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Google her - not so nice info!

Posted By: Rebecca on 2008-11-03
In Reply to: Philis Kortgard - Donna


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If you do a Google search in above box, there is info

for more recent info, use the 2nd google
Search with Google box on this page. Much, much negative info
I am also from Warminster. Guess I know why we are all looking. Thanks for the info. Nice to know
what is going on in Warminster because no one there will tell you.
Very nice owner, nice work, nice place - sm
the leave you alone.  I left because they do not budge from their pay which was kind of mediocre.  I would go back if I had to because they were extremely nice.
Very nice people, nice place to work. nm


Yes, nice QA (and nice people in general), but very little work right now. nm
Yes! Nice lady, nice company. nm
I second that. Amphion is nice, nice, nice

that's nice. have a nice weekend.
Nice post, thank you and have a nice day. nm
Can you say google
Use google
If you google, there are, but only 1 for MT.
YES, it is. It's in the BOS. Google it.
It is in the BOS 2nd edition on page 66 that it is customary to use single space after sentence. It also says it's determined by department, and it's basically optional otherwise as long as you are consistent.

I didn't just make it up. lol
You can google it
Did you google?
I did. Pops right up.
Yes, actually did google
Yes, you are correct.
Google it...

That'd be a good place to start, x.

Go and Google it!
I wanted to find out more information about this company before I decided to send in my resume. I could not find anything by typing in the company name on Google, so I typed in the email address that was listed in the job posting. I found some interesting websites associated with this email account.....go and look!!!!!!!!
Use the google box just above your
post. It does the more recent stuff.
Can't find anything on Google, but

Did they post somewhere? Can you glean a potential site address off of their email, if they did post something?

Hopefully it's a tiny company that pays wonderfully, has clear docs, and turns out to be the perfect job.

Good luck!

Google keylogger (sm)
My first day I was so frustrated, during my break I went to check MT Jobs, I immediately got 2 IM's and a phone call.......and a raise! Imagine that, how would they know otherwise?
Do a Google search for
Cbay India Maryland transcription

and see what comes up. Nearly 1,000 hits. Honestly, you can do better than that.
There is a Google box right under the words
type in what you want to search and then click the circle beside 'mtstars' located right below the Google box, then search. This will bring up archives on your topic, if there are any.
Do a Google search here. You don't want
Sure there is. Use the Google box on this page, not your
Some posts down below and use Google box
Google didn't help me:(
Found at least 2 MT companies for OSI.  Which OSi is getting the bad rap?
found this on Google.
Northeast Transcription, Incorporated (NTI), established in 1994 joined MD-IT
Many posts about them as TTS. Use the Google box on this
Google EditScript.
You have giggles in your google -
Google the name and the company name
google it. Not complimentary,
low pay, teaching facility from what little I saw.
When you Google them nothing shows up
Use the Google search bar towards the top.
It does not work.
name the company; too many to Google.
Check google
I came up with a little bit of info, I think most of it on MT Chat. Most of it sounded good, but I don't know first hand.
Google has a new service
coming out I heard that is very much like MJ but free. I too had MJ but got really bad connections. I liked the email voice mail but not the quality of my connections. My boss absolutely hated it and asked me to please not use it when I called her. I ended up back on Vonage. I had platform issues too when a call came in. I was at a standstill every time the phone rang.
The first box (Google) is for the archives,
older info, make sure you check the MTStars box. The search for box is for more recent info.
Yeah, because there's at least 3 at the top of Google!! NM
No I don't tell newbies to google, I sm
tell them to look it up in their REFERENCE library. No one wants to do that anymore. Kind of like learning to use a calculator but never learning to do the math yourself!
We didn't have google....

I had a dictionary; yes that's it; a medical dictionary.  I learned mostly from the dictators themselves.  In this day and age, we don't get feedback from the dictators themselves, just QA (most just MTs themselves) and even QA is not always correct. 

There are also dictators who wants things spelled a certain way even though it is incorrect.  So many caveats, so little time!!!!!  :) 

If you google them, there is still a website.
You can google it to get a picture of it, but it looks like a
phone and you use it to dial into the a system directly.  Usually you are dialing directly into the hospital's dictation system.  It has a foot pedal attached.  Depending on the company you will need unlimited long distance, unless they have a local number of 800#. 
Use the research box, not the Google box and (sm)

see what you find.  If it is the same company that has been discussed on this board recently many times, it is not good, several employees have posted about not getting paid and having to turn to legal proceedings to try and get their money.

Again, not sure if it is the same company but do plenty of research.  Good luck!

Did you try google???? They have a website.
I just did a Google on Keystroke Pro and they are based in sm

The UK but do work in the U.S. too.  I could not find much except their website. 

Keystrokes Transcription Service in Illinois has customers and transcriptionists all over the United States with no work sent out of the country.  This is off their website.  There are too - www.WeTypeXray.com and www.KeystrokesTranscription.com.

Happy Weekend!

Google Meditrans transcription -
You should be able to get some information or link to a web site.
MTs who use Google ineffectively are shortchanged.
Good research skills are imperative, as well as documenting your source. Just because you get XX number of hits on Google doesn't make it right. That's why I specifically find the manufacturer's website or other reputable sources. Who better to know how to spell a drug or equipment term than the very company that manufactures it?