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Has any worked for QT Medical for radiology? They got an account that I was working sm

Posted By: RadiologyMT on 2007-09-28
In Reply to:

on for another company and I want to apply, but cannot find anything about them.  I am currently with Peachtree and am tired of being an IC and I need steady work.  Can you give me any good, bad or other information?  TIA

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There are few account for editing Powerscribe. Not for medical records or for most radiology sm
accounts. There are few accounts that ditched VR, which is nice. I think that is going to help set Keystrokes apart; being open to the idea of it but not pushing it.
Radiology or medical
I just received a Fast Chart acute care contract and it clearly states pay rate per 65 readable character line (including spaces).  ?? Just questioning whether or not this is the kind of thing that should be asked on this forum.  Why not just ask the company directly?  No company should have a problem with providing that information.  It's a basic of what we do.
Radiology MTs working for TransHealth...sm
Would you be willing to let us know how they pay for radiology...per report/per line, and at what rate.  Just curious before I apply.  Thank you.
New radiology account - sm
Good luck recruiting new STAFF with that attitude! So glad you clarified that so nicely.
Was this a Radiology account?

I will be working on Radiology and thought being paid per minute would be better than cpl pay.  Am I wrong?? 

I am on a radiology account that is by the line because they have sm
a lot of newer radiologists who talk and talk and talk and talk. For the other account that I work for fill in, by the report is better but definitely by the line. They pay both ways. I make 0.10 per line for the account I am on. Hope this helps!
I'm afraid to ask, but how is the radiology account at
Softscript?  I already know their acute care sucks.  TIA
They just got a very big voice recognition account in radiology. sm
they are also in the running for a 20-hospital account. They must be doing something right. This is not gossip but fact. If they are bad, the accounts are going to be in big trouble. I would laugh if they fail because the hospital I work for GSH is going to them and letting the two other services go and not taking any of us.
Radiology by the line for one account and by the report sm
for another. I make more by the report though.
MDI-FL Radiology Meditech account is HORRIBLE. Try a different sm
company that specializes in Radiology like Keystrokes or Execuscribe.
Anyone currently working Webmedx/Transhealth radiology would care to share info on them - sm
Are all of the dictators ESL as in the test on the website?  If you sign on as a radiology MT are you still allowed a 12-hour window.  Has workload been fairly consistent? Any info would be greatly appreciated.  I took the test and would like some info before I am contacted.  TIA. 
They are not promoting it; one account has it, that's all except a few radiology Powerscribe acco
I know they do not like it!
I have worked for them for 4 years. There are always new radiology accounts. sm
They have grown a lot since I started and radiology seems to be what they grow the most in. I know that this month alone, 3 different radiology accounts have started and from what I hear, all are pretty good.
Hmm..If this is the radiology account, I thought they were paying on a per-report basis..sm

I worked for them for a little over a week and we were being paid per report.  Must be a different account they were recenting hiring for or either they changed the pay structure.

At any rate, my experience was less than grand as well.

Anybody currently working at First Choice Medical FL
who can give me any info, the good, bad or ugly?
I work on the radiology account they are hiring for at Southern Transcription Services
and always have work. I have only run out a work a handful of times. It is a very busy account. It is a very good company to work for.
For radiology, Keystrokes is the best. I worked at MQ for 8 years and left in January. sm
Wish I had done it two years ago. Lots of work, easy accounts, great team leads! I am making less per report but more each check because of better account with more work available!
what account were you working on? sm

What account were you working on?  They let all of the QAs and a few MTs go on this particular account.  I believe they lost this account.

Account I was working on
What amazes me is that they never got back to me. I e-mailed them and they told me work was very slow this week and they hope things start picking back up. Yes, I think the account I was working on went away, but why did they not tell me. I can still log on to the system.
Anyone ever work/currently working for Medical Transcription Services, Green Bay, WI?? Offered..sm
new radiology account there, great people to correspond with, but info is extremely scarce....have a few offers to weigh.....anybody??? Merry Christmas!  
My mom was a lab tech, so I grew up knowing about working holidays in the medical field sm

so it is no big deal to me.  I do not have any children, so I have pretty much always volunteered to work the holidays so that others can be with their families.  As someone pointed out, when you work at home for the holiday, you can jump off and on whenever you want, so it does not really feel so much like working. 

Sorry that you are unhappy about it, but unfortunately, people still get sick on the holidays, and part of being in the medical profession is accepting that you will work some holidays. 

Hope the New Year brings you lots of things to be happy about. 

