking with is offshore, I have my call transferred.  Nothing against the person, but I am not discussing my personal account information with someone who is not 100% required by law to protect that information.  Period.  If enough people take the intiative (not saying in this particular way), the gov't and other organizations won't have a choice but to listen. 

Outsourcing globally is not the trend right now.  I really think pulling together can stop it from becoming so.

Aren't they like about $40,000 ???
My car's OLD - only kind I can afford.
And just because you aren't a fan sm
doesn't mean it is a bad company for everyone.
Aren't we all?
Now I know you aren't exp'd - there is SM
no earthy reason to BUY A PDR to look up drugs.  Caught again.
They aren't even in the US - ya think?? *-D) nm