Yep!!! We're working on the same account.
I'll email you..
I think we are working for the same company on the same account.
I have a pillow-talking female dictator on my secondary account as well. Little to no work on my primary. It took 40 minutes to transcribe 36 lines with 16 blanks. E-mail me if you want.
question for those working on the old QT account
Are you still able to make the lines you did when you worked at QT at the Web. Friend of mine is having a hard time and she was a top producer.
I am working now. We don't lose the account
for another month. I also have back up accounts, so I am hoping that I can work on some of those until I get a new primary, but I know they won't provide me the 40 hours of work I need to get by. I figured I would wait until that time to start bugging my supervisor for another account. I would rather not be too pushy. Afraid that will make things worse instead of better.
I have been trying to be patient but have been working on my secondary account so much lately, I am
starting to think it's my primary. Been in the business a long time and understand slow times, but this has been a chronic problem for many months, so I understand poster's point of view. Stick it out if you can, if not, there are lots of other companies out there, but remember, the grass is always greener on the other side and you may be sorry you jumped ship. Hopefully you can find somewhere that will make you happy and feel appreciated.
Anyone working on the new cardiology account for Archivus out of NC?
Looking for info on platform used, percentage of ESLs, number of docs, if there are templates/headers/footers?
Spheris has Indian MTs working on every account. This should
working that account and it is great! So far I have no complaints. nm
No, if the account you are working wants it to stay stateside,
it will stay stateside. Period. I got this straight from a Transcend regional manager a couple of weeks ago. It is up to the CLIENT whether to allow the work to go offshore or not. It is NOT up to Transcend.
Has anyone worked for prn Medical Transcriptiion Services, Inc?(sm)
I'm wondering what they use for a platform and what it entails.  I see they have an ad on the job board but no general info as to what platform they use other than needing a USB foot pedal.  Any info would be appreciated.  TIA
Try First Choice Medical (in Florida). When I worked for it, sm
they required a minimum of 30 minutes of dictation per day. You pick the days. Pay was good. Staff was great!
Anyone working/worked for Diskriter? (sm)

Good/bad experiences...pros/cons??  Would love some input to help me decide if I should apply.



Anyone working for or have ever worked for Premier Med Net?

Recently took a job with them - out of Kentucky.  The work is great - easy docs, no ESLs, enough work to meet my needs, the owners seem really nice.  Wanted to know if anyone has worked for them or currently works for them.  Are there any pay issues or workload issues?  I just started and everything seems great, communication is a little lacking, though. - just hope it is not too good to be true.

Anyone working on cardiology account for Superior Global out of TX?
I remember Medical Records Corporation, worked there, SM
then it became something like Medical Records Group and then Medquist. It kept going down, down, down..... Sad.
Another example of the "bizarreness" is when I worked for our regional medical center
Nicholas who was clearly of Indian descent kept faxing and calling the transcription department of our hospital wanted to submit a bid to do our transcription. The manager politely declined but he continued to call EVERY day..I guess to see if she'd wear down. She then faxed them an official stop contacting us letter but it continued. Finally, she had the hospital's attorney send them a final notice in regards to legal action and they called after that. Honestly, at that point, I came home so I dont what ever become of it. I know it blew our minds. It must be a cultural thing.
Has anyone heard of or worked for ACES Up Medical Services? nm
I could email them, but I would rather talk to someone that is working for them or has worked for th
Of course, they are going to tell you all the positives. I would like to hear from someone that can give me their opinion, good or bad.

If you do not want to post on this board, you can email me.

The account I am working has a normal amount of ESLs but nothing awful.
I think anywhere you work these days you're going to get some but I have just had the usual amount here.
Thanks for your honest reply. Unfortunately, I have also worked in the medical insurance billing
side of it and I see how our prices go up and how the insurance companies pay the doctors less and less, yet these insurance carriers gouge people with their ridiculuous preminums. I understand insurance companies having to raise rates due to skyrocketing health care costs but the kicker is the insurance companies are only allowing a fraction of the billed charges anyway. If they were actually paying out all these claims at full, I could understand the rise in preminums. Well good luck to you and do not think about it, pooping blood does not sound healthy at all and would call for a colonscopy and then a huge bill and then another rise in your preminum.  Vicious cycle I tell ya.
I worked with them as a second account
once. I only left because I had to spend so much time on my primary account that I hardly ever got a chance to work on the Webmedx account. All the people are super nice. I don't think you can find a nicer group of people to work for. They will make you feel appreciated.
Anyone working for or worked for Hoffman Transcription? Looking for feedback
Wait to talk to the recruiter. If the account you are working on requires a C-phone, sm

they will loan you one if they have one available.  No sense in spending extra money if you do not have to do so.  :-)

Good luck !  I love it at Keystrokes.  I have only been there about 4-5 months,but my experience has been a good one.  I think you will like it. 

I worked on that account for a while and want to work on it again. nm
It was when I worked at YOG -- primary account was 95% ESL. BUT, it's not so bad ...sm

Generally, a lot of times they say the same things in their review of systems and physical examinations, and you can make up little normals for each doc.   Tough way to get your start, though -- sorry.

By the way, I don't think most acute care accounts are that heavy in ESL, but a number of 70-80% wouldn't surprise me.

Good luck!

I did not name an account. I asked if she worked for the (SM)
BG (Bowling Green) BRANCH OF MEDQUIST before it closed. 
I worked an account on MediTech
for over 3 years and the account had its own built-in templates, which were very useful, plus I used PC ShortHand for my expander. That was the best job and pay I have ever made. I was making right at $30 per hour. Those were the good old days...now I work in ExText and the account if work on is very difficult...the highest production I have gotten thus far is about 1300 lines per day!!! Go figure!!!!
When I asked about line count, was told they were working on getting that available but I worked
I worked for them years ago, back in 1994. No one was working from home then... SM
Well, if you were working from home, you were coming in and picking of tapes.  It was a pretty good place to work.  I was just starting out as an MT so it was really good experience for me.  They paid me hourly, but I was in house back then.  
I worked on that account with a company other than Transcend.
It was the worst. I was glad to see it go. Sorry for whoever got it